Digital Veteran Blueprint Review

Digital Veteran Blueprint Review – Is This A Pyramid Scheme?

Hello, welcome to my Digital Veteran Blueprint Review.

Is Josh Snyder’s Digital Veteran Blueprint worthy of your investment?

Or is it a scam?

Many Pyramid schemes have flooded the online industry intending to trap unsuspecting audiences.

And many have fallen victim to these schemes.

Also, some of the schemes have been flagged by authorities, while others are busy recruiting new members.

They still exist because some people and platforms are still promoting such schemes.

Digital Veteran Blueprint is a funnel promoting OPM Wealth, a program I did a video review about a while ago…

Also, this pyramid scheme claims that it’ll allow you to earn a higher commission from your investment.

Thumbs up! For making a wise decision to find out more about Digital Veteran Blueprint before investing in it.

Also, having prior knowledge about any online platform will save you the risk of losing your money.

As I take you through this review, I assure you that I’m not affiliated with Digital Veteran Blueprint in any way.

Therefore, I won’t be pitching anything related to Digital Veteran Blueprint.

Let’s dive into it…

Summary Of Digital Veteran Blueprint Review

Name Of The Product: Digital Veteran Blueprint

Type Of The Product: Disguised Pyramid Scheme

Founder: Josh Snyder

Product Rating: 3/10

Subscription Fee: Varies between $2,000 and $27,500

Recommendation: Not Recommended

RECOMMENDED: Go here for my #1 recommended money-making program

Overview Of Digital Veteran Blueprint

Digital Veteran Blueprint Review

Digital Veteran Blueprint claims to be a platform that will create an opportunity for you to earn high-ticket commissions passively.

And it was created by a coach called Josh Snyder.

So, after digging deeper into Digital Veteran Blueprint, I uncovered that it is affiliated with a pyramid scheme known as OPM Wealth.

As a fact, this pyramid scheme forces new members to purchase their expensive digital packages.

And after buying, they must promote it to others to earn commissions.

But, your chances of making money from this platform are rare if you can’t convince others to join.

Yet, OPM Wealth will persuade you to buy their packages by all means.

Further, they will even show you how to access a loan to pay for the package. This is how they crave your money.

Who Is The Founder Of Digital Veteran Blueprint?

Josh Snyder created a digital Veteran Blueprint.

Also, he served in the army before quitting to start building an online income stream.

Even though Josh claims not to be an online guru promising to sell you a secret to earning good money online, he does the opposite.

Again, little is known about Josh Snyder.

And, his online presence is barely known.

Plus, he has not even been featured on most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

And, based on the little information about Josh Snyder, it is difficult to determine whether he is indeed a legitimate online coach.

However, he features in one YouTube video promoting a scheme known as Secret Wealth Blueprint.

And this is a make-money-online scheme that has already collapsed.

What does that tell you?

Do you still want to take chances with Digital Veteran Blueprint?

Most online coaches would prefer using social media platforms to supplement their offers.

In this case, Josh seems not to like going public. Maybe, he is not proud of what he is pitching.

And if you’re looking for an alternative option to make money online, then you can follow this guide:

Digital Veteran Blueprint Review

What Is Digital Veteran Blueprint?

Digital Veteran Blueprint is an online platform that claims to allow you to earn a high-ticket monthly commission.

And the owner, Josh Snyder, claims he used this online business model to earn thousands of dollars.

Are the claims valid?

Or is Digital Veteran Blueprint trying to scam you?

They entice you to sign up for their free e-book.

Plus, this e-book gives you an insight into how Digital Veteran Blueprint works.

Also, Josh uses it to pitch their OPM pyramid scheme.

Moreover, this scheme offers several Done-For-You packages.

Once you sign up, they access your e-mail and phone number.

Unfortunately, they will later use it to call you and send you e-mails with various offers.

Worse yet, their coaches will try to persuade you to join their OPM Wealth during the call.

Again, if you don’t have money to invest, they will guide you on how to get access to a loan.

Also, all the pyramid schemes are much similar to this platform.

And examples of these schemes are Multiple Income Funnel and Click Wealth System.

They recruit new members who will be forced to promote their scamming programs.

And one typical result of these pyramid schemes is that you’ll be disappointed.

Aside from that, they will steal from you once they fail to recruit more or if flagged by the authorities.

Features Of Digital Veteran Blueprint

Digital Veteran Blueprint is a funnel related to a high-ticket scheme called OPM Wealth.

And Josh is among the many members benefiting from the scheme by enticing new members to join the platform.

One fact about this OPM platform is that it is on the verge of collapsing.

Also, there are multiple complaints from various users stating their dissatisfaction.

Additionally, you don’t want to become another victim of this OPM wealth.

And after a complete collapse of OPM Wealth, sooner or later, Josh will create another digital product promoting other similar scamming schemes.

Digital Veteran Blueprint works in the following ways;

Watch The Free Webinar

Becoming a member of Digital Veteran Blueprint starts with watching a free webinar from Josh.

Essentially, this step involves downloading a free e-book.

And you will be surprised to discover that the e-book in question does not offer you any value.

Also, in this e-book, Josh shares his journey to success with you.

Furthermore, other Contents of the book cover the sales pitch of Digital Veteran Blueprint.

And signing up to receive this free e-book is just a trap.

What’s more, Josh will get access to your e-mail address and contact.

However, you’ll later be receiving e-mail offers and sometimes phone calls.

Joining the Digital Veteran Blueprint

After clicking to join the program, you will land on a squeeze page with a questionnaire to fill.

This page will collect your name, phone number, and e-mail address.

The coaches will use your phone number to reach you when pitching about their OPM Wealth scheme.

Also, you’ll receive a regular e-mail promoting various offers for Digital Veteran Blueprint.

Promoting OPM Wealth

OPM Wealth is a pyramid scheme that forces you to purchase their high-ticket packages for you to earn.

You get access to a done-for-you (DFY) system when you purchase any of their packages.

To earn, you must also pitch and recruit new members to OPM Wealth.

That’s mainly the accurate picture of this Digital Veteran Blueprint. It does not offer any substantial coaching as it claims to.

They give you fascinating sales claims designed to pull you into their trap.

If you fall for this enticing scheme and invest in any of their packages, Josh will be the beneficiary.

Since you’ll be joining through Digital Veteran Blueprint, you will earn a commission from whichever amount you spent.

There are other best ways of earning passive and reliable income online.

Don’t waste your time and money on Digital Veteran Blueprint.

What Is the Cost Of Joining Digital Veteran Blueprint?

The first registration window in Digital Veteran Blue Print is free of charge.

After registering with your phone number and e-mail address, OPM representatives will call to persuade you to their investment scheme.

They will, by all means, try to convince you to take a loan to finance your registration into their scheme.

Be assured that you won’t get a loan from any bank to join such a scheme unless you give misleading information to get the loan.

This loan is to purchase your OPM Wealth membership, which is also very expensive.

Digital Veteran Blueprint has five different membership levels.

These are;

  • Hermes Membership at $2,000
  • Apollo Membership at $5,000
  • Athena Membership at $8,500
  • Poseidon Membership at $14,500
  • Zeus Membership at $27,000

This pyramid scheme pays you 60% of what your level 1 downline member pay and 10% from level two.

You will only make money from this platform, mainly through referrals.

Is Digital Veteran Blueprint A Scam?

Digital Veteran Blueprint is a pyramid scheme’s sales funnel that claims to help you fix your credit ratings, among other offers.

This platform is designed to attract and lure you into OPM Wealth, a pyramid scheme.

Once you’re in, expect nothing valuable in return.

Even though Digital Veteran Blueprint may not be an outright scam, other facts indicate that it is one.

Since it supports a pyramid scheme, it’s enough to tell you the direction you are headed to.

The overview of this funnel is fully packed with exaggerated claims meant to incite you to join the system free of charge.

However, their primary intent was to make an income out of their pocket and not vice-versa.

Falling into their trap starts when you sign up with your phone number and e-mail address.

You’ll be receiving exciting e-mail offers and sometimes phone calls from their coaches trying to sweet-talk you.

They’ll promise that you will fetch a high commission every month.

That’s the idea of what most pyramid schemes will sell to you.

If you try to turn their offer down because you lack money to invest, Digital Veteran Blueprint will offer an alternative.

They will make it easy for you to access a loan to invest in.

So, don’t waste your time and investment in this OPM wealth scheme.

You won’t make anything valuable from it.

There are other cost-friendly and user-friendly alternative platforms for you to invest in.

Here is my personal recommendation for you:

Digital Veteran Blueprint Review

What I Like About Digital Veteran Blueprint

  • There is nothing to like about Digital Veteran Blueprint.

This platform is full of misleading and overhyped income generation claims.

Don’t invest in this platform and expect any return from it.

Be warned that Digital Veteran Blueprint is craving for your hard-earned money.

What I Don’t Like About Digital Veteran Blueprint

  • Loan Fraud

Digital Veteran Blueprint claims that their coaches will facilitate access to loans if you don’t have enough money to join OPM Wealth.

They claim to have a partner bank that will loan you the amount.

Remember, you’ll be doing this fraudulently and deceptively.

  • Guaranteed Failure

Pyramid schemes will always not last long.

They will either be busted by the authorities or due to a lack of recruits for their schemes.

Their survival largely depends on the recruitment of new unsuspecting victims and their ability to hibernate from the authorities.

  • It’s a Pyramid Scheme

Digital Veteran Blueprint is doomed to fail just like any other pyramid scheme.

This platform is an OPM Wealth funnel, and it has concealed its real identity as a pyramid scheme.

Is There Any Alternative?

I’ll not recommend this platform to anyone.

This is a scam that you should avoid by all means.

Apart from being illegal, it is going to steal your money.

The best alternative that I’m very confident with is affiliate marketing.

This is the best business model you’ll never regret joining.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn income passively in your comfort.

Once it’s running, you won’t be doing the heavy lifting.

Give it a try and liberate yourself from being broke.

Identify your area of interest and convert it into an income-earning venture.

Promote as many products as you can to earn a higher commission.

Here is a blueprint to guide you… 

Digital Veteran Blueprint Review

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