Residual Empires Review – Is This E-Com Platform Worth It?

Residual Empires Review

I’m delighted to welcome you to my Residual Empires Review.

Have you thought of buying a ready-made e-commerce platform?

Is investing in Residual Empire the best option for you to create an income stream?

To own an e-commerce store hosted by Shopify, you need an investment of $35,000.

After that, you flip your business to increase your profits.

What Residual Empires does for you is simplify the process of starting an online business.

It is an ideal business for you if you want to avoid all the technical challenges you could come across while building your business from scratch.

If you’re willing to take a considerable risk and enjoy profit later, which is not guaranteed, then Residual Empires might work for you.

Otherwise, I don’t recommend it, especially if you’re new to online business.

In today’s review, I’ll help you understand better how Residual Empire works and recommend the best alternative for you to venture into.

Let’s dive into it…

Summary of Residual Empires Review

Name of the Product: Residual Empires

Type of the Product: Ready-Made E-commerce Business

Founder: TeaJay Bauer

Website’s URL:

Product Rating: 6/10

Subscription fee: $35,000

Recommendation: I don’t recommend Residual Empires.

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Residual Empires Overview

Residual Empires Review

Residual Empire is an automated e-commerce platform already made available for you to take advantage of.

All that is required of you is to invest in it.

The rest of the task is handled by its team of full-time experts.

You will be receiving weekly reports about the performance of your e-commerce store.

You’ll be entitled to a transparent report on sales & profits made by the store because you are the owner of every asset in the store.

Inside Residual Empires, the expert team will set up your digital store, promote it through marketing, and brand, and flip it to maximize its annual profit.

This is an investment opportunity that involves taking risks, just like any other investment.

Making profits is not guaranteed in this business.

You will only invest in Residual Empires if you are willing to take that huge risk of losing your $35,000.

Disappointments are inevitable.

As a newbie to the digital business world, don’t invest in a business with high risk.

Go for affordable, Viable & Profitable Alternatives like Affiliate Marketing.

Check it out below:

Residual Empires Review

Who Owns Residual Empires?

TeaJay Bauer started Residual Empires.

Bauer began launching several businesses while young.

This gave both high schoolers and middle-level schoolers job opportunities that enabled them to raise money for paying for their college education.

In 2012, he gave out Fresh Cutts after joining the Navy.

While he was still trying to figure out what to venture into, he participated in semi-pro football.

Six months down the line, he launched Fast Forward, a record label business that was his 1st real business.

While still in service, his business hit most radio stations like KISS FM and other TV shows within a very short time.

This business was full of fun though it became very challenging.

This is because the marketing of the company was very demanding.

It almost forced him to go into debt while trying to create ways of profiting from one customer.

The challenges he faced during the trial-and-error experience sparked other new ideas and tactics that would work best if applied in another sector within the online industry.

After several attempts and failures, he finally settled on doing e-commerce businesses through Shopify.

He employed the strategies he was using while in the record label business.

That is, selling to the same target audience repeatedly and winning their hearts.

His prior experiences taught him how to make up to 8 figures online.

He created a duplicate system that guarantees its new client a higher probability of success.

His expertise in lead generation, entrepreneurship, sales, and digital marketing gave birth to Residual Empires.

Residual Empires offers prospective clients an opportunity to build a better living standard at an affordable price.

What Is Residual Empires?

Residual Empires Review

Residual Empires is a ready-made e-commerce business available for hire.

It has a team of committed and full-time e-commerce experts.

This team is ready to customize an e-commerce store for you using Shopify.

After creating a store that meets your demands, they will identify a product, promote the product through ads, sell your product and leave you to enjoy the profits.

Like most similar platforms do their operations, 100% of profits are yours, but you’ll share some of your profits with the team working for you.

But remember, you will be making much more than you possibly think.

This will motivate both the founders of Residual Empires and its team of committed experts.

It will drive you to give their best service and deliver more profit to your e-commerce business.

In Residual Empires, you don’t need to have any prior experience, and you only need to get prepared with a considerable amount of capital to start with.

Your upfront payment will have everything done for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Residual Empires?

To join Residual Empires, you’ll need to invest your money and patience.

You will pay a one-time registration fee of $35,000 and own an e-commerce store.

Once you bill your membership fee, a team of experts assigned to your account will immediately begin setting up your account and everything it needs to be up and running.

Your work will be to exercise patients and wait for the results.

Why Do I Need Residual Empires’ Expert Team?

This team of committed experts will be, on your behalf;

  • Search appropriate products
  • Sourcing and listing products
  • Processing orders
  • Responding to customers’ mails
  • Checking on stock levels
  • Managing inventory records
  • Setting profitable prices
  • Resolving issues
  • Preparing monthly Profit & Loss accounts

How Does Residual Empire Work?

Behind Residual Empires is a full-time team of committed experts.

These experts ensure that you have access to everything you need to launch and run an operational e-commerce store.

Residual Empires works for you in three steps:

It starts by exploring all the products in the market niche it has already established a prospective audience.

After identifying a product, the company works with you to develop a brand revolving around the specified product.

What follows is to build a fully automated website for your e-commerce store that will do everything for you.

The next step is to create an attractive advert.

In this stage, the experts will design and launch social media adverts for your business.

After establishing your business, the Residual Empires advertising team will run your adverts daily because you paid them to do so.

The last step is to generate as many leads as possible for your product.

If you fail to make a profit from that particular product, there is no need to worry; the upsells will increase the value of the cart.

It is worth noting that the company will be processing orders, responding to your clients’ emails, and managing inventory for you.

Your accounting needs will also be taken care of by a committed account manager from the company.

This account manager will be producing Profit and Loss statements weekly and monthly.

The accountant assigned to your business will always be available for you whenever you need any assistance.

Every process in Residual Empires is streamlined, very efficient, and ready-made for you.

The team of experts working on your business has a timeline to beat.

You will be making a residual income after a short time of joining.

In the US, there are many successfully managed e-commerce stores.

Partner with a multi-million-dollar e-commerce business that is already established.

Then join Residual Empires to build and run all the operations for you.

That’s how Residual Empires generally treat and value every one of its clients.

If your prospect buys an end product through the platform’s sales funnel, you’ll make a sale.

The reason behind the name Residual Empire is that this platform aims to create a monthly subscription program.

It is structured in a way that you make a residual income every month when a client enrolls in the program.

For instance, it could offer a 14-day trial at $1, then later on $39.99 every month.

If you want to learn how I have been able to generate my income online, then you can check it out below:

Jason Foster

Is Residual Empires Legit?

Residual Empire is NOT a Scam.

It appears to be a legitimate service provider delivering what they claim to provide to its clients.

Its experts can work tirelessly to generate over $5,000 for your store within a month.

Even though Residual Empires may appear promising, you will be spending additional expenses to run your ads and pay for the monthly membership fee in Shopify.

I don’t believe that Residual Empires is out there to scam you, but I fear that it does not guarantee you any profit.

Also, it doesn’t have a Refund Policy if you end up changing your mind.

Despite all the good things Residual Empires promises, I don’t recommend it.

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What I Like About Residual Empires

  • You can quickly flip your store to maximize your income.

In addition to that, you’ll get assistance when selling your business.

  • Less Hectic Work Involved

Once you register Residual Empires, you won’t be much involved in the heavy lifting.

The platform will still work perfectly well for you.

Behind the company is a committed team of experts who will work tirelessly to ensure you succeed.

They, too, will reap benefits from your success.

  • It Applies Unique Strategies

This e-commerce platform is structured to ensure that each of its customers gets paid every month.

What I Don’t Like About Residual Empires

  • No Refund Policy

Residual Empire allows you to pay your registration cost in whole or in installments.

You’ll not get a refund if you skip or stop paying your installments.

  • It’s Not Ideal for Beginners

This program is not suitable for anyone without experience.

It needs someone who fully understands all the risks involved in this kind of business.

  • You Must Make an application

The way Residual Empires implement its marketing tactics will, in one way or another, instill a feeling of exclusivity in its customers.

The only factor that matters most is if you can afford to invest in it.

Is There Any Better Alternative To Residual Empires?

There are testimonies of people who have made steady passive income doing online businesses.

They’ve given themselves admirable financial freedom.

Running an e-commerce business is not the only way to earn a decent income online.

Another option is that you can venture into affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, you can help other companies and businesses grow by promoting their products or services.

It is worth noting that huge gaps need to be filled.

Take your time, filter through all the niches in the market, and start building your online hustle today.

After taking the initiative of researching the best platform to invest in…

I landed in the affiliate marketing world, and now I am here making a full-time passive income from home.

I like affiliate marketing because it’s simple and I don’t worry about providing customer service.

Thanks to affiliate marketing, I don’t have to worry about how to foot my bills like in the past.

You could earn passive income while traveling, sleeping, or doing other activities with this passive income strategy.

This is an ideal digital business that I recommend that you venture into.

Give it a go and taste the power and the good feeling you will get from your investment.

If you want to start your journey into affiliate marketing, I have provided a starter guide for you.

It will guide you on the basics of affiliate marketing.

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Residual Empires Review

7 thoughts on “Residual Empires Review – Is This E-Com Platform Worth It?

  1. Hello, where did you get the information that Mei-Jing is co-owner? This is not true. I have been receiving messages from Thomas’s clients.

    1. Hey there. Thanks for your comment. We made an error during our research. However, the correction has been made. Thanks for your input.

  2. Residual Empires is NOT, I repeat NOT legit and Thomas “TeaJay” Bauer is a con/scam artist who will STEAL your money and then you’ll NEVER hear from him! Unfortunately, I fell victim to his scam. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS LOW LIFE!!!!!

    1. Sorry to learn of your bad experience, Joseph. But thanks for sharing still, because this information will help others to make a more informed decision.

    2. Hello Joseph,
      I think I have been scammed too. I paid the initial deposit in 2021 and only after that Teajay sent me the business contract and at that time only one review of Residual Empires(RE) was available on bizapedia but now after seeing all these negative reviews of RE on multiple websites and on BBB and also RE showing a tax-forfeiture status on various websites, I am certain that this business is not legitimate so I have shortlisted some texas lawyers who can help me handle breach of contract situation as obviously i will not be paying the remainder of the investment price to a scammer. If you know any good texas attorney/law firm who you think can help me in assessing the legitimacy and enforceability of the contract document that i have signed with RE, would you be open to sharing/let me know the names of those law-firms/lawyers here? will be great help if any of the reviewers here can recommend any good texas attorney who has experience working with e-commerce/online stores breach of contract situation.

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