FunderPro Review: Is This The Best Proprietary Firm?

Funderpro Review

Greetings, and welcome to this FunderPro Review.

Within this assessment, I’m here to furnish you with a comprehensive understanding of the FunderPro program.

Their proposition involves granting promising traders an avenue to thrive in the forex market through their funding program.

However, before you consider investing your time and resources in this program, it’s imperative to understand its intricacies comprehensively.

This entails delving into its underlying concept, operational mechanism, and the cost of joining the platform, enabling you to make an informed decision.

A common query among traders pertains to whether the program holds the potential to aid them in attaining their goals in the forex market or if it falls under the category of a scam.

I encourage you to delve into this review and explore the program’s services and attributes to clarify these matters.

With this in mind, let’s embark on this exploration together…🚀

FunderPro Review Summary

Product name: FunderPro

Product Type: Proprietary Trading Firm

Evaluation Fee: Starting from $250, which depends on your trading balance.

Product Founder: Gary Mullen

Year Founded: 2023

Official Website:

Overall Rating: 7/10

My Recommendation: Yes, but not for everyone.

Funderpro Review – Overview

FunderPro Review

FunderPro stands out as a company operating in the forex market, actively seeking promising traders across the globe.

The company’s primary goal is to identify and support traders who show potential.

Their distinctive offering revolves around extending substantial trading capital for forex activities through their funding program.

What sets them apart is their pledge to provide traders with an opportunity to engage in forex trading with considerable capital that might otherwise seem unimaginable.

Through their funding program, you’re provided with the means to trade and the chance to grow your trading account to your desired level, optimizing your potential earnings.

One of the most appealing aspects of FunderPro is the array of offers designed to bolster your success in the trading realm.

Once you’ve secured a funded account, you’re all set to dive into trading using the company’s capital, positioning yourself to earn profits.

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Here’s the kicker: Funderpro extends a profit share of up to 80%, ensuring you reap more rewards from your trading endeavors.

Diversity is another key feature offered by this prop firm.

When operating in the forex market, you’ll have a wide selection of tradable assets, allowing you to tailor your trading to your preferences.

It’s also noteworthy that FunderPro operates with a customer-centric approach.

An exciting perk is the possibility of a full refund of your registration fee upon your initial payout through the platform.

This strategic move guarantees you maximize gains from your association with FunderPro.

Delving into the side of customer support, FunderPro takes the extra step of offering exclusive assistance on its platform.

This enables you to pose inquiries and receive dependable answers from their team of experts.

The dedicated customer support is a testament to their commitment to ensuring every trader succeeds on their trading journey.

Pros Of FunderPro

  • Offers a profit share of up to 80% of your total profits.
  • Provides a scaling plan to increase your account size to a maximum balance of $5,000,000.
  • Enables you to start earning profits in just 8 days of your trading journey.
  • A pioneer of no time limits.
  • The technology used in the platform is at the core.
  • Enables you to earn like a winner
  • Provides an excellent trading environment for the growth and retention of your trading.
  • Excellent customer support for all traders on the platform.

Cons Of FunderPro

  • Does not offer a free retry
  • The registration fee is too expensive compared to other prop firms.
  • The refund of the registration fund is conditional rather than guaranteed.

Who Should Join FunderPro?

FunderPro Review

The prop firm is looking for promising traders who can showcase their trading skills when put to the test.

The program employs a two-stage evaluation process to verify your capacity for forex market trading with your provided capital.

To become a FunderPro trader, you must demonstrate the ability to maintain consistent profitability, which is required to pass the evaluation phase.

In addition, the high profitability will enable you to qualify for a scaling plan that enables you to rapidly grow your trading balance.

Who Is The Founder/Owner Of FunderPro?

FunderPro Review

Meet Gary Mullen: the driving force behind FunderPro as its CEO and Co-Founder.

He’s all about shaking up trader funding using fintech innovation.

Back in the day, he worked his magic as Chief Commercial Officer at Red Acre Group, boosting their revenue.

With a knack for spotting market solutions, thanks to his background in innovation management, Gary’s on a mission to reshape fintech and set traders up for global success.

What Exactly Is FunderPro?

FunderPro Review

FunderPro is a proprietary trading firm actively seeking promising traders from across the globe to join their trading community.

This unique firm extends an invitation to traders worldwide, offering them an enticing opportunity to engage in trading with an account balance reaching as high as $200,000.

The entry process into FunderPro’s trading program is straightforward.

Your trading journey commences once you select your desired account size and make the corresponding payment.

However, FunderPro employs a meticulous two-step evaluation process before gaining access to their funding.

This essential evaluation mandates that you demonstrate your capability to generate profits in the forex market.

Successfully meeting the set profit targets is a crucial criterion for progressing through the evaluation phase, opening the gateway to actively trading with Funderpro’s funds and realizing tangible profits.

Upon engagement in their funding program, you transition into the role of a FunderPro trader, and the prospect of participating in their scaling plan emerges.

Funderpro’s scaling plan enables traders to elevate their account balance to impressive heights, with a potential maximum of up to $5,000,000.

Upon qualification for the scaling plan, this elevation comes to fruition with a 50% increase in your account balance.

Distinct from other proprietary trading firms, FunderPro prioritizes your success.

They offer a genuine opportunity to trade in live markets with actual capital, in contrast to restricting you to demo accounts devoid of real financial stakes.

Another notable facet of their program is the prospect of earning a profit share of up to 80%, underscoring their commitment to your success.

Funderpro incorporates a unique challenge parameter, fostering discipline among traders at all levels throughout their trading journey.

These parameters are designed to be accessible and attainable, ensuring a seamless and productive trading experience for all participants.

How Does The FunderPro Work?

FunderPro Review

FunderPro prop firm allows you to trade in the forex market with unimaginable trading capital with almost no risk.

Their evaluation process is also built for traders to showcase their trading skills by passing the simplified targets in the platform.

The prop firm has a user-friendly dashboard that provides you with a cool trading environment.

The Funding Processes

In the funding process of the FunderPro prop firm, your goal is to pass the two-phase evaluation to enable you to get their funds.

You will manage this by respecting the simplified trading rules and achieving the profit targets set in the prop firm.

The prop firm has no set time limit, allowing you to trade at your own speed and achieve your best level from your trading.

Getting Started With FunderPro

FunderPro Review

To get started with Funderpro prop firm, you’ll have to pass through the following steps:

Step One: Choose Your Account

Once you have signed up on the platform, you’ll become part of their membership program and get access to their services.

This lets you choose your preferred trading account to join their trading community.

There are up to four available account sizes you can choose from in the platform, which include the following:

  • $25,000 trading account.
  • $50,000 trading account.
  • $100,000 trading account.
  • $200,000 trading account.

Each of these trading account sizes has unique prices you must confirm before purchasing.

Kindly go through the prices of the account sizes in the pricing section of this review to learn more about the program.

After purchasing your account from the prop firm dashboard, you’ll get the opportunity to get started with your trading journey.

Step Two: Pass The Test

The second step is to pass through the test in their evaluation stage to enable you to get started in the program.

The Evaluation Process

FunderPro Review

The evaluation stage of the prop firm consists of two stages: the evaluation stage and the verification stage.

  • The Evaluation Stage

This is the first evaluation stage in the trading platform, where you must pass a profit target of 10%.

The profit target is calculated based on your trading capital.

For instance, when trading on $100,000, you must reach a profit target of $10,000 to pass this stage.

In the process, you’ll have unlimited days to pass the stage, allowing you to trade at your own budget.

  • Verification Stage

This is the second phase of the evaluation process that enables you to move to a funded trader when you successfully pass its test.

In this stage, the prop firm confirms your trading potential in phase one and verifies whether you are worth trading with real capital.

Therefore, you must pass a profit target of 8% within an unlimited number of days while respecting other rules in the platform.

In doing so, you’ll get a chance to start trading with real capital and achieve your desired profits.

Funderpro Trader

Once you begin trading using real capital within your funded account, you will officially become a FunderPro trader.

In this stage, there is no day limit or profit target set for you in the platform, allowing you to trade at your own speed.

The program allows you to earn a profit share of up to 80% of your total profits in the program.

For instance, when you make a total profit of $10,000 in your trading account from the forex market, you will earn $8,000 while the platform takes $2,000.

The higher profit share enables traders to maximize their earnings and grow their account balance to their preferred targets.

This will also allow you to qualify for their scaling plan, which can help you speed up the growth of your account.

However, to become a Funderpro trader, you must observe other trading rules in the program.

Let’s look at the other trading rules in the program.

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 FunderPro Trading Rules

The FunderPro Trading rules include the following:

  • Profit Target of 10% and 8%

The profit targets are set in two phases of the evaluation process of trading in the prop firm.

In the first phase, the profit target is set at 10%; in the second phase, the profit target is 8%.

You must pass the profit target to pass every stage of the evaluation process.

For this reason, the profit targets in the program are determined by the stage of the trading you are in on the platform.

  • The consistency Rule

The consistency rule of the program only applies in the second stage of the evaluation process, the verification stage.

In this rule, you must maintain a steady flow of profits to keep you safe from too many risks in your trading journey.

If you maintain the consistency rule in the funded account, you will easily qualify for a scaling plan that helps you grow your account.

  • Daily Drawdown of 5%

In this rule, your daily loss on the platform should not exceed 5% of your account size.

For instance, if you are trading on a $ 100,000 account, your maximum daily loss should not exceed $5,000 at any given time.

  • Maximum Drawdown of 10%

Your maximum allowed loss in the prop firm is set at ten percent, calculated based on your original account balance.

For instance, if you are trading on a $100,000 account size, your maximum overall loss will stand at $10,000.

This means you should not lose beyond $10,000 to be on the safe side of your training on evaluation and funded trading.

  • Available trading leverage

The prop firm allows you to trade a leverage of 1:100.

The Trading Instruments Available On The Funderpro

FunderPro prop firm allows you to trade the following instruments:

  • Metals
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrency
  • FX Majors.
  • Forex pairs
  • FX Exotics
  • FX Crosses

What Are The Benefits Of Joining FunderPro?

FunderPro Review

Joining the FunderPro trading platform has several benefits to you as a member of their trading community.

  • First payment

Upon trading with a funded account, your initial profit share becomes eligible for withdrawal after eight days.

This enables you to earn at only eight days of trading in the platform with a funded account.

  • Built to scale

In the platform, the program allows you to manage a trading capital of up to $200,000 as your account balance.

In addition, you can grow your account balance to a maximum of $5,000,000, which maximizes your profit target.

FunderPro Review

You only need to stay consistently profitable to enjoy faster account growth in the platform.

  • No time limits

There is no number of days set for traders to pass a single or all stages in their trading journey on the platform.

This allows you to trade on the platform and achieve your desired profit targets.

In addition, not having time limits enables you to worry no more about the speed of trade, especially when you lack trading experience.

  • Enables you to earn like a winner

The prop firm enables you to promote, earn, and refer your loved friends to their platform and achieve your trading goals.

The platform allows you to earn up to 10% of each sale you make on your trading process in the trading platform.

You will also get a full creative process that helps you convert your trading into an excellent earning opportunity.

  • Faster growth and retention

The prop firm aims at helping all traders maximize their success in the platform as mair main goal.

The strategy is made possible by providing exclusive coupon offers, challenge resets, and contests that maximize the success of the trades.

What Is The Cost Of Joining The FunderPro?

The cost of joining the FunderPro prop firm depends on the account size you choose in the platform

Here are the available account sizes and their corresponding prices:

  • $25,000 trading account that costs $250.
  • $50,000 trading account that costs $300.
  • $100,000 trading account that costs $550.
  • $200,000 trading account that costs $995.

After you purchase your account size, you can start your trading journey with the prop firm.

This enables you to start your evaluation process and eventually get a funded account where you’ll trade with a live STP account.

Does The FunderPro Offer A Refund Policy?

The FunderPro proprietary trading firm introduces a refund policy for the registration fee to provide added value to their traders on the platform.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that this refund policy is subject to specific conditions and isn’t assured for every individual who purchases a trading account within the program.

The possibility of a full registration fee refund is extended exclusively to traders who successfully navigate the evaluation process and progress to a funded account.

FunderPro assures traders that this refund will come upon their first payout within the funding program.

Effectively, this means that upon initiating trading with an actively funded account, you become eligible to withdraw your registration fee after a waiting period of eight days.

The commencement of this eight-day count is marked from the moment you place your first trade on a live account within the platform.

However, It is essential to remember that if you do not successfully pass the evaluation stage, the opportunity to reclaim your registration fee is non-existent.

This underscores the significance of meeting the evaluation criteria set by the firm.

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Is FunderPro Legitimate Or A Scam?

In my view, the FunderPro prop firm isn’t a scam; it holds the potential to help you achieve financial freedom by trading with their capital.

Through their funding program, you can trade with their resources and earn up to 80% profit share.

Moreover, you could qualify for a scaling plan that accelerates the growth of your trading account, potentially reaching an impressive balance of up to $5,000,000.

HOWEVER, a solid grasp of trading skills is essential for success on this platform.

Easy Pro Scalper

Remember that if you don’t make it through the evaluation process, you won’t access live trading or get a refund of your registration fee.

Additionally, any breach of trading rules might halt your trading journey, necessitating the purchase of another account to resume trading.

While Funderpro aims to accommodate promising traders worldwide, it’s important to note that it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

This platform is most suitable for traders with significant experience and a track record of consistent profitability.

If you’re just starting your trading journey, Funderpro might not suit you.

It’s worth noting that starting with Funderpro requires a minimum of $250 for their lowest account size, which might seem relatively high compared to offerings from other companies in the forex market.

My Honest Assessment Of FunderPro Prop Firm

After reviewing the offerings of the prop firm through information gathered from traders, I present a comprehensive evaluation categorized as follows:

Profit Splits: 8/10

FunderPro prop firm has one of the best profit shares in the forex market, allowing their traders to get up to 80% profit split.

This high-profit share motivates traders to put more effort into their trades and achieve their best level in the forex market.

In addition, it enables traders to grow and retain their accounts for higher earnings in their trading journey.

Scaling Opportunities: 8/10

The scaling opportunities provided in the platform are among the best options in the forex industry.

It enables traders to rapidly grow their account sizes with up to a 50% increase to achieve their desired earnings.

For example, the prop firm permits you to trade with a maximum of $5,000,000 following scaling, allowing you to optimize your profits according to your desired objectives.

Profit Targets: 7/10

The profit targets set in the platform are average compared to the other prop firms in the forex market.

On the higher side, the FunderPro traders set their target at 10% and 8%, respectively, as some prop firms charge as low as 8% and 5%.

For this reason, the profit targets set in the prop firm are less realistic for traders who lack experience in their trading careers.

Affordability: 6/10

The prop firm charges at least $250 for their cheapest account size, which is higher than other companies.

Some prop firms offer lower account sizes at a more affordable price of less than $250 online.

Trader Supports: 8/10

The trader support on the FunderPro prop firm is excellent and aimed at making all traders succeed.

The prop firm allows traders to ask questions and get first and reliable responses from their expert support team 24/7.

In addition, the prop firm provides a coupon of offers, tests, and services that boost the platform’s trader support plan.

Tradable Assets 7/10

Various tradable assets are available for traders on the platform, providing multiple options.

Some of the most common assets available in the prop firm include; forex pairs, metals, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, and much more.

This allows you to choose and trade your favorite instruments and get the best out of your trading.


FunderPro prop firm has multiple proven payouts with a profit share of up to 80% in their trading platform.

In addition, the prop firm allows you to reclaim your registration fee provided you pass their evaluation process.

This makes the trades win the trust of many traders who want to achieve their financial goals.

It also helps them maintain their traders in the forex market to fulfill their trading goals.

My overall Rating

Overall, I would rate the services of the FunderPro prop firm at 7/10 about their offerings in the forex market.

It is one of the top-performing prop firms in the forex market.

What Are People Saying

Discover what individuals are expressing about the FunderPro prop firm on the internet:


FunderPro prop firm has an excellent review on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.3 out of five stars (August 31, 2023).

FunderPro Review

From a sample review of 26 reviewers, the prop firm has an 81% five-star rating.

FunderPro Review

As I looked through the Trustpilot reviews, I found something really interesting.

Even though one of the traders had worries about the platform, the prop firm was super quick to address his/her worries without any delay.

Actually, there was a moment when I saw them give a customer a certain link so they could get all the info they needed about their worry.

FunderPro ReviewFunderPro Review


FunderPro Review

FunderPro prop firm has more than 170 followers on their Facebook page with over 123 likes on their posts.


FunderPro Review

On the Instagram page, the prop firm has more than 2,670 followers on their page with more than 150 posts.


In general, the FunderPro prop firm has active accounts online with a positive reputation from their traders.

In addition, the prop firm is one of the first growing companies online.

FAQs About FunderPro

How Do I Become A Funded Trader With FunderPro?

The prop firm simplifies the entire process for you to join its trading community.

You must pass through a two-step evaluation process to get started and trade using the company’s funds.

In the process, you must showcase your trading experience and pass the set profit targets on the platform.

What Is The Consistency Rule?

The consistency rule measures your profit-making ability while avoiding violating trading rules.

The consistency rule only applies to the verification stage of the trading process.

You should abide by these rules when trading; not adhering to them will result in disqualification.

Do I Trade With Real Funds In The FunderPro?

The prop firm provides traders with real funds that enable them to trade with a real funded account and earn profits.

  • You’ll only trade on a demo account in the evaluation stage.

The prop firm provides traders with STP/ECN accounts with real funds where they easily access the money while trading.

Can I Scale My Account With FunderPro?

The FunderPro prop firm allows you to scale your funded account up to a maximum balance of five million.

In the scaling process, your account balance will be raised by 50% every three months.

As such, you need to stay more profitable in your trading process to stand a chance of qualifying for a scaling plan.

How Can I Pay For A Challenge In The FunderPro?

The company accepts cryptocurrency payments to all its platform traders.

The program also plans to add payment via credit card into its system soon.

Thank you for reading this FunderPro Review.

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