RebelsFunding Review: Legit Prop Firm Or Scam? Truth Exposed

TradingFunds Review

Hello there! I’m delighted to present you with my RebelsFunding Review.

Are you considering joining the RebelsFunding platform but want to gather more information about it?

If so, this comprehensive review will provide you with all the essential details regarding the RebelsFunding platform and its offerings.

The review aims to explain the key concepts that set the platform apart, including its significant presence among traders in the forex market.

My primary objective is to ensure you grasp the essence of RebelsFunding, comprehending its functions and the fees for its services.

Keeping that in mind, let’s kick off…

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Summary of RebelsFunding Review

Product Name: RebelsFunding

Product Type: Proprietary Firm

Evaluation Fee: Starts from $25 and depends on your chosen training program and account size.

Product Founder: Marek Soska

Official Site:

Overall Rating: 8/10

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RebelsFunding Review – Overview

RebelsFunding Review

RebelsFunding is one platform that offers people an opportunity to become profitable without spending high capital online.

It also helps minimize the losses traders face in their entire trading journey.

The RebelsFunding team promises to enable every trader to succeed in their trades.

Consequently, they have an array of training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of traders, empowering them to maximize their trading potential.

You only have to choose the training program that suits you and pay for the account size that favors your pocket.

This allows you to get started and get your fee refunded when you reach the funded account of your training program.

This platform has much more to offer, so take your time to read this review until the end and grasp all the essential information you need.

Pros Of RebelsFunding

  • Provides profit share of up to 90%
  • Offers a free trial
  • 100% refund of the entrance fee
  • Offers new products and services all in one place
  • Provides multiple unique training programs
  • Offers various accounts with lower entry fees.

Cons Of RebelsFunding

  • Not available in some countries
  • Low-profit share for some training programs

Visit RebelsFunding Official Website For More Info >>

Who Should Sign Up with RebelsFunding?

RebelsFunding Review

Any trader who can showcase their trading abilities and is 18+ can successfully become a RebelsFunding trader.

However, there are some restricted countries where RebelsFunding company does not provide its services.

They include; DRC, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Iran, South Sudan, and Yemen.

What Is RebelsFunding?

RebelsFunding is a prop firm that offers services to forex traders targeting both beginners and professional traders.

The company promises to help its traders improve their trading aspects, including trading strategies and risk management.

RebelsFunding platform offers traders up to five training programs, including copper, bronze, silver, and diamond.

Each training program has unique features targeting specific levels and types of traders.

The features and training provided in the programs help the prop firm identify highly skilled and profitable traders.

The prop firm then offers the successful traders an opportunity to trade with their capital in the RCF account and get a profit share of up to 90%.

However, the profit share you’ll get will depend on the type of training program you choose to trade within the platform.

The RC accounts are linked with real accounts from the company’s liquidity providers enabling you to trade with real money.

How Does RebelsFunding Work?

RebelsFunding platform works by allowing you to trade in the forex market using the company’s capital.

You only need to pass their assessment and get a funded account to start trading with the company’s capital.

In addition, the platform provides training to help you succeed in your trading journey.

Through their training, you will get more tools and services that aim at helping you boost your trade and accelerate your earnings.

To start enjoying the company’s offers and services, you must be part of its trading community.

Steps for Joining RebelsFunding

Step One: Registration

To be part of the RebelsFunding community, you will begin by registering your details to their platform.

In your registration, you must ensure that all the details you provide are your accurate identification information.

The company will use your information to identify and send you your account details to start trading.

Step Two: Choose A Program

You’ll need to choose your preferred program from the platform.

Up to five trading programs are available on the Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond platforms.

From there, simply choose your account size, fill in the form, and complete the process by paying the fee.

After your payment, you’ll receive your login details, enabling you to sign in to the training.

Step Three: Training Phases

In this stage, the company requires you to fulfill the requirements of your chosen trading program.

During this process, you must ensure that you comply with the advice and rules to learn the best way to manage risk associated with the business.

In addition, it will enable the company to know if you are ready to start your trading journey in a real-life environment.

Step Four: Co-Operation

Upon successfully completing the training program, you can become an RF trader.

Here, you’ll receive an RCF trading account where you can trade with the company’s capital and earn a 50-90% commission.

The company also promises to pay traders for all their losses in their entire trading journey in the forex market.

Visit RebelsFunding Official Website For More Info >>

Trading With The RebelsFunding Program

RebelsFunding Review

There are five RebelsFunding programs available on the platform; let’s have a look at each of them and how they work:

RF Copper 4-Phase Training

The RebelsFunding Copper 4-phase training program provides an affordable program with unique features in the forex market.

The program teaches you how to manage your trading risks effectively and maximize your profits.

According to the prop firm, this program targets beginners with ambitions to improve their skills in their trading journey.

It can also help experienced traders who might not mind going through a four-step verification process.

The RF Copper program has four different account sizes you can choose from $5000, $10000, $20000, and $40000.

You only have to choose your account size to start trading with the program.

RF Bronze 3-Phase Training

RF Bronze is the second training program in the platform with up to three phases.

It is best suitable for traders who are experienced in the forex market but still want to improve their trading skills.

For this reason, the program is designed for advanced traders who have learned some trading basics and the associated risks.

When you complete the program’s three phases, you will be granted the opportunity to trade with the RCF account.

As you progress with your trade, the program promises to refund you up to 100% of your registration fee.

To start trading with the bronze program, you must choose one of its account sizes, including $5000, $10000, $20000, and $40000.

RF Silver 2 Phase Training

RF Silver is another training program with only two phases best suitable for experienced traders who want to advance to the next level.

When you complete your two phases of the silver training program, you can trade with a capital of up to $80000.

The account sizes in the silver training program start from $2500, $5000, $10000, and $20000 and grow to $80000.

You can choose the account sizes that suit you and start with the RF Silver 2-phase training program.

The program has two training phases, each with no time limit, giving you enough time to complete your training.

In their strategy, the company provides unlimited time to help you have enough thinking duration and prevent unnecessary losses.

RF Gold 1 Phase Training

In the Gold training program, you will only have to pass their one-phase training, or you to start trading with a funded account.

The Gold training program puts you only one step away from the funded account, making it more suitable for professional traders.

This training program is designed to help all professional traders who want to invest their investment to reach their maximum target.

This makes it suitable for traders who want to trade with more considerable capital to maximize their earnings in the forex market.

Visit the official RebelsFunding Website

This program does not limit traders to the number of trading days and the number of trading days.

In addition, the Gold training program provides you with several account sizes starting from $2500 to $40000.

The most common account sizes include $2500, $5000, $10000, and $20000, which you can choose to start trading in the program.

When you start trading with the funded account, the prop firm offers you a profit share of up to 75% as your commission.

RF Diamond Training

The Diamond training program is designed for highly experienced traders who want to succeed.

The program has a starting account balance ranging from $1000 to $20000 and offers an opportunity to increase it up to $530000.

The RF diamond training program allows traders to earn commission immediately after reaching their 10% profit target in their accounts.

In addition, the program enables traders to experience tremendous potential growth in their trading accounts, especially if they are highly profitable.

When you achieve your first profit target in the program, you will receive up to 100% of your fee back into your wallet.

This lets you experience the benefits of trading with a real account at the beginning of your trading journey.

Now, look at the trading rules for each training program on the platform.

Trading Rules Used In The Rebelsfunding

The trading rules in the RebelsFunding prop firm differ depending on the type of training program you choose.

Here are the available rules in the platform:

Profit Targets

The profit targets in the prop firm are unique to the training program you choose.

In the Copper 4-phase training program, you must achieve a profit target of 5% in each phase for you to move to the RCF account.

In the RF Bronze 3-phase training program, you must reach a profit target of 5% in each phase to get an RCF account.

However, when you choose the RF Silver 2-phase training program, you will have to get a profit target of 8% in the program’s first phase.

In the second phase, the program requires you to reach a profit target of 5%, which then qualifies you for an RCF account.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the RF Gold 1 phase training program requires you to reach a profit target of 10% in its single phase to get an RCF account.

RF Diamond’s training program also requires you to reach a profit target of 10% in its first training phase to get 100% of your fee back.

Daily drawdown

The daily drawdown is the same for the first two training programs and differs in the rest.

Traders who choose to trade with the RF Copper 4-phase training program and RF Bronze 3-phase training program must respect a 5% daily drawdown.

The traders using the RF Silver 2-phase training program are subjected to a daily drawdown of 4%.

The daily drawdown for traders using the RF Gold 1 phase training program is set at 3%, which must be respected throughout the trading journey.

On the other hand, traders using the RF Diamond training program are not subject to any drawdown.

Take a look at the summary in the table below:

RebelsFunding Review

Overall Drawdown

The overall drawdown in the platform can be explained as follows:

For traders using RF Copper 4 phaser, Bronze 3 phase, and silver 2 phase training programs, the overall drawdown is set at 10%.

As for traders using the RF Gold 1 phase and the diamond training program, they are subjected to a 5% overall drawdown.

The overall drawdown is calculated on the starting capital and set for open and closed trades.

Take a look at the summary in the table below:

RebelsFunding Review

Minimum Trades

Every training program in the platform has its own unique minimum trades.

For traders using the RF Copper 4-phase training program, you must put in at least two real trades to meet the required conditions.

The two minimum trades apply for each of the four phases available in the program totaling at least 8 real trades to complete the phases.

When using the RF bronze 3-phase training program, the minimum number of trades you can put is 3 real trades.

You must put at least three real trades in each phase to meet the trading conditions.

If you are using the RF Silver 2-phase training program, you must put at least four trades in each phase to meet the trading conditions.

For the RF Gold1 phase traders, you must put at least eight real trades in the single phase within sixty days to meet the trading conditions.

Lastly, the RF Diamond training program requires you to place at least four real trades in each level to succeed in your trade.

Maximum Leverage Size

The maximum leverage you can trade in the RebelsFunding platforms is as follows:

RF Copper 4 phase and RF Bronze 3 phase are subjected to a maximum leverage of up to 1:200.

As for the RF Silver Training Program, the maximum leverage size you can trade is 1:100.

Traders using the RF Gold 1 phase and Rf diamond training program are subjected to a maximum leverage size of up to 1:50.

Take a look at the table below:

RebelsFunding Review

Profit Share

The profit share also differs for every training program available in the prop firm.

If you trade with either RF copper 4-phase or RF bronze 3-phase training programs, you will be subjected to a profit share of up to 90%.

As for those trading with the RF silver 2-phase training programs, they will be subjected to a profit share of up to 85%.

On the other hand, RF Gold 1 phase and Diamond training programs offer their traders a profit share of up to 75%.

For these reasons, you must confirm the profit share, if it meets your expectations, before choosing your preferred training program.

Overnight and Weekend trading

The RebelsFunding prop firm allows you to hold your traders overnight and during the weekends.

News trading

The prop firm allows news trading for traders using their RCF accounts.

However, you must be more careful to avoid breaking other trading rules listed on the platform.

Visit RebelsFunding Official Website For More Info >>

Who Owns RebelsFunding?

RebelsFunding Review

RebelsFunding prop firm is led by a team of professional forex traders led by their founder Marek Soska.

Marek has more than fifteen years of experience in forex trading and educates new traders on how to succeed in the forex market.

They have developed programs for their traders with unique features that satisfy every trader’s needs.

Other members include Tomas Liptak, the support manager, and Juraj Kuk, the social media manager.

Tomas also has more than 10 years of experience in forex trading and is ready to take any question concerning forex trade.

He promises to provide traders with the best support to ensure they succeed in their trading journey.

What Trading Instruments Are Allowed In Rebelsfunding?

RebelsFunding enables traders to trade a variety of instruments available in the market.

These instruments include:

  • Forex pairs
  • Equities
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Energies
  • Indices
  • Metals

In addition, traders are entitled to trade on the personalized RF trader platform.

The newly innovated platform provides traders everything they need to trade in the forex market.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining Rebelsfunding?

  • Has a faster progress

RebelsFunding platform enables you to claim 100% of your registration fee faster, provided you prove your ability to trade with their capital.

You only need to showcase your ability to trade to enable you to get your funded trading account to start progressing.

You also have the opportunity to repeat your training in the platform for free when you fail any of your phases.

  • Offers unique programs

The primary mandate of the RebelsFunding prop firm is to provide customers with guaranteed satisfaction.

Your success is a priority to the company that aims to make you one step ahead.

For this reason, the platform offers traders a wide range of training programs and many other benefits that will make them succeed in their trade.

  • Provides you with new products and services.

RebelsFunding is a new platform in the forex market with new products and services that attract many traders.

For instance, the platform provides charts from a trading view and is connected directly to different liquidity providers online.

The new strategies ensure your trading is made simple and straightforward for you to easily succeed in the platform.

  • Offers fee refund

If you become a RebelsFunding trader with an RCF account, you will get 100% of your entrance fee refunded back to your account.

For this reason, you will not worry about losing your money in the program if you can meet their trading conditions.

This motivates more traders to put more effort into training to get an RCF account.

Visit RebelsFunding Official Website For More Info >>

What Is The Cost Of Joining The Rebelsfunding?

The cost of joining the RebelsFunding platform depends on your chosen account and the training program.

The cost you will pay during your registration process covers the individual training program you choose on the platform.

The company uses your fee as an operational cost, enabling it to provide you with world-class customer services, technology, and a trading platform.

In addition, the prop firm claims to ensure they charge the fee to enable traders to approach their trading in the platform responsibly.

Taking that in mind, here are the training programs, account sizes, and their corresponding process:

RF Copper 4-phase training program

  • $5000 account size costs $25.
  • $10000 account size costs $40.
  • $20000 account size costs $70.
  • $40000 account size costs $120.

RF Bronze 3-phase training program

  • $5000 account size costs $40.
  • $10000 account size costs $60.
  • $20000 account size costs $100.
  • $40000 account size costs $170.

RF Silver 2-phase training program

  • $2500 account size costs $35.
  • $5000 account size costs $50.
  • $10000 account size costs $80.
  • $20000 account size costs $130.

RF Gold 1 phase training program

  • $2500 account size costs $50.
  • $5000 account size costs $70.
  • $10000 account size costs $100.
  • $20000 account size costs $160.

RF Diamond phase training program

  • $1000 account size costs $45.
  • $2000 account size costs $90.
  • $5000 account size costs $200.
  • $10000 account size costs $400.

To pay for this fee and get started, payment methods are available.

They include bank transfer, credit card, Wise transfer, and cryptocurrencies or any other payment method using websites allowed in the platform.

In addition, the program has no hidden fee; you only pay for what you want and specify the quoted price.

What Are The RebelsFunding Payouts?

To get your payout from the RebelsFunding platform, you must have a contract with Deel.

The company primarily utilizes Deel as its most trusted payment method for its affiliate partners and contractors.

Deel provides options such as Bank transfer, USDC, and Wise.

However, the platform accepts other payment methods, such as Neteller, only individually.

Is RebelsFunding A Scam?

In my opinion, RebelsFunding prop firm is technically not a scam.

The company team is highly experienced staff with extensive skills in trading and education.

The company claims to have a history of helping several traders improve their marketing skills to help them navigate into the financial market.

Their main aim is to help each of their traders succeed in achieving their financial freedom online when trading with the company’s capital.

The prop firm also offers traders different training programs with smaller account sizes that cost much less, making it more affordable.

My Assessment Of The Rebelsfunding

Profits Split – 7/10

The profit share in the platform is excellent as it maximizes up to 90%.

However, the profit share is not consistent for all five training programs.

For instance, the RF Gold 1 phase training program is as low as 75%, which Is less than the most common share given by many prop firms in the market.

Scaling Opportunities – 7/10

The prop firm has an excellent scaling opportunity that may see you increase your account balance to your best value.

In their scaling opportunity, you will stand a chance to have your account increased by up to 200% of your initial balance.

This enables you to maximize your trade and earn the highest possible profits.

Profits Targets – 7/10

The profit targets in the prop firm are much more realistic, with other training programs offering as less as a 5% target in their phase.

This enables many traders who join the platform to pass the phases and start trading with the company’s capital.

Affordability – 9/10

RebelsFunding is one of the most affordable prop firms providing traders with account sizes that cost less than $25.

This makes it a suitable option for beginners who want to showcase their trading abilities but lack high capital for expensive account sizes.

Trader Supports – 6/10

The trader support offered in the platform may not be as good as witnessed in other prop firms online.

The company does not fully engage with its traders in one-on-one live chat support as other prop firms in the market do.

However, you can contact their support team via email for any inquiry and get answers from their response team.

Tradable Assets – 6/10

Several tradable assets are available in the prop firm, including forex pairs, metals, indices, equities, cryptocurrencies, etc.

These are the commonly traded assets that carry a majority of traders in the forex market.

Trustworthiness – 7/10

Despite being new in the market, RebelsFunding has built significant online repetition, making it more trustworthy among traders.

It has an excellent rating on online platforms showing more of its traders are satisfied with its products and offers.

My Overall Rating: 8/10

RebelsFunding prop firm generally achieves an excellent rating of 8/10 based on its new products, offers, and services.

The prop firm is one of the performing companies in the forex market with the highest number of traders registering to their programs.

What Are People Saying

RebelsFunding Review TrustPilot

RebelsFunding achieves an excellent rating of 4.3/5 stars from 55 reviews in Trustpilot.

About 60% of the reviewers give the prop firm a five-star rating, as shown below:

RebelsFunding Review

FAQs About RebelsFunding

Can I Own Multiple Accounts In The RebelsFunding?

RebelsFunding allows you to own multiple trading accounts with other training programs.

However, your overall value of the multiple programs is limited when you single-handedly run all of them.

As such, there is no guarantee that you may get your targeted overall value in your trading.

What Does A Real Trade Mean In The RebelsFunding?

The prop firm describes real trade as independent and sole trading on a current trading situation.

Real trade focuses on real trade deals, with no additional small trade deals or volume fractioning considered.

These requirements for real trade help filter most of the gambling fraud commonly experienced on trades.

Where Can I Download RebelsFunding?

The company will send the download link when you register your details into the platform.

After downloading, the links will be sent with your login details.

You only have to follow the download link to download the trading platform in the client zone.

Do I Have To Immediately Start Trading After Purchasing My Account?

You may not necessarily have to start your trading right away after you have purchased your trading account.

The company gives you up to six months to activate your account and start trading on the platform.

So, you can choose your preferred time to activate your account.

What Is A Free Trial Account?

It is a free version of their training program, enabling traders to get a free trial of company services.

The free trial account is a fully automated version that enables you to try the services in the program.

However, you should note that the free trial version has some areas different from the normal training programs.

Thank you for reading my RebelsFunding Review.

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