eComm Clubhouse Review

eComm Clubhouse Review – Is Sarah Chrisp LEGIT?

Hello! Welcome to my eComm Clubhouse Review.

One of the ways you can build wealth in the online industry is through eCommerce.

Most people have shifted to eCommerce platforms where they get access to various products.

eComm Clubhouse is a training course that will equip you with eCommerce skills to help you start a dropshipping business.

But before I take you through eComm Clubhouse, I want to inform you that this article is for review and not for promotional purposes.

And therefore, expect a transparent review.

Let’s start.

Summary Of eComm Clubhouse

Name of the Product: eComm Clubhouse

Type of the Product: Dropshipping Program

Website’s URL:

Founder: Sara Chrisp

Product Rating: 6/10

Cost of the Product:  $67/month plus other upsells

Recommendation: Recommended

RECOMMENDED: My #1 recommended money-making program

Overview Of eComm Clubhouse

eComm Clubhouse Review

The eComm Clubhouse is a training program that offers you dropshipping skills.

This program was created by Sarah Chrisp, who works hand-in-hand with Wholesale Ted, a famously known YouTube channel that teaches how to make money online.

eComm Clubhouse mainly revolves around dropshipping and eCommerce business models, and it claims to target newbies who want to venture into the digital business world.

Also, the program claims that it will teach you how to build your financial empire through dropshipping business.

However, better platforms will teach you everything about the dropshipping business.

But still, if you’re looking for a better way to make money online, then you can still check this other opportunity:

eComm Clubhouse Review

What Is eComm Clubhouse About?

eComm Clubhouse Review

eComm Clubhouse is a digital training program created to teach you about the dropshipping business model, and it is affiliated with Wholesale Ted, a YouTube channel by Sarah Chrisp.

Also, the eCommerce business model is ideal for earning money because it gives you access to various money-making options, such as dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

Of course, dropshipping is a demanding business model, but it pays well if you commit yourself to it.

On the other hand, the affiliate marketing model is the most profitable and not too demanding compared to other online business models.

eComm Clubhouse, as a course, is a great digital training program that will introduce you to the world of dropshipping businesses.

The course has a systematic design that claims to teach everything about dropshipping.

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Features of eComm Clubhouse?

eComm Clubhouse is divided into 6 training modules that will introduce you to dropshipping business.

Although these modules are slightly above average, they don’t teach you advanced dropshipping skills.

Here are the modules to cover in this program:

Module 1 – Selecting A Niche

eComm Clubhouse Review

In this module, Sarah will teach you how to select the most appropriate market niche to invest in.

You’ll learn to narrow down to one business idea from a pool of several online ideas.

After brainstorming and settling on one single business idea, what will follow is for you to set up your business store ad work towards building your brand.

Module 2 – Sourcing & Choosing the Right Product

eComm Clubhouse Review

Sarah will introduce you to Aliexpress, a platform where you can find viral products for your dropshipping business.

Aliexpress is a digital marketplace similar to Amazon but belongs to the Chinese.

It gives you access to a variety of cheaper products with low quality.

Further, this module will also teach you how to design Print-On-Demand designs to help you beat your competitors.

Module 3 – Create your Dropshipping Store

eComm Clubhouse Review

From this module, you’ll learn how to build your own Shopify store with much ease.

In this section, you’ll learn about;

  • Set up a theme
  • Create about us
  • Set up checkouts & payment methods
  • Refund
  • Shipping
  • Legal pages
  • Confirmation emails

Sarah Chrisp will teach you how to source your products from Aliexpress and sell them through your dropshipping store.

Module 4 – Upselling your products to big orders

eComm Clubhouse Review

Module 4 teaches you about upselling your products to maximize profits.

Sarah will teach you how to use trust coins, countdown timers, after-sale coupons, and discounted prices.

This will influence your prospective customers to buy products from your store.

Sarah will also introduce you to a few apps that might be significant to the success of your dropshipping business.

If you purchase these services, she will earn commissions from these applications.

Module 5 – How to attract traffic to your store

eComm Clubhouse Review

Traffic is the backbone of every digital business.

The more traffic you have, the higher your chances of earning a commission.

This section will teach you how to generate traffic to your store through Facebook Ads.

You’ll learn how to create;

  • Facebook business account
  • Facebook fan page
  • Install Facebook Pixel

Sarah will teach you the skills of using SEO and Google to generate traffic.

For instance, she will show you how to;

  • Use less competitive keywords
  • Optimize your blog posts and pages
  • Create a backlist using Instagram pages

Module 6 – Running and Managing Your Store

eComm Clubhouse Review

This module will teach you the strategies you can apply to manage your store.

She will talk about order fulfillment, store administration, recruitment of virtual assistants, and growth strategies.

Who Is The Founder Of eComm Clubhouse?

eComm Clubhouse Review

The creator of eComm Clubhouse is a digital entrepreneur known as Sarah Chrisp.

Sarah hails from New Zealand and has gained popularity through content creation on YouTube.

In addition, she is an associate of a channel known as Wholesale Ted.

This YouTube channel has received over eight hundred thousand subscribers and over 30 million views.

Better yet, she is responsible for running this channel, Wholesale Ted, through which she teaches about how to make money online.

Wholesale Ted mainly focuses on Amazon FBA, dropshipping, and eCommerce.

Some users claim that Wholesale Ted is among the most successful eCommerce platform.

And these claims could suggest that eComm Clubhouse is a legit business model.

What Is The Cost Of eComm Clubhouse?

eComm Clubhouse Review

The cost of accessing eComm Clubhouse is a monthly subscription fee of $67.

This cost is a bit better compared to most digital programs which will cost you more.

The first step into eComm Clubhouse is registering for your account by filling in your registration details, which will bring you to the payment page.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

Apart from the registration cost, there are also other additional upsells that you’ll get in this program.

Among these upsells are the cost of the recommended tools and software.

In the program’s training area, you’ll get access to this software and tools that will contribute to the success of your dropshipping business.

The second factor contributing to the extra cost will result from advertisement.

Through eComm Clubhouse, Sarah will teach you how to use Facebook Ads to generate traffic for your business.

Facebook Ads will not come cheaply.

For effectiveness, you will spend close to a monthly budget of $500 just to run these ads.

However, you can start with a little budget and consistently increase it as your business grows.

Does eComm Clubhouse Offer A Refund?

eComm Clubhouse Review

This program’s attractive feature is that it covers you with a seven-day refund policy.

This policy covers you for a week, after which you can continue with the program or apply for a refund if the program is not satisfying as you wish it could be.

Don’t get excited yet because this refund policy is tied to a condition you must satisfy before qualifying.

You must prove that you tried the course before you start applying for the refund; otherwise, Sarah will not grant you the refund.

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Is eComm Clubhouse A Scam?

eComm Clubhouse Review

eComm Clubhouse is a legit training course that aims to equip you with dropshipping skills.

It is alleged that by the end of this training program, you’ll have to know how to create and manage your eCommerce store.

Even though this program costs $67 per month, you’re going to spend over $800 per year, which makes it very expensive.

In addition, there will also be other upsells you will have to purchase to enhance the performance of your eCommerce store.

Furthermore, this training course may not give you comprehensive information about eCommerce business.

However, you can still make good use of what you’ll learn from this program.

Another point you should note is that it does not guarantee you success.

If you plan to join this program, don’t expect to reach your breakthrough faster.

Other alternative business opportunities are suitable for you as a beginner and can guarantee a steady source of income.

You can invest in these business opportunities and make huge profits.

And don’t be overwhelmed trying to find one of these best opportunities; I have gone out of my way and offered you a better option here;

eComm Clubhouse Review

What I Like About eComm Clubhouse

  • It was created by a legitimate entrepreneur

This program was created by a legit digital entrepreneur with expertise in the dropshipping business model.

You can check out Sarah’s YouTube channel and try to assess the viability of its content.

  • It offers you downloadable PDF tutorials.

Besides the video tutorials, eComm Clubhouse also has downloadable PDF lessons that you can use to read the same content.

  • It has Shopify’s approval 

eComm Clubhouse has Shopify approval, making it a trustworthy training course (check out the screenshot further above).

  • It is well explained.

Every concept of this training program is easy for you to understand.

What I Don’t Like About eComm Clubhouse

  • It is expensive

This training program may seem relatively cheap, but $67 monthly will accumulate to over $800 per year.

You’ll also get additional upsells within the program, further increasing expenses.

  • Does not guarantee you immediate success

Once you join the program, you’ll still wait for a long time before you start making a profit.

Therefore, you’ll wait a while until you can profit from this program.

Is There Any Alternative To eComm Clubhouse?

E-commerce is an ideal business where you can source and sell various products through dropshipping.

And eComm Clubhouse allows you to learn how to build a dropshipping business.

But even though eComm Clubhouse offers you eCommerce and dropshipping training, it might not be the best option for you.

You can still settle for a different alternative that is better and more elaborate.

And my top most recommended alternative is affiliate marketing.

The affiliate marketing business model is highly profitable and doesn’t require advanced skills.

In fact, it does not involve drop shipping.

You’ll need to keep your focus and reap from your passion.

And to make it even better, I went out of my way and offered you a blueprint that will enable you to get started:

eComm Clubhouse Review

FAQs About eComm Clubhouse

Who Is eComm Clubhouse for?

This training program is for newbies who want to venture into eCommerce, specifically dropshipping.

Is eComm Clubhouse recommended?

eComm Clubhouse is a recommended training course because it offers you the necessary skills for starting an online business.

However, other better alternatives exist to start your success journey in the digital industry.

How will you make money with eComm Clubhouse?

Sarah will teach you every process you can implement and set up your own Shopify store through which you can sell various physical items.

Is Ecomm Clubhouse worthy of your investment?

The course is worth investing in since it will equip you with the skills necessary for starting dropshipping and eCommerce businesses.

Here is a video that also reviews the eComm Clubhouse Training Course:

Thank you for reading through my eComm Clubhouse review.

Feel free to comment below if you have an addition or question you may want to ask.

12 thoughts on “eComm Clubhouse Review – Is Sarah Chrisp LEGIT?

  1. Thank you for this ecom clubhouse review, it was very helpful. Seems like a great place for a newbie like myself. I need to be walked through step by step when it comes to this. 

    $67 seems very good, that’s a good deal right? The other program I was looking at was more. The 7-day refund thing is nice if I don’t like it. About $800 for the whole year is a little less than normal, isn’t it?

    1. Yes, I think the $67 deal is pretty good. And what’s also great is that Sarah is a real expert when it comes to teaching people how to do dropshipping.  Overall, it’s a good deal for those who want to do dropshipping as a business.

  2. I have been interested in doing dropshipping myself. But I have never had the chance to look into it yet. So it was nice reading your review about this training. I was, to be honest quite shocked about the cost of it all. The course itself seems legit and I like the fact that it is approved by Shopify. But with all the costs in place, I don’t think it will be the right training for me at the moment. 

    Thank you for this review. It was easy to read and it made my decision easier.

  3. This was a very informative article about eComm clubhouse and what a subscription to this website would give you and how much it would cost you. I thought it was a little on the pricy side for a subscription but with the following details and specifics about the founder of this website it might be worth it. I really like the response of current subscribers opinions and comments at the end of the article 

    1. Yeah, Sarah has a solid track record as a legit and successful online entrepreneur.  You can definitely check out her program if you vibe with her and is interested in starting your own dropshipping business. If not, you can always check out my best recommendation to start a profitable online business.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the important details to help understand whether or not this is a legit resource for dropshippers. The cost is significant, so the reviews would need to be solid 9’s or 10’s for me to feel like the investment was a good value. I appreciate the breakdown of what to expect and what might be a better choice!

  5. I’ve been doing some research into dropshipping for a while now, and was actually considering purchasing this course to get myself started. So I’m glad I’m found your review because this has opened my eyes to a few things I don’t think are right for my needs. This course seems legit and I like that it is approved by Shopify. But with the way the economy is currently, I don’t think all those costs would be for me at the moment. So thanks for your in-depth review. I think I’ll keep looking elsewhere. 

    1. No problem, Lee.  You can always look into affiliate marketing as an alternative to dropshipping.  It’s more newbie friendly and can be very profitable when done right. 

  6. It is a helpful review of dropshipping business from Aliexpress,  securing Chinese low-priced products to store in US and ship and drop to the US customers at a higher price and you making a process. It is a proven model by many. However, Sarah teaches you in a systematic way with upsells to your $67.00 monthly membership. You count all it 800$/ per year. The success is not guaranteed and the refund also depends…

  7. This business is not for everyone. It is a good deal for those who are willing to invest more money at the beginning. The price of access is not high and they offer excellent training by experienced people. Disadvantages are the obligation of Facebook advertising, which is too expensive, and other costs associated with this business.

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