BrightFunded Review: Is This Prop Firm Legit Or A Scam?

BrightFunded Review

Hello friend, and welcome to my BrightFunded Review.

BrightFunded claims to help you start your trading career using their funding.

The prop firm claims to have the best challenge that can help you achieve your trading goals in the forex market.

In their strategies, the prop firm claims to offer you the opportunity to become a full-time forex trader and build an income.

The prop firm, therefore, rewards you for your full commitment to their program which targets all traders across the world.

You also get the opportunity to form a long-term trading partnership with the platform and get rewarded in your entire trading career.

Apart from the rewards, the prop firm also claims to have the best scaling plan that can help you increase your trading balance.

This makes you increase your earnings to meet your target.

However, I may not recommend you to join the prop firm based on these few claims, you must learn the inside out of it.

My research went deeper into the company and covered every aspect you need to know about the prop firm.

So before trying BrightFunded, kindly read this review.

Let us get started…

Summary Of BrightFunded Review

Name: BrightFunded

Product Type: Proprietary Firm

Evaluation Fee: Starting from $95 depending on your account size.

Official Site:

Founder: Jelle Dijkstra

Overall Rating: 7/10

My Recommendation: Not for everyone, kindly read my review to learn more.

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BrightFunded Review – Overview

BrightFunded Review

BrightFunded claims to understand the importance of making every trader realize their trading potential.

This makes them come up with a well-designed platform that allows traders to showcase their trading skills in the forex market.

Due to the financial challenge that makes most trades fail in their trading career, the prop firms offer you the required capital.

This allows you to trade in the forex market without having to use your money as capital in the platform.

You only need to join their funding program and choose your preferred account size to get started on the platform.

The platform however requires you to pay a small refundable evaluation fee for you to own your trading account size.

If you start trading with the company capital, you’ll start earning a profit share of up to 100% with an additional reward of the BrightFunded tokens.

Pros Of BrightFunded

  • Has a profit share of up to 100%.
  • Provides more realistic profit targets.
  • Allows you to trade news events.
  • Rewards you additional BrightFunded tokens to boost your trade.
  • Allows holding of trades over weekends.
  • Allows you to trade with expert advisors.
  • Has no maximum trading days.
  • The prop firm permits you to trade with a maximum capital of up to $400,000.

Cons Of BrightFunded

  • The minimum evaluation fee is too high.
  • Doesn’t permit the holding of trades overnight.
  • The prop firm doesn’t offer any free trials.
  • The profit share is too ambiguous.

Who Should Join BrightFunded?

BrightFunded targets to trade with all traders from different backgrounds and experience levels.

This means that the prop firm welcomes both professional and aspiring traders into their trading.

However, you must be at least 18 years of age for you to be accepted to join the platform.

Hence, the BrightFunded proprietary firm welcomes traders aiming to demonstrate their skills and profit in the forex market.

Successful performance may qualify you for their scaling plan, significantly boosting your earnings.

BrightFunded is accessible to anyone passionate about trading in the forex market for these reasons.

What Is BrightFunded?

BrightFunded Review

BrightFunded is a proprietary firm that offers you an opportunity to trade in the forex market using its capital.

In their funding program, the prop firm makes you explore your trading potential online regardless of your previous trader experience.

The prop firm claims to have a better understanding of the various challenges most traders face in the forex market.

For these reasons, the prop firm claims to have a designed platform that helps you overcome all the possible challenges you may face in your trading journey.

For instance, the prop firm offers you BrightFunded tokens which are awarded based on your volume of trade.

The volume of trade that determines your BrightFunded tokens is both set for the challenge stage and the funded account stage.

You can then use these tokens to add more edge in their trading in the forex market for their trading perks.

In addition, the prop firm provides you with an opportunity to trade with a maximum capital of up to $400,000.

You can however increase this balance through the available scaling plan to earn more from the platform.

If you incur any loss in your trading journey, the platform helps you cover all these losses to ensure you succeed in your trading journey.

How Does BrightFunded Work?

BrightFunded is one of the top trending companies offering funding opportunities to forex traders.

The prop firm has an online evaluation challenge where you will get the opportunity to showcase your trading skills.

If you successfully pass the challenge, you’ll get the opportunity to get a funded account and start earning real profits.

The evaluation process in the platform is well structured, and their funded accounts have excellent profit sharing.

This strategy ensures you earn more from your trade to help you build a passive income.

How Can I Get Started With My Trading Journey On BrightFunded?

BrightFunded Review

Getting started with your trading journey in BrightFunded is made much easier with a straightforward process.

This process can be explained in the following steps:

Step One: Choose Your Destination

In the homepage section of the platform, go to the “choose your destination” section.

You’ll have to choose your preferred trading account from the available account sizes in the dashboard.

These are the available account sizes in the platform:

  • $10,000 account.
  • $25,000 account.
  • $50,000 account.
  • $100,000 account.
  • $200,000 account.

Step Two: Configure Your Challenge

After choosing your preferred account size, you’ll have to configure it to allow you to make your purchase.

Each account size has its own unique pricing as explained in the pricing section of this review.

Kindly ensure you check the pricing of the account before you make your purchase of the account size.

Step Three: Fill In Your Personal Details And Make Your Payment.

Provide your personal details in the platform and complete your purchase of your account size.

If your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive your account credentials sent to you via email to get started with your trade.

How Do I Get Funded With A BrightFunded Prop Firm?

Well, when you begin trading in the BrightFunded prop firm, your aim is to start earning real profits from trade.

As for BrightFunded, you become their funded trader after completing their evaluation process.

The evaluation process of the BrightFunded consists of two phases as follows:

Phase One: BrightFunded Challenge

This is the first stage of the evaluation process, where you need to showcase your trading skills on the platform.

This stage uses a demo account where you’ll be trading on virtual money to get a profit target.

The prop firm does not set any fixed number of trading days for you in the challenge stage of your trading.

This allows you to trade at your own speed while taking your full time to earn the best out of your trade.

You will also have enough time to reach profit targets while observing the other trading rules set on the platform.

In addition, the prop firm enables you to earn the BrightFunded tokens which are based on your trading volumes.

When you earn enough tokens, you can then unlock different trading perks that provide you with more edge in the market.

If you successfully complete this stage, you’ll automatically move to the next stage of your trading journey.

Phase Two: Verification

This is the second and final stage of your evaluation process in the platform designed to test your consistency in trading.

This stage, however, has more relaxed trading rules as compared to the challenge stage in the platform.

The prop firm checks your consistency in maintaining discipline and performance in the platform by reaching the defined profit targets.

The verification also has no specific time frame to complete it allowing you to trade at your own speed.

When you extend your trading volume to higher levels, you will also stand a chance to earn more BrightFunded tokens.

The accumulation of these tokens enables you to get more trading perks on the platform.

If you pass this stage, you’ll become a funded trader on the platform.

Phase Three: The Funded Star

This is the final stage of your trading which allows you to trade with the company’s capital in a live-funded account.

In this stage, you have a great mission to trade more responsibly while maintaining high-risk management.

This will allow you to increase your trading to get up to 100% of the reward split in the platform.

BrightFunded Trading Rules

The BrightFunded prop firm allows you to trade with the following rules in their platform:

Profit Target

BrightFunded sets a profit target of 8% in the challenge stage of your evaluation.

When you move to the verification stage, the profit target is lowered to 5% to make you have a more relaxed time to pass the stage.

Minimum Trading Days

Each stage necessitates a minimum of five trading days to progress on the platform.

Consequently, the prop firm mandates a minimum of 10 days to fulfill your evaluation period and secure a funded account.

Maximum Trading Days

There is no maximum number of trading days set for you in the platform at any level of your trading.

Maximum Daily loss

The maximum daily loss in the platform is set at 5% for every stage of your trading journey.

Maximum Total Loss

The maximum total loss in the prop firm is set at 10% which is calculated based on the original account balance.

For instance, if you are trading on $10,000, your maximum daily loss will be $1,000 which applies to all the stages of your trading.

Profit Share

The prop firm allows you to earn up to 100% of your profit share when you maintain profitability in your trades.

Trading Leverage

The prop firm allows you to trade with a maximum leverage of 1:100

News trading

BrightFunded allows you to trade during news events to empower you to earn more from your trade.

Weekend Trading

The prop firm allows you to hold your trades over weekends if you wish to do so in your trading journey.

Overnight Trading

The BrightFunded doesn’t allow you to hold your trades or close positions overnight.

Trading on Expert Advisors

The BrightFunded allows you to trade using Expert advisors on the forex market.

What Are The Trading Instruments Offered By The BrightFunded Prop Firm?

The BrightFunded prop firm allows you to trade various assets including the following:

  • Cryptocurrencies

There is a wide range of cryptocurrency instruments available on the platform that are most popular in the forex market.

This allows you to trade the latest crypto in the forex market and get the best from your trade.

  • Forex Pairs

There is a wide range of popular forex pairs offered on the platform including; minor, exotic, and major pairs in the market.

  • Indices

There are varieties of global indices available for you to trade in the platform.

  • Commodities

The prop firm allows you to trade various commodities like metals, together with other soft commodities like agricultural products.

  • Stock

The prop firm provides you with a reliable platform where you can trade shares from various available markets in the world.

What Is The BrightFunded Scaling Plan?

BrightFunded Review

BrightFunded prop firm offers you an excellent scaling plan that can help you grow your trading account size to a maximum balance of $400,000.

To qualify for this amazing scaling plan, you must be consistent in your trading for at least four months.

The prop firm will check on your profitability which must be at least 10% and consistency before increasing your account balance by 30%.

This scaling of the account size is done after every four months of your trading in the platform.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining BrightFunded?

BrightFunded Review

If you join the BrightFunded prop firm, you’ll enjoy various benefits which include;

  • Provides you with access to educational resources

There are advanced trading academies in the platform offering you comprehensive educational resources.

This enables you to boost your trading skills by following their video tutorials to become an experienced trader required in the market.

You will also get a wide range of trading resources and content that are related to your trading career.

  • You’ll get access to their funded trading opportunities

The prop firm allows you to get access to their funding program which provides you with the capital to trade in the forex market.

This means that you will get the opportunity to trade in the forex market without having to risk your capital in the market.

  • You’ll enjoy trading with transparency and trust.

The BrightFunded prop firm makes all its operations transparent to all its partnered traders online.

The prop firm maintains all their communications clear to their traders and is always available for any trader inquiry.

  • Offers you a Trade2Earn program

The prop firm has a Trade2Earn program where you earn tokens in every trade in your trading journey.

When you have more BrightFunded tokens in your account, you’ll stand a chance to unlock more exclusive perks.

This enables you to earn more potential rewards in your trading journey to increase your earnings on the platform.

  • Provides a supportive community

The BrightFunded platform provides a thriving community made up of dedicated traders online, especially on social media applications.

This includes their telegram and discord platforms where different traders connect and share their trading ideas.

This program allows you to learn from other traders on how to improve your trading skills and earn more from the program.

What Is The Cost Of Joining A BrightFunded?

The cost of joining this prop firm varies depending on the account size you choose on the platform.

This means that for every account size, there is a unique price that you must pay to own it.

There are up to five available account sizes with their prices set as follows:

  • $10,000 account size costs $95.
  • $25,000 account costs $195.
  • $50,000 account costs $295.
  • $100,000 account costs $495.
  • $200,000 account costs $975.

After making your purchase, you’ll get the opportunity to access your account and get started with your evaluation process.

Remember, there is no additional fee you’ll be charged after paying your evaluation fee on the platform.

Is There A Refund Policy In BrightFunded?

The prop firm makes all their account prices refundable to traders who manage to get a funded account on the platform.

For this reason, when you get a funded account, you’ll stand a chance to reclaim your registration fee.

This means that when you make your first withdrawal request on the platform, you will be able to withdraw your profits together with the evaluation fee.

This makes you worry less about the prizes set for the account sizes in the platform.

How Does BrightFunded Payout Operate?

The prop firm allows you to earn in two ways in your trading journey on the platform.

The first method is earning the agreed profit share as your first reward in the platform which you can withdraw in cash.

This makes you build a passive income on your trading in the platform.

The prop firm also provides you with a Trade2Earn program.

What Is Trade2Earn On BrightFunded?

Trade2Earn is a fast-paying program designed by the BrightFunded prop firm to reward their successful traders for their good performance.

If you are consistent in your trading activity, you’ll benefit from the Trade2Earn program which is awarded based on your trade volume.

The Trade2Earn program enables you to get funded solely based on your trade volume irrespective of your profitability.

For this reason, you can benefit from this program whether you are profitable or not in your trading journey.

In the Trade2Earn program, you’ll be rewarded in the form of BrightFunded tokens which are given based on your trading volume.

These tokens are awarded in the challenge and the funded account stage unlike in other prop firms where all rewards are in the funded account.

When you receive these BrightFunded tokens, you can use them to unlock different unique trading perks on the platform.

These trading perks provide you with more edge to your trading in the forex market to boost your performance and earnings.

Here are the trading benefits included in the perks you will unlock in the platform:

  • More Drawdown

The trading perks help you increase your drawdown while trading on the platform.

When you have a more extended drawdown, you will be more relaxed in your trading and trade flexibly to achieve your desired targets.

This ensures more sustained trading performance on the platform.

  • Lowered profit targets

When you have more BrightFunded tokens accumulated in your account, you will have lower profit targets.

This will enable you to easily pass your evaluation and move to a funded account to start earning real profits.

The prop firm rewards you for your consistency in trading to empower you to trade more and achieve your profit target.

How Do I Receive A BrightFunded Token?

You’ll receive your BrightFunded tokens if you trade in your BrightFunded account and are credited automatically to your account.

The tokens are credited once you complete the trade you placed in your account.

When these tokens accumulate to large numbers, you’ll use them within the BrightFunded ecosystem.

However, you can also transfer these tokens into your crypto wallet if you wish to do so on the platform.

The platform also allows you to view, manage, and see the balance of your tokens in the dashboard.

Is BrightFunded Legit?

In my opinion, BrightFunded is a legitimate prop firm focusing on making traders explore their trading potential.

The prop firm offers traders an opportunity to trade on the forex market using their funding program.

The funding program provides you with different capital amounts that you can use to trade in the forex market.

You only need to pass their evaluation process which consists of two stages for you to get a funded account and get started.

In addition to getting a high profit share as a reward, the prop firm awards you BrightFunded tokens.

These tokens also help you unlock many other trading perks that edge at making you trade with more flexibility.

You can also consider transferring these tokens into your personal cryptocurrency wallet to boost your earnings.

However, there are some drawbacks to these prop firms that you need to consider before you can try.

First, the prop firm promises to offer you up to a 100% profit split which seems to be more suspicious.

Prop firms offer their trader profit share which in most cases doesn’t exceed 90% as they too must benefit from your trade.

By providing you with 100% of your profits plus a refund of your registration fee, it means the prop firm doesn’t take any share of your earnings.

Also, the prop firm doesn’t give clear and adequate information about their ownership of the platform.

This makes it difficult to learn more about the background of their ownership and management of the company.

If you are not satisfied with how this prop firm operates, feel free to check out AquaFunded.

My Assessment of BrightFunded

I summarized my assessment of the BrightFunded focusing on the following key topics:

Profit Splits: 9/10

The prop firm promises to reward you up to 100% of the total profits you make from your trade.

Scaling Opportunities: 8/10

BrightFunded offers you a scaling opportunity that helps you grow your account size to a maximum balance of $400,000.

In the scaling plan, the prop firm increases your account balance by 30% of the original trading balance.

This scaling plan is made available for any trader who manages to qualify for the scaling criteria as explained in the scaling plan section of this review.

Profit Targets: 9/10

The prop firm offers a more realistic profit target which makes it easy for traders to pass their evaluation stage.

These profit targets give everyone who joins the platform the opportunity to succeed in a funded account.

The realistic profit target also makes the prop firm more attractive to many low-experienced traders worldwide.

Affordability: 5/10

BrightFunded accounts are fairly affordable with their lowest account size going for as low as $95.

Trader Supports: 9/10

BrightFunded offers excellent customer support aimed at helping you maintain high consistency and improved performance.

In their trader support program, the program requires you to maintain high consistency and performance in your entire trading journey.

In addition, the prop firm requires you to keep in touch with the new and trending updates from their support team to maximize your trade.

Tradable Assets: 8/10

There are varieties of tradable assets accepted in the platform enabling you to trade your favorite assets.

They include cryptocurrencies, indices, various commodities such as metals and agricultural goods, and forex pairs among others.
These numerous forex pairs make the prop firm a great option for traders who like trading multiple trading instruments.


The prop firm makes all their operations clear and transparent to their traders to win their trust in the market.

This makes it more trusted as you can easily account for all the operations taking place on the platform.

In addition, the prop firm makes their traders get in touch with their support team to help them make any inquiries concerning their trades.

My overall Rating

From my perspective, I would give BrightFunded a rating of 7/10.

What Are People Saying


BrightFunded platform has an excellent rating on the Trustpilot platform from a sample of 53 reviewers (November 30, 2023)

BrightFunded Review

The prop firm attracts a rating of up to 4.3/5 stars in the platform with up to 81% of its reviewers awarding the platform a five-star rating.

BrightFunded Review

Let me now take you through some specific reviews on this platform;

Matthew Thornton, a user from the USA, shared a positive experience with BrightFunded prop firm.

He mentioned that after requesting a payout, the amount reflected in his crypto wallet within an impressive 30 minutes.

BrightFunded Review

Additionally, Jordan, also from the USA, expressed appreciation for the prop firm’s competitive spreads.

BrightFunded Review

Conversely, a trader named Traders Lounge from Ukraine initially complained about the prop firm’s lack of account automation.

BrightFunded Review

However, it’s worth noting that as of the time of compiling this review, the automation has been implemented.

Lastly, YII from Taiwan issued a cautionary note, advising traders against purchasing challenges from the company.

YII believes the company employs tricks in the system to potentially lead to the loss of one’s account.

BrightFunded Review

These are just a few reviews among the total of 53 that I have gathered for this review.

Feel free to take a few minutes to explore the others as well on Trustpilot.

FAQs About BrightFunded

Can I Utilize Multiple Trading Perks At One In The BrightFunded?

The prop firm allows you to use multiple trading perks at once in a simultaneous manner as preferred.

This is in line with the company’s approach to make your trading as easy as possible in the forex market.

You only need to check if your trading perks have some unique requirements and conditions before you can use them.

Does The Value Of My BrightFunded Tokens Increase Overtime?

Your token value can only increase over time if you use it within the platform as recommended by the prop firm.

You also need to take note that the value of your tokens is affected by various factors such as demand, supply, and other market conditions online.

What Is The Least Number Of Tokens I Can Get Per Slot In BrightFunded?

The least amount of token you can get from your trade is determined by dynamically based calculations.

On average, you will get a BrightFunded token of 0.2 for every slot you make in your trading journey.

Note that this value is not constant as it may change every quarter of your trade in the platform.

Can I Learn Trading On The BrighFunded?

The BrightFunded prop firm provides you with educational resources through its trading academy program.

These resources enable you to learn how to trade and increase your trading skills in the forex market.

On the other hand, you will also learn more trading ideas from other traders in their community of traders.

Thank you so passing by to read my BrightFunded Review.

If you have any comments or feedback regarding this prop firm, feel free to share your thoughts in the section below.

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