Ascend Capventures Review: A Legit Passive Income Stream?

Ascend Capventures Review

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Ascend Capventures offers a solution for individuals seeking to establish, expand, and maintain a thriving e-commerce enterprise online.

Their program pledges to assist you in generating a passive income primarily through Amazon and Walmart marketplaces.

The process is simplified as you select your desired package, make the necessary investment, and leave the rest to them.

The program guarantees to handle all aspects of your business, alleviating any concerns you may have.

However, before considering an investment of your time and resources, it is crucial to thoroughly comprehend this program’s intricacies.

This review aims to comprehensively understand Ascend Capventures, encompassing its purpose, functionality, and pricing details.

In addition, I’ll unveil the reality surrounding this program to determine if it truly holds value for your investment or if it’s just another scam to steer clear of.

Thus, I urge you to read this review in its entirety to uncover further insights into this venture.

Let’s commence…

Ascend Capventures Review Summary

Name of the Product: Ascend Capventures

Type of the Product: Automation Business (Done-For-You)

Product Website:

Founders: Jeremy Leung and Will Basta

Product Rating: 60/100

Product Cost: Starts from $35,000

Recommendation: Yes, but not for everyone

Ascend Capventures Review – Overview

Ascend Capventures Review

Ascend Capventures is one of the automation companies that claim to be the best in providing do-for-you services to their clients.

They are based on the largest online marketplaces, such as Amazon and Walmart.

They will help you build your seller account on Amazon or Walmart and grow it to meet your financial needs.

In addition, the program has a streamlined onboarding process and a proven infrastructure with more than ten years of experience in running online stores.

Their main aim is to make their clients succeed in their e-commerce business and earn a passive income online.

In the process, you’ll be able to ask questions about your business and get answers from their support team to ensure you smoothly run your store.

What Is Ascend Capventures?

Ascend Capventures Review

Ascend Capventures is a company that offers done-for-you services to its clients, who are basically Amazon sellers.

The logistics company is one of the major automated e-commerce platforms founded by Jeremy Leung and Will Basta.

Also, the company assists entrepreneurs in growing their businesses by offering product distribution services.

Again, they help manage the business for their clients using the major e-commerce market platforms such as Walmart and Amazon.

Ascend Capventures company has its main offices in the USA’s major states, including; Florida, California, Michigan, New York, and Texas.

This logistic-automated company was started in 2019 and has since built a great online reputation, attracting more clients.

They have great reviews online with many testimonies from their clients who express their satisfaction with the program offers and services.

After joining the program, you’ll stand a chance to run your e-commerce store business with no hassle.

You’ll only need to provide the starting capital to get started and leave the rest of the task for the company as you wait to start generating sales.

By building your store and operating in large markets like Walmart and Amazon, the program enables you to maximize your business earnings.

How Does Ascend Capventures Work?

The Ascend Capventures works in the following steps:

Step One: Making Consultation

The first step to getting started in the program is to first consult with the company’s expert team.

The program provides free consultation to anyone who needs their support and if approved, you will be allowed to select your package and get started.

After confirming your payment, which enables you to set up your business with the Ascend program, the company takes care of the remaining process.

Step Two: Building Your Online Store

The second stage is helping you build your already-started online store with Ascend Capventures.

The program uses AI-driven research, hybrid business models, and proprietary software to help you build a long-term store.

The program claims to help you build a sustainable business that generates income even when asleep.

Step Three: Growing Your Store

In an effort to improve your earnings and achieve your desired financial targets, Ascend Capventures takes part in helping you grow your store.

In their strategy, the program aims to help you grow your e-commerce business to generate more than five-figure incomes in a month.

The program helps you build a strategy that effectively suits your needs in growing your business to generate more than $100,000 per month.

Considerations For Joining Ascend CapVentures

Before making decisions about joining Ascend CapVentures, you must have considered some considerations that make you set your expectations.

For this reason, it is necessary to check if your expectations match the considerations for this program which include the following:

  • Personal Amazon Seller Account

When you join Ascend Capventures, you must own an Amazon seller account for your business.

The program takes part in helping you build your best suit store that satisfies your needs and upgrade it to a professional business.

However, if you already own one, the program will help you grow it.

You only need to ensure you don’t have any history of suspension of your account for you to benefit from their services in this operation.

  • Investment Requirement

You also need to take into consideration the capital required of you to run your online store business.

According to the program, the minimum working capital required for this business is $35,000, which will enable you to run your store smoothly.

The price, however, ranges up to $100,000, which requires you to invest an amount that suits you for your desired store.

For you to get more details about your best working capital, the program argues you book a consultation with their expert team.

  • The Sales Generation Timeline

Remember the minimum time to start generating sales with your Amazon seller account.

According to the Ascend Capventures program, you should expect to start generating sales after 90 days from the day you join their platform.

However, the individual results may sometimes vary due to differences in experience level and skills, even though the program claims to have worked with more diverse clients.

  • ROI (Return Of Investment)

If you’re pondering the timeframe required to recoup your initial investment in the business, rest assured that the program provides a well-calculated estimation.

According to Ascend Capventures, you’ll be able to recover your initial working capital amount within ten to fifteen months.

The duration starts from the month you generated your first sales in the marketplace.

In addition, about 70% to 80% of your profits will be generated in the second half of the first year in business.

  • Inventory Investment

In addition, you need to note that the initial working capital required in the program does not include the amount you need for your store inventory.

The initial investment only serves as your starting capital, also called working capital, for you to run your e-commerce business.

Its mandate is to cover all the Ascend Capventures charges, including the Ascend Capventures team operation costs.

For this reason, you need to consider the extra amount, which will be a separate capital for your inventory investment.

What Services Are Offered In The Ascend Cap Ventures?

  • Wholesaling Directly To Manufactures

After the program completes sourced seller access to your e-commerce, they will begin to access the products you have in your store.

They will carry the exercise directly through their manufacturers and partners, which enables you to sell millions of dollars from your store.

Your sales will be at a high volume, ensuring you benefit from your business at high margins.

Ascend Capventures purchases wholesale under the aren’t company to ensure traders get the same volume discounts without meeting a higher minimum amount.

  • Hybrid (FBM) Model

The program helps you incorporate your whole selling account and grow it to reach maturity level.

As such, the program initiates direct-to-end customers into your business, a hybrid FBM model.

This will enable your e-commerce store to source more products and the program take part in handling the fulfilments to allow them to sell to non-prime customers.

  • Private Level

This service enables you to own your own brand, where the program uses its partnered manufacturers to offer the service.

Their main manufacturer partners include Latin America, Canada, Asia, and the US, which they collaborate with to build your store a product line.

They ensure the product line starts from the ground and moves up and sales under the brand name for your store.

However, private label products always average the highest margin, sometimes up to 60% net.

Such products always have zero direct competition in the marketplace, especially on the Amazon platform.

  • Buy Back Guarantee

The program claims to be behind its client’s success by doing all the necessary work to ensure they meet their financial goals.

However, if this doesn’t work for you in that your Amazon seller account doesn’t generate sales in more than 90 days, you have a buyback option.

In their buy-back option, the program purchases your store in an effort to help you recover your initial investment.

For this reason, you will not have to worry about losing your investment despite the program not offering a money-back service.

The program uses the Buyback option as the best alternative to a money-back guarantee service for loyal clients.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Even though Ascend Capventures is not an educational program, it offers you good customer support and serves all its clients as partners.

They have communication channels where they react with clients and have relation managers assigned to each client account.

Who Are The Ascend Capventures Owners?

Ascend Capventures Review

Ascend Capventures is owned by Will Basta and his friend Jeremy Leung, both successful online entrepreneurs.

Will has outstanding experience creating business strategies, e-commerce, and technology, contributing to his success journey.

He is the leader of the Ascend Capventures strategic initiatives to ensure the company continues its mandate of ensuring clients are satisfied with their services.

He claims to have more than ten years of experience in service in the tech industry, enabling him to develop a strategic and seasoned approach to the program’s growth.

On the other hand, Jeremy has an MBA education with an extensive experience in entrepreneurship.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, he joined entrepreneurship as his best money-making career.

He is a great logistics and e-commerce expert, enabling him to add value to the Ascend Capventures program.

He has worked in many top agencies, which enabled him to gain more skills, knowledge, and insights into running the company.

For instance, he joined Cettire company which runs a drop shipping business for luxury clothes worldwide.

In the Cettire company, he managed to expand it to a public online retailer, becoming one of Australia’s largest stock exchange markets.

His experience and qualifications, when added to the contribution from his friend Will resulted in the growth of the Ascend Capventures company.

Ascend Capital Ventures Cost

The pricing for starting your business with Ascend Capventures is $35,000, which you must pay to own your package in the program.

The amount, however, increases to up to $100,000, which will depend on your preferred inventory business as specified in your consultation call.

For this reason, you should first book a call and inquire with their support team to get your best minimum price.

This amount caters to all the charges from the company and its team of operations in the platform to ensure they deliver the best of their services.

However, it does not include your inventory investment for your business, forcing you to put aside an extra amount.

The program sets the inventory investment amount that matches your business needs, which you will add to the initial amount.

Adding the initial working capital and inventory investment will give you the total amount you need to raise to run your store business with the program.

On the other hand, the Ascend Capventures program does not have a refund policy for their clients.

This means you cannot claim your investment capital back if you want to quit the program.

However, the program has an alternative option to reward its clients who do not succeed in their online store.

In this option, the program offers to buy back your store in case it fails to generate sales after a period of two years.

Is Ascend Capventures Legit?

In my opinion, Ascend Capventures is a legit automated company.

The program performs 100% do-for-you services that see you succeed in your business online.

However, starting your e-commerce store with the program is too expensive.

For instance, you need to raise a minimum of $35,000.

If you cannot raise the amount, you will not be able to receive the services offered in the program.

In addition, the program does not offer their client any training or educational course.

For this reason, you must have some background knowledge of running a store business to ease management.

Ascend Capventures Review

What I Like About Ascend Capventures

  • Offers Done For You Services

The program will do all the services available in the business that require your attention.

In addition, the program assists you to grow your store and aim higher by generating more sales.

  • The Company Has A Solid Reputation Online

Ascend Capventures is one of the top-rated eCommerce automation companies serving several clients online.

This makes it a widely known company for most Amazon sellers and a suitable option for traders.

  • The company owners a Warehouse in the United States

Ascend Capventures has warehouse facilities, including offices and logistics in the USA’s major states.

Their offices are in major states, including California, Texas, Michigan, New York, and Florida.

This makes it easier for traders who live within these states to make inquiries directly.

  • Great reviews online

There are a number of testimonies from Amazon sellers using this program to build, run and grow their stores.

The testimonies express their satisfaction with the services offered by the program.

The feedback from their testimonies motivates many traders to join the program.

What I Don’t Like About Ascend Capventures

  • Too expensive business model

The program is a business model that is too expensive to start and build online.

For instance, the ventures will require you to stake a minimum of $35,000 as your working capital.

  • Not an easy and quick money-making scheme.

The program requires you to wait for between 90 to 120 days for your store to start generating sales online.

If your store has not generated any sales yet, you cannot make any money from the platform.

For this reason, it is not an option for people who want to start making money from the start of their business.

  • You will require a separate capital for your inventory.

When you join the program, your initial investment will not include your inventory capital for your online store.

This forces you to stake another investment which you will use as your working capital for your inventory.

The inventory capital may sometimes require you to stake a huge upfront fee.

  • Not a training program

You will not expect to get any training from the program on how you can run your online store.

For this reason, you’ll have to rely on your skills and experience to conduct your eCommerce business.

Is There Any Alternative To Ascend CapVentures?

Are you searching for a superior alternative to this business venture?

Affiliate marketing presents an excellent opportunity if you desire a beginner-friendly business model.

With this approach, you can earn money while gaining knowledge and experience.

One of the appealing aspects of affiliate marketing is that you can leverage your passions to generate income since it knows no bounds.

Embracing this model enables you to relish the benefits of passive income.

To embark on this rewarding journey, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

I highly recommend exploring my carefully crafted step-by-step guide to expedite your learning process.

It will streamline your efforts and set you on the path to success.

Ascend Capventures Review

FAQs About The Ascend Capventures

Can I Join Ascend Capventures If I Already Have An Amazon Seller Account?

The program also accepts Amazon sellers with personal accounts giving you the opportunity to upgrade it to a professional account.

This enables you to stand a chance to scale your personally owned account.

When Is The Best Time I Can Break And Reclaim My Initial Investment With Ascend CapVentures?

After you have successfully made your first sale, you regain your initial investment within 10 to 15 months.

In addition, between 70% to 80% of your profits will typically come when you are in the second half of the first year.

How Long Will Take My Business To Start Generating Sales Using Ascend CapVentures?

The time it takes for your business to start generating sales largely depends on your skill level.

If you apply the skills you gain in your business, you’ll expect to start generating sales in less than 120 days.

When Will I Get My ROI In Ascend CapVentures?

You will start seeing your ROI as soon as the program begins selling.

This may take 90 to 120 days from the day you join the program.

Again, most sales in the program have an average profit margin of about 20% to 40%.

Your store’s growth will also be influenced by the reputation on the platform

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2 thoughts on “Ascend Capventures Review: A Legit Passive Income Stream?

  1. Hi There,
    It’s 100% scam. I got scammed by them under the name of AscendEcom LLC, now they changed it to be Ascend Cap Venture. all the same people, same reviews ( fake), I posted a comments on there social media and they deleted it right away.

    I hired a lawyer to send a demand letter for them and they didn’t even respond and they know if i sue them it will cost me more than the scam itself ( they scammed me for $35000).

    I have the lawyer info till this second and you can fact check it. unfortunately, I fall for it. but here is the fact: anything under whatever name associated with Will Basta is a scam whatever there name is : by the way, they are calling themselves now as Ascend CapVentures for ecomm. and if you just look 5 minutes into there name, you will find that they are the same in everything live addresses, warehouse, employees and so no. so please do yourself a favor and safe yourself.

    1. Hello Mike,

      Thank you for sharing your experience and concerns regarding Ascend Cap Venture. We take all feedback seriously and appreciate your willingness to share your perspective. It’s unfortunate to hear about the challenges you faced, and we’re sorry to learn about your negative experience.

      We aim to provide accurate and balanced information in our articles, and your input helps us maintain the integrity of our content. We encourage open discussions about various companies and their practices, as this can greatly benefit others who might be considering similar ventures.

      Your cautionary note about Ascend Cap Venture will undoubtedly serve as a valuable insight for our readers. It’s essential for everyone to conduct thorough research before engaging in any business opportunity, and your experience underscores the importance of due diligence.

      If you have any further information or updates regarding this matter, we’d be grateful for your continued input. Please feel free to share any additional resources or references that can contribute to a well-rounded understanding of this situation.

      Thank you again for sharing your story and helping our community make informed decisions.

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