Make 10000 Dollars a Month Online

Make 10000 Dollars a Month Online? – Free Webinar Reveals EXACT Formula

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You want to make 10000 dollars a month online, right?

Question is: are you a serious individual who is ready to follow an exact, already proven formula to get you there?

Well, if you are that person, then you will want to stick around to the very end because this post will help you to reach that goal.

You see, I have been doing some intense research online to find out the best way how I can bump up my already established online earnings.

During my search, I happen to stumble upon a free book and webinar by Super Affiliate Marketer Mark Ling.

If you do not know who Mark Ling is, then you must be a total newbie to the whole make money online scene, or possibly just coming from under a rock 🙂

Joke aside though; Mark Ling is the founder and owner of Affilorama – a highly respected affiliate marketing training platform which is responsible for producing some of the best super affiliate marketers online.

I mean seriously, you should go check out Mark and his website if you have not already done so.

Visit his official website to learn more.

Anyways, back to what I was saying earlier about this powerful free webinar.

It could be the right solution for you, I don’t know.

You may attend and recognize the amazing opportunity and take action on it right away, or simply do nothing.

In any event, I am still going to share it with you because of the sheer value that it offers and because it has helped a lot of people reach that goal of 10000 dollars per month online (and even more)

What is this Webinar about?

Make 10000 Dollars a Month Online

So, just so you know, I attended the webinar for myself so I can give you the details on it.

Plus, I obtained some screenshots from inside the member’s area to give you a bit of taste of what it is all about.

Of course, I will not be telling you what the entire webinar is all about in this one blog post because that would just be plain silly.

You really would have to attend it for yourself to see what it’s about and decide for yourself if it’s for you.

All I know from what I have seen is that it’s the real deal.

It is based on affiliate & email marketing, but the thing is that Mark makes it super easy for you to get everything set up.

To start with, Mark and his team actually researched & picked out 18 of the highest demand and most profitable evergreen niches that you will find anywhere online.

Below, I have listed the categories (in no specific order):

  1. Dog training
  2. Weight loss
  3. Muscle Building
  4. Natural Health
  5. Dating and relationships for men
  6. Dating and relationships for women
  7. Self-help
  8. Learn to Sing
  9. Green Energy
  10. Make money online (Internet Marketing)
  11. Making Money (in general)
  12. How to Save your relationship
  13. Pregnancy & Fertility
  14. Survival
  15. Hawaii Travel (a surprisingly AMAZING niche)
  16. Golf
  17. Spirituality and alternative beliefs
  18. Wholesale sourcing

I have also taken a screenshot of a section of the categories for you to take a look:

Make 10000 Dollars a Month Online

As you can see, those niches are super profitable (people are spending money like crazy in those niches), has high demands, and will be around for the rest of our lifetime.

In addition to this, all of these 18 niches have 4 things in common. They are:

  • Low Difficulty – highly desperate niche with money to spend
  • Lots of products to promote – Mark provides 20 high-converting affiliate programs
  • Low PPC competition (if you have the budget to advertise, then go for it!)
  • Low SEO (Search Engine Optimization) competition – these are relatively easy to rank.

Mark then tells you EXACTLY what you need to do to make a lot of money with the particular niche that you choose.

And when I say exactly, that’s what I mean.

What he instructs is that you choose ONE niche to start out with (preferably the one you are most interested in or have some experience in).

And just so you know, you will have access to 5 out of the 18.

After you choose your niche, you will then be provided with a website which you can get completely set up with just a few simple clicks.

There are 20 articles that come along with the package.

These articles are specific to each niche and have been researched by Mark and his team to ensure that they get high rankings on Google.

NOTE: To ensure that you are not publishing duplicate content, you are advised to do a bit of customization to the articles, so know that there is a bit of work to be done in this area.

You will be provided with a series of 100 email newsletters (one year’s worth) which are expertly written & Mark will show you how to get it set up to be delivered on auto to your list.

Getting people on your email list

The way how you get people on your list is quite easy…

What Mark does is to give you the e-book or free report (you get 3 of these for each chosen niche) which you then set up to give away to your website visitors.

Whenever they enter their email address this will trigger the autoresponder which does all the work on auto since Mark will have already showed you how to get this set up beforehand.

As you can see from the example below, these are super effective “bait” which will entice your visitors to sign up to your list:

Make 10000 Dollars a Month Online

These emails will build a strong relationship between you and your subscriber.

Most of these emails will offer products which are embedded with your unique code, (called an affiliate link).

Then whenever your subscribers make a purchase through your affiliate link, you make the commissions.

And remember, Mark makes sure to hook you up with ONLY the highest converting offers for each chosen niche.

The Focus

The focus is really on getting the email address of the site visitor and building a relationship which will lead to sales.

There is also a community of other folks involved in this business so that if you happen to get stuck, someone is there to support you.

Where you start is by watching the free webinar and then Mark will offer the hugely powerful system for building money making machines online.

Remember, you get 5 niches to choose from the 18 options presented to you.

But it is best to start with one first, get it profitable, then move on the next one.

My advice to you is to not get distracted by all the shiny objects you see out there.

Stick to this proven copy paste method because Mark has been in this business for a very long time and he knows what he is doing

What he is offering is genuine value and something that works without a doubt.

Just to sum things up here about the system, look what Dean from the UK had to say about it…

Make 10000 Dollars a Month Online

You are in line for great discovery and I want you to take this seriously because you are a serious person who deserves to live a more fulfilled lifestyle as you make 10000 dollars a month online.

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Let me know if you have any questions because I like following up, connecting and giving as much value as I possibly can.

I will also keep sharing any “golden nuggets” I see floating around online, so make sure to add yourself to my newsletter because I will be sending out these awesome training, tools or anything that will benefit you.


-Jason (SHB)

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