No Face YT Review

No Face YT Review: Is Thomas Garetz’s Course Legit Or Scam?

Hello there, it’s my pleasure to have you read my No Face YT Review.

If you’ve stumbled upon this YouTube automation course and want to explore it further, you’ve come to the right place.

In this review, I’ll uncover the truth about this course, specifically focusing on whether it’s a legit course for learning YouTube Automation or something to steer clear of.

Many individuals are delving into creating YouTube content and monetizing their channels due to the numerous success stories in this field.

As a result, there’s a growing interest in learning how to kickstart a YouTube channel and generate income from it.

The No Face YT Course, among various other online courses, aims to educate people about this business model.

However, it’s important to note that not all of these courses are trustworthy.

Therefore, this review of the No Face YT course will provide you with valuable insights to make an informed decision.

Take your time to delve into this review and absorb the information I’ll be sharing about this exceptional course.

Doing so will allow you to think critically before deciding to enroll.

With that in mind, let’s get started…

No Face YT Course Review Summary

Name: No Face YT Course

Type: YouTube Automation Course

Price: $247

Owner/Founder: Thomas Garetz

Overall Score: 6/10

My recommendation: Not for everyone.

No Face YT Course – Overview

No Face YT Review

Thomas Garetz is an experienced affiliate marketer and a YouTuber who earns a living from his online work.

If you’re reading this review, you must be researching to know if the Thomas course No Face YT is a legitimate program or a scam.

Well, according to Thomas, the course is meant to help everyone who wants to build a passive income out of YouTube.

The course targets anyone who wants to start a YouTube channel and make it a money-making opportunity to earn a living.

Apart from the No Face YT course, Thomas Garetz also owns the High-Ticket YT Secrets which is also a course on its own.

So, if you have come across the other course, you may have likely interacted with Thomas Garetz in the course.

Both the two courses teach you legitimate ways to make money online.

However, in this review, we only focus on the No Face YT course which Thomas uses to teach you how to earn money from YouTube.

At times, generating income from a YouTube channel may not appear straightforward for many channel owners.

This challenge often stems from the struggles people encounter while producing high-quality videos that can engage and retain their audience on the platform.

This is why Thomas developed this course, aiming to simplify the management of your YouTube channel.

To understand how this course simplifies your channel management, let’s start by examining its core principles.

What Is No Face YT Course?

No Face YT Review

No Face YT is a course designed and created to help you learn how to make money on the YouTube platform.

The course is designed for people who want to create a YouTube channel and use it to generate money online.

The course teaches you how to start and manage your YouTube channel as your main source of income.

This includes how to come up with attractive and engaging content that can attract more viewers on the platform.

The course consists of up to six modules that all talk about different aspects of the YouTube money-making business.

According to Thomas, there is a big trend in the rise of YouTube channels as a money-making opportunity.

This is also evidenced by the increase in the number of videos being uploaded to the

YouTube platform in recent days.

From statistics, over 500 hours of videos are uploaded to the YouTube platform in a single day from different parts of the world.

This means that many and many people have tuned into content creation and making money on YouTube channels.

In addition, there has been an increase in the use of the YouTube Channel as some of the top trending channels reach millions of subscribers.

The subscribers who determine the number of people who love your content and the size of your channel is the key to making money on YouTube.

As such, No Face YT Course claims to help you make your YouTube Channel attract more and more subscribers online.

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What Is Contained In The No Face YT Course?

No Face YT Course consists of six modules that contain different aspects of running a YouTube Channel.

Let me detail for you each module and content:

Module One: Picking Your Niche & Creating Your Channel

This is the first module of the course that introduces you to the course from the beginning.

In this module, you’ll learn how to come up with your preferred niche and create your YouTube channel.

The program provides you with well-explained niche examples which makes it easy for you to select your preferred niche.

From the available niches, the course teaches you how to do good research and validate which of them will work best for you.

After validating your niche, you will then move to creating your YouTube channel where you will learn how to set up your channel.

The module concludes by teaching you the second phase of setting up your channel in the platform.

Module Two: Planning & Creating Your Videos

When you complete setting up your channel, you must now move to learn how to create videos to post to your channel.

The course teaches you how to plan and create the best engaging videos that suit your audience according to your niche.

In so doing, you’ll learn the content pillars and types of videos that suit your niche.

The course also teaches you the voiceover and the scripts together with the screen recording used in content creation.

In addition, you’ll learn how to get video footage and thumbnails, and how to edit your videos before posting them on your Channel.

Module Three: Monetization Methods & The Best Tools

In this module, you’ll learn how to make money from your YouTube Channel and build a passive income out of it.

The course teaches you the truth behind monetization methods used in the YouTube platform.

This includes the YouTube Ad revenue as used in the platform and affiliate marketing as the main ways of making money.

You will also learn about digital products and the best tools you can use to boost your earnings on the platform.

Module Four: Uploading & Promoting Videos

In this section, the course teaches you how to promote your videos online to attract more viewers.

This includes how to describe and tag your videos online and how to upload them.

Thomas explains to you the importance of promoting your videos on the platform and other social media platforms.

The program also teaches you a free TikTok course in this section to boost your YouTube channel video promotion.

Module Five: Understanding Everything On The YT Studio

In this section, you’ll learn what is contained in the YT Studio with the teaching beginning with the review of the studio.

The course also teaches you how to use a playlist to get more viewers online and the truth behind the comments.

The module also teaches about the monetization methods available, and the YouTube Analytics overview.

The module ends by teaching the YouTube analytics deep dive.

Module Six: All The Cash Cow Channel Tips & Resources

This is the last module of the course which teaches you the important tips that you need to learn and understand before starting a YouTube business.

You’ll also learn how to start a checklist and outsource your channel content.

The module ends by teaching you where to outercourse from and tips for outsourcing your content online.

No Face YT Course Bonuses

The No Face YT has up to three bonuses in the platform for all students who learn and complete the course.

These bonuses include:

  • Getting unlimited video ideas from the High-ticket YT Secrets.
  • How to start a cash cow channel which comes as a full tutorial.
  • The advanced YouTube shorts strategies that are best suitable for your niche.

Who Owns The No Face YT Course?

No Face YT Review

No Face YT Course was created by Thomas Garetz who is still the owner and CEO of the program.

Thomas is an experienced YouTuber and an affiliate marketer who earns a living by creating videos and uploading them on YouTube.

As a YouTube content creator, Thomas encourages more people to join the platform and use it to make money online.

He succeeds in creating two courses that teach people how to make money through YouTube online content creation.

These courses include the No Face YT course and the High-Ticket YT Secrets which both teach you how to make money on YouTube.

In addition, Thomas offers his students some course bonuses that help them learn more topics not discussed in the course.

This makes the students get more advanced knowledge on how to run their YouTube channel and succeed online.

Thomas first created his personal YouTube Channel in 2019 and has managed to grow it and reach more than 470k subscribers on the platform.

No Face YT Review

As a result, he has significantly boosted his net worth, becoming one of the many success stories attributed to YouTube content creation.

He is currently looking for more and more people with whom he can help learn how to make money on YouTube.

What Is The Cost Of Joining No Face YT Course?

No Face YT costs you $247 to join and learn the full course.

Originally, the course had a price tag of $997, but due to its unique nature, there was no necessity to shell out such a substantial amount for the program.

Consequently, the price has been lowered to more manageable levels that are on par with other online programs providing similar education.

This makes it more affordable to people who want to join it and learn how to make money online.

Given that much of the content covered in this course is readily available online and in other courses, there was no justification for higher pricing.

So as with charges, the course only charges for the entry fee and allows you to do everything available in the course.

In addition, there is no extra charge on the platform after paying the price allowing you to learn all the course content.

The pricing also takes care of the other offers and bonuses available in the course which are also important when learning.

In addition, the program claims to offer a thirty-day money-back guarantee on the platform.

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Is The No Face YT A Scam?

In my view, Thomas Garetz’s No Face YT Course is NOT A SCAM.

You can learn how to make money on YouTube channel from this course and build a passive income.

The program aims to work with everyone who wants to make YouTube content creation their money-making opportunity.

The course comprehensively covers all the essentials required to monetize on YouTube, providing detailed guidance on channel management aimed at boosting your earnings from the platform.

However, there are many people currently on YouTube content creation which makes the competition high in the market.

Due to high competition, it’ll take you time to come up with a well-paying channel that can help you earn a stable income online.

You’ll have to put in more effort and use some unique strategies to help you get more viewers and followers on the platform.

This makes it not an option for everyone who would like to join the business as a source of income.

What I Like About The No Face YT

  • Offers short and simple lessons

The program offers their teachings in the form of short videos on their platform.

The short videos are simple and easy to learn making it applicable for more learners and many other people.

In addition, the short videos make the course simple and easy to learn online.

  • Thomas Garetz is an experienced teacher

Thomas is an experienced teacher with outstanding skills on how to create attractive YouTube content online.

He is a successful YouTuber and an affiliate marketer who earns a living by making money on the YouTube platform.

He aims to help more and more people build a stable income by making money on their YouTube channel.

  • Offers a 30-day refund policy

No Face YT Course offers students a thirty-day money-back guarantee as stated by Thomas Garetz in the platform.

This means that when you join the course, you will be able to reclaim your money when you quit the program.

However, you must meet the other refund policy rules and regulations before qualifying for the refund of your registration fee.

What I Don’t Like About The No Face YT

  • Lacks update

The course doesn’t have or show updates despite being a complete program created back in 2019.

This makes it less predictable if the course is still active or if there are still programs of the course ongoing in the platform.

Thomas does not notify his fans or the public about the course update in the platform or online.

Is There Any Alternative To No Face YT Course?

Are you enthusiastic about starting your YouTube channel without breaking the bank?

Explore one of the top alternative training programs crafted to kick off your thriving YouTube journey.

If you’re prepared to act now, seize the ideal moment to access our free training.

Have you thought about incorporating affiliate marketing into your YouTube endeavor?

This approach allows you to promote respected companies’ products and services, making it a favored option for many up-and-coming content creators.

What’s even more appealing is its accessibility for newcomers looking to establish themselves in the online business arena.

But, instead of taking just my word for it, delve deeper and further explore this intriguing opportunity:

FAQs About No Face YT Course

How Much Capital Do I Need To Create A YouTube Channel?

YouTube platform doesn’t charge anything to let you create your channel making it easy and applicable for everyone.

However, if you don’t know how to make it yourself, you will consider learning it from the course where you will have to register.

You can also learn it from a friend or online with its pricing depending on the amount you will agree to pay your mentor.

How Much Will I Need To Help Me Start Making Money On YouTube?

The amount you’ll need to invest to help you start making money online depends on the type of channel you want to run and your level of experience.

If you have experience in creating videos and know how to run the channel, it will cost you much less.

The pricing might however be high for people starting from scratch as you will have to spend on many aspects of the business.

Approximately, it may take you an average of $500 for you to get started from scratch on the platform.

How Can My YouTube Channel Pay Me?

YouTube channels pay their owners in many ways with the most common one being through the Ad revenue.

You can also engage in affiliate marketing which is also a money-making opportunity many YouTube channel owners use to make money.

There are many other money-making methods in the platform that will come in if you already have a running channel.

How Much Does A YouTube Monetization Program Cost?

The YouTube monetization program does not cost you anything irrespective of your level of experience.

However, you will have to meet the requirements set in the platform for you to qualify for the monetization program.

This includes reaching 1,000 followers and getting up to 4,000 hours of watch time on the platform within a period of one year.

Is There Any Age Category For YouTube Content Creation Business?

According to YouTube guidelines and regulations, you must be at least 18 for you to start your YouTube Channel.

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