Publisher Supremacy Review

Publisher Supremacy Review – Is Dane McBeth’s Course a Scam?

Welcome to my Publisher Supremacy Review.

Can you make $5,000 monthly selling books with this program?

Or is it another scam that is about to run away with your hard-earned money?

There are currently many programs in the market that claim to offer you a shortcut to wealth. 

But in the long run, they’ll steal money from you.

For that reason, I often offer you reviews that will look into such programs in detail to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

I’m sure you’ve come to this review to find the truth about Publisher Supremacy and make a judgment out of that.

And again, I’m sure you’re in the process of finding a legitimate way of making money online, and I’ve gone out of my way and offered you a guide that will get you started even as a beginner. 

Keep in mind that as I take you through this review, I’ll be honest and sincere, and everything I’ll say is based on my underground research about the program.

So, if you’re with me to this point, I want to take you through the actual review, and rest assured, you’ll have a handful of information at the end.

Something else, at the end of this post, I’ll offer you my best alternative for making money online, so keep on reading.

Summary Information Of Publisher Supremacy Review

Name of The Product: Publisher Supremacy

Type of Product: Self-Publishing Training Course

Founder/Owner: Dane McBeth

Website’s URL:

How Much Does This Program Cost? $1997 – $2,500

Suitable for? Those Who Want To Become Authors

Is It Recommended? No

My Overall Rating: 5/10

RECOMMENDED: Go here for my #1 recommended money-making program

Overview Of Publisher Supremacy Review

Publisher Supremacy Review

The publisher Supremacy program offers a course that shows you skills in publishing and selling ebooks. 

Dane McBeth founded the platform. 

Though the business model is legit, making money using this model is sometimes not easy because you’ll need time. 

The business model is not popular, and you may end up waiting for a long to earn money; keep in mind that you also require to invest heavily in such a business. 

However, if you’re an aspiring author, you might find this program helpful.

Generally, this course requires a budget at hand and a willing heart, but if you are not into this business model, you should not lose hope in your online prospect; I have got a better solution for you.

Let me confess something to you; starting a business online is not easy, particularly if you’re just a beginner. Do you know why?

There are tons of opportunities online; however, not all opportunities are true to their word.

To end such confusion, I’ve offered you a solution by serving you with a well-explained guide that will cover everything about a great business opportunity – Affiliate Marketing.

Get the details below:

Publisher Supremacy Review

Publisher Supremacy Explained

The publisher Supremacy program offers you seven weeks of courses to teach you how to be a successful writer and publisher.

So, if you have a passion for writing and publishing, this opportunity can perfectly match your needs.

But wait…

It comes with its ups and downs.

The course is overpriced, and unless you have a set-aside budget, this course will drain all your finances. 

But what I like about this course is that the creator is available even on Facebook, and usually presents live training on his group. 

Besides, the creator – Dane McBeth, doesn’t have a lot of negative feedback, meaning the person himself is genuine. 

Dane claims that he can amass a lot of wealth through his books.

But I haven’t been able to verify if this claim is true. 

Of course, as I always say, I will never believe what someone claims without finding other matching information from independent sources. 

He runs a YouTube channel explaining how his business model creates opportunities for many people. 

Publisher Supremacy Review

But let’s be open-minded and ask ourselves this question: Is it possible to earn $5,000+ in a month in about 60 days with this 7-week course?

Keep reading because I’ll make things even more precise and more detailed.

Who Is Behind Publisher Supremacy Review?

Publisher Supremacy Review

Dane McBeth is the mind behind the Publisher Supremacy Course. 

He began making money online sometime back with his YouTube channel where he teaches people how to publish eBooks on sites like Amazon.

It seems Dane usually publishes some videos every month. 

Also, the creator claims that this kind of business model has been able to earn him a lot of money, but that remains unverified. 

I tried finding more information about this fellow, but I couldn’t get it from independent sources. 

He seems passionate about what he does; however, I’m not sure whether his income is generated by YouTube ads or teaching. 

You can check out an excellent opportunity to start making money online:

Jason Foster

What Is Inside The Publisher Supremacy Program?

As stated earlier, this training course comes in 7-week fragments and entails a wide range of bonuses. 

I’ll take you through every section in detail:

Publisher Supremacy Review

Week One: Mindset Mastery

In the first week, you’ll learn the importance of self-evolution and personal development to attain your goals in the publishing business. 

Week Two: Audiobook Autopsy

This is where the actual training happens.

You’ll be taken through the eBooks that are selling well and get to know Amazon’s arena named Audible.

Week Three: Top Tier Book Transformation

During this week, you’ll now be taught how to create your eBooks.

You’ll find different strategies to do it and tips on how best you can level up with already successful publishers.

Week Four: Books to Business

Now you are ready to join this business model, but…

You’ll get skills on how you can make an income out of this business rather than publishing a single eBook.

Besides, you’ll learn how you can be consistent. 

Week Five: Hiring & Automating

You’ll want your business to run smoothly, and it is for that reason that this step is essential.

This is where the hiring of people and automation comes in.

You’ll learn how to do that well this week.

Week Six: Building Your Ecosystem

This week is like repeating what you’ve learned in the previous weeks.

Also, you’ll learn how you can take your business to a new level.

Week Seven: Establishing A Brand Presence

At long last, you have a business opportunity at your fingertips; it is now time to build your brand to enable you to make even more and more sales. 

This is where week seven comes into play.

You’ll learn how you can increase your income.

Now let’s check out the bonuses that this program has:

Bonus 1: The Royalty Starter Kit -This free method will teach you how to make Do It Yourself eBooks in particular. 

Publisher Supremacy Review

Bonus 2: DFY Emails & Automation – Email marketing is a powerful way to make sales, and most people know this well. This bonus will offer you a pre-done email that you can use when pitching to potential clients.

Publisher Supremacy Review

Bonus 3: Shopify Shortcut Modules – For more sales and tests on other platforms beyond Amazon, you’ll learn how you can take your business to Shopify’s Website.

Publisher Supremacy Review

Bonus 4: 100+ Worksheets and Resources – You’ll have access to different resources and even templates that will enable you to start quickly and scale quicker.

Publisher Supremacy Review

Bonus 5: Supremacy Book Quality Check – You’ll send your work to Dane once a month for him to check and offer you some helpful feedback on where you need to improve.

Publisher Supremacy Review

Some other key features you’ll get on this platform include;

Bonus 2: 100+ Worksheets and Resources – You'll have access to different resources and even templates that will enable you to start quickly and scale quicker.

Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Also, you’ll have access to Dane’s group, where you’ll be offered coaching twice a week.

You’ll be able to post questions to Dane McBeth and get a direct answer from him.

Private Facebook Group

Better still, if you purchase this course, you’ll be added to a private Facebook Group. 

Here, you’ll interact with other members, and you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions directly and get answers.

How Much Does This Publisher Supremacy Cost?

Bonus 2: 100+ Worksheets and Resources – You'll have access to different resources and even templates that will enable you to start quickly and scale quicker.

Publisher Supremacy offers you two payments that you can choose from.

The first option is a one-time payment of $1997, while the other one allows you to pay in three payments of $797, which will be a total of $2391.

In my personal opinion, this is expensive because the training you’ll be offered can be found at a lower price or for free in other areas. 

Plus, the course is not new; you’ll not get to learn anything new as such. 

Also, this business model is already saturated; if you’re starting, you’ll face a rough time trying to compete with already established publishers. 

Is This Publisher Supremacy A Scam?

No. Dane McBeth’s course isn’t a scam.

The course seems to be excellent and legitimate from the way I look.

But self-publishing of eBooks is not a business opportunity that I will encourage anyone to join because it is already saturated, and profiting from it is not guaranteed.

This is also ideal for people who have prospects of becoming authors.

Plus, this course is overpriced, and from the look of things, it seems there is no new thing you’ll get at the end of the program.

The courses offered can be found on platforms like YouTube for free. 

If you are looking for a sustainable business model that is also genuine and suits beginners, then affiliate marketing is my #1 recommendation. 

Read more here:

Publisher Supremacy Review

As you have seen above, Publisher Supremacy is a good business model, but the cost is high.

It is essential to get value for what you are paying for, and in this case, this program by Dane isn’t offering you value for your money.

So, let me bring up the pros and cons of this program to enable you to make a well-informed decision about it.

What I Like About Publisher Supremacy

  • The business model enables you to earn passive income
  • At least I have some information about the owner, and his social media presence makes his business model legit.
  • The program has good reviews so far

What I Don’t Like About Publisher Supremacy

  • The program is pretty expensive, and you’ll end up not getting the value for what you paid.
  • It comes with a conditional 90-day money-back guarantee which is not a good policy.
  • The program doesn’t give you a trial. 
  • The business model is already saturated and succeeding in this course is not easy.
  • It comes with other extra expenses that you’ll need to invest in. 

Now that I’ve come to the end of this review, you should have acquired some helpful information that will go a long way in informing the decision you’ll make going forward with regard to this program. 

Do you think you can make $5,000 in a month, as Dane McBeth states?

This business model is not for everybody.

So, if you are starting and you need to get out of the zero-grazing types of jobs, then I’ve got you covered.

I’ll offer you my all-time alternative for making money online in the next section.

My #1 Alternative

Making money online doesn’t come easy, but your dream will come true with consistency and effort.

For some time now, I have insisted on how you can generate an income out of Affiliate Marketing, but I won’t tire of saying it.

This opportunity offers you open places to start taking advantage of.

If you have an area or a particular thing that you have a passion for, you can now monetize from the word go.

So, if you want to get started with affiliate marketing, I’ve done the laborious work for you.

Check out the blueprint below and get started…

Publisher Supremacy Review

2 thoughts on “Publisher Supremacy Review – Is Dane McBeth’s Course a Scam?

  1. Hi,
    I actually paid $2,500 for the course and not the $1997 listed above and this was just a couple of weeks ago.

    He and his team were very clear that the publishing industry was not a “get rich” quick industry and that it would take a lot of hard work.

    I’m on disability, so I have all the time in the world. The course is self-paced and straightforward. Dane is very knowledgeable and professional. When starting the course, I was ready to put all the time needed into being successful and I started with the mindset that it will take a few months to be successful.

    I was ready to take on the challenge. As the course went on, I realized that it’s way more than putting a lot of time into it. He claims it is a “passive income” source, but it is far from being a passive income. To be successful, you need to invest thousands more dollars than what I was led to believe. Dane does give you the resources, but you still need to have an advertising budget.

    They say $200/month, but it’s more than that if you want your book to rank on the first page of Amazon where people are most likely to purchase it. He shows you how to do keyword research. Unless you know how to write really well, you will need to pay for a Ghostwriter.

    Also, if you don’t have skills in the following, you will need to pay to have professionals do these for you or pay for programs to help you with: Graphic Design to make book covers for paperback, audible, and Kindle, knowledge in formatting and editing the manuscript, keyword research, manage Amazon Ads, set up a separate e-mail account to direct your funnel, set up a professional Facebook group.

    There is just way, way, way more than what I thought was involved and involves way, way, way more money.

    -I am now looking into a managed eBay store where I pay for the inventory upfront and a team of professionals handle my account from listings to shipping, setting up LLC, credit repair if needed, product research, financing, handling payments from customers, accounting on my eBay account and more.

    This program sounds more like a “passive income”. I wish I had saved the $2,500 to put towards this managed eBay store.

    I paid $4,000 start-up cost and bought $5,000 inventory and with the profit that I make back, I will keep re-investing in more inventory until I make the desired income that I want to. You can also open up as many eBay stores as you like and generate more streams of income.

    Payout is $500/day per each managed store that you have. They have accountants that help you with finances and taxes etc.

    1. Hi Sary,

      Thank you for sharing your experience so far with Dane’s program.

      This will help others who are thinking of investing.

      I’ve made some adjustments to the price so that it reflects the correct info for all readers.

      I hope things will improve for you and your business as you move forward.

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