Bossgram Academy Review

Bossgram Academy Review – Is This Coaching Course LEGIT?

Hello? Welcome to my Bossgram Academy Review.

Through her YouTube channel, Vanessa Lau promotes her training course, the Bossgram Academy.

She claims this program will train you to build a coaching and consultation business.

But is Vanessa’s program worth your investment?

And can it liberate you from your current financial condition? 

Let’s dive into this review to determine whether this training is a viable business opportunity or NOT.

But before that, I want to inform you that I’m not related to Bossgram Academy.

Let’s get started…

Summary Of Bossgram Academy Review

Name of the Product: Bossgram Academy

Type of the Product: Training Course

Website’s URL:

Founder: Vanessa Lau

Product Rating:  6/10

Product Cost: $1,997 One-Time Payment

Recommendation: Not for Newbies

Overview of Bossgram Academy

Bossgram Academy Review

Bossgram Academy is a digital training course designed for people who aspire to start an online coaching business.

Of course, coaching is a good business idea, and it can be a good source of digital income.

However, most people do not go for this business model because they don’t consider it a good online opportunity.

But in my opinion, building a coaching business will be an ideal source of passive income if you have a passion for a particular area.

You can share what you know with others while making good money out of your coaching service.

I will take you through the details of Bossgram Academy so that you understand it better before committing your resources to it.

However, if you are looking for another best alternative to make money online, then you can check out this exciting opportunity;

Bossgram Academy Review

What Is Bossgram Academy About?

Bossgram Academy Review

Bossgram Academy is a training program launched in 2019 by a social marketer, Vanessa Lau.

The program was designed to offer training for online coaches and consultants.

Also, this program aims to equip its members with skills to attract traffic while learning about Instagram and features scripts, video modules, download templates, and other bonuses.

The course will last 12 months, and you’re expected to complete your training within the stipulated time.

Lau claims that most members who subscribe to this course usually take the shortest time to complete their training.

What Will You Get From Bossgram Academy?

Bossgram Academy Review

Through this training program, you will learn how to build an online consulting and coaching business; the program will introduce the core principles you should follow when opening your business.

When opening your business, you should follow the following steps;

Phase 1: Clarity

This is the beginning of the training program where you must determine the business gap you want to fill in the market.

This phase will help determine whether your business idea is viable and profitable.

After thoroughly going through all the considerations, what follows is the process of monetizing your idea.

This involves looking for your first prospective clients.

To attract a client, you must design an attractive offer that will pull your prospective client towards your offer.

Additionally, you will get mindset training aimed at helping you to adopt an entrepreneurial mind.

In total, this phase of your training is likely going to take about thirty days.

Phase 2: Attract

By this time, you’ll have developed your business plan based on the business idea you have chosen to work with.

Access whether your business idea will give you a positive return on your investment or NOT.

I recommend that you choose a business idea with a higher chance of generating profit.

After adopting the right mindset in the first stage and winning your first client, phase two will teach you how to scale up your art of attracting more clients.

This phase will take you deeper into how to create content for your coaching and consulting business.

You’ll learn how to use social media and create attractive content that catches your audience’s attention.

Further, you’ll learn how to attract more followers on social media who might be your clients.

Phase 3: Convert

This is the stage where you learn how to convert your audience to become your clients.

You will do the conversion once you attract an ideal number of followers to your Instagram.

Also, you will get access to training that will equip you with the skills of converting your sales funnel into a client-converting source.

Generally, the objective of this phase is to teach you how to convert clients.

Additional Bonuses

  • Visual Branding for Digital Entrepreneurs
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Hashtag Boss Bank
  • Convertible sales page
  • Create your Linktree
  • 50 lessons in your year 1 of business eBook
  • One-on-one coaching sales page examples
  • Act like a CEO
  • IG Carousels Templates
  • How to streamline your coaching business with the click
  • Overcoming sales objections with confidence

Who Is The Owner Of Bossgram Academy?

Bossgram Academy Review

The brain behind the creation of Bossgram Academy is a social media influencer called Vanessa Lau.

Bossgram Academy Review

After graduating from the university, Vanessa Lau landed a job in a corporate company that was well-paying that gave her a life that she had dreamt of.

But it didn’t take long before Vanessa Lau got tired of this job – she became tired of her demanding job and decided to quit.

Vanessa opted to venture into the online industry to make more money and liberate herself from the regular 9 am to 5 pm job.

She focused on social media marketing and content creation through YouTube.

Her YouTube content has attracted many views and over 570k subscribers(at the time of writing this review).

Vanessa Lau

And her popularity on social media gave her the idea to create Bossgram Academy.

What Is The Cost of Bossgram Academy?

Bossgram Academy Review

The cost of Bossgram Academy is $1,997, which is payable once.

But if you wish to pay on a monthly installment, you can do that in two ways below.

First, you can make a 10 monthly installment of $220 or a 6-monthly installment of $367.

Vanessa Lau also claims that her team will give you other flexible payment options based on an individual basis.

You’ll have to e-mail Vanessa’s team to benefit from these arrangements and explain your financial situation.

Does Bossgram Academy Offer A Refund?

Bossgram Academy has a refund policy that covers you for 60 days.

However, this policy is tied to some conditions that you must satisfy before getting your refund.

These conditions include;

  • Complete the course
  • Share with the team what you’ve learned
  • Provide a reason for asking for the refund

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Is Bossgram Academy A Scam?

Bossgram Academy Review

Bossgram Academy is a legitimate training program objectively designed to equip you with skills on how to build a coaching and consulting agency.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs wish to build online businesses but lack technical knowledge and skills.

Although this program is far from being a scam, I won’t recommend it as the best option for any beginner who wishes to join the online space.

There are other best alternatives you can opt for as a beginner. 

And if you need one of those best alternatives, you can take some minutes to look at what I’ve been doing;

Bossgram Academy Review

This coaching program will be the best option for those already in the coaching and consulting niche who wish to scale up their businesses.

At least you should have skills related to what you’re offering.

You should be more familiar with the niche you plan to offer your prospective clients.

Before committing your funds to Bossgram Academy, try to look into Vanessa’s YouTube and assess her free strategies.

Also, it will offer you an opportunity to ascertain whether they can work or not.

And from there, you can decide to purchase the program if you find it useful.

What I Like About Bossgram Academy

  • Offers Good Training

Bossgram is a digital training course with decent training backed up by video tutorials.

  • An Experienced Entrepreneur created it.

What gives you confidence about Bossgram Academy is that it was built by an experienced social media influencer.

She has also created a YouTube channel where she makes various content to supplement her training program.

  • It Has A Refund Policy

Bossgram Academy claims to offer you a refund policy that will cover you for two months after you join the program.

However, there are some conditions tied to this refund policy that you must satisfy (stated above).

What I Don’t Like About Bossgram Academy

  • The Course Is Very Expensive

Bossgram Academy is an expensive training course that demands over $1,000.

  • It Is Limited To One Year

Your membership to Bossgram Academy is set to last for twelve months.

And based on the cost of this training program, you’ll realize that it is very limited.

  • It Is Based On A Complex Business Model

The online industry has a variety of business opportunities you can leverage and make good money.

Most of these opportunities are budget-friendly and provide actionable steps that are easy to implement.

As a beginner, I recommend investing in other digital business models and not coaching businesses.

Is There Any Alternative To Bossgram Academy?

The best alternative I will recommend is the affiliate marketing business model.

I say so because this business model is budget-friendly and fits anyone who is starting out.

You can start tapping it to generate revenue if you are passionate about a particular niche.

Affiliate marketing has existed for some time, but most people haven’t taken advantage of this incredible opportunity.

But if you want to make a difference today, you can check out this step-by-step guide that I’ve tailored for you. Click on the button below to get access!

Bossgram Academy Review

FAQs about Bossgram Academy

What is Bossgram Academy?

It is a training program that aims to train you to convert your Instagram followers to prospective clients.

This training course targets online coaches and consultants.

Also, it’ll train you to build and run a digital business, such as accounting, creating sales pages, and legal work.

Who is the creator of Bossgram Academy?

Vanessa Lau created this training program.

She will train you on how to get clients through social media; in this case, she will talk about Instagram.

What is the cost of a Bossgram Academy?

The cost of this program is $1,997, which is payable once.

But if you wish to pay on a monthly installment, you can do that in two ways below.

First, you can make a 10-monthly installment of $220 or a 6-monthly installment of $367.

How Long Does Bossgram Academy Take?

This program is divided into three short phrases.

These phases are mindset training, growing your IG account, and creating sales funnels.

In addition to these, you’ll also get access to more bonuses.

You can also check out my past YouTube video about Bossgram Academy here;

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