Is Mint Builder A Scam? Unmasking The Truth!

Is Mint Builder A Scam?

Is Mint Builder A SCAM?

I appreciate that you took the time to check out my review.

Is there any possibility that you can make a living with this MLM

Or is it another scam that wants to run away with your hard-earned money? 

I’ll do everything possible to ensure that I review the company to know all that.

This platform claims they can pay you to find people to register for the paid memberships and sell precious metals. 

But on the same note, I need to point out that I’m not affiliated with the company, nor am I trying to push you into joining the company.

Instead, I will offer you my genuine review of the product; ultimately, you can decide on your own.

Some people treat this program as legit, while some consider this a scam.

I’ll not stand on either side.

I’ll give all my proof for any claim I make, after which you’ll be better positioned to make the appropriate decision. 

I hope you’ll read this review to the end because I’ll also offer you an alternative way of making money online without spending a fortune. 

So, are you ready for us to hit the road?

Let’s get going…

Is Mint Builder a Scam?

Summary of Mint Builder Review

Name of the Product: Mint Builder

Type of the Product: Bullion & Coin Mint MLM

Website’s URL:

Founder: Matt Barkes

Cost: Comes with different investment packages

Recommended for: Read on to  learn more

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The platform offers you a chance to sell precious metals, and you can sell them to people who have an interest, and out of it, you’ll earn a commission from the sale.

Again, you can create a team of promoters and get compensated after a person upgrades to the paid level, and also, when individuals you share, the team brings others on board. 

Most Mint Builder individuals get their funds on the same business model. 

Therefore, this program is only ideal for people good at creating a team and teaching people how to do business. 

If you cherish making money online and wish to make your presence online, I know there are simple and easier ways to get started without spending all your hard-earned money.

Is Mint Builder A Scam?

Is Mint Builder a Scam?

What is Mint Builder?

To start with, Mint Builder is essentially a multi-level marketing platform that claims to sell mint coins.

In the past, the company was known as International Silver Network (ISN)

The product section featured in it has mainly been coined as the mains. 

Several Multi-Level Marketing companies sell packages, goods, and products that are pricier than what you’ll pay elsewhere. 

But, this program emphasized the idea that it deals with comes with very competitive prices. 

As I noticed on their FAQ, they sell their major precious metals at a retail price. 

Is Mint Builder a Scam?

If you purchase wholesale, your pay price will come down significantly.

And that is the work of Mint Builder. 

It checks the entire World’s prices and sells these units wholesale. 

The platform is primarily interested in the silver and gold industry. 

Also, the platform claims you may make money over time after buying collectible coins and bullion

Aside from that, it comes with different membership plans and a free membership option that implies that you do not have to participate in this kind of business opportunity. 

Further, Mint Builder is concerned with numismatic marketing assets and semi-numismatic assets.

Many products presented on this platform are coins, even though you can find exotic items. 

So, if a Level One affiliate brings in a new affiliate, they’ll be placed on the second level of the initial Unilevel team of the affiliate. 

Again, in case a level two affiliate brings on board another new affiliate, they’ll be placed on the third level, and so on. 

Who Is Behind Mint Builder?

Matt Barkes is the owner of Mint Builder.

Matt began trading gold and silver assets in 1997 before establishing ISN coins.

And Matt Barkes is believed to have started this online venture long before. 

In 2012, he launched his initial ISN coins platform, but two years later, it closed down; however, the site is still up and running, and now it markets Mint Builder. 

The two business platforms are similar; however, in many ways, most products presented on Mint Builder outdo what the ISN coin platform sells. 

Here is the mission that Matt has on his website:

Is Mint Builder a Scam?

That is not the end; suppose you’re looking for additional information as to who Matt Barkes is and the type of business he is involved in; I have shared the below video with you:

After you know information about the founder of this program, let’s now get to answer the big question.

After I have answered this question, I’m sure you’ll be ready to decide.

But if you need to start an affiliate marketing business, you should remember that you’re not alone.

Check out another alternative to making money online:

Jason Foster

Is Mint Builder a SCAM?

Mint Builder isn’t a SCAM.

However, sustaining such a business model can be arduous since the compensation plan focuses more on awarding its members for improving their chain by inviting others into the platform. 

As per the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Multi-Level Marketing platforms that acquire money from onboard paid clients are always pyramid schemes. 

However, since this isn’t true for Mint Builder, I don’t consider it a pyramid scheme because the commission is paid for the product sold.

How Do You Make Money With Mint Builder?

Mint Builder offers you two options to make money from this platform:

  • A retail commission is generated from the sales.
  • Recruitment commissions that come from the building team. 

The Compensation Plan of Mint Builder

The compensation plan of Mint Builder is a combination of recruitment commissions and retail commissions; however, the recruitment commissions are often given more priority as compared to retail. 

Recruitment commissions

 Here, you’ll earn 10% of the total fees your recruiter paid. 

Retail commissions

Here, you’ll earn 1% under the bullion category of what the customer pays; however, you’ll be paid a 10% commission for wholesale memberships. 

Also, you’ll be paid 10% commissions on collectible coin sales.

Residual commissions

Mint Builder uses a residual commission method that follows what is referred to as a Unilever compensation method. 

Such structure puts you in the upper place of the team. 

Then your direct recruit is put under you, which you’ll hear being said as your level one recruit.

And then your level one recruits are put under them to become the third level recruits. 

And the chain continues to infinity.

At level 5, Mint Builder gets rid of the structure.

And thus, pays you upwards of 50% of the recruitment and retail commissions you earned by all the members at this level. 

Having that said, let’s now go back to a special area you don’t want to miss.

The Truth Unmasked about Mint Builder


I’ll be straight here. 

Mint Builder is majorly focused on recruitment.  

The platform encourages you to recruit members to earn highly. 


I’m not into the idea that Multi-Level Marketing companies task members to buy services or products every month. 

This ends up reaching an uncontrollable monthly cost, surpassing the profits.

And as such, you lose money, and in the end, the more you have the products. 

The Cost of Mint Builder

As I pointed out earlier, Mint Builder features different membership options, and I break them down below:

Basic Membership: $39/month

Silver Piece: $47/month

Platinum Gram: $85/month

Around the World: $97/month

Gold Gram Bundle: $97/month

Bullion & Numismatic Bundle: $127/month

The Select Few Bundles: $177/month

Global Elite Bundle: $497/month

That said, let’s see if I can get anything that I like/I don’t like about it.

Pros and Cons

What I like about Mint Builder

  • If you opt to market this platform and leverage the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) point of view, you can make a good income. 

What I don’t like about Mint Builder

  • The platform is mainly focused on getting people into it: And the commission of every sale is 1%, which is very limited as opposed to other options offered for earning money.
  • Most people who join this platform will start by ensuring they get people to it to increase their revenue. 
  • You’ll have to spend some colossal monthly money on services and products to ensure your Membership stays active.
  • Breaking into MLM is not easy: Remember that this business model needs extensive marketing, sales, and persuasion, and all of this should be at your fingertips to be in an excellent position to teach others. 

And such a process is not easy for everyone; therefore, making money will not be easy with such a business model.

After looking into the good and bad sides of the program, you can now decide by yourself whether this platform is perfect for you to make money. 

While you make money, ensure you are not putting all your investment in one basket.

Because, in a situation where things go south, you’ll not worry because you didn’t invest everything in one place. 

My #1 Recommendation

Yes, I have an alternative option you can still use to make money online.

I didn’t like that Mint Builder forces you to buy some services and products monthly to make your account active. 

Because in such a scenario, you’ve found yourself shelling more from your pocket rather than making a profit. 

In my opinion, Multi-Level Marketing is a good way to begin an online venture because you pay a high entry fee. 

Unlike affiliate marketing, you’ll face a rough time convincing people to sign up and subscribe to the platform. 

So, if you’re passionate about a particular niche and need to start an online business as an affiliate marketer, I have you covered. 

I have experience with affiliate marketing, and the facts speak for themselves. 

To cut a long story short, find out how you can start earning money online by checking out the link below;

Good luck! 

Is Mint Builder A Scam?

FAQs About Mint Builder Review

How many members does Mint Builder Have?

With the industry’s competitive nature, this platform’s owner opts not to disclose their members.

How long has Mint Builder stayed in business?

Mint Builder has offered its service since 2017. However, Matt Barkes has been in the precious metals sector since 2007.

Can I Pause My Subscription?

The information on their FAQ section claims that they offer a way to pause your subscription.

You can be able to pause for 3,2, or 1 month.

To pause the program, you ought to email the support to initiate the process immediately.

What Marketing Funnel Does Mint Builder Use?

Mint Builder uses Precious Metal Trends (PMT). The platform uses this as its funnel to generate leads and send automatic responders.

Thank you for reading Mint Builder Review.

22 thoughts on “Is Mint Builder A Scam? Unmasking The Truth!

  1. Hello Jason. Perhaps a new review of MintBuilder is in order as the information posted here isn’t correct. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for reaching out, Matt.

      As of the time when this review was published, the information was current. However, we will soon be making some revisions to incorporate the latest updates.

      Edit: post has been updated with the latest info

  2. Hello Jason, thank you for your in depth review. I do want to clear up a few things regarding LLC.
    – It is stated that you must pay to participate in the Affiliate side of the business… this is not the case. MintBuilder has always offered a Free Affiliate program.
    – It is also mentioned that MintBuilder pays 1% commissions. This is only true for the bullion category and is the case because bullion is a super competitively priced market so there is not a lot of room for market up. However, when you refer wholesale memberships (like a Costco membership) to customers we pay 10% commissions which are residual earnings to our affiliates. Also we pay 10% commissions on collectible coin sales.
    – Also it is mentioned that MintBuilder may be a pyramid scheme because it pays commissions on recruiting. This is not the case because commissions are paid on product sales MintBuilder’s products are precious metals and wholesale customer memberships. These memberships are sold to customers. There is no commission paid on affiliate memberships. Again we offer a Free Affiliate membership as well as a $9/month membership (which is non commissionable). Anyone who purchases a wholesale membership is considered a customer and not an affiliate unless they refer at least one sale. Most of our members, nearly 85%, are customers only not affiliates.
    – It was mentioned that MintBuilder does not have an Income Disclosure. This is not true, we have our disclosure posted in our website footer. It is not legal for an affiliate or MLM program to not have one. If you find a program that does not have one it would be wise to not participate in that program.
    MintBuilder is a legit business that’s main focus is to help people acquire precious metals to help them hedge off inflation. The affiliate side of the business is only a vehicle to help us promote silver and gold sales.

  3. Hi Jason, 

    Thanks for this thorough article. It really seems to me like breaking into this MLM is very, very, difficult and pricey. I think there are easier and more lucrative options out there.  

    1%, like you said, is a really small commission compared to other options that are available online. 

    I also really appreciate you warning people that you need skills upfront to make this work for you- since I can see a lot of new people trying to join it without those skills and just quitting.

    I would hate to see people waste time and energy, and ultimately just get discouraged with this program, so thanks for reviewing it!

    I agree with your #1 recommendation



    1. Thanks for reading, Beth.

      Some MLMs set up can be good, but most of not so great.

      I believe affiliate marketing is a much better alternative for sure.

  4. Nice review, I heard about MLM before and I don’t know how it works, but after reading your article I finally get the idea. It’s hard to find a legit money-making program to join. I often feel skeptical about websites providing upsells just to learn all there is about affiliate marketing.

    Thanks for the review. 🙂

  5. It’s hard to know who to trust on the internet, especially knowing which companies are just these pyramid MLM crooks and which ones are legit. What I like about your site is there isn’t any sales pressure tactics. You know like the click the buy button in 1 minute or lose out forever gimmicky tricks. I will check the platform out for myself,  but based on the first impression their chances of drawing me into their business looks bleak for them indeed. Be good

  6. I have to say after reading your article that Mint Builder would be a waste of time and money for me personally.  Fortunately, I do my homework before trying out opportunities to make money.  It’s very helpful to find articles such as yours, otherwise finding out the information I need would take much longer.

    While Mint Builder may not at a first glance clearly appear to be an MLM scheme, that itself is a red flag.  Tricksters have become pretty clever about disguising these grey area pyramid type “businesses.”

    In any case, a much better idea would be to “buy low and sell high,” otherwise known as traditional investing.  You can buy as much or as little as you want, and you can open or close accounts with no strings attached (assuming you have sufficient assets to invest, of course).

    Thank you for this very thorough and straight forward article about Mint Builder.

  7. Hey Jason,

    I was not familiar with this site at all and after reading your review I’m not interested at all. I feel like this is more of another pyramid scheme as previously, people interested in Silver and Gold should just buy it from the legitimate sites that just sell for you to hold and increase value, not the added gimmicks here, thanks for the information.

  8. Hey thanks for this review! I’ve recently been researching around various mlm, I haven’t really signed up to any as I’m not too sure if they are a scam and that’s where sites like these come in handy!

    I also like how you aren’t actually affiliated nor pressuring it makes the review seem more genuine, I’m going to take a look at this platform in more detail as well as other similar ones just to be sure before spending money!

  9. The only thing that puts me off of Mint Builder is the multi level thing and the fact that you need to find the time to train your team, or you probably won’t get anywhere fast. I have learned from past experience that most of the people you recruit end up dropping out, so it ends up being a lot of work for nothing. Although the product looks fine, I can’t imagine many people wanting to purchase mint coins, as they are always difficult to get rid of again.

    I am a fan of working for myself and rather employing staff as I need them. 

  10. Hi Jason,

    I don’t think they’re a good business model, I think they’re exploitative, and they’re not diverse. It may be the case that this is not a topic I am interested in and the platform felt frustrating.

    After researching I have decided not to sign up. I was accused of being a Pyramid Scheme at first and later it seemed like it had some shady operations behind the scenes, so this is one site I will keep away from.

    Have great time.

  11. Hello, great review about Mint Builder. I heard about Mint builder a few months ago but I didn’t jump in, I also believed the commission was very limited and there were better options to participate in. It also requires a lot of money to stay in the program, so I decided to keep looking for alternatives to make money online. Thank you very much for all the details shared.

  12. Wow! I didn’t know bullion was a type of precious metal of some kind and how it falls under a category! We both know it isn’t a scam you made a whole review and showed us pictures on your end. I checked out the site as well and it seems very legit as well. 

    Mint builder may seem like a scam because no one does their research on it and just judges. Not everyone knows what bullion is or trading bullion. It says that it requires you to buy their services to keep going and have your account active within the program.

    it stated in your article that you can make huge profits if you were to be consistent with your work and not afraid to take the risks of taking this trading bullion on. I want to try new things and I will definitely bookmark this for the future as it seems very promising to make big $$$ out of it.

  13. Nice post since everyone is trying to make that extra aside, these can help a lot. Personally, I didn’t ever buy gold or silver for investment, but I think is a solid investment if you got a large amount of money that you want to invest in something “safe”. For smaller amounts of money, I think stocks or crypto are a better choice.  Real estates and gold are for richer people.

    1. I’m a fan of Crypto and have invested in a few of the coins.  Definitely one of the best investment options today.

  14. I have always been a bit skeptical about MLMs. But this is a topic I am interested in (bullions) and the platform felt attractive. Thank you very much for writing this post. After reading, I have decided I will not join. First accused of being a Pyramid Scheme and later fishy operations, so this is a site to keep away from.

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