Flip The Career Switch Review – Is This Product A SCAM?

Flip The Career Switch Review

I’m very happy to invite you to this Flip The Career Switch Review. 

In this article, I will take you through Blair Phillip’s program.

Is this program worth your time and attention?

Many people need freedom and are looking for ways to eliminate the 8-hour work time that make them suffer.

I’m also sure that 70% of people reading this review are looking for The Best And Simplest Way of Making Money. 

And with the pandemic that has ravaged economies in many countries, everyone is trying to make ends meet by trying out their luck online.

Luckily, it shouldn’t be that way.

Currently, there are tons of ways you can get involved right, and you can start earning passive income from the go, and you don’t have to strain or waste a lot of your time.

I’m also sure that you heard about Flip The Career Switch either through social media or a google search.

The program claims to offer you ways of generating revenue in simple steps that I’ll take you through in detail.

The Legitimacy and Reputation of any program that claims to offer you ways of generating income must be a priority.

So, is this product Legitimate?

Does it offer you financial freedom as it claims after you’ve joined?

NOTE: I’m doing an honest review of the Flip The Career Switch program, and by no means am I affiliated with this program. Also, I’m not promoting this program.

As such, you can expect a review that will tackle anything related to the Flip The Career Switch program, and out of it all, you’ll get to know the inner details of the program.

Now that we’ve got an idea about what I’ll take you through, let’s dive in…

Summary of Flip The Career Switch Review

Name of the Product: Flip The Career Switch

Type of the Product: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Cost of the Product: From $3,250 – $21,000+

Founder: Blair Phillips

Recommended: I’ll talk about it in the review later


This platform promotes an exorbitant product through paid ads on the internet.

This isn’t a new business model; there’re tons of lookalikes that do the same thing.

In most cases, all are linked to a suspicious high-ticket program with four membership choices, and the minimum starts above $3k.

Here is how the program seals a deal with you.

You’re offered a done-for-you website, including a sales page that will be like the one that you pitched after dropping your email on the website of Flip The Career Switch.

Based on the membership you purchase, you’ll need to begin investing a lot of money in paid ads to lure others to sign up for the program.

If that comes to a successful end, you earn between $1,000 and $12,000, which is close to half of the money you’ll need to pay to access a wide range of membership levels.


And to ensure the program looks appealing and legit, every membership option will have access to a low-quality, bunch of outdated PLR products, which, in case you purchase individually, would be less than $5.

In simple words, this program doesn’t offer you any REAL VALUE.

You’re assured of lots of money if you persuade other individuals that they’re leaving out a big opportunity, and once they join, they’ll also be required to do the same.

The program is trying to lure people into risking their investment into running ads that don’t guarantee money back.

In other words, the whole business is done in an incredibly unscrupulous and unethical way.

Affiliate marketing shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to begin.

But what if I tell you that I can offer you another way of achieving financial success without breaking the bank.

Yes, you can still start as a beginner making money gradually from the below option.

Flip The Career Switch Program Explained

The Flip, The Career Switch Program, is a High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing program.

This essentially means that with this program, you’ll be affiliated with a possibly high-priced product, and whenever one product is sold, you’ll reap big commissions from it.

It also considers itself a program that handles everything for an affiliate marketer.

In that regard, it means that you’ll have a website, web hosting, and even affiliate links done for you.

Now, let’s share the secret with you behind it…

This program serves as an affiliate link as well.

Check out the screenshot below:Flip The Career Switch Review

That means it directs you to sign up for the major program referred to as Matt’s Marketing Blueprint.

And other affiliate programs link to the same program, like The Blue Warrior program.

That is a common strategy that many affiliate marketers do; however, it is hugely popular with Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Companies.

They’ll often generate a sales funnel site, pointing out that they offer money-making schemes without detailing the method.

After you register for their CTA, they reveal more information (which implies that they’ll get things like your contact number and email address).

As such, you’ll become their target, and you’ll often be contacted often and encouraged to join their platform.

Further, you’ll get many of them not using the website at all.

Their mode of generating money can also come in downloadable eBooks.

Who is behind the Flip The Career Switch Review?

Blair Phillips is the man behind this program.

Apart from the fact that he asserts that he will help people have financial freedom and achieve their life goals, nothing much is known about this guy.

When I searched his name on google, no information regarding this fellow availed itself.

Worse still, he doesn’t have any social media at all.

There’s a high possibility that he might not be a real financial expert.

Maybe he could be that marketer with average SEO skills.

But something that stands out with this person is that his website is affiliated with main Matt’s Marketing Blueprint.

Expectations from Flip The Career Switch

Flip The Career Switch Review

Flip The Career Switch is essentially a website that promotes the popular Matt’s Marketing Blueprint.

In other words, you’ll be offered similar marketing content used by the Flip The Career Switch program to become an affiliate.

After signing up with this program, find out what you’ll get out of it;

Lead generation

If you also need all your leads to generate, you’ll get it here.

But the downside is the fact that you’ll need to pay heavily to be eligible for such.

After paying for it, leads will then be generated by the system and sent to your intended affiliated site.

Sales Team

The platform has a dedicated sales team.

You’ll be offered a very dedicated call team as long as you have subscribed to their service.

The team is tasked to deal with any leads that pass via your links, overall customer service, and sales closing.

Training videos

The platform also comes with several training videos used to train members in some lessons regarding marketing.

And such can include offering you skills in online marketing, plus how you can get the appropriate products for you to promote.

Additionally, you’ll get to know how you can use a wide range of paid ads, like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, to assist you in promoting your product.

Lastly, there’re also videos that you can find to see creating sales letters, list building, and others.

Marketing materials

This entails the affiliate links and sale funnel site required for you to begin earning money.

Further, your site’s hosting and domain services are also done for you.

All you’re required to do is input your information on the links.

Essentially after signing up with the link that FTCS uses, you’ll be an affiliate of Matt’s program by default.

Additional PLR products

Apart from the actual program, you’ll also be provided with an opportunity to sell different PLR products to your customers for higher profit.

After some additional products are purchased using your link, you’ll also earn a commission which is the same as when a person purchases this product from you.

Jason Foster

The cost of Flip The Career Switch Cost

As I’ve pointed out earlier, Flip The Career Switch is essentially affiliated with Matt’s, and the prices set out are applicable for this main program.

It provides up to 4 levels, and every level provides extra benefits than the previous level.

Check out the levels here…

Gold: $3,247

Platinum: $7,447

Diamond: $14,647

Royal: $21,847

Keep in mind that the investment you pay for the program will also replicate the amount you’ll earn.

However, if you need to start using this model, remember that this does not include the paid ads in this product.

Therefore, you must keep that in mind.

Is Flip The Career Switch a Scam?

I’ll say it point blank, Flip The Career Switch isn’t a SCAM. 

But on the other hand, this program markets a scam program developed by some fellows called Orlando and Matt.

They’ve come up with a heavy network of individuals who own close websites, have similar funnel types, and market the same program.

Unfortunately, the whole system is centered on dream selling and promises.

You’ll be lured towards buying the idea of a done-for-you program that can offer you cash concurrently, given that you continue adding money.

It’s after you’ve convinced people that they are missing an opportunity of earning money online when you can start earning money from the platform.

Sure enough, this program doesn’t offer you any value in essence.

It features four membership choices.

The lowest option cost about $3k, while the priciest one is more than $21k

As such, you’ll have a site, a landing page bearing your name, and many emails swipes that other platforms offer to their affiliates at no COST and outdated, cheap PLR info products.

From there, let me take you through the pros and cons section.

Pros and cons of the Flip The Career Switch 

What I like about Flip the Career Switch

  • It comes with done-for-you features (You do not have to handle any selling at all by yourself)
  • Everything is created for you, including traffic low, campaign management, and paid ads settings. (For this to come to success, you’ll be required to remit a monthly fee aside from the huge amount you pay when you sign up as a new member).

What I don’t like about Flip The Career Switch

  • You’ll be needed to part with a lump sum amount of money, and if you need to have a full advantage. Of this program, you’ll need to buy the highest-level membership plan, which will need you to spend more than $21k.
  • The venture is risky, more so now that you’ll be spending a lot of your money running ads on the internet, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll return your investment.
  • The platform offers low-quality products, often outdated, and won’t earn you a significant amount of money.

My #1 Recommendation

Before I can give you my recommendation, this venture is NOT worth your time and resources.

Unless you have some pocket change, this program has nothing to do with putting a smile on your face.

The whole business model is based on convincing people to join the program and spend a huge amount of money to run ads and upfront fees.

It doesn’t come with any substance, nor does it offer you any real earning money with it.

And the danger is that if your campaigns don’t work, you’ll end up losing a lot of money.

Let’s call it by name; it is a very risky investment presented as a done-for-you affiliate program.

At the present, there are far much better options to come up with a profitable online business than being an affiliate marketer yet without having to spend a lot of your money.

Again, you don’t necessarily have to pay for ads.

Click the button below to learn more…

19 thoughts on “Flip The Career Switch Review – Is This Product A SCAM?

  1. Thanks for your review, spending that kind of money upfront seems steep. I’m been wanting to get into affiliate marketing. I used to dropship, I did ok, but I want to get away from selling physical products. But I don’t really want to step into something that costs so much upfront, especially with all the unknown variables. It seems kind of shady and all though you say it’s not a scam, I’m still reluctant to trust it. I’m going to give WA an honest attempt. It looks interesting and I like that the starting point is not high, but quite cheap. 

  2. Hi there, I have seen some advertisements for Flip The Career Switch, which looked quite spammy, so it is good to read this review about the platform. A program that starts with a price tag of $3,000 needs to offer an exceptional earning potential, to make it worth while joining.  If one then still needs to pay for ads,it really does put it above the means of most people. 

    It doesn’t look as if Flip The Career Switch is something that I will pursue, so thank you for sharing. 

  3. Hey thanks for the insight!

    It’s great to find a honest opinion these days with a lot of people turning to online work! As you aren’t affiliated with this program it makes it more trustful. I have actually heard of flip the career switch a few times when looking to start in the online world. 

    Reading through this, it does seem quite a bit of money however if it actually reflects on how much you’ll earn then I guess it’s a fair deal!

    Thanks again!

  4. Hi Jason. I liked some things about Flip The Career Switch. Specially the part about having stuff done for us. But once I read your post, I realized that this program is not for me. Convincing others to spend all this money in ads will not be easy. They did not convince me so I know I will struggle convincing others.

  5. While technically not a scam, I’d say they are preying on the desperation of some to easily make money. This sounds like a considerable upfront investment in which you have to pay to play. You have to put more in to get more out. On top of this, you are on the hook for all your own ads and the entire business model is to “persuade” more people to sign up. This business doesn’t exactly contribute much to the world.

  6. Thank you so much for this great review. Making money online is possible and genuine, but like with any other endeavor, the amount of effort put in will decide the amount of money made.

    The internet is the way of the future; it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Your commission is determined by your own effort; programs like Flip the Career Switch are legitimate but not for the faint of heart; before investing, learn more about the program in detail; it’s a dangerous business like any other, but it’s worth a shot.

  7. Hi Jason, thanks for sharing this article. I’ve just heard about this program and I think (price-wise) it doesn’t make any sense. 21K? It’s an astounding amount of money to flip someone’s career. In my country, people will never buy this kind of program, because even if you work really hard for one year straight, you can’t even afford the gold member’s cost. Even though it’s not a scam, I agree with you, it’s not worth it.

  8. Hi Joseph,

    Flip the career switch is definitely a scam. It is good that someone helped point it out, so thank you. With such a high fee to get in the program, I am sure not many people got trapped but imagine if someone does, it must be extremely devastating! These scams need to go!

    1. Flip the career switch is not a scam in itself.  They just promote a scam program and that is where the problem lies for potential customers.  Thanks for chiming in. 

  9. Making money online is possible and real, though like any other venture making money will be determined by the kind of effort put in place. 

    The future is the internet it’s not a get rich scheme your own effort determines your commission, programs like Flip the career switch are indeed legit but not for the faint-hearted, before investing get to know more about in-depth details, its a risky venture like any other but its worth a try.

  10. Oh my, what a price for a program that is supposed to get people to flip their careers. The price alone will make viewers run away without finding out more, as they will not want to fork over that much money to make money. If you could get someone to signup under you, yes it is a big payday. The second red flag for me is the MLM company aspect, I have spent the entire year promoting MLM off with no success even paying for an advertisement to drive traffic. 

  11. One of the blogs that I reviewed mentioned about a similar kind of site that is mentioned here, but that was pure pyramid model, the only change is it is digital from traditional, where the higher-up in the ladder earns the commissions because of the growing memberships from the level a person joins. I get an understanding that this pyramid model is built at the core in the business model of “Flip The Career Switch” which is wrapped by many more business themes including the levels of membership fee! I also get an understanding that as long as one gets ROI it is termed legit! But for the person joined at the first level of membership have to wait for both the content and help from top-down and more referral subscriptions from bottom-up, perhaps need to wait long to the ROI? I appreciate the author passed the message to community to refrain from such business! Applause! Thanks for the opportunity to write comments on the blog. Have great times!

  12. I was really considering Flip The Career Switch until I read your review.  There are so many scams across the internet.  Who doesn’t want to make more money, especially from home?  But scams like these take advantage of legitimate ways to make more money from home.  Thank you for your review!

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