Is Massive Internet Profits a Scam?

Is Massive Internet Profits A Scam? – The TRUTH Revealed!

Is Massive Internet Profits a Scam?

Can you do business with an anonymous identity and expect to make profits?

I know now that you are anticipating getting an answer about whether this program is legit or not.

Massive Internet profits claim that you’ll make good money by just joining it.

They make you believe that you’ll earn up to $5,000 a day without doing anything meaningful.

I’m going to expose all the lies associated with this platform.

Additionally, I’ll give you the Best Alternative to leverage and make a considerate profit doing meaningful business online.

Let’s get into it…

Summary Of Massive Internet Profits Review

Name of the Product: Massive Internet Profits

Type of the Product:  Not Clear

Website’s URL:

Founder: No Details

Product Rating: 1/10

Cost of the Product:  $0 (Different offers)

Recommendation: NOT RECOMMENDED.

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Overview Of Massive Internet Profits

Is Massive Internet Profits a Scam?

Massive Internet Profits Claims to be a risk-free course that trains on how to maximize your commissions.

Also, the claims have it that you can increase your commissions to a maximum of $5,500 with or without any experience.

And before learning their secret, you must sign up to start earning money.

Due to that alone, I consider this platform as a huge scam hiding behind a mask.

Also, it aims to take you into a high-ticket scheme.

In other words, it is neither a training program nor has any digital marketing training or hosting services.

What confirms my fear of a scam is that the owner is mysterious, yet he is promising you to make a significant income with or without experience.

And judging from their overstated earnings, you can easily conclude that something is not adding up in Massive Internet Profits.

On top of these, there are a lot of red flags that have been raised in most of the reviews on this product.

If you need the best alternative to start making money online, you can check out this business model:

Is Massive Internet Profits a Scam?

What Is Massive Internet Profits About?

Is Massive Internet Profits a Scam?

Most of the reviews online say that Massive Internet Profits is a risk-free platform that you can use to make money online.

And this platform claims to teach you how to make a significant income online.

Again, it does not require any prior experience or educational qualifications for you to succeed on this platform.

In fact, Massive Internet Profits is not much different from any other get-rich-quick scheme.

They make huge promises but end up disappointing you by not delivering.

Further, this platform makes you believe that it will solve your financial problems upon signing up.

Believe me, these assurances won’t hold water.

Massive Internet Profits used to be a funnel of MOBE.

And it was shut closed down by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for violating the laws.

Moreover, this MOBE was responsible for luring people into their scheme by guaranteeing success without delivering.

Worse yet, the fabricators of these lies were taken into custody while their counterparts who managed the program were charged.

More About Massive Internet Profits

What’s more, this platform costs very many people, both their money and time.

And the owner of Massive Internet Profits has employed another strategy to redirect you to the same dubious scam.

So, don’t become a victim of the same scam and sacrifice your hard-earned money.

First of all, understand that this program is a total waste of time.

And you can judge from their unprofessional websites.

In fact, it has one landing page that redirects you to other dubious sites.

And after filling in the form, you’ll be taken to a Bitcoin Revolution website.

I did some digging and discovered that Bitcoin Revolution is a scam.

Therefore, this re-routing is proof that everything about Massive Internet Profits is a hoax.

For instance, one common characteristic of fraudulent platforms is that they conceal the tool or process involved in making money.

Plus, they’ll emphasize how quick you can make profits once you sign up.

Additionally, they promise you an attractive bonus to ensure they get your attention.

Furthermore, Massive Internet Profits claims to offer you a bonus of $500 once you sign up.

This is a very big lie!

Get it from me; there are good platforms that you invest in and Earn Good Money from.

I recommend you join a program that clearly understands how it makes money like affiliate marketing.

Who Is The Founder Of Massive Internet Profits?

I did a thorough search for the real owner of Massive Internet Profits, but I ended up with nothing.

The owner has concealed his identity from the public.

And this is contrary to what other product owners could do.

If you are proud of what you’ve created, you’ll always want to be associated with it.

Also, the man narrating the video Inside Massive Internet Profits claims to be the owner.

He calls himself David Garrison.

To be open with you, this is a fake identity because it was taken from stock pictures.

Research done by several reviewers points out that the true owner of Massive Internet Profit could be a MOBE affiliate.

He hides from the public to get new recruits without letting them know about his bad reputation.

How Do Massive Internet Profits Work?

Massive Internet Profits is not a legit platform for making online money.

This website promotes other get-rich-quick schemes.

These schemes are ready to exploit unsuspecting people and elope away with their money.

This platform makes you believe that you’ll learn all money-making strategies once you sign up.

Massive Internet Profits is supposed to teach you all the necessary strategies for making money online.

Their claims of paying their customer’s weekly commissions are a pure lie.

Instead, the anonymous owner could be paid to endorse new members to various schemes.

Massive Internet Profits act as a landing page and do not tell you what you will do to earn money.

The reason behind that is the anonymous owner is constantly redirecting its visitors by changing the links to various scamming programs.

Sometimes you are taken to the Bitcoin Revolution website when you click on the site’s button.

This is a Bitcoin scam website, just like any other.

Once you land on their page, massive internet profit lures you into spending your money on Bitcoin Tech.

One secret about these Bitcoin trades is that they are operated by a perfect autopilot program.

If Massive Internet Profits successfully enrolls a new member into any get-rich-quick platform, the owner of Massive Internet Profits earns a commission.

In other words, Massive Internet Profits is acting as an affiliate marketer to all other linked programs.

The only problem is that it is promoting the wrong products.

What Is the Cost of Massive Internet Profits?

It is not surprising that the cost of joining Massive Internet Profit is Zero dollars.

They only need you to sign up with your full name, e-mail, and phone number.

Massive Internet Profits give you limited information about the cost even after registering.

As I stated before, you’ll be receiving different links on their landing page.

Bitcoin Revolution is a site that you’ll interact with most of the time.

Are There Any Additional Charges?

Yes, there are various charges.

After registering freely on Massive Internet Profits, remember you’ll be redirected to other shady platforms.

These other platforms will be had different charges.

One of the sites that will charge you is Bitcoin Revolution.

You’ll start by paying a fee of $250.

The more you become active, the more this figure keeps increasing.

Other programs will also be offering you packages in the form of perks.

You’ll end up spending thousands of dollars for each of these packages.

To make matters worse, the system uses corrupted software designed to bring you a lot of losses.

Who Is Massive Internet Profits For?

Massive Internet Profit is not a real program hence not suitable for anyone.

This program will not only waste your hard-earned money but also your time.

It’ll possibly make you have a negative attitude towards online businesses.

Some programs are suitable for you to start your journey to digital business.

All you need to do before committing your money to any online business opportunity is to understand the nature of the business you will be engaging yourself in.

Massive Internet Profits are used by the owner to promote other shady schemes.

This is evident by the constant change of the links.

These links redirect you to those other fraudulent programs.

Its association with MOBE, a famously known internet scam, makes it an unsafe place to waste your money.

MOBE duped many unsuspecting individuals and stole their money.

This attracted the attention of FTC, that later on shut it.

Will I Get A Refund If I’m Not Satisfied With Massive Internet Profits?

I told you from the start that this program is totally a scam.

All the programs you are going to get will charge you different prices.

These different platforms will claim to have their own refund policies.

Now, even if it promises you any form of a refund, you’re likely not getting anything out of it.

So don’t waste your time and money on this platform because you’re sure to lose.

Is Massive Internet Profits A scam?

Massive Internet Profits for a fact is a scam.

Don’t fall for any of the lies this platform sells to you.

The mysterious creator of Massive Internet Profits is redirecting many users to other get-rich-quick platforms.

They are applying the general knowledge of making money online.

This website generally has nothing of its own to offer you except to collude with another shady platform to steal from you.

The owner also unrealistically simplifies how to make money online.

This could just be a strategy to lure you into their plan.

The more users they refer to this platform, the more commission they earn.

Massive Internet Profits was designed to generate leads for shady platforms such as MOBE and Bitcoin Revolution.

Since you will be registering with your e-mail, you’ll always be receiving spamming e-mails daily.

Avoid this platform!

There are other alternatives you could go for and build a profitable business.

Check out how I have been able to fair with online business:

Jason Foster

What I Like About Massive Internet Profits

  • There is totally nothing positive about Massive Internet Profits worth mentioning.

What I Don’t Like About Massive Internet Profits

  • It’s A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

This platform promises you to make huge money without doing anything practical.

All other get-rich-quick platforms have always ended up collapsing with people’s money.

Understand that all the claims on this platform are purely meant to make you believe in the possibility of making money overnight.

Making money online is possible, but it will not be an overnight thing.

It takes time to build and develop a profitable online business.

  • It Promotes Fraudulent Sites such as MOBE & Bitcoin Revolution

Massive Internet profits have links with Bitcoin Revolution and MOBE.

MOBE is a platform that has been trapping unsuspecting individuals worldwide.

By the time it was closed, many people had already become victims.

The same fate is most likely going to befall Bitcoin Revolution.

This should be a warning signal since Massive Internet Profits is busy promoting such a platform.

  • Lacks transparency

The owner of this program did not disclose his identity.

So, they are not confident enough about what they created.

Therefore, does not want to be known or associated with this platform.

Legitimate sites will always provide you with enough information about their products.

This will help you build a good business relationship and trust.

And since this program denied you this, it makes it not worthy of your trust.

Also, you can go ahead and watch this 8 minutes video to learn more about Massive Internet Profits:

Is There Any Alternative To Massive Internet Profits?

Yes, there are very many legit and profitable alternatives for you.

And start with Affiliate Marketing.

With this business model, you can build a steady income source by promoting other legitimate products and services.

And I confidently affirm that affiliate marketing is not very demanding apart from being profitable.

Better still, with a small budget, you are in a good position to start.

So, build your online income with affiliate marketing.

And partner with those partners who have already established their businesses and promote as many products as possible.

Follow my blueprint below to learn more about affiliate marketing:

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Is Massive Internet Profits a Scam?

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