My Inbox Pro Review – Is This Email Marketing Service Legit?

My Inbox Pro Review

Hello, welcome to My Inbox Pro Review.

I hereby begin by congratulating you for taking the time to research the program before you make your decisions.

There are many scam programs online that promise people to help them make money.

After joining it, you will only realize the promises are fake and spend your money on the services.

So, if you want to know if My Inbox Pro is a scam or legit, this review is all you need for now.

I will also explain how you can make money from the program and the cost of joining it.

As such, you’ll stand a good chance of comparing the program with many other online email marketing platforms.

However, you should be aware that most such programs offer free services to welcome you into their platform and then end up charging you after your subscription.

The list of hidden fees might sometimes limit you from enjoying their services and making significant money.

So, it’s always important to research the program before making your decisions.

However, for My Inbox Pro, I have made things easier for you by providing you with what you need to know about the program.

And by reading this review, you’ll have reasons to give My Inbox Pro a chance or leave it, depending on your needs.

Before I start my review, I also want to inform you that I’m not affiliated with My Inbox Pro.

In that case, I’ll share with you unbiased and honest information about the program.

Taking that into account, let’s get started…

My Inbox Pro Review Summary  

Name of The Product:  My Inbox Pro

Type of the Product:  Email Marketing Program

Product Website:

Founders:  David M. Beeson and Robert Jones

Product Rating: 1/5

Product Cost: From $97 (Package I)

Recommendation: It depends; Please read and find out why from my review

My Inbox Pro Review – Overview

My Inbox Pro Review

Since its registration, My Inbox Pro program has become one of the common email marketing platforms.

This makes it among the platforms that offer email marketing services online.

Most of these email marketing platforms are always out to attract as many affiliates as possible to their platforms.

Some of them claim to offer their services for free even though they end up charging you hidden fees after joining.

Most such programs are always fake, and their services end up misleading their affiliates.

This results from such programs being associated with commonly known scamming websites online.

For instance, if a website is linked to other websites, such as PWM or pay with mike, it may not be a good platform.

This also goes for platforms associated with GIM and My Email mentor programs online.

For this reason, it is always important to check if the program is linked with such websites before you can actually join it.

This will lower the chances of you facing the high risk of being scammed.

On the other hand, some programs will charge you for their services to help you make money.

Despite such legit programs, it will be much more difficult for you to make significant money on most of them.

The difficulties result from the high capital, more effort and time you’ll have to put forward when making money from it.

And when it comes to My Inbox Pro website, much focus is on how the company will help you make money online.

So, is My Inbox Pro unique from others?

Before anything, if you’re looking for a better alternative to make money online, feel free to check out this opportunity:

My Inbox Pro Review

Let’s dive in to understand what this program is and further explain.

What Is My Inbox Pro?

My Inbox Pro Review

My Inbox Pro is a program that offers email marketing services online.

In most cases, the program is always known as an autoresponder in its operations.

Email marketing programs are usually important for marketers’ arsenal online via the internet.

My Inbox Pro platform allows you to collect many emails online from people who join your platform registration page.

The program then passes out the emails automatically.

It is an opportunity for millions of worldwide investors to make a profit online.

In such a business, the role played by My Inbox is to resell another service known as a send loop.

The information will be clear, especially when you cancel My Inbox Pro account registration process.

Note that you cannot rule out the program instantly being a send loop, as this may make it a legitimate company too.

Send Loop is always known to be a legit company making it a good opportunity for you to make money.

The only challenge you will face is that the My Inbox Pro may tend to resell the same emails to you.

This makes it charge you a higher price, almost twice the normal price of selling one email.

How does this happen?

Well, to understand perfectly why the problem occurs, let’s go through how the company works.

How Does My Inbox Pro Work?

My Inbox Pro Review

As an autoresponder, My Inbox Pro Website allows one email to many users online at once.

The program has two options for broadcasting the emails, which include;

  • Sending the email as a one-time message or sending it as an automated follow-up email sequence.

This program works based on collecting emails of people joining your platform and marketing them at once.

It solves the challenges faced in old marketing techniques that involved sending people to your sales page directly.

When you decide to collect the email of all your followers, the program allows you to send an email to all of them at once.

This also allows you to use the same list to broadcast your emails for many years to come and maximize your sales.

There are also many options of programs offering the same services online.

For instance, the ESP program, also known as Email Service Provider, uses the same procedure to send emails.

Getrespone system is also another program that helps in email broadcasting.

The program requires a small monthly subscription of at least $19.

All these programs use the same procedure to send emails to many people.

Their deference in operation is based on the quality of services they offer and their prices.

Getrespone programs tend to have many affiliates online, making it the most preferred system.

If you find all these not suitable, then you will have to change your mind about the program to join.

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My Inbox Pro Breakdown

My Inbox Pro Review

My Inbox Pro package features the following areas as a service.

  • List Segmentation
  • List Import and Export
  • Template Gallery
  • Custom templates

My Inbox Pro does not seem to be a true autoresponder system when combining all these features.

This makes it seem to be an affiliate of another company offering email services online.

In my opinion, I see My Inbox Pro system as a product of SendLoop company offering email marketing services.

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What Is The Cost Of My Inbox Pro?

My Inbox Pro Review

My Inbox Pro system consists of up to four price options that depend on the number of followers or plans you choose.

The first package plan will cost you $97, which allows you to send up to 30,000 emails daily.

The second plan offered in the program costs $157, which allows you to send up to 50,000 emails a day.

The third plan costs $238, which allows you to send up to 75,000 emails a day.

The forth plan costs $318, which allows you to send up to 100,000 emails a day.

You must choose a plan according to the number of followers you want to serve and consider your pocket amount.

After choosing your preferred plan, you’ll have to fill out a certain form in the program.

The system will direct you to another website upon completing the requested form.

The other website is also an email marketing service system called SendLoop company.

When you compare the prices of My Inbox Pro system and other programs, you will find their prices on the higher side.

For instance, the Getrespone program always has package prices starting at as low as $19 per month.

On the other hand, when you are looking forward to purchasing a 5000-subscriber account, it will not cost you much.

You will have to pay between $49 to $50 a month and enjoy the service.

However, you need to consider that all these email marketing service companies have competitive prices.

For this reason, it’s important to first look at if the program is associated with any scam before you consider its price.

Your first priority should be on the program’s legitimacy and quality of work before considering its price.

Is My Inbox Pro A Scam?

My Inbox Pro Review

In my view, My Inbox Pro System is not a legit email marketing company.

However, the company seems to be an affiliate of another company.

They are promoting SendLoop company which is a legit email marketing company.

The program also asks for higher prices that exceed the average prices asked by other competitive programs, and the program does not also talk more about its owners.

The program owner, who uses unethical tactics in marketing their products, hides his information from the public.

As such, you’ll have to go directly to the main company to avoid facing any form of scamming from the site.

However, if the program is not good for you and you are still looking for another opportunity to make money online, worry no more.

I have another alternative program for you to give a chance online

Check it out:

My Inbox Pro Review

What Is My Inbox Pro System Really All About?

My Inbox Pro system sends email spam to many people online.

People always share their personal data, such as emails and personal names to big companies online during registration.

The system promotes the GIM program, also known as the Guaranteed Email System.

They both use the same idea and procedure to send email spam to people.

You will be prompted to join different opportunities claiming to help you make money online in the emails.

The system’s registration was also very anonymous, with little information about the process.

This makes it difficult to trace the true owners of the program going by the provided information.

You’ll have to use other sources of information to learn more about the program.

For instance, I found a common company address when I researched deeper.

The address was used by My Email Mentor website and DE Marketing Inc company.

This shows that the program owners, David M Beeson and Robert Jones, are linked to other scam websites using the address.

The system takes advantage of the increased number of people using emails online to make money through spamming.

What I Like About My Inbox Pro?

From my honest point of view, this program has nothing positive to discuss.

The system is promoting another email marketing service company.

There will be no need to join the system if you already have access to the other company it is promoting, known as SendLoop.

The owners of the program are also linked with other known scamming sites such as GIM.

Therefore, you may not necessarily find anything good about the program apart from the fake promises they offer on the website.

What I Don’t Like About My Inbox Pro

  • The Program Lacks Testimonies

In my research about My Inbox Pro company, I have not found anywhere a record of members has been mentioned.

There are also no past website reviews from third parties about its operations.

This makes the site untrusted, as most websites go missing with time after recording a negative review.

  • Does not reveal details about the Owners

The My Inbox Pro official website does not display information about the company’s owner.

You will have to dig much deep for you to gather little information about the owners.

This makes it difficult to contact the owners for assistance or learn more about them.

  • No Updates on their Blogs

The program does not post updates of its blog periodically to its affiliates.

This makes it difficult to capture new information or changes made in the program.

From my research, the last time the company updated its site was in 2011.

  • Does not offer Trial Packages

Most email marketing service offers free trial packages before introducing you to paid packages.

In the case of My Inbox Pro system, there is no free trial package offered.

You will only have to choose from the premium plans available for professionals and newbies.

  • The Refund Policy is not Coherent.

The program does not offer a direct refund policy to its affiliates.

For this reason, if you join the program, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back If you want it.

This means that if you find the services provided in the program not impressive after purchasing, you will not find it easy to get your money refunded.

Is There Any Alternative Program To My Inbox Pro?

Yes, my favorite program online is affiliate marketing.

Given that you have an area you have passion for, you rest assured that you’ll succeed when you tie up with affiliate marketing.

Why do I prefer an affiliate marketing program?

First, the program uses the basic skill you have in business to help you make money online.

In addition, you can make significant profits in the program starting with the lowest amount of capital you can afford.

Note that an affiliate marketing program is easy to join and start; however, your effort and patience will determine how much you’ll earn.

You’ll also not face any hidden fees or other requirements in the program that can limit you from running your business.

If you want to get started with this business model, here is a step-by-step guide I have tailored for you.

Check it out:

My Inbox Pro Review

FAQs About My Inbox Pro

Does My Inbox Pro system have a compensation Plan?

Since the system is an affiliate of another company, it all talks about what is present in the other program.

The system, therefore, does not offer any bonus package to its members.

You will have to choose the premium packages and use them to broadcast your emails.

What is SendLoop Company all about?

SendLoop is a large email marketing company that has been offering the service since 1999.

It is known as one of the largest email delivery companies around the world.

It is also known for its one-on-one service and a platform based on customer needs.

Is My Inbox Pro the same as SendLoop?

My Inbox Pro system differs from the SendLoop system, offering the same services.

However, My Inbox Pro is associated with SendLoop company in its services and operations.

And when you join My Inbox Pro, you will be redirected to the SendLoop system.

My Recommendation For My Inbox Pro System

Honestly, I may not recommend you to join this program.

The program is connected to commonly known scams online, including GIM systems.

You face a high risk of being scammed when you invest your money in the program.

Because the program does not offer a coherent money-back service, it’ll not be easy for you to reclaim your money back.

The GIM systems always promote some other scam systems like PWM live programs.

All known scam sites are always hosted by one major company, Tierranet Inc.

If you want to join an email marketing service company, I would prefer you join the SendLoop company.

It is a long-existed company that offers legit services to its affiliates despite being associated with My Inbox Pro system.

Furthermore, prices of the packages offered by My Inbox Pro are on the higher side, making it unsuitable for newbies.

Thank you for reading this review.

Do you have any additional comments regarding the same?

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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  1. I did sign up. They charged me the $97 a month then I got locked out of my account for one month I contacted support never heard from anyone finally 2 month later after I told I cancelled my credit card because they responded so figured they went out of business and fell off planet and no longer was in business then heard from them.. I had many many question they never responded to any of them. I finally heard from them how I could get back to my account now I am very skeptical about their business practices and trust. I don’t know how operate and want to know

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