Click Earners Review

Click Earners Review – Is This Program As Bad As It Seems?

Hey there! Welcome to my Click Earners Review.

Have you ever wondered how freelancers make money?

And are there any genuine freelancing platforms?

Freelancing is another digital business opportunity that claims that it can help you to earn good money.

And they claim to provide a variety of services through these freelancing websites.

This brings us to the question; Is Click Earners a legitimate website?

And can you bank your trust in this program?

I’ll help you answer all these questions to understand how it works.

I have committed my time and resources to this article to provide you with a detailed and unbiased review of Click Earners.

Keep in mind that I’m not an affiliate marketer of Click Earners, so I’ll expose every bit of information about this program.

Get a deep insight into Click Earners and understand it before contemplating whether to join the platform or not.

Let’s start…

Summary Of Click Earners Review

Name of the Product: Click Earners

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: Freelancing

Founder: Unknown (RED FLAG)

Product Rating: 3/10

Subscription fee: $ 27 per year

Recommendation: Not Recommended.

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Overview Of Click Earners

Click Earners Review

Click Earners is a digital platform that claims to give you access to a digital platform where you learn about virtual assistance and make money from home.

Allegedly, it claims to give you a freelancing opportunity where you’ll get a chance to work on different tasks and a variety of projects remotely.

According to to Click Earners, you can work virtually anywhere and at your flexible hours.

In most cases, getting access to freelance jobs is usually free, but on the contrary, Click Earners charges access to these services.

Therefore, you can go for other alternatives that could give you totally free access to the same services. 

Two known and trusted websites for this are and

However, if you want to start a business online as a beginner, you can check out where to get started here;

Click Earners Review

What Is Click Earners About?

Click Earners Review

Click Earners is a digital platform that claims to give you access to various online opportunities.

Through this platform, you can earn income as a virtual assistant and carry out surveys and data entry tasks.

Click Earners doesn’t need specific skills or background information; you can find it anywhere.

They also claim you can work remotely from anywhere, providing internet connectivity.

It is alleged that this platform gives you the liberty to set flexible working hours that suit your schedule.

Click Earners may appear to operate like Upwork or Fiverr, but it’s different.

It is one of ClickBank’s products that requires you to pay for access to their alleged platform and access their resources.

The creator of Click Earners will charge you to access this platform.

You don’t even get a chance to try out whether the program is best for you or not.

In most cases, legitimate platforms that claim to offer virtual assistant services are usually free of charge.

And they usually get revenue from the processing fees they charge during the work application.

To join Click Earners, you’ll pay a one-time registration fee of $27, giving you access to the alleged freelance services.

In addition, Click Earners has other upsells that you’ll also pay.

But ask yourself, what is the need to register for Click Earners, yet you can still get access to the same services directly on Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer?

Who Is The Founder Of Click Earners?

Click Earners was created by someone who didn’t want his identity to be known.

He anonymously created a program and didn’t want to reveal his identity to the public.

And hiding the owner’s identity makes it very difficult to trust this platform.

How Does Click Earners Work?

Click Earners Review

To get started with Click Earners, you’ve to go through three steps alleged to be very simple.

These steps are:

  • Register your account
  • Activate your account
  • Follow the guidelines and start making money.

They claim these steps are simple, but you must understand that joining Click Earners will cost you $27.

The owner claims that the cost will help him maintain the website.

After completing your registration, you’ll get access to the dashboard.

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What Are The Features Of The Click Earners Dashboard?

Click Earners Review

Click Earners’ dashboard features various tasks that you can choose to work on. Here are the various job categories;

  • Data Entry
  • Customer Services
  • Typing & Writing
  • Admin & Secretarial
  • Online Research
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Survey
  • Envelope Filling
  • Social Media Management
  • Product Testing

Click Earners will try to provide some “How to” topics and redirect you to other freelance websites where you can access more jobs.

However, you can still freely access these jobs from other websites without going for Click Earners. Click Earners claims it will allow you to work as a virtual assistant and make more revenue.

Generally, you can choose data entry, virtual assistant, social media management, online research, and customer service.

All these are legitimate jobs that are well-paying, and you can access them on other better platforms but not Click Earners.

You will also discover that Click Earners will not deliver what they promise.

There are other best alternatives for digital business that you can venture into other than this unclear self-proclaiming platform.

How Do You Make Money From Click Earners?

Don’t expect to make meaningful income from Click Earners because it doesn’t give you any job that will pay you.

Instead, you’ll get eBooks, manuals, and affiliate links for Upwork and Fiverr, among other freelancing websites.

These freelance sites are free to sign up for, and you must not go through Click Earners.

You can only leverage the manuals and eBooks you will get inside Click Earners to learn about freelancing.

How Can You Register With Click Earners?

The first process of registering for an account with Click Earners is by providing your email address and name and answering a few simple questions which do not culminate in anything at the end.

Once you complete this step, you must fill in the checkbox stating that you’re not a robot before your next step.

This checkbox is a way of trying to win your confidence and convince you that Click Earners is a legit platform.

After that, you’ll be probed to pay the subscription fee to secure your membership.

This subscription fee allegedly gives you access to multiple job opportunities that you could still get free access to without Click Earners.

You’ll be surprised to find that Click Earners does not have jobs they claim they will give you access to; instead, they’ll give you access to resources you can use to search for and work as a VA (Virtual assistant).

Click Earners uses the same trick most ClickBank programs do to trick you into paying a monthly subscription to access basic information that you could freely access elsewhere.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Click Earners?

Click Earners offers you two payment options:

  • Option 1: $27 per year.
  • Option 2: $57 to get lifetime access.

Click Earners claims to give you various opportunities to make money at a fee.

However, you can still access these services freely from other digital platforms without paying anything.

Will You Be Refunded If You’re Not Satisfied With Click Earners?

Click Earners claims they’ll offer you a 60-day refund policy through their website.

And you’ll get this refund policy through ClickBank, affiliated with Click Earners.

They claim that this refund policy covers if you decide to quit Click Earners.

Remember that this refund policy is just a claim and not a guarantee that you’ll get your money back.

There are other beginner-friendly online opportunities where you can start and build your online business.

In that case, I’ve one of the best options you can go for without having to part with all your investment.

Check it out here:

Click Earners Review

Is Click Earners A Scam?

Click Earners Review

Click Earners has lots of red flags that paint it as a scam.

It falls under shady programs that try to lure you into making money out of you and not vice-versa.

Any platform claiming to give you virtual assistant jobs at a fee is an untrustworthy source that you need to be careful about.

Contrary to what Click Earners promises, you’ll only get information on how you can start earning money from freelancing.

Is Click Earners a viable business opportunity?

Click Earners Review

This platform doesn’t give you a reliable source of income.

And judging from the various complaints registered by those who have had an experience with Click Earners, it is not a viable digital business opportunity.

Although the freelancing business model can be a good earning opportunity, Click Earners doesn’t guarantee you that kind of success.

For instance, some clients will pay you good money for your freelance services while others pay too little.

As a freelance, you can focus on handling one particular task, deliver quality work and earn an attractive income.

Finally, you should remember the owner(s) of Click Earners state that they don’t guarantee you any possibility of making money.

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What I Like About Click Earners

There is nothing attractive to like about Click Earners. Don’t bank your hopes of attaining financial success through this platform.

What I Don’t Like About Click Earners

  • They use tricks to lure you.

Click Earners employs geo-target messages to lure you into believing they need you.

  • Its contents can be accessed freely.

Click Earners charges you to access the contents that you can easily access for free elsewhere.

  • It has additional Upsells.

Apart from the cost of registering to become a member of Click Earners, you’ll still be surprised to discover that it has additional upsells that aim at squeezing more money out of your pocket.

  • No customer Support

Click Earners does not offer you any customer support, thus going against their promise of guiding you on the best way to make money.

Is There Any Alternative to Click Earners?

Yes, there is the best alternative to Click Earners.

Affiliate marketing is one of those alternatives I’ll recommend, particularly if you’re just starting out.

In affiliate marketing, you can settle on promoting various products for different suppliers and earn your revenue through commission.

I’ll like to recommend affiliate marketing because you don’t have to risk all your investment.

Provided that you have a niche of interest, you can start promoting relevant services or products to the niche and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

If you wish to start with this business model, you’ll need to take your time and learn the basics before starting.

But to make your work seamless and flawless, I went out of my way and presented you with a step-by-step guide that details everything for you.

However, just as I usually say, I don’t offer a get-rich-quick scheme; success will always come from the effort you put into your work.

So, without taking much of your time, you can check out the guide below;

Click Earners Review

FAQs About Click Earners

What Is Click Earners All About?

It is a digital platform designed to offer you an opportunity to make money as a virtual assistant.

How do Click Earners Work?

Click Earners claims to allow you to earn money by providing virtual assistance services.

Furthermore, it allows you to access various freelancing services.

What is the cost of Click Earners?

Click Earners offers you two payment options you can use to join; you can pay $27 per year or opt to pay $57 to access.

Is Click Earners a viable business opportunity?

Click Earners is not an ideal business opportunity that you can count on to give you a reliable source of income.

Check out the video by Click Earners:

Thank you for reading this Click Earners Review.

If you have a comment regarding this review, feel free to drop your comment in the below section.

I’ll be delighted to get your view.

Again, if you’re just a beginner, you can start affiliate marketing by checking out the guide I’ve provided above.

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