World Financial Group Review: Scam in Disguise or Legit?

World Financial Group Review

Hello, today, I’ll take you through the inside out of the World Financial Group Review.

Are you wondering if this program is legit or a scam?

This should be the review to watch out for.

According to the World Financial Group program, the journey toward success begins by finding your way forward first.

The financial experts in the program promise to help you design a working strategy focused on solving your specific needs.

But before I start off, I need to let you know that I’m NOT affiliated with the program, and all information I’ll offer you is unbiased and truthful.

Let’s jump into it….

Summary Of World Financial Group Review

World Financial Group Review Summary

Name of The Product: World Financial Group

Type of the Product: Financial Services

Product Website:

Founder: Tom Dempsey

Product Rating: 3/5

Product Cost: Free

Recommendation: Not for Everyone; find out why from my review

World Financial Group Review – Overview

World Financial Group Review

World Financial Group claims to have helped many individuals get their financial freedom online for the past twenty years.

The program works through life insurance, wealth building, and retirement strategies.

The program claims to help people create strategies that will make them find their financial freedom online.

World Financial Group claims more than 50,000 agents are working with them in their business.

Also, the program claims to have paid out more than $92 million to its agents as their commissions from sales.

According to the program, enrolling in their platforms will depend on your readiness to own your financial future.

Building your financial future depends on your terms and how you want your career to be when working online.

For instance, you can decide to work part-time or full-time depending on the goals you want to achieve.

The opportunity offered in the program focuses on helping you protect members of your community.

In addition, it’ll help you gain more flexibility in growing and scaling your business online as desired.

What’s more, the program has a unique financial technique of the multi-level marketing type of recruitment and promotion to help both employees and customers turn off in their working field.

World Financial Group Review

What Is World Financial Group?

World Financial Group Review

World Financial Group is a program that focuses on providing financial services to the people of a community.

They aim to help people build their futures by finding online financial freedom and also help you gain financial security and make your income manageable.

The program also allows people who want to launch a full-time business to get extra income for their business.

The company, therefore, promises to support you in creating your business despite the type of income you choose.

Since 2001 when the program was created, many individuals have managed to build their dream life.

If you join the program, you’ll be able to protect the lives of your young ones and stand a chance to plan for your financial legacy with access to savings, insurance, wealth building, and retirement benefits.

In other words, the program dwells on offering services that move around financial planning.

As part of the company’s financial planning, the company offers sales saving, retirement products, and insurance.

World Financial Group was first started in 2001 as a product of a certain insurance company named Aegon.

The company was then sold to another company that offers financial planning services called Transamerica.

The World Financial Group is located in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States of America.

World Financial Group Review

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How Does World Financial Group Work?

World Financial Group company is geared at helping you solve your financial problems.

The business model claims to provide you with a unique opportunity of managing your income online.

The program makes its services available to individuals from different backgrounds.

It doesn’t matter where you come from or the type of job you do to earn an income.

By helping you build your financial future, the company focuses more on providing you with a wide range of financial knowledge.

The knowledge, together with the strategies offered in the program, focuses on helping you identify, launch and manage your financial future.

The training in the program is offered through webinars, events, and videos online.

The company allows you to become their agent when you finish your training.

This means that you’ll become a life insurance mentor and agent with a valid license.

Hence enabling you to get more support from other agents and the company’s home office.

The support is based on helping you create a business that will help you earn more money online.

As an agent, you’ll provide new members of the company with mentorship and guidance in the following key areas;

  • Business building guidance
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Marketing resources

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What Does World Financial Group Offer?

The company offers a range of products and services to help you solve your financial worries effectively.

World Financial Group Review

These products include;

  • Financial goal Setting
  • Financial need analysis
  • Strategies to pursue your financial goals.

The Insurance Protection

World Financial Group Review

Insurance protection is a service that varies from one person to another none and sometime may vary from one family to another.

Under insurance protection, there are some insurance products that can end up covering you for your entire lifetime.

This may help you if you face any unexpected challenge in life.

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The following are insurance covers that are available under the insurance protection;

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • The long-term care Insurance for the USA only
  • Segregated Funds for Canada only
  • Guaranteed Interest Accounts for Canada only.

Retirement Strategies

World Financial Group Review

The product offers its affiliate to help you enjoy the golden years of your life.

This strategy includes the following plans;

  • Registered retirement Savings plans are available for Canada only.
  • Tax-free Savings account available for Canada only.

College funding Plans

World Financial Group Review

This is another plan that helps you start saving earlier for your children.

For instance, if you want to take your child to college in the future, you can start preparing by beginning to save money.

Under this offer, there is preparation for college strategy, which is only available in the USA.

Business Strategies

World Financial Group Review

This is a strategy to help micro-business owners.

The company provides financial strategies for investors, employees, and businesses.

Under this offer, the following strategies are available;

  • Insurance strategies.
  • Retirement strategies.
  • Executive Compensation is available in the USA only.
  • Business Continuation programs are available for the USA only.

Estate Preservation

World Financial Group Review

In this strategy, the company helps you save more of your earnings.

The company will create a strategy to help you preserve the legacy you have created in your estate.

The strategies available in this offer include;

  • Charitable Strategies and trust are available for the USA only
  • Life Insurance trusts are available in the USA only
  • Wealthy replacement trust is available in the USA only
  • Life Insurance is available in Canada only
  • Annuities are available in Canada only.

Is World Financial Group A Short-Term Opportunity?

The program offers an opportunity that will greatly impact the coming generation.

The company encourages everyone to join the program and even consider inviting other members of their families.

The life insurance available in the program protects the life and future of individuals and families.

It is a long-term opportunity that helps you build your future as desired.

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Is World Financial Group A Scam?

In my opinion, World Financial Group is not a SCAM?

The company is a brand that has World Financial Group Insurance Agency, WFG Canada, and Transamerica Financial Advisors.

It has more than 50,000 agents who are licensed professionals in offering mentorship and training in financial management.

World Financial Group Review

The experts aim to help customers as their top priority to help them change their lives.

If you enroll in the company as an agent, you’ll earn your income as a mentor by coaching other program members.

However, you’ll have to be licensed before you can be allowed to start selling the products or members.

For this reason, you’ll begin by passing through training to qualify for the license.

The company has approval from the other financial regulating bodies in the USA, which govern its operations online.

However, if you’re looking for another excellent way of making money online, feel free to check this out:

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World Financial Group Review

Is World Financial Group A Pyramid Scheme?

No, the World Financial Group isn’t a pyramid scheme.

After joining the program, you’ll not be required to purchase any policy to become a member.

In addition, if you decide to invite your friend into the program, you’ll not get paid too.

This makes it totally different from pyramid scheme programs where you earn a commission when the friend you invited buys a policy.

Therefore, to get paid in the program, you must get licensed and start selling their products and services.

If you join the program and fail to do anything by any chance, you’ll not earn anything from the program.

On the other hand, if you are an agent and decide to launch the business of your choice, you’ll have to employ other people.

This strategy will help you build your work team and run your business effectively.

After recruiting new people into your business, you’ll need to train them to become agents who will join the program without paying for anything.

Despite the program not collecting money from new recruits directly to pay other members or agents, some people still see it as a pyramid scheme.

This is due to the high pressure experienced in the program, which pushes agents into recruiting new people after launching a business.

The only thing differentiating it from a pyramid scheme is that it doesn’t collect money directly from you.

The program only relies on its sales of products such as insurance, savings, and retirements to make money.

How Does World Financial Group Maintain its Agents?

The company cares a lot for its agents to motivate them to work with them for longer.

The agents provide the recruits with the power and services they need to run the business smoothly.

Also, the agents ensure the recruits are united and work as a team to achieve their goals in their respective businesses.

Further, working as a team allows them to move with every member.

How Do People Make Money from World Financial Group?

After joining the program, you’ll sell your products and services to others and get a commission.

In addition, if you recruit a new person, you’ll earn a commission if your recruit sells or buy a product.

Also, the program is legit in its services, making it maintain its customers.

For instance, if you buy any of their investment product or an insurance cover, you’ll get the exact product you purchased.

In most cases, it is usually very tricky to trust or buy a product from someone you don’t know.

However, multilevel marketing companies rely on trust when selling products and services.

So, in my view, making money from the program is quite difficult.

For this reason, this business model may not work for everyone who joins the program.

Therefore, taking this business model as your full-time career will take a long time to start making money.

However, the program allows you to join the business part-time.

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What I Like About World Financial Group

  • The program has an effective sales and marketing System.

The company has an impressive number of agents in its sales and marketing team.

And this enables sales and marketing to become more effective by training members on the best tactics for running a business online.

  • The program has testimonies

When you visit the program’s official page, you’ll find good testimonies of agents who have worked with the company.

This shows that there evidence of people who actually benefited from the program.

So, if you feel passionate about this business model, you might consider giving it your time.

What I Don’t Like About World Financial Group?

  • Difficult to make significant money out of the program.

The commission earned by making sales in the program is generally low due to most of the products’ low prices.

For this reason, it’ll take time to start earning more from the program when you are a sales agent.

  • High pressure to recruit people

After joining the program, you’ll be expected to recruit other people into the program.

And the new recruits will be under your sales team, where they will help you make sales of the products to earn money.

The program will therefore expect you to launch your business immediately after training as a strategy to make you recruit more members.

  • The Business model has some social outcasts

If you decide to sell to your family members and some other close friends alone, you might face some social outcast issues in your business.

The scenario is always experienced if you are too aggressive in your sales and your family or friends feel uncomfortable with you.

  • The business model faces a conflict of interest

This occurs when the company sells products at high commissions, which are unbearable to buyers.

The products may not be well suited to be sold at a high commission, making the buyers avoid purchasing them.

In such a case, there will be reduced sales, leading to you making a small amount of money that may not sustain your business.

Is There Any Alternative To World Financial Group?

Starting any business online is not always easy.

And before you can commit your time and money to any business online, you ought to undertake due diligence first.

For an alternative business opportunity to the program above, I usually encourage beginners to start their journey with affiliate marketing.

And to help cut your work by half is a step-by-step blueprint that I have tailored for you to get started with affiliate marketing.

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World Financial Group Review

FAQs About World Financial Group

Is World Financial Group a Multilevel Marketing program?

Yes, the program operates as a multilevel marketing company.

This makes it difficult for the program to object to its outcome, especially if you are a new recruit to the program.

A multilevel marketing strategy makes it difficult for the program to overcome its objection when closing sales.

Who is World Financial Group for?

The program is best suitable for people who have another income source and want to build their financial future.

Also, the program requires you to have some financial support elsewhere to help you run your business and recruit new members as expected.

Does World Financial Group Offer a Compensation Plan?

Yes, the program has a compensation plan enabling agents to make sales money.

For instance, if you make sales or your recruit sells any product from the program, you get compensated for the sales.

And the amount you’ll earn will depend on your sales that day.

How does World Financial Group get its customers?

The company gets its customers in two ways;

First, when people purchase products from the company and like them, the buyers will turn themselves into loyal customers.

The send method applies the multilevel marketing strategy when making sales to make new members come from loyal customers.

Feel free to watch this video review of WFG:

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