Is Tupperware A Scam?

Is Tupperware A Scam? – A Complete Review To Watch Out!

Is Tupperware a Scam?

Welcome to my Tupperware Review.

Tupperware has been a long-serving company selling kitchenware.

Both the company and the products offered are legit.

The only question remains whether the Tupperware is worthy of your investment?

I will take you through Tupperware in detail so that you understand how it works and judges whether it is worthy of your money.

Just a reminder, I have no affiliate relationship with this Company.

My article is purposefully for review.

Let’s get into Tupperware.

Summary Of Tupperware Review

Name Of The Product: Tupperware

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: Multi-level Marketing Program

Founder:  Earl Tupper

Product Rating: 4/10

Product Cost: $60 plus upsells

Recommendation: No.

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Overview Of Tupperware

Is Tupperware a Scam?

Tupperware is an MLM company that allows you to be part of its selling team.

Some people have labeled Tupperware a pyramid scheme because of its MLM structure.

I will give you a detailed report on whether this company is legit or a scam.

Even though this program is legit, it has its dark sides that you should be aware of.

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Is Tupperware a Scam?

What Is Tupperware About?

Tupperware is an MLM company that manufactures and sells various kitchenware and household products.

Most of the products sold by Tupperware are designed for storage purposes.

Additionally, the company deals with the production and sale of food preparation and serving items.

In 1946, Earl Tupper created the Tupperware Company, which has remained operational since then.

The Company’s prolonged stay in the market is attributed to the continued sale of its products.

This means Tupperware has won the trust of many users of their products, and they keep coming back.

Tupperware is unlike most other MLM companies that have a short life span.

Those companies do not last long before they succumb to market pressure.

This company claims to give you an ideal opportunity to earn online virtually while enjoying the results at your home.

On their platform, there is a video explaining how the platform works.

You might misunderstand this video and think it is making huge promises.

But the truth is that Tupperware is trying to promote this business opportunity through the video tutorial.

Tupperware Company carries its operations from its base in Florida, United States of America.

Who Are The Founders Of Tupperware?

Is Tupperware a Scam?

The founder of Tupperware is a self-educate inventor called Earl Tupper.

Also, he was a pioneer in the plastics industry and an ambitious entrepreneur.

Earl tried to venture into tree surgery, but his efforts failed him in 1936.

Further, he got employed by Doyle Works, DuPont’s subcontractor.

His employment with Doyle Works lasted for two years, then he resigned.

Earl Tupper decided to research more about plastics.

In 1938, Tupper started his Company called Earl S. Tupper.

What’s more, his company kept growing.

During WW II, he was contracted to manufacture the plastic part of a gas mask.

Tupper kept doing research and redefining his work to create a more useful form of plastics.

In 1942, he invented a food-grade and durable plastic material.

This plastic material was flexible, lightweight, unbreakable, and non-toxic.

He founded the Tupperware Company in the year 1946.

In addition, this company manufactured serving containers and food storage materials.

The company enhanced these food storage materials with an airtight seal a year after.

How Does Tupperware Work?

As I mentioned earlier, Tupperware is a company that deals with the production and sale of household items and kitchen wares.

Products created by Tupperware are used for preparing food, serving food, and storing food.

The services of Tupperware company are ideal for your new kitchen or when you want to re-stock your kitchen.

The Company allows you to earn money in two ways.

First, when you sell any product of Tupperware, you earn a commission from that sale.

Secondly, through the Company’s MLM structure, you can still make money by developing a downline team.

When the teams under you sell the Company’s products, you’ll enjoy commission.

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What Products Does Tupperware Offer?

Tupperware offers the following categories of products;

  • Cookware & Bakeware
  • Kitchenware Tools
  • Serve warm
  • Food storage items
  • Kids & Toys
  • On the Go

One common way of promoting Tupperware products is through direct selling.

All the members organize various parties to showcase various products from the company.

The direct selling method helps Tupperware reduce the cost it could have incurred to run advertisements and marketing.

Tupperware has been doing well in the market for quite a long time.

It has achieved outstanding results from the sale of food-grade materials.

This has allowed the company to enjoy profits over the years.

Tupperware has created several videos showing how its products work.

These supplementary videos enhance the easy understanding of such products.

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How Do Other MLMs Operate?

To understand Tupperware clearly, you must know better about other types of multi-level marketing.

Also, you should learn how they recruit new subscribers and how they profit from their members.

In my Tupperware review, I’ll explain these common terminologies known as Pyramid Scheme and MLM.

Is Tupperware a Scam?

MLM is a marketing structure that allows you to earn commissions through your downline members.

On the other hand, a pyramid scheme is a model that rewards you depending on the number of new members you’ve recruited into their system.

They will stop operating if there are no other recruits.

Most companies selling various products usually use a multi-level marketing structure.

What differentiates these companies is how they manipulate MLM structure to make sales.

Every MLM business depends on its clients to market its Company’s product and service.

Your source of earnings in any MLM business will only be from sales generated.

Members are promised to earn commissions when they promote the companies they’re working for.

However, these members are not compensated well enough.

To achieve a single sale in any MLM business opportunity, you’ll have to work extra hard to convince your prospective clients to buy from your Company.

You will be engaging in many campaigns to publicize the company you’re working with.

Also, in an MLM, you’ll be responsible for packaging and shipping products to your clients.

Furthermore, be prepared to commute to various places to market your product.

Multi-level marketing is not a bad business structure, but the compensation rate is usually low in most cases.

What Is The Cost Of Tupperware?

The cost of joining Tupperware is $60.

This will give you access to a basic Business Kit.

Once you decide what package to go for, you’ll be required to fill out all the required registration details.

Are There Any Other Requirements In Tupperware?

As a distributor, you must sell products worth $600 with a duration of 6 after joining.

This will ensure that you remain an active member of the Company.

Most MLM businesses will impose monthly sales limits on their members to remain active.

Tupperware has concealed all the information about such arrangements.

One of the Company’s distributors affirms that to maintain your active status within the company, you must make cumulative sales amounting to $600 after every six months of stay.

You need to prepare approximately $1,200 during your first year in Tupperware.

How Does Tupperware Compensate Its Members?

Tupperware distributors can enjoy up to 4 different types of compensation plans.

These are;

Personal sales: you earn up to 25% from personal sales

Tram sales: you can earn between 2% and 8% from the sales made by your downline team.

Leadership commission:  This allows you to earn a bonus between 3% and 10% as a director of a downline team.

Additional bonus opportunity: this is a one-time promotional bonus.

The value of these bonuses lies between $100 and $2,500.

Can You Make Money From Tupperware?

Yes, you can make money from this Company.

However, just like most MLM business models, the rate of returns is usually very low.

Thus, making a desirable income from Tupperware is not going to be that easy.

From one of the Tupperware Company’s financial reports, active consultants made about $700 in 2016.

The inactive members pay as little as $20.

The report further shows that only 1-2% of the members are making money.

This is a sign that your chances of succeeding in Tupperware are very narrow.

The majority of those who register with Tupperware do not achieve their desired dream of making a part-time income.

You need to remember that to succeed in an MLM business, you must invest in hard work and commitment.

Those who register for this business model without taking it seriously will make huge losses.

Since the rate of failure in this business model is high, forget about it and go for other suitable and budget-friendly business models that are more profitable.

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Is Tupperware a Scam?

Is Tupperware A Scam?

Tupperware company is not a scam.

In fact, it is a legitimate company that sells tangible products and pays its distributors as they promise.

However, the credibility of this company is becoming poor day after day due to very many complaints and failures registered by the members of the Tupperware Company.

And most people are running away from supporting any program that looks like a pyramid scheme since they have a bad reputation.

Of course, no one would wish to invest in them for fear of losing their hard-earn money.

And so, this would give you a hard time trying to convince your possible clients.

Tupperware may not be a scam, but it has some downsides that I have highlighted in the “What I Don’t like Section.”

What I Like About Tupperware

  • It has been in the market for long

The company has existed for a long and has registered some success along the way.

And some MLM platforms resurface with good promises of making money but will disappear into thin air without notice.

  • Affordable prices

Tupperware manufactures genuine and affordable kitchenware that many people can afford.

Also, some of the products go for as little as $6.

And when you dedicate your efforts to marketing, you’ll at least make some sales.

What I Don’t Like About Tupperware

  • It Has A Close Similarity To A Pyramid Scheme

Tupperware claims that you’ll be rendered inactive if you don’t make sales worth $600 at an interval of 6 months.

And this rule will scare away many people who wish to join the Company.

  • Tupperware is losing its fame.

The Company had registered huge success in the early years of its birth.

And over time, it began losing its quality due to repeated failures and a low rate of returns.

  • It has a Very Low Rate of return.

The Company’s income disclosure reveals that 012% of registered members have made over $32,000 per year.

On the other hand, 96.92% have made less than $700 per year on average.

And based on the compulsory you must make after six months; you’ll be operating with losses.

  • Downward Trend

Tupperware has been registering failures and a downward trend since 2015.

And so, you’re not going to risk your money on a company declining consecutively over the years.

  • Has Concealed Expenses

Your Tupperware account will be deactivated when you fail to make a sale within the first six months.

And this limitation will force most consultants to work tirelessly to make a sale.

Aside from that, those who aren’t lucky to get customers will be forced to stockpile by buying many products to meet the threshold.

Is There Any Alternative To Tupperware?

Yes, there are other best and easy-to-start alternatives for you.

In fact, other platforms are user-friendly and have a high return on investment.

Even though Tupperware is legit, it will not give you the kind of freedom you would wish to have.

And my topmost recommended alternative to Tupperware is Affiliate marketing.

Further, this business model will be your game-changer if you seriously consider it.

However, understand that not all platforms claiming to offer affiliate marketing are legit—exercise caution to avoid investing your money in the wrong hands.

Check out my guide on affiliate marketing on the next page:

Is Tupperware a Scam?


Is Tupperware A Scam?

Tupperware is not a scam. It is a legit company that manufactures tangible kitchen wares.

Also, it pays commissions to its distributors as it claims to.

How do you access the latest products and offers?

Once you identify your nearest dealer, they will keep you posted about Tupperware offers and the latest products.

Again, you can also ask to be given a copy of the Company’s brochure.

Where do I find the nearest Tupperware dealer?

To access the contacts of Tupperware dealers, check out their official website as we indicated in the summary section.

Then, choose the contacts of a distributor near your locality.

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