Is Just One Dime A Scam? – Get The First-Hand Revelation!

Is Just One Dime A Scam?

Is Just One Dime A Scam?

Hello! Welcome to my Just One Dime Review.

Just One Dime is an automated Amazon program created by Seth Kniep.

He claims the program will help you build an Amazon FBA business from scratch.

It is a DFY business model that will handle everything right from the start until your Amazon store runs.

Is Just One Dime legit?

And is it going to give you value for your investment?

I will answer all the questions through this article and help you understand Just One Dime better before attempting to invest in it.

Just a reminder, I have no affiliate relationship with this company.

My article is purposefully meant for review.

Let’s get into Just One Dime Review.

Summary Of Just One Dime Review

Name of the Product: Just One Dime

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: FBA Training Program

Founder: Seth Kniep

Product Rating: 5/10

Product Cost: One-time payment of $1,997- or 3-months installments of $597 plus $83 per month plus $97 per month.

Recommendation: Not Recommended.

Overview Of Just One DimeIs Just One Dime A Scam?

Just One Dime is a DFY program claiming that it will help you build your FBA digital business.

And since it is a DFY model, your involvement in building your FBA business will be minimal.

Also, everything within this program has been pre-designed for you, from laying the foundation, researching the market, negotiating sales, launching your products, and conducting follow-ups on your clients.

In simple terms, Just One Dime is a platform that you pay a team of experts to build a digital business and launch it on your behalf.

Your role in this business opportunity will be to pay this team of experts 15% commission from your total income.

Just One Dime does not assure you that you will profit from this business model.

This means that, as you sign up for this program, understand that you will be exposing yourself to lots of risks that can cost you your total investment.

If Just One Dime fails to deliver the expected results, you will be the person to suffer the loss, not the team you hired to build your digital business.

This business opportunity can only work for you if you can afford it and willing to take the risk associated with it.

But there is still a better alternative that you can invest in with just a manageable budget.

Check it out here:

Is Just One Dime A Scam?

What Is Just One Dime About?

Is Just One Dime A Scam?

Just One Dime is an eCommerce training course designed for those who aspire to invest in digital industries.

This FBA Course gives you access to various training courses and coaching, including Amazon Arbitrage Mastery, Building an Amazon Brand, and Amazon FBA Mastery.

Just One Dime is a DFY business created by an eCommerce entrepreneur, Seth Kniep.

Is Just One Dime A scam?

He claimed to have left his regular daytime job to study about eCommerce.

And he later created the first online store that allowed him to earn up to 6 figures.

He claims that his online store kept growing till he realized over 500k.

Upon realizing how excellent and enjoyable passive income was, he launched Just One Dime.

Seth Kniep offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to create their digital businesses through Just One Dime.

He and his team of experts will help build your online business store through Amazon FBA.

They claim they will use a strategy to ensure your business is profitable and give you value for your investment.

Although there are varieties of DFY services in the digital industry, Just One Dime focuses on creating a unique brand that can grow over time and generate more profit for you.

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Who Is The Founder Of Just One Dime?

Is Just One Dime A Scam?

The founder of Just One Dime DFY is Seth Kniep.

Seth has hired a staff that helps him run some of the company’s operations.

The growth of Just One Dime made Seth hire this team.

Before succeeding in building Just One Dime, Seth had tried e-commerce businesses twice without success.

First, he built an eCommerce business that failed, forcing him to sell at $35.

This was followed by another attempt, where he sold it at $500.

He never gave up on the eCommerce business.

He grew and gained more experience along the way and eventually reached a million-dollar mark working with Amazon.

This gave him confidence with the online business until he quit his regular day job to build more sources of income.

How Does Just One Dime Work?

Is Just One Dime A Scam?

Just One Dime offers you three training courses and coaching, which are;

Amazon FBA Coaching

Under this, you will access the following courses;

Establish your business and brand

This course will teach you how to create your Amazon from the start.

You will also learn how to build your brand, motivation, trademark and how to identify suppliers.

Master the market

This course trains you on how to master and understand the current trends in the market.

Manufacture your Product

This section teaches you how to design an attractive product that stands out from the group.

You will also learn how to source the best suppliers.

Furthermore, it will guide you on how to do shipping, create photos for your products, and create Amazon listings.

Launch Your Brand

Most of the topics this section covers revolve around product launching, getting reviews, and selling through Amazon PPC & related platforms.

Expand Your Reach

In this section, you’ll learn about handling returns, talking to customers, and how to handle feedback.

Amazon Arbitrage Mastery

This training gives you access to over 60 video tutorials, a weekly Q&A session, multiple slides, and multiple screen tutorials.

You will also be trained on how to increase your profits and one-on-one training by one of the coaches from Just One Dime.

Build an Amazon Brand

This section will teach how other Amazon business owners build their businesses from nothing.

You will learn how to create a profitable Amazon business, from brand selection to getting the best product to sell.

What Is The Cost Of Just One Dime?

There are two payment options you can use to access Just One Dime.

First, you can make a one-time payment of $1,997.

This option gives you access to one product idea every month for one year.

You will also connect to the best suppliers, coaching workshops, and mentoring sessions.

Furthermore, in this option, you will get over 200+ training videos, seller support groups, and mentors from Amazon.

Alternatively, you can pay your money through a 3-month installment of $597.

This method will give you all the privileges of the first payment option except the supplier’s list and product ideas.

The cost of Amazon Arbitrage Mastery is $83, while that of Build a Brand will cost $97/month.

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Does Just One Dime Offer A Refund?

Is Just One Dime A Scam?

Just One Dime does not offer any kind of refund to its clients.

Therefore, you won’t get a refund once you pay for this DFY.

Whichever the outcome of the program, you won’t be given any refund from this program.

You must understand everything about Just One Dime before launching the process of paying for the course.

But if you’re a beginner and you’d like to start an online business, then you can check out this lucrative opportunity that I’ve benefited from;

Is Just One Dime A Scam?

Is Just One Dime A scam?

No, Just One Dime is a legit DFY program.

However, this DFY service package has strengths and weaknesses that you must study well before rushing into it.

Since it is a digital business opportunity, there are several other tools and resources that you must invest to benefit from Just One Dime fully.

Although an experienced owner created just One Dime, this business does not guarantee success.

Just One Dime is not an ideal business opportunity for you as a beginner.

There are other best options that you can venture into and make a sustainable income.

What I Like About Just One Dime

  • It gives you access to free training content.

Just One Dime is rich in content related to eCommerce that you can access freely from YouTube.

Additionally, Seth’s Just One Dime podcast talks more about eCommerce.

  • It is a comprehensive course.

Just One Dime training course is a very comprehensive FBA course.

You’ll get access to over 500 slides and 200 videos in Amazon FBA Coaching.

This course will also give students group coaching for four hours.

  • It gives you access to other Amazon Courses.

Apart from the main courses offered, Just One Dime offers you other services related to eCommerce.

Examples of these services are; creating an eCommerce website, designing your brand and logo, and one-on-one coaching.

What I Don’t Like About Just One Dime

  • This is DFY FBA is not suitable for beginners.

Due to the cost implications of Just One Dime, it will not be an ideal business opportunity for any investors who want to venture into the digital industry for the first time.

  • It is costly.

Just One Dime is an expensive DFY that will cost you $1997.

You will pay this amount once you get full access to Just One Dime.

Even if you’re willing to purchase this product, it has no guarantee that you’ll make a profit.

  • It involves high risk.

This DFY involves many risks that can lead you to lose money.

This is mainly because the team you hired will do most of the work.

  • Does not offer any refund

Apart from being very expensive, this program does not offer a refund.

This means you won’t get your money back if you find the program not to be what you expected.

Amazon is already saturated.

Most digital entrepreneurs have invested in the Amazon marketplace.

This, in turn, has created stiff competition for customers.

Additionally, the presence of many sellers in the market has dramatically affected the profit margin.

Is There Any Alternative To Just One Dime?

Yes, there is a better alternative to Just One Dime.

I won’t recommend this program because it will expose you to a higher risk of losing your money.

So, my #1 recommendation is affiliate marketing.

It is a budget-friendly business opportunity you can start without spending much.

And if you’re just starting out, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. 

In fact, with affiliate marketing, you get to grow gradually while learning.

If you want to start this lucrative business opportunity, then here is a COMPLETE blueprint to get you started;

Is Just One Dime A Scam?

FAQs About Just One Dime

Who created Just One Dime?

The person behind the creation of Just One Dime is called Seth Kniep.

Initially, Seth used to work alone, but due to the growth of Just One Dime, he has hired a team of experts to help him run his business.

What does Just One Dime Offer?

As a training program, Just One Dime offers various coaching and training, which are;

  • Amazon Arbitrage
  • Amazon FBA Mastery
  • Building Amazon Brand

What is the cost of Just One Dime?

The cost of Just One Dime is a one-time payment of $1,997.

Alternatively, if you can’t afford this one-time payment, Just One Dime allows you to pay for the courses in installments for three months.

In the second payment option, you will be paying $597 per month for three months.

Also, you will be paying $83/month for Amazon Arbitrage Mastery and $97/month for building an Amazon Brand.

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