Modern Wealthy Review

Modern Wealthy Review – Is Stuart Ross a Con Man?

Hello, I welcome you to my Modern Wealthy Review.

If you have great passion and interest in starting an online business and earning extra income, then you should take a few minutes of your time to check out this review.

Modern Wealthy Program claims to help you achieve your goals in life either as your part-time job or full-time career.

However, before you jump into it, there are a lot of things you need to consider and research to avoid too many mistakes.

This review focuses more on the most important things you need to know, including;

Whether Modern Wealthy is a legit or a scam, and if you should avoid it.

Also, the cost of joining and how you can make money out of it.

Again, you’ll know about Stuart Ross.

Note: I’m not an affiliate of Modern Wealthy, and all the information I’ll offer you in this review will be unbiased and informative.

Before we go further…

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Modern Wealthy Review Summary

Name of The Product: Modern Wealthy

Type of the Product:  Affiliate Marketing Program

Product Website:

Founder:  Stuart Ross

Product Rating: 2/5

Product Cost: $37 plus some extra upsells.

Recommendation: Not for everyone.

Modern Wealthy Review – Overview

Modern Wealthy Review

Many online programs offer coaching and mentorship on ways to make money online.

Some of the programs go the extra mile to provide their affiliates with eBooks, video format training, and live streaming on their channels.

Modern Wealthy, one of the affiliate marketing programs, claims to be the best in providing video training.

The program has up to seven lessons which are organized in the form of videos for easy access by their affiliates.

They also claim to provide free calls for their affiliates to facilitate easy access to personal coaching and mentorship directly from their experts.

To keep their affiliates happy, they offer up to two bonuses, eComm 101 and affiliate marketing 101.

Modern Wealthy Review

By providing the two bonuses, Stuart Ross claims to help you establish yourself to become an authority in your market.

He believes that by doing that, you’ll make your audience know, like, and build trust in you with your business.

He continues to say that authority marketing is at the heart of all your business activities.

And by joining the Modern Wealthy program, Ross promises to help you meet your success by being an excellent problem-solving person.

Ross states that you’ll get paid more when you make many people believe you can solve their problems.

You’ll also learn how to share with your audience value-driven content that will make them believe in your strategies for solving their problems.

To learn in-depth about the Modern Wealthy program, let’s examine its meaning.

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What Is Modern Wealthy?

Modern Wealthy Review

Modern Wealthy is an affiliate marketing program that offers training on establishing your online business.

The program was founded by Stuart Ross, who still serves as the company’s chief executive officer.

The course is made up of seven modules which are stored in video format.

There is also an Electronic Book which also contains the training lessons you can use to get the information.

However, if the training on the eBook or videos isn’t enough for you, you still don’t have to worry.

The program offers you an opportunity to interact with its experts directly.

This is done through the direct call, which allows you to converse with the experts for coaching and personal mentorship.

Just like other affiliate marketing programs, the Modern Wealthy program claims to offer you the best training you need to start an online business.

To justify their claims, let’s go through how the program works.

How Does Modern Wealthy Program Work?

Since Stuart Ross launched the Modern Wealthy Program in 2022, it has had positive progress online.

This is evidenced by the many recommendations made on the program online, which mostly happen when they make email lists.

They also have many followers on their social media network platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook.

The program works by providing training on skills and knowledge on how to start your online business.

In its seven modules, the Modern Wealthy program helps you learn how to establish yourself and become a full authority in your niche.

The program also helps you realize your potential in marketing and how you can become a good problem-solving person.

What Is Modern Wealthy Program All About?

Modern Wealthy Review

Modern Wealthy Program is an affiliate marketing program that focuses on making you start a successful online business.

And by joining the program, you should be ready and have passion and interest in building your online business to earn money.

Apart from helping you start an online business, the program helps you learn ways to solve numerous online problems.

This is a strategy Ross uses to help you maintain your audience and make them trust you.

By building trust among your audience, you’ll stand a chance to earn more, as they’ll have reasons to pay you more for your services.

The program also talks about promoting itself online through its affiliates.

For instance, when you join the program, you’ll be expected to pay the price tag together with the bunch of upsells to access the training.

By paying the prices, you’ll be promoting their products which will make them improve their sales and make more profits.

Just like other affiliate marketing programs available online, Modern Wealthy program dwells more on you promoting their products.

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Who Is Stuart Ross?

Modern Wealthy Review

Stuart Ross is the owner of Modern Wealthy.

He came up with the Modern Wealthy program in 2019 and registered It the same year to acquire its license from the legal authorities.

Ross later launched the program officially in 2022, where he started offering services to numerous affiliates who wanted to make money online.

He is a long-time investor in online business who claims to have achieved success in online work.

Ross takes his online investment as a full career where he puts his strategies towards solving problems many people face online.

In his dream of creating the program, Ross focuses on making you establish your investment online and earn money.

He teaches you some of the ways in which you can identify problems and find solutions to the problems to earn money.

As a strategist, Ross allows you to make a phone call and directly converse with him as an affiliate of Modern Wealthy.

This allows you to ask numerous questions concerning how to come up with solutions to your identified problems.

In his teaching, everyone should not be limited to opportunities of making money online as he provides numerous of them in the program.

You’ll only have to choose the one that works best for you and start working on it to have a stable income.

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What Is The Cost Of Joining Modern Wealthy?

Modern Wealthy Review

Now, how much will it cost you to be part of the Modern Wealthy affiliates?

The price of joining the program stood at $37 when I published this review.

The price tag is a one-term fee.

After paying the entry price of $37, there is an additional upsell you’ll have to purchase before being allowed to access the services.

The Upsell, which is known as the Launchpad, will cost you either $197 or $997 in your first month.

Apart from Launchpad, another upsell is also known as Your Best Life Blue Print private group, costing $67.

For this second Upsell, you will pay the $67 price tag on a one-time basis.

Is Modern Wealthy A Scam? 

In my view, the Modern Wealthy program is not a Scam.

The program legitimately focuses on how to help you build your career business online.

In his teachings, Ross focuses on modern day-to-day problems that most people face daily.

He will teach you the skills on how to provide the best solution to the problems.

By offering solutions to the different problems you come across online, your audience will develop trust and interest in your business.


This will make the audience pay you more for the services and help you grow your business online.

When your services are improved, you’ll increase your earnings and become successful as an affiliate of the program.

However, if you are already into an online business making a significant amount of money for the business, this training may not help you much.

This is because making money from the program may not be as easy as Stuart Ross suggests.

You’ll have to spend more time, effort, and some investment to start making significant money.

In addition, the profit margin you’ll get at the beginning of the business is pretty small and may not satisfy you if you have high demands.

As such, it may be a waste of time for you if you have another well-paying business online.

The program will help you with great skills and experience to start your business online.

The only challenge you may face in the program is the upsells, which may have a higher price tag for some beginners.

Modern Wealthy Review

My Recommendation For Modern Wealthy?

Despite the Modern Wealthy program not being a scam, it may not be suitable for everyone.

The program is much help for people who wants to start a business but have zero experience to rely on.

In addition, the program requires you to be able to pay both the price tag and the extra couple of upsells for you to get the full training.

What I Like About Modern Wealthy

  • The program offers a refund policy

Modern Wealthy Review

When you purchase any upsell from Modern Wealthy and find it good, you need not worry.

The program allows you to claim back your money within thirty days of leaving the product.

Stuart Ross promises the Modern Wealthy affiliates a quick return which does not include asking you any questions.

  • The program offers Bonuses

When you join the Modern Wealthy program, Ross promises you two bonuses that he believes will boost your training.

These two bonuses include eCom 101 and Affiliate Marketing 101 and come with an eBook for training.

By providing you with the compensation plan, Stuart Ross promises you to get more out of the training sessions if you have a passion for online business.

What I Don’t Like About Modern Wealthy

  • Not the best choice for beginners

Modern Wealthy program may be less beneficial to beginners who want to start a business from zero with a poor financial background.

This is due to lower profit margins and higher financial requirements to pay the upsells available in the program.

In addition, beginners will find it time-consuming to adapt to the business and earn a significant amount of money if they join the program.

  • The Upsells can be considered expensive for some people

The upsells available in the program, especially the launchpad, are highly expensive for beginners who want to start the business from zero.

Apart from the Launchpad, the other bunch of upsells available in the program are also expensive.

  • Shallow training

Stuart Ross focuses more on providing coaching through the strategy called the mentorship program.

This only benefits people who go the extra mile to call for coaching despite paying for the training.

However, the seven modules offer shallow and basic information if you rely on the training sessions in the videos.

You can acquire such basic information by watching videos on YouTube or browsing on Google for free, creating no need to pay for the program.

Is There Any Alternative To Modern Wealthy?

Although Modern Wealthy is an affiliate program, there is still another affiliate marketing opportunity that you can still take advantage of.

The aim here is to market the products and services of a reputable company to get a payment out of success through a commission.

Unlike programs like Modern Wealthy, working for renowned companies like Amazon can be great because you don’t have to pay a fortune to start.

Therefore, though I encourage people to go for affiliate marketing, you should always understand that becoming an affiliate for a reputable company is the key.

To make even things clear, here is the blueprint that I have tailored for you to make you understand more and find success with affiliate marketing.

FAQs About Modern Wealthy

How much profit can I make from Modern Wealthy Program?

The amount of money you will make from the program depends on the capital and effort you put toward your business.

If you invest more capital and spend much of your time focusing on how to grow your business, you will stand a chance to make more money.

Who Is the Modern Wealthy Program For?

I think the Modern Wealthy program is best suitable for people with good investment capital to start an online business but who lack experience.

If you are searching for a person, you can pay for the services offered in the program and get the mentorship program from the owner via the call.

However, if you are into business or lack the required capital, joining the Modern Wealthy program will not help you.

Can I get trained on Modern Wealthy without Purchasing the Upsells?

No, the upsells are mandatory for every member who wants to enjoy the services provided in the program.

If you pay for the price tag and fail to purchase any Upsell, you might be denied access to the training materials as required.

Therefore, Launchpad Upsell and the best life blueprint private group upsell are compulsory for everyone who wants to join the program.

Does Modern Wealthy Program have Testimonies?

Yes, the Modern Wealthy program has numerous recommendations on their email lists which are greatly positive for their services.

In addition, the program has positive reviews.

Thank you for reading the Modern Wealthy Review.

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

2 thoughts on “Modern Wealthy Review – Is Stuart Ross a Con Man?

  1. So I went to the get started page for David Sharpe, where I was asked to pay $7 to join, i went to close the page and suddenly the offer went to $1 and on the page after that its asking for $37 if i want a fast track system that super affiliates know. In your honest review of Modern Wealth you were criticizing them for having upsells after the joining page of $197 or $997 depending and also $67 for the members group, so if I join David Sharpes program for $1 or $7 am I going to be surprised on the next page after joining with an enormous upsell cost to join the full system?

    1. Hi Adrian, there are optional upsells within Legendary Marketer. It’s up to you if you want to get it.

      The main product is currently $2500.

      The $7 program gives you access to the 15 day business builder challenge.

      From my experience, it’s top notch. I have gotten the knowledge there that shows me how to win more.

      At the end of the day, you choose which company you want to help you succeed with your digital marketing business.

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