Chris Winters Kallzu Ads: Does It Work?

Chris Winters Kallzu ads

So, recently I have been getting these frequent emails from internet marketer Greg Jacobs promoting Chris Winters Kallzu Ads training…

Chis Winters Kallzu Ads
Emails from Greg Jacobs

You may have been getting these emails too or even seen it advertised on Google or social media?

Chris Winters Kallzu Ads
Chris Winters

If you watched the video webinar as I did, you would see that Chris Winters has an awesome story and he appears to be a legit guy who knows what he is talking about.

I have to admit that his sales page did get me intrigued and I was almost at a point where I would have jumped in.

But before I got carried away by another “shiny object”, I had to do some background checks for myself.

You know how it is with all the scams going around online right?  You just can’t be too careful these days…

And don’t get me wrong here…I am not saying that his training is a scam because from what I have seen it’s definitely not the case.

By the way, I also welcome you to leave your honest feedback (negative or positive) below the comment section if you have enrolled in the training.

Share with the community your experience because…trust me, this will be very helpful for other people who may want to invest and not sure if they should pull the trigger or not.

My investigations…

One of the very first places I went to investigate was on the KallZu Ads Facebook group page…

Chis Winters Kallzu Ads

To join the group, I had to pay the price for the full course (which I didn’t).

What I personally don’t like about online training such as KallZu Ads is that they don’t offer at least a free limited version so that people can get a taste of it before jumping all the way in.

And I know that there is a 3-pay option, but still, there could have been a “try before you buy” option like those you have access to in the iPhone stores.

Oh, and I get it that Chris may want to filter through the broke people/tire kickers and get to the people who have big dollars to invest right off the bat, but you get my point…

Chis Winters Kallzu Ads

As you can see from the KallZu Facebook Ads coaching group above, you definitely have to purchase the course by going to the web address: before you can be accepted.

It’s the link where I watched the webinar which broke down the Google Call Only Ads model which I must say is quite brilliant.

See the visual model explained here >>

You can also watch the full video replay here or below if you have not yet done so…

Pay Per Call Adwords : 2 Ways To Profit By Delivering $2 LIVE Calls

Pay Per Call Adwords : 2 Ways To Profit By Delivering $2 LIVE Calls On this call I will teach you: ✅ Step-by-step how I deliver LIVE phones to my offline customers for about $2 dollar and charge them $40+ dollar per call. ✅ How i deliver over 500 calls per month to my clients and profit per call about $38 dollars $$$ ✅ How I deliver the same $2 live calls to affiliate offers and make about $25 per call (not a sale.. just a call). This is perfect if you don't want to deal with offline clients. ✅ I will share my adwords account and show you step by step how to set up profitable Pay Per Call Adwords Campaign.

Posted by Chris Winters on Thursday, June 14, 2018

I also contacted several of the persons on FB messenger who were featured in the webinar as testimonials.

So far, one person has replied and you can see a little exchange of our conversation below…

Chris Winters Kallzu Ads
FB Messenger 1
Chris Winters Kallzu Ads
FB Messenger 2

Even though everything looks & sounds quite fine and dandy with Kallzu Ads, I always notice ONE thing about online training in general:

They make everything sound SO easy.

They almost never tell you the difficulty you will have to endure when you actually get down and start building your business.

Therefore, I have a question that I need to know the answer to – and maybe those of you who have been through the training may be able to answer:

Working with local businesses

First of all, if I decide to go the route of contacting local businesses directly (plumbers, dentists, lawyers etc), how easy is it to find and work with them?

And aren’t they already bombarded with other marketers calling them consistently?

Chris Winters Kallzu ads
Easy or hard to find?

The reason why I ask is that I remember when I was just starting out with my Amazon FBA business when I was looking for suppliers, most of them ONLY worked with brick and mortar businesses and not online sellers like myself.

It was very difficult to land a deal and this would get me frustrated at times.

So I would like to get some solid feedback on this aspect of the Google Call Only Ads model.

What I think and what I am doing at the moment

Judging by what I have seen so far, I have to say that the whole concept is another great online earning opportunity.

The idea of delivering calls to local businesses and getting paid for it is just quite thrilling!

And Chris offers two options in his video…

  1. You can contact the business owners directly, or…
  2. You can work as an affiliate where you don’t need to speak to anyone.

Even though I have not made an investment in the training, it’s still possible that I may do it soon.

For now, I will continue to focus on affiliate marketing and building up my Amazon FBA business selling name brand products.

These are 2 business models that I really love and it’s always a good idea to have multiple sources of income coming in to sustain a certain lifestyle.

Affiliate marketing is the business with the lowest barrier to entry and still one of the most profitable where anyone can start with little or no investment at all.

If you like, you can sign up to work with me and my team to build you an online business together.

Get Started By Clicking Here

Now to conclude…

I hope that current & past members of the Chris Winters Kallzu Ads coaching group will be able to chime in and share their honest experiences as it relates to the training, support, and tools available inside the member’s area.

I want to keep this as an open forum where anyone searching online for unbiased answers will be able to get it right here.

If I happen to enroll, I will be sure to document my journey with you and it will help you to make a sound decision.

And as usual, I want to encourage you to keep going towards high goals in life.

There are so many great opportunities online that can easily replace the typical 9-5 grind.

A lot of ordinary people are taking full advantage of it and you are able to do the same.

Think about what you have interest in or what you are passionate about because this will make the journey a much more pleasant one.

Thank you for taking your time to read and I also want to thank Greg Jacobs for sending me those emails because without them this post would not be possible.

Talk soon,


Founder: Smart Human Blogger

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5 thoughts on “Chris Winters Kallzu Ads: Does It Work?

  1. The only joke is your post here. I’ve been a member for over 9 months and I’m breaking even on my affiliate campaign at the moment. Not great, but I know that success always depends on me and my determination. If I can’t make it happen, that is on me and only me.

    But I wanted to say something regarding their support. I’ve been a member of many seo/marketing groups and theirs are the best you can get. It’s preferred to ask common questions via their dedicated email, so they can properly manage all the tickets.

    I must admit with one thing. Negativity is not welcomed there. But expulsion is exactly what I would do with people like you.

    1. Thanks for your comment Michal, and it’s good to see that the Kallzu Ads training has worked for you.

      It does seem like your comment is in response to LaQueefa’s comment below?

      Next time you can hit the reply button below any comment which you would like to respond to and it will show up in the right format.

      Thanks again for chiming in with your honest feedback.

  2. LaQueefa,

    Very interesting. Can you comment on how long were you a member and share more detail experience with the course? Did you ever do anything with the training? What was your previous experience?

    Did you put in the work?

    What is your work experience?

  3. It’s a scam. You can’t ask questions in the group. Any negativity is punished by expulsion. Their “support” is a JOKE. Everything is outsourced and good luck getting an answer to anything.

    Save your money. All this info is on Youtube, anyway. There are no secrets.

    1. Thanks for your comment Laqueefa.

      But why exactly do you say that Kallzu ads is a scam? Could you expand a little bit more on this?

      Did they not provide the training inside the course?

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