Dei Funded Review: Is This Prop Firm Legit Or A Scam?

Dei Funded Review

I welcome you to my Dei Funded Review.

At Dei Funded, you are promised to get your funding career to the next level through its funding process.

The company promises to help you attain your trading potential.

According to their funding program, you only need to dedicate yourself to pass their challenge and get funded.

By owning their funded account, you can use your trading skills to maximize your trades and get paid with the best profit share in the market.

On the other hand, you’ll stand a chance to qualify for their scaling plan if you are highly profitable and consistent in your trading.

With the scaling plan, you can rapidly grow your trading account capital and trade with higher balances to earn more from the forex market.

However, you may not give the prop firm a chance of your investment based on these claims, you must know the exposed truth about the company.

You also must know the inside out of the prop firm to figure out if it can truly lead you to success or just a scam you should avoid.

For instance, despite the prop firm having the best scaling plan, profit share, and customer support, it may not be the best choice for everyone.

The prop firm only targets talented traders who are dedicated to trading in the forex market but lack enough capital to trade effectively.

So, before you prove yourself confident about joining the Dei Funded, first take your time to discover everything you need to know about it in this review.

With that captured, let us start off…

Summary Of Dei Funded Review

Name: Dei Funded

Product: Proprietary Firm

Founder: Shane Healy

Evaluation Fee: Starts from $59 depending on the account size you choose.

Official Website:

Overall Rating: 7/10

My Recommendation: Not for everyone; learn more from the review.

Dei Funded Review – Overview

Dei Funded Review

Dei Funded promises to help dedicated traders attain their trading potential to achieve their goals.

The prop firm claims to have the best customer support that will help you improve your trading skills in the forex market.

By joining their membership community, you will get the opportunity to interact with more successful traders worldwide.

This will enable you to stand a chance to improve your trading skills to make you maximize your profits in the forex market.

However, you will only make their claims possible if you can trade within their set of trading rules and meet their requirements.

For instance, the prop firm requires you to fast take their challenge and use it to showcase your trading skills.

During the challenge phase, the prop firm will test your ability to trade within their set of rules in the platform.

This means that for you to get funded, you must be a dedicated forex trader, profitable, and also consistent in your trades.

You must also be able to trade within their rules which also determine the time you will take trading with the company.

For example, the prop firm promises to let you trade with them for your entire lifetime if you trade within their conditions.

So, you can only make this possible by first learning more about their trading requirements, conditions, and rules.

By landing on this page you should worry no more, we have everything about the prop firm covered in this review.

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Pros Of Dei Funded

  • The prop firm has decades of trading experience.
  • Best evaluation that suits every trader.
  • Offers best trading tools
  • Offers real trader support.
  • Community and network
  • Has best risk management protocols.
  • Best scaling plan.
  • Premier trading platforms.

Cons Of Dei Funded

  • No free trials.
  • Not for everyone.
  • Only targets talented traders.
  • Not available in some countries.

Who Is The CEO Of Dei Funded?

Dei Funded Review

Dr. Shane Healy is the CEO of this platform.

He’s held diverse roles such as CFO, Finance Director, CEO, and Chairman in both private and publicly listed firms.

His extensive experience includes working as an employee, partner, consultant, company secretary, and director, spanning across multiple industries.

Dr. Healy’s focus on compliance, auditing, and risk assessments is instrumental in guiding Dei Funded toward positive change within the prop trading industry.

Who Should Sign Up With Dei Funded?

Dei Funded Review

Day Funded targets to partner with talented traders who have trading skills in the forex market.

For instance, the prop firm requires you to be profitable, and consistent in your trade and can trade within their rules.

In addition, the prop firm requires you to be able to trade within their set of rules for you to succeed in your trading journey.

If you aren’t able to meet all these trading conditions and requirements, the prop firm is not for you.

What Is Dei Funded?

Dei Funded Review

Dei Funded is a prop trading firm that allows you to trade and earn profits in the forex market.

The prop firm offers you capital in its funding program that enables you to trade without having to spend your actual funds.

This makes it easy for traders to attain their trading potential using the company capital in the forex market.

However, the prop firm first takes you through a test to prove your ability to trade within their set of rules in the forex market.

If you pass their test which involves taking their challenge, you will get the opportunity to start trading with their capital in the forex market.

By passing the evaluation challenge, the prop firm allows you to trade with their capital and get funded with up to 90% of your profits.

This enables you to build a passive income trading with the company capital in the forex market to achieve your financial freedom.

How Does Dei Funded Work?

The Dei Funded prop firm works in three stages to help you get paid in their platform.

These stages include the following:

Stage One: Verification Phase

This is the first stage of your trading journey in the Dei Funded that you must pass through.

In the verification phase, you are required to show your ability to trade under the company conditions.

The prop firm helps you get started with a simulated account that uses a demo trading environment.

This means that you will be trading on virtual money which makes you worry less about making losses during your trading process.

However, your trading account in this stage mimics that of a live account with real funds as you will be trading with the same latency.

To pass this stage, the prop firm requires you to hit the set profit target and also respect the other trading rules set in the platform.

I have covered a detailed explanation of this profit targeted and the trading conditions under the trading rules section of this review below.

Kindly go through these trading rules and learn more about them before you can continue with your plans on the platform.

Stage Two: Evaluation Phase

This is the second stage of your trading journey that concludes your evaluation process and lets you move to a funded account.

The evaluation phase also makes use of a demo account where you trade with virtual funds in the trading market.

In the evaluation phase, the prop firm confirms if you truly passed your first stage of trading to let you move to a funded account.

Therefore, you will have the trading rules and conditions lowered to more favorable values.

For instance, you will be required to hit a profit target much lower than in the case of the verification phase.

This implies that once you pass your verification phase, you will not have problems in passing the evaluation phase.

So, you only need to put more effort into trading and respecting their trading conditions to help you move to the next stage.

Stage Three: Profit And Scale

This is the last stage of your trading journey where you’ll be trading on a live account with the company capital.

When you qualify for the profit and scale stage, you will get your account loaded with capital equal to your original account balance.

For instance, if you were trading on $10,000 in the evaluation stage, you would be awarded $10,000 in the funded account stage.

Therefore, you’ll begin with trading on real funds and earn profits on the forex market based on your profitability.

The company then allows you to withdraw your profit according to the agreed share as explained in the trading rules section of this review.

You only need to trade for a minimum of 14 days in the platform and have some profits in your account to qualify for the withdrawal.

If you are highly profitable, you will stand a chance to qualify for the company scaling plan which enables you to grow your account balance rapidly.

A detailed explanation of how the Dei Funded prop firm scaling plan is also covered in the lower section of this review.

How Do I Get Started With The Dei Funded?

Getting started with the Dei Funded is quite simple and involves the following steps:

Step One: Registration

First, you need to join the platform by signing up with your personal details.

Signing up into the platform enables you to join their membership community where you will get the opportunity to interact with other traders.

In addition, joining the platform will enable you to access the prop firm services and offers in the platform.

Step Two: Choose Your Account Size

In the next stage, you’ll have to choose your account size in the platform.

Here are the account sizes available in the Dei Funded.

  • $5,000 account size.
  • $10,000 account size.
  • $25,000 account size.
  • $50,000 account size.
  • $100,000 account size.
  • $200,000 account size.

Step Three: Make Payment

After choosing your account, you’ll need to make your payment to enable you to get access to it.

According to the prop firm, your payment will take the shortest time possible to get processed on the platform.

The company will then send your account login credentials to you via your email to enable you to get started with your trading process.

Step Four: Get Started With Your Trade.

The final stage is to get started with your trade by joining the challenge phase in the verification stage.

The verification phase in the platform is the first stage of your evaluation process.

By completing your evaluation process, you will move to a funded stage where you will start trading with the company capital.

What Are The Trading Rules Used In Dei Funded?

The Dei Funded consists of the following trading rules in its platform.

  • Profit Targets

The Dei Funded prop firm has a profit target of 8% in phase one also known as the verification stage of trading.

In the Second phase also called the evaluation phase, the profit target is lowered to 5%.

  • Maximum trading period

Dei Funded has an unlimited trading period in the platform allowing you to spend more time to pass a single stage.

  • Minimum Trading Days

The minimum trading days are set at four for each of the trading stages available in the Dei Funded platform.

  • Trading leverage

The Dei Funded prop firm allows you to trade with a maximum leverage of 1:100.

  • Maximum Daily loss

The maximum daily loss in the platform is set at 5% in all the stages of your trading.

For instance, if you are trading on a $5,000 account size, your maximum daily loss will be $250.

  • Maximum overall loss

The maximum overall loss in the Dei Funded is set at 10% in all the stages of trade in the platform.

For instance, if you are trading on $5,000, your maximum overall loss will be $500.

  • Weekend Holding

Dei Funded prop firm allows you to hold your trades during the weekend or overnight if you wish to do so.

  • News Trading

The Dei Funded platform also allows you to trade news provided it does not violate the other trading rules set in the platform.

  • Profit share

Dei Funded prop firm has a default profit share of 80% which you will earn upon making your withdrawal.

However, if you maintain high profitability in the platform, you will increase your profitability to a maximum of 90%.

What Is Dei Funded Scaling Plan?

The Dei Funded allows you to enjoy their scaling plan which enables you to increase your account balance.

According to the platform, the scaling plan comes in three stages;

In the first stage, you’ll qualify for a financial capital increase of up to 20% of the initial account balance.

The first stage ends within the first two months of your scaling plan.

After a month of the first stage, you’ll be moved to the second stage which comes with an increase in your scaling.

The prop firm scales your account with up to 25% of the initial account balance for the next four months.

After a month, the prop firm moves you to the third stage of the scaling plan where you’ll get up to a 30% account increase.

The third stage lasts for up to six months where the entire scaling process ends enabling you to trade with a maximum balance in the platform.

What Trading Instruments Are Allowed In Dei Funded?

Dei Funded allows you to trade a variety of instruments such as:

On the other hand, the prop firm allows you to trade in the most trusted and used platforms such as:

  • Metatrader4.
  • Metatrader5.

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What Is The Cost Of Joining the Funded Prop Firm?

Dei Funded Review

The cost of joining the Dei Funded depends on the account size you choose.

Here are the account sizes available on the platform and their corresponding prices:

  • $5,000 account size costs $59.
  • $10,000 account size costs $129.
  • $25,000 account size costs $229.
  • $50,000 account size costs $329.
  • $100,000 account size costs $469.
  • $200,000 account size costs $899.

What Is The Payouts System Used By Dei Funded?

The prop firm uses a smooth payout system that enables you to get access to your funds quickly.

In the payment process, you need to trade for at least 14 days and have your account profitable.

If you meet these conditions, you can request a payout in the platform to let you receive your funds.

The prop firm takes up to 24 hours to approve your request which also includes the KYC verification.

If the processing is complete, you’ll receive your funds after three business days to your wallet.

Does Dei Funded Have A Refund Policy?

The Dei funded promises a refund of the registration fee to their successful traders.

You’ll possibly receive a refund of your registration fee when making your first withdrawal request.

The prop firm allows you to withdraw up to 100% of your registration fee in your first withdrawal.

However, you must reach the funded account for you to be eligible for the refund.

If you fail to reach the funded account, you’ll be unable to reclaim your money.

Is Dei Funded A Scam?

In my opinion, Dei Funded prop firm is not a scam.

The prop firm offers different account sizes for different categories of traders allowing you to easily purchase the one you can easily afford.

For instance, with as low as $59, you can get a $5,000 account size to get started with your trading.

Upon reaching their funded account stage, you’ll start earning a profit share of up to 90%.

This prop firm is one of the best paying in the forex market.

They’re picky about who they partner with, looking for skilled traders who follow their rules.

They have a two-stage evaluation process to test your trading skills and rule adherence.

Passing this process is necessary to trade with their capital.

Once you’re trading, you need to stay consistently profitable.

If you don’t meet their standards, you won’t succeed on their platform.

If you violate their rules, your account could be suspended, ending your trading journey with them.

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My Assessment Of Dei Funded

Profits Split: 8/10

Dei Funded has one of the best profit share offers in the forex market allowing you to earn up to 90% of your profits.

This opportunity enables you to earn more from you’re trading in the forex market to achieve your financial freedom.

Scaling Opportunities: 8/10

The Dei Funded has the best scaling plan in three stages to enable you to trade with the maximum capital.

According to the platform, qualifying for the scaling plan will help you grow your account balance with up to 30% of the original balance.

This opportunity allows you to increase your trading balance to the maximum balance to maximize your earnings from the platform.

Profits Targets: 8/10

Dei Funded has a realistic profit target which makes their evaluation process easy to pass and get funded.

For instance, you’ll only have to hit a profit target of 8% in the first phase and 5% in the second phase of your evaluation process.

This enables many traders to get the opportunity to easily pass the evaluation process and move to a funded account.

Affordability: 7/10

Dei Funded trading accounts are cost-effective targeting different categories of traders in the industry.

For instance, you can own a $5,000 account size for as low as $59 to enable you to get started with your trading journey.

This makes the platform much more affordable for every trader who wants to unlock their trading potential with the Dei Funded funding program.

Trader Supports: 7/10

Dei Funded promises you the best trader support that helps you increase your chances of success.

The prop firm has a team of experienced trading experts ready to answer all your trading queries on the platform.

According to the prop firm, you only need to reach the support team and get the quickest response possible.

Tradable Assets: 8/10

There are many tradable assets available in the prop firm allowing you to have multiple options to trade.

This will enable you to choose your favorite asset to trade and earn the best from the market.

Trustworthiness: 7/10

The Dei Funded platform has a trusted payout system that makes them build trust among their traders.

They also make use of the best trading platforms in the forex market such as metatrader4 and metatrader5 platforms.

My Overall Rating: 7/10

In general, I rate Dei Funded prop firm 7/10.

What Are People Saying

The Funding Traders Trustpilot

Dei Funded has an excellent rating on the Trustpilot platform making it one of the best-rated prop firms in the forex market.

Out of a sample of 96 reviewers, the prop firm gets up to 4.7/5 stars in the Trustpilot platform (February 10, 2024).

Dei Funded Review

From the reviewers, the Dei Funded platform gets up to 88% five-star rating as shown below;

Dei Funded Review

FAQs About Dei Funded

How Many Trading Accounts Can I Own In The Dei Funded?

Dei Funded allows you to own multiple accounts in the platform as you wish to have in your trading career.

However, the maximum allocation accepted in the platform is up to $400,000 for all the trading accounts.

This means that all your trading account balances are not supposed to exceed the maximum allocated amount.

How Long Can My Account Remain Inactive If I Don’t Place Any Trade?

If you don’t place any trade in your account, it will remain active for up to 30 days without any active trade.

If in the period of thirty days, you don’t place any trade, your account will automatically get suspended.

This will deny you the opportunity to continue trading on the platform.

How Long Does It Take For Me To Become A Dei Funded Trader?

The minimum trading days for the Dei Funded trader in the platform is set at 4 days for each stage of your trade.

The prop firm has two stages of evaluation which requires you to spend at least eight days to complete.

On the other hand, it takes you a maximum of two days to get your funded account.

How Does The Dei Funded Ensure The Safety Of My Funds?

To ensure the safety of your funds, the prop firm does not allow you to trade with your actual funds.

The prop firm itself is not a financial institution or broker hence does not manage your funds in its platform.

The prop firm allows you to trade with a simulated account in the demo environment.

Thank you for reading my Dei Funded Review.

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below if you have any additions.

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