FTUK Prop Firm Review – Scam Or Legit? Unveiling the Truth!

FTUK Prop Firm Review

Hi, welcome to my FTUK Prop Firm Review.

In this review, I’ll explain to you about FTUK Prop Firm.

This prop firm claims to offer traders the opportunity to trade in the forex market and achieve financial freedom.

FTUK allows traders to start earning from their day one of joining the platform if they choose to work with the instant funding program.

This means that you will have the option to start trading on the platform without passing through the evaluation.

This might be interesting and sound good for highly skilled traders who want to take their trading to the next level.

If you are such a trader, the prop firm welcomes you to their platform to help you start earning from day one of your trade.

However, you must justify these claims and know more about this prop firm before you can trust it with your investment and time.

Therefore, reading this review will give you everything you need to know about the FTUK prop firm.

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Summary Of FTUK Prop Firm Review

Product Name: Forex Traders UK

Product Type: Proprietary Firm

Evaluation Fee: Starts from $149, depending on the program and your chosen account size.

Official Site: https://ftuk.com/

Overall Rating: 7/10

My Recommendation: Not for everyone; kindly read my review to see why

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FTUK Prop Firm Review – Overview

FTUK Prop Firm Review

FTUK Prop Firm is one of the platforms with a great reputation offering traders the opportunity to trade in the forex market with their funds.

Through its funding programs, the company gives traders financial freedom to trade in the forex market.

Partnering with an EightCap broker, the prop firm allows you to trade a variety of assets, including forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities.

Unlike other prop firms in the market that requires you to pass through evaluation, in FTUK, it remains optional.

You can work with an instant funding account that allows you to make profits from the beginning of your trade.

And if you are highly skilled in trading, you’ll no longer need to go for evaluation, join the instant funding and start earning from day one.

On the other hand, you will get to trade with the commonly used MetaTrader4 and the more evolved MetaTrader5 platform.

When you trade with the FTUK Prop Firm, the company offers you a profit share of up to 80% to help you grow your account.

In addition, being consistent and profitable will qualify you for their scaling plan, which will see your account grow rapidly.

Pros Of FTUK Prop Firm

  • Allows traders to trade remotely from all corners of the world.
  • FTUK provides instant access to funding in the live account.
  • The prop firm allows you to trade using all trading styles you know.
  • You are free to hold trade or trade over the weekends.
  • Trade with a leverage of up to 1:100.
  • The prop firm allows you to earn in their instant account from day one.
  • There is a reliable payout provided in the platform.
  • FTUK offers a fast-scaling plan.
  • You will also get reliable trading support.

Cons Of FTUK Prop Firm

  • The stop loss percentage is too small.
  • The company does not offer a money-back service.
  • There is no compensation plan for traders on the platform.

Who Should Sign Up with FTUK Prop Firm?

FTUK traders target to work with highly profitable traders who can make more profits and grow their accounts.

In addition, you must be able to respect their rules, including the risk management rules and the profit share agreement.

You must also be above eighteen years and able to pass their evaluation to be eligible to trade with their capital.

The platform makes their trading rules, including profit targets, lower and more realistic to get more traders to the funded account.

What Is FTUK Prop Firm?

FTUK Prop Firm Review

FTUK is a prop firm launched on February 2021 to improve trade in the forex market.

Forex Traders UK entirely owns the prop firm.

The prop firm allows trades worldwide to trade in the forex market using their capital.

They use two types of programs to make trading possible: their evaluation and instant funding program.

Their instant funding program is the most popular as it enables traders to start trading with a live funded account without going through evaluation.

Their main aim is to fund forex trading and enable more and more people to join the industry to realize their ambitions.

The prop firm also claims to make trading more affordable for people wanting to venture into forex trading.

Apart from providing funds, the program also provides traders with coaching and mentorship programs to improve their trading skills.

How Does FTUK Prop Firm Work?

FTUK provides funds to traders worldwide to make them trade remotely and earn up to 80% of their profits.

When you join the FTUK platform, the prop firm allows you to trade when you like and where you want, provided you are profitable and consistent in your trade.

The program only requires you to use the company’s capital to bring your skills and trade in the forex market.

The platform also claims to be much more reliable for any trading losses incurred during the trading services.

FTUK prop firm offers evaluation and instant funding models, giving traders the best opportunity to get their funded accounts.

When highly profitable, you will be eligible for their scaling programs, allowing you to grow your account rapidly to your preferred balance.

According to the FTUK platform, there is a reward for all profitable traders with good performance.

So, when you join the FTUK prop firm, you will have to choose the type of program you want to work with in the forex market.

The two types of programs offered in the platform include:

  • Evaluation program.
  • Instant funding program.

Evaluation Program

The evaluation program has a one-phase process that shows how skillful you are in your trading career.

In the single-phase evaluation, the company tries to test if you can trade using their large trading capital.

However, the prop firm uses the same amount of money in their instant funding to fund the evaluation account.

Up to four different funding amounts are offered in the platform, including; $14,000, $40,000, $60,000, and $90,000.

If you choose to trade with the $14,000, you’ll be awarded an account that has a balance of $14,000.

The platform also tries to identify if you are profitable through its evaluation program.

The Program Benefits Of The Evaluation Stage

  • Start on a demo account
  • The prop firm takes a low signup fee.
  • You can hold trading during weekends or trade over the weekend.
  • There are no time limits set for traders during the evaluation stage.
  • You qualify for a scaling plan if you are highly profitable.

When you reach level two of your trading, the platform allows you to withdraw whenever you want.

Instant Funding Program

The program is designed for traders who want to avoid going through the evaluation process.

In this program, you’ll receive instant funding on a live account on day one when you join.

However, this program targets highly profitable and consistent traders who want to earn profits and take their trading to the next level.

When you choose the instant funding program, you will start earning a profit share from day one of joining the platform.

Benefits Of Choosing The Instant Funding Program

  • You will start trading on a live account.
  • Earn from day one.
  • Hold trades or trade over weekends, depending on your desires.
  • There are no trading limits set for you when you choose this program.
  • You will experience an immediate scaling plan.
  • You can withdraw your profits anytime you want, as from level two.

What Are The Trading Rules Used In FTUK Prop Firm?

Here are the trading rules used in the evaluation stage:

Profit Target At 10%

In the evaluation stage, the program requires you to reach a target of 10% for you to proceed to the next level.

When you reach the required profit target, you must close all your open trades and report your achievements to the FTUK team.

The prop firm promises to increase your account balance by up to 400% when you hit the profit target.

When you hit another profit target, the prop firm promises to double your account to enable you to trade with a larger account.

Absolute Drawdown Of 6%

Every funded account provided with the platform has a stop-out level of 6%, which any trader should

stay above.

If your account exceeds this fixed amount, the trader risks losing all their running trades.

The platform will also restrict the trader’s access and trading with their capital in the forex market.

Trading Leverage Of Up To 1:100

FTUK platform allows traders to utilize trading leverage of up to 1:100 applied in the account.

The Profit Share Of 80%

FTUK offers their traders the opportunity to trade in the forex market with their capital and awards them a profit share of up to 80%.

The company also claims to take responsibility for the potential trading losses you may incur when trading with their capital.

According to the program, the higher level you trade, the higher the profit share you will get from the platform.

The prop firm also does not deduct your payouts from forward success to the next level.

What Is The FTUK Prop Firm Scaling Plan?

At FTUK, the prop firm promises to offer its traders funds in capital for trading.

The maximum scaling balance offered in the platform is $5,760,000 for a single trading account.

The maximum number of trading accounts you can have is three simultaneously, with maximum funding of $17,280,000 for every trader.

You can scale the account to a balance of $896,000, $2,560,000, $3,840,000, and a maximum balance of $5,760,000.

What Is The FTUK Prop Firm Trusted Broker?

FTUK prop firm uses EightCap as their trusted broker, which they partnered with since the creation of the platform in 2021.

EightCap is a trusted broker regulated by legal authorities and used by many traders in the forex market.

So, by joining the prop firm, you must be willing to execute all your trades through EightCap.

The prop firm does not allow the use of other brokers and restricts all its traders from executing their trades through EightCap.

What Trading Instruments Are Allowed In FTUK Prop Firm?

The FTUK prop firm allows traders to use two instruments, namely:


The MetaTrader4 is the most desired platform by many traders worldwide.

It is always considered the trading benchmark and a super platform where you easily manage all your trades using an automated EA system.


Despite MetaTrader5 being new to many traders, it has more instruments.

The prop firm allows traders to use the MetaTrader5 instrument and enjoy its additional instruments.

The instrument has a comprehensive library with a more evolved interface than MetaTrader4.

What Are The Tradable Assets Used In FTUK Prop Firm?

FTUK allows you to trade assets accepted by their trusted broker, Eightcap.

Their instruments include:

  • Forex pairs
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Indices

What Are The Trading Leverages Used In FTUK?

FTUK prop firm allows trade with a trading leverage of up to 1:100, which is one of the best leverages in the market.

You can start your lower level with a leverage of 1:10, then proceed to level two with a leverage of 1:20.

You can start trading with the best leverage of 1:100 when you reach your best level.

This enables traders to trade with the best leverage they want for their accounts and make more profits.

What Are The Steps For Joining FTUK Prop Firm?

FTUK Prop Firm Review

To become a member of their trading community, here are the steps you will need to follow:

Step one: Choose your program and signup for the platform

You can choose to go by the evaluation program or trade with an instant funding program.

When you choose the evaluation program, you must pass through an evaluation before you get instant funding.

You will not have to go through the evaluation process when you choose to trade with instant funding.

Step two: Receive your trading credentials

After signing up for your preferred program, you will receive your account credentials and start trading.

Note that you will have to pay the one-time payment and receive your credentials after your payment is received.

Step three: Log in and trade the company’s capital

When you have your account credential at hand, you can begin trading.

You can start placing your trades and aim to reach the profit target in the evaluation.

In the case of instant funding, you will start earning your profits as set in the platform at this stage.

Step four: Hit your first target of profits

When you get your profit target, you will start maximizing and earning as much profit as you want.

You will also get your profit share as often as you want.

When you follow all these steps, you can start making money with the company’s capital in the forex market.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining FTUK Prop Firm?

Boosting Traders With Capital

Traders in the FTUK platforms benefit from account increment, which also involves doubling your account balance.

This offer benefits highly profitable traders who use the opportunity to grow their accounts and maximize their profits.

In addition, boosting account balances enables traders with a smaller account size to also trade with larger accounts and earn more profits.

FTUK prop firm allows traders to track their growth

When you become a member of the prop firm, you will be able to track your account trading performance.

You will simply have to log in to the prop firm dashboard and monitor your trading performance to track your growth.

This can help you adjust your trading and earn more profits to ensure you are on the right track.

Enables you to increase your earnings

According to FTUK prop firm, the higher the account balance you trade with, the higher the profit you make.

Therefore, the prop firm aims at helping you grow your account balance and maximize your earnings.

In addition, the prop firm awards traders a profit share of up to 80%, which ensures you get the largest portion of your profits.

Your withdrawals from the prop firm also do not affect your account eligibility for scaling, which can help you grow your account.

Withdrawal is free anytime you want

When you want to make a withdrawal, the company allows you to do so anytime you want when you reach level two trading and above.

You will only have to make a request and process your withdrawal request.

Provided you are consistent in your trading, you can always request your withdrawals of the profits you make.

What Is the Cost of Joining the FTUK Prop Firm?

The cost of joining the FTUK prop firm depends on the program type you choose and your account size.

There are two programs to choose including the evaluation program and the instant funding program.

In both programs, there are up to four account sizes to choose including; $14,000, $40,000, $60,000, and $90,000.

Evaluation Program Payment

FTUK Prop Firm Review

In the evaluation program, here is the funding for every account size:

  • $14,000 account sizes cost $149.
  • $40,000 account sizes cost $349.
  • $60,000 account sizes cost $449.
  • $90,000 account sizes cost $599.

Instant Funding Program Payment

FTUK Prop Firm Review

In the Instant Funding program, here is the funding for every account size:

  • $14,000 account sizes cost $200.
  • $40,000 account sizes cost $550.
  • $60,000 account sizes cost $750.
  • $90,000 account sizes cost $1,200.

When your payment is received, you will begin your evaluation or start trading with a live funded account in the instant funding program.

FTUK doesn’t discuss any refund policy for their traders on their official website.

This means there is no guarantee that you will receive your money back when you join the platform.

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Is FTUK Prop Firm A Scam?

FTUK prop firm is not a scam.

The program offers traders worldwide an opportunity to trade in the forex market with their capital.

They make their prices much more affordable to enable more traders to get the opportunity to realize their ambitions.

When you are highly profitable, the prop firm allows you to maximize your earning through their scaling plan.

In their scaling plan, you will have your account balance rapidly increased and make more profits from your trade.

In addition, you can withdraw your profits any time you want when you reach level two of your trading.

However, if you cannot profit, you will not benefit from joining this prop firm.

You may lose your account and stop trading in the market as planned.

In addition, the prop firm sets their stop loss percentage at 2% only, which does not provide you with a higher range of risk coverage.

When you go below this percentage, you risk losing your account, as the platform automatically suspends your trading.

For these reasons, despite the platform claiming to be aiming at helping people out with their funds in trading in the forex market, it’s only for some.

You must be able to abide by their rules and trade within their requirements to succeed.

My Assessment of the FTUK Prop Firm

Profits Split – 8/10

FTUK is among the prop firms with the best profit share in the market, awarding up to an 80% profit split.

The high-profit share enables traders to maximize their profits in the market and grow their accounts rapidly.

In addition, offering a higher profit share motivates more traders to join the prop firm and start trading with their capital.

Scaling Opportunities – 10/10

FTUK prop firm has excellent scaling opportunities that may see you double your account balance.

Their scaling plan opportunity helps traders grow their accounts rapidly and maximize their earnings.

You must be consistent and profitable to be eligible for their scaling plan.

Profits Targets – 6/10

The prop firm sets its profit target for evaluation at 10%, which may be low for skilled traders.

The profit target is realistic for most traders to enable them to pass their evaluation stage.

If you get the funded account, there is no profit target set to pay in the funded account, allowing you to trade at your targets.

Affordability – 8/10

FTUK makes their services more affordable to target traders with less capital and also to get the opportunity to become successful.

For instance, with their $14,000 account, traders who choose the evaluation program will only have to pay $149.

The price is fair for most traders from every corner of the world and aims at making traders realize their trading ambitions.

Trader Supports – 7/10

The company offers its traders reliable support when trading with their capital in the market.

The company also claims to take responsibility for losses incurred by traders in the forex market when trading with their funds.

In addition, the prop firm offers a coaching program to traders who lack the experience and skills required to be more profitable.

Trustworthiness – 6/10

As per the services of the prop firm, testimonies, and its reputation, the prop firm has a higher level of trust.

For instance, the program has a positive reputation and a higher rating from its traders online.

For this reason, joining the platform can give you a chance to trade in the forex.

My Overall Rating: 6/10

In general, FTUK prop firm earns a rating of 7/10 because it is one of the fastest-growing prop firms.

The services and offers available on the platform make it attract more traders.

What Are People Saying

Here are the reactions of prop traders and other stakeholders about the FTUK Prop Firm:

FTUK Prop Firm Trustpilot

This prop firm has an excellent rating on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.5/5 from a sample of 154 reviews.

FTUK Prop Firm Review

FTUK Reddit

The FTUK platform has a positive reputation in the Reddit platform, except for a few reviewers complaining of their stop loss.

According to the reviewers, the prop firm terminates traders’ accounts on the stop loss rule violation, which challenges many traders.

But traders with no issues with the stop loss recommend the company as one of the best prop firms in the forex market.


FTUK prop firm has built a great reputation in the market due to its affordability, reliability, and quality of services.

Their coaching program is also effective for low-skilled traders.

Above all, the instant funding program attracts more traders willing to save time in the evaluation stage.

FAQs About FTUK Prop Firm

What Is The Maximum Loss I Am Allowed To Risk On A Trade In FTUK Prop Firm?

The program only allows you to risk a maximum of 2% per pair with a mandatory stop loss.

However, if you purchased no stop loss add-on, you will be free to risk any percentage you want and will not need to place any stop loss.

Note that you must be capable of managing risk to start trading at an expert level on the platform.

Do I Need To Be Consistent In My Trades Inside FTUK Prop Firm?

FTUK expects all its traders to be consistent when trading in the platform throughout the month and a method of demonstrating logical risk.

For this reason, the platform does not allow traders to increase their risk drastically in their trading journey or at a point.

However, the prop firm allows you to choose multiple styles but maintain consistency throughout the month.

Are Traders Allowed To Change Their Trading Behavior?

The prop firm aims at working with more profitable traders to make them earn profits for both their company and traders.

If the change of behavior leads to an increase in lot sizes or results in some changes that make your account face substantial risk, you will remain on track.

However, the company may help and support traders facing excessive risk and displaying unusual behavior in their trades.

Does FTUK Allow All Trading Styles?

The platform allows all profitable trading styles for their traders to use and maximize their profits.

Traders can also manage their funded accounts using any strategy, including day trading, swing trading, and news trading.

The platform, however, does not allow any other form of trading not mentioned in their list and may be considered spam if you place it.

Can I Use An EA Or A Robot To Trade In The FTUK Prop Firm?

FTUK platform allows you to use any risk management EA or any Trading bot of your choice to trade with their capital.

However, you are not allowed to use them in the following ways, tick scalping, martingale, hedge arbitrage trading, and reverse trading.

You can also not use the robots and EA in latency arbitrage training while in the prop firm.

What Are The Payment Methods Accepted In FTUK Prop Firm?

FTUK prop firm uses Deel for making payments; when they improve your request will be processed and you will get paid by a number of methods.

  • Bank transfer
  • Deel card
  • Coinbase
  • Paypal
  • Fayoneer
  • Wise

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