Droplanet Review

Droplanet Review – Is This Dropshipping Software LEGIT?

Hello, welcome to my Droplanet Review.

In this review, I’ll take you through the inside out of the Droplanet software.

So, Is the Droplanet program Legit or a Scam?

And if legit, how can you make money out of it?

Hold on; I’ll give you the right answers before the end of this post.

I will also discuss with you the cost of joining the program and the payment terms accepted by the system.

This will help you decide whether you can join the program by comparing its price and financial status.

But, before I begin describing the program, I would like to inform you that I am not an affiliate of the Droplanet program.

For this reason, every piece of information I provide in my review is unbiased.

Let’s jump in…

Summary Of Droplanet Review

Name of the Product: Droplanet Review

Website URL: https://www.droplanet.com/

Type of the Product: Dropshipping Store Builder

Founder: MakerfyGroup

Product Rating: 2/5

Cost: $47

Recommendation: Please read my review

Droplanet Review – Overview

Droplanet Review

Dropshipping business is one of the online businesses that many investors are participating in to generate extra income.

It is currently the most trending business online, loved by many people due to its high success rates witnessed by many investors.

However, to join drop shipping, you must know the business to stand a chance of success.

When you become a member of the dropshipping business community, you will have to create a dropshipping online store.

Many platforms claim to be perfect in assisting you in creating an online store that will help you improve your product storage and sales.

However, not all platforms will provide you with the best service to satisfy your desires.

But when it comes to Droplanet software, the owners claim that the software is the best choice for you.

However, if you’re looking for the best alternative to this program, then you can opt for this option:

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Droplanet Review

What Is Droplanet?

Droplanet Review

Perhaps you are looking forward to starting a dropshipping business or want to learn about the latest innovation in dropshipping.

If so, the Droplanet program claims to be the best software that perfectly suits you.

It is software that helps in the creation of a drop shipping store.

With the Droplanet software, you can create attractive online stores of your choice, like in the case of the Shopify application.

The software makes the process possible by exploiting resources of already installed sites that are ready for use.

It also has many other extensions you may need during the drop shipping online store creation process.

This makes it simpler for any user of Droplanet software to build a store with the program in a few minutes without writing any code.

Therefore, if you want to become your dropshipping store’s sole owner and builder, the Droplanet software claims to be the best choice for you.

The software claims to have all the necessary tools for launching the newly created drop shipping website.

The software also provides a good marketing strategy and tools to help you market the website online.

All two services for launching and marketing your website are free.

For this reason, when you create your drop shipping website with Droplanet software, you will be free from paying any commissions on the product sales.

Also, you do not pay any subscription fee on the online store.

Droplanet software owners also claim that every member will access a ready-to-use store on the platform immediately.

How Does Droplanet Work?

Droplanet Review

Drop shipping online stores are always in demand, which makes them attract high prices on the online market.

For instance, a simple drop shipping store can be priced at 150 dollars while others are sold for as high as $1000.

For Droplanet-made stores, the company claims that you can sell in their store at a price of more than 500 dollars in a one-time payment.

The company set up a drop shipping store for yourself or more for your clients and other friends.

This will help you maximize your profits, especially when you can make many stunning stores that attract many clients.

Using Droplanet is very simple, with easy steps which include;

  • Logging in to access the Droplanet account you created
  • Click to import products into the store
  • Then start making sales and enjoy profits

If you are a beginner, the program offers video training, which takes around 15 days to complete.

The video training is inside the dashboard of the main website.

When you join and complete the training process, you will be able to know if the program best suits you.

However, before enrolling in the training process to know if the program suits you, let’s see who the software is for.

Who Is Droplanet Program For?

Well, after answering this question, you will know and decide if this software suits you to join.

According to MakerfyGroup, the Droplanet software is for people who are;

  • Young or professional Entrepreneurs.
  • seeking an income opportunity.
  • An affiliate marketer in dropshipping.
  • Interested in selling services.
  • Looking for a full-time employment
  • A Potential Ecom Store owner
  • Interested in becoming a website developer.
  • An eCommerce developer list builder.

From these examples listed, it is no doubt that the program is suitable for anyone who has an interest in any online business.

Why Does Droplanet Claim To Be The Best Drop Shipping Store?

The Droplanet software has many features that make it easier to use when making money.

The software customizes everything making it easier to create a store with your personal brandings in attractive texts and images.

The Droplanet program comes with ready-made templates that help turn the store into a bigger profit-making platform.

The platform also helps in language translation, which allows you to make sales in multiple languages.

The Droplanet program builder is a drag-and-drop platform that is easy to use in making any layout of your choice.

The program helps accelerate Facebook sales which works best if you install Facebook pixels.

You can make the Facebook sale more perfect by creating a store inside your Facebook page.

The software also provides more than 100 wages of both rag and drop, which assist in creating attractive pages.

An advanced affiliate system allows you to build a unique tracking extension with affiliate marketing.

The advanced affiliate marketing system will therefore enable you to reach the top level and your business within a short time.

You will also get access to Droplanet SEO expert tools which are essential in product ranking and blog creation.

With the SEO tools, you will have your products ranked in the top position and reach more google users online.

You can build yourself the store, or the MakerfyGroup build the best store for you but still have 100% ownership.

The software is 100% cloud-based; hence you will not have to install anything after having the package.

What Is The Cost Of Joining The Droplanet Program?

The droplanet program is easy to join with a lower cost starting from as little as 47 dollars.

The amount is payable on a one-term payment basis which allows you to have access to the platform.

The company has a 0% transition fee; hence you will not have to worry about paying any transition fee after joining the program.

However, after joining the site, there are additional services that you will be offered as bonuses when using the software.

These products include;

Droplanet Review

  • Three drop shipping stores at a value of 2991 dollars
  • A commercial license at 297 dollars
  • Training bonuses amounting to 2173 dollars.
  • Professional SEO tools valued at 1499 dollars.
  • SSL encryption is valued at 99 dollars.
  • Drag and drop builder, which is valued at 99 dollars.

Is Droplanet A Scam?

Droplanet Review

In my opinion, Droplanet software is not a scam.

However, there is much more work to be done for you to be able to make money out of the program.

The software has failed many tests that most users rely on when looking for the integrity of the software as to whether it is legit or a scam.

For instance, the trust score rating the Droplanet program has is still very low, which makes it difficult for some people to trust it.

The trust score of a program is always determined using a specified computer algorithm.

Most people rely on the trust score of a program to judge whether the software is a scam or legit.

During this process, the algorithm checks if the program has a third-party review, the party hosting the website, and the company location.

In addition, the algorithm also checks if the software has been reported to make fake sales or sell fake products in the market.

If the website passes all these conditions, it will have a higher trust score which will also make it attract a higher rating on Google.

If the trust score rating is rather low, then in most cases, the program may be a scam or new in the market.

When it comes to Droplanet, as much as it is showing good performance in the market, most investors still lack trust in it.

This is due to the newness of the website, as it was launched just a year ago.

Furthermore, the website has hidden its identity of the website.

In that regard, if you’re looking for a guaranteed and genuine way of making online, then you can take a few minutes to check out how I’ve been making money online:

Droplanet Review

My Recommendation On The Software

In my opinion, Droplanet software fails to meet many criteria used to prove a system is legit online.

For this reason, there is no guarantee that you may make money from the program.

Most people risk losing a lot of money in such programs that always go missing after recording a higher number of negative reviews.

Therefore, if you want to join this program, I would prefer you take your time and check the platform before you can begin investing in it.

In case you find the program suspicious, don’t worry; there are many other online platforms you can use to create a drop shipping store.

What I Like About Droplanet

  • You can choose to create your own store in the software.

Droplanet software allows users to create the store themselves, allowing them to customize the store to their own brands.

For instance, if you want the store to have a unique outlook with attractive images and texts of your choice, you can create it yourself.

However, you can also have the store created for you if you are not comfortable with creating it yourself.

What I don’t Like about Droplanet

  • The owner of the software is not specified

The owner of the Droplanet website is not specified in the platform.

This makes it difficult to know more about the website owner, especially when you want to seek information from the owner.

  • The site is still new

The droplanet site was launched just a year ago and is too young to be fully trusted by many people.

Most people will need more time to study and witness the site’s operation before deciding to join the program.

  • The platform does not have a Search Engine Optimization

The Droplanet platform is not optimized for many search engines in the google store.

This makes it difficult to search online in the google store using search engines like other drop shipping store creators.

Is There Any Alternative To Droplanet Software?

Yes, there is a better business idea for Droplanet.

If you’re a beginner and you don’t know the business venture to start, then don’t be worried.

Affiliate marketing is the best business alternative that you can go for.

Aside from the low entry cost, you can always earn while growing.

If you want to get started today, then here is a guide I have made for you:

Droplanet Review

FAQs About Droplanet

Does the Droplanet program offer a refund policy?

Droplanet Review

Yes, the company offers a refund policy to its customers.

In the policy, if you enroll in the training program and find it unsatisfactory, you can request a refund and claim your money back.

However, the policy applies just 14 days after joining the program; after 14 days, you can get your money back.

Can I use my own name as the domain name of the website I have created?

Yes, Droplanet allows you to create and personalize your website according to your desires.

This allows you to use your name as a domain and brand the site with your images to be more unique and attractive.

Can I get free updates from Droplanet?

When you join the program, you will get a free update.

The updates are guaranteed for every member of the program.

Is the Droplanet Software Difficult to Use?

Droplanet software is easy to build as it is fully automated.

It is the simplest software to use in dropshipping store building and is loved by many users.

Here is a video review of Droplanet:

Also, here is a Droplanet Demo video:

Thank you for reading this Droplanet Review.

I’ll appreciate getting to know what you think in the comment section below.

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