Higher Path Ventures Review – Is This Course Worth The Time?

Higher Path Ventures Review

Last edited by Jason on January 26, 2023

I’m so happy to welcome you to my Higher Path Ventures Review.

Is this course by Luke Sample worth your time?

I’ll inform you about all that in this review. 

Generally, the course will take you through a business model normally referred to as Book Arbitrage. 

In others words, it involves buying books at a low price and selling them higher, which offers you the margin as your profit. 

But is this business model feasible?

No matter how a business model claims to offer great success, it is always prudent to find product reviews to ascertain its success.

Otherwise, you may end up being frustrated if you don’t get what you had anticipated with the model. 

And that is precisely why I’m here today.

But before I can continue, I need to inform you that I’m not affiliated with Higher Path Ventures, and everything I’ll talk about in this article is from my honest point of view regarding this program.

So, at the end of this post, you’ll be in a good position to make your own decision, and you lower the risk of losing money because you’ll have enough information. 

That being said, let’s get started.

Summary Information Of Higher Path Ventures Review

Name of the Product: Book Profits

Type of the Product: Course On Book Arbitrage Online

Website URL: https://higherpathventures.com/

Founders/Owners: Luke Sample & Jon Shugart

What Is the Cost? $3,500 (Upfront Fee) + $297 Monthly

Is It Recommended? No 

Overall Score: 4/10

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Overview of Higher Path Ventures Review

Higher Path Ventures is a website owned by Luke Sample and Jon Shugart. 

The site markets a training program that claims to assist you in finding cost-friendly, highly demanding books and placing them on Amazon for sale. 

Of course, the business model is legit; however, the problem is with its small profit margin. 

And one thing also, book-related business come with a relatively higher cost as compared to other businesses. 

The problem I have with the owners is that it has changed its name many times, which should worry anyone who has aspirations with this business model. 

Some time ago, it was also known as BookTrades.biz.

If it was a genuine business, why change its name several times?

It has a lot of unanswered questions that you’ll also learn about as I break down this review.

If you’re getting started and want to Earn Money Online, money-making opportunities are endless.

But I’ll offer you one of the great opportunities that I have used successfully to earn an income online passively. 

If you want to get started, you can read the details of the venture by clicking on the link below:

Higher Path Ventures Review

Higher Path Ventures Explained

Higher Path Ventures Review

This program offers you ways of making money online. 

In other words, the course deals with a business model that offers you information regarding Book Arbitrage. 

You’ll get an offer for cheap books, but after you purchase them, you’ll sell them on Amazon at a higher price to leave you a profit margin. 

The entire system comes with software and a training program. 

For the course, you’ll learn how and where you can get cheap and searched books and how you can create your amazon account to start selling the products. 

Keep in mind that the Amazon platform is where you’ll sell your books because it has a ready market. 

On the other hand, the software will aid in the entire process. 

You’ll be better positioned to find cheap and popular books based on the criterion you choose.

As such, you’ll get books that will fetch a good profit after selling them. 

Even though the business model seems simple and easy, the program may somehow become confusing. 

Do you know why?


First, starting off selling products on amazon is an uphill task; the market books is already saturated. 

The video you’ll come across on the Higher Path Ventures will claim otherwise, but the amazon program is not easy. 

Others are already doing this business but have no limited success. 

Because you want to make sales in the long run, you’ll face competition from other established people that started long before you started. 

Did I also mention that you’ll need a considerable investment to start this business?

So, unless you have a good investment, starting such a business may not offer you the results that you may wish to get in the long run. 

But that should not worry you.

If you want to start making money online without incurring a considerable upfront cost, you need to try affiliate marketing.

I’ve done this before and am still doing it, and I know why I say it is a perfect fit for beginners.

But note: This doesn’t mean that you’ll become an overnight millionaire.

It is a gradual business model, and if you put in the required effort and stay disciplined, you’ll get results in due time. 

So, check it out below to get started:

Jason Foster

Who Are Behind Higher Path Ventures?

                                                                                   Luke Sample

Higher Path Ventures Review

                                                                             Jon Shugart

Higher Path Ventures Review

Luke Sample and Jon Shugart are the minds behind Higher Path Ventures.

Luke Sample is a reputable motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

On the other hand, Jon Shugart was the Chief Executive Officer of a popular Book Profit – a program that Higher Path Ventures is affiliated with. 

And who knows, the two programs could be similar, and names were only put out to show the difference. 

But whether the two programs being promoted by the two is legit or scams, I’m soon let you know. 

Before I can go further, let’s try and find out what Higher Path Ventures offers.

The program offers you software and training courses. 


You’ll also get other extra things that will benefit your entire business venture. 

So, that being said, let’s get a bit deeper:

The training course will train you to start your book arbitrage business. 

And the essential part is that you’ll benefit from this program in place and how to find cheap books but will leave a good profit margin when you resell them. 

Just like any other program, some of the key areas you’ll benefit from this program will include:

  • Keyword search
  • Information related to amazon that you need to know like Amazon Sales Ranking
  • Boosting sales by providing shipping at no cost to your customers
  • Making your products as amazon prime to get even higher profit for your products
  • Leveraging on the trade-in program offered by Amazon allows you to make more profit
  • Finding other sites that sell books at cheaper and more affordable cost


The tools given don’t have much impact on this business model. 

However, the key function is to ease what you are supposed to do. 

Looking at it closer makes your research a little bit easier. 

Finding affordable books in demand will be easier because the software does it for you. 

Other Bonuses

This program will also cover anything that deals with selling and purchasing books. 

The program for a small fee will sort your purchase needs(logistics) in your store. 

For instance, the program will handle the logistics like receiving, sealing, and delivering to the big store – amazon for you. 

The Cost Of Higher Path Ventures Program

You are required to pay a one-time fee of $3,500, then every month, you’ll incur a cost of $297 to enjoy the benefits of the program. 

Another cost aspect is the upsells that you may be obligated to pay. 

But I need to tell you what, if you’re thinking of making a lot of money from this program because you’ve paid a lot of money, then you should lower your expectations a bit. 

This business model requires marketing skills, and without that, you can expect limited to no results. 

Also, this business model will demand a lot of money, keeping in mind that the cost mentioned above doesn’t include the money you’ll use to buy books for reselling. 

So, when all these costs are collated together, you’ll realize that you’ll pay more than you’d expect to get in the long run, particularly if you’re starting.

But you can check out this other alternative that will enable you to start an online business from scratch without paying heavily:

Higher Path Ventures Review

Is This Business Model A Scam or Legit?

 No. Higher Path Venture Program is not a SCAM.

This is a business opportunity like others, but it is not ideal for everyone. 

This is what I came across on the home page of its website:

Higher Path Ventures Review

But my problem with this venture is that its products have been highly priced and for you to invest in such an expensive product, you must have made a decision based on your reasons. 

As I mentioned earlier, this program has already changed names countless times, which is my main worry.

Could there be a reason for that not being told?

This is not a new phenomenon; when a program doesn’t get what they want or is faced with a scandal, they usually change its name to avoid a bad reputation. 

I’m not saying this program did that, but the possibilities are high. 

I’ve also seen a Facebook page created specifically to mobilize people against seeking advice from this program.

Possibilities are high that this program could have angered a lot of people. 

Also, they have attempted to improve their services, which makes most people avoid this program. 

The profit margin you may end up getting in one book could be below $5, which is very low compared to the $130.85 that Luke Sample talked about in his webinar. 

That is why I am providing you this alternative to start earning money online without risking a lot of your hard-earned investments…

Higher Path Ventures Review

To make things even clearer, let us go through the pros and cons that exist with this course.

What I Like About Higher Path Ventures 

  • The program offers a software program that reduces the time you have taken to do some key tasks like finding the best books at a low price, and as such, you end up earning a reasonable margin of profit.
  • It is easy to follow the course, and it breaks down everything to meet any questions you may have about the program. 
  • The program takes care of all the logistics on the system, which does your work to be flawlessly.
  • Although it is unsure how to earn considerable money, the explanation and instructions are factual and supported.

What I Don’t Like About Higher Path Ventures

  • The program demands enormous investment.
  • The program has already experienced challenges, and its reputation has not been spared; they have already switched its names countless times.
  • Several people who have paid for this program complain that the software isn’t working.
  • This business model doesn’t offer what it claims on its website.

So, have you made up your mind?

While you do so, I have an alternative that I want to offer you under the section below.

My #1 Recommendation

If the Higher Path Ventures program isn’t your cup of tea, then you can still make money online without the need to pay a lot of upfront costs.

Plus, if you’re starting, you can learn the best alternative to making money online with reputable brands like amazon.

If you haven’t heard about affiliate marketing before, this is your opportune moment to celebrate!

You can start now learning the basics and monetizing your account.

So, if that is something that you are interested in, you can check out the button below for a guide that takes you through everything you need to know about establishing a great business online:

Higher Path Ventures Review

7 thoughts on “Higher Path Ventures Review – Is This Course Worth The Time?

  1. Wow, this does not sound good if your business reputation has taken so much flak that you were forced to change the name several times just to try save face. In the light of this it does not sound viable at all to ask for a big investment. If you had a stellar reputation and a superb product, then of course you can consider making it a high valued ticket item, but this does not sound to be the case at all. Thanks for a very insightful review.

  2. I have looked at this program before. Even though the program is legit the issue I had is that there is very little profits to make with this method and with any Book sales and Amazon in general. Thank you for the review

  3. Hey Jason,

    thanks for the insightful review! Looks like an interesting business model, but this training platform doesn’t sound like it makes the most of it? Especially with such a high price tag? Who are they targeting with that price?

    1. It is an interesting business model for sure. However, it’s not super profitable as it appears to be. Things like the Amazon fees and purchase prices for books can eat into profits a lot.

      I see more newbies getting targeted into doing this business model.

      And that is this review is there to guide folks. Thanks for sharing your views 🙂

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