Smart Human Blogger – SEO Tips

Smart Human Blogger – SEO Tips

To be a smart human blogger, you need to know a bit of SEO to be seen in the search engines.

Understanding keywords are also important as well as writing in a conversational tone.

The facts are that every word which has ever been typed into a search engine search box and entered is a keyword.

I like to be as simple as possible so I will do my best to simplify what I am saying.

The writing is always the biggest obstacle that people have a challenge with.

I think that because many are focused on money too much, that is why they have a hard time coping with writing.

Writing should be natural and should just roll off your fingers like words flowing off your tongue.

Right now, I know that the more you write from your heart and mind, the more you will write.

The focus should be as if you are just talking to a good friend and family member, but in this case, you are writing out the words.

Do not focus too much on getting your words out as if you were an intellectual; just speak like a normal person because after all, we are all normal people.

Most people who start writing online see it a major challenge to write out 500 words and consider it to be too much work.

I just looked at my word count below in my dashboard and saw that it is at 243.

The point is that you can write as many words as you like.

Just do it naturally.

Some people ask me sometimes why they have not made a sale online, but when I take a look at the website they are enquiring about, I only see a few pages of words on it.

If you want to succeed online in any niche, you really have to have content in whatever niche you are in.

I am not going to focus on adding affiliate links to this post or any other on this website.  I am just going to write to you and helping you for as long as I live.

And the reason why I will do this is that I want EVERYBODY to succeed in life.

What I do not like about this world is the rat race and the misinformation that is fed to many of the population.

I may be getting off topic here so just let me move along.

It is amazing what the internet can accomplish for anyone.  Imagine, you are here reading this now because you clicked on a page.  Isn’t that amazing?

I believe that anyone can become a success, no matter where you are in the world and your current situation.

Am I wasting my time writing this now?  Will people see it?  Of course, people will see it, it’s online!

This post title is titled “Smart Human Blogger – SEO Tips” right?

You are now a smart human blogger because you are still here reading right now.

You are certainly not stupid for reading.

So here is what I do when I write an article:

I first write a keyword (without doing much keyword research).

I then decide in my mind that I want to target over 1000 words.  I then start writing my research and opinions.

I make sure to add my title sprinkled across my post so that the google bots notices and rewards me by placing me on top of the search results.

It is not a difficult task at all.  I have heard all over the place that once it is unique, google will love you and rank your pages.

So I am now at 606 words and all that I am writing are keywords for sure.  That is definitely a part of SEO.

When you find this post in the search engines then the point is proven.

Do not waste too much time thinking too much, just do something today and write, write, write…

Words are beautiful when you put what you are thinking on “paper”.

Right at this moment, you may be wondering to yourself if this all makes sense.  Do it and see it work in your world.

This is my first post on this website and it will certainly not be the last of it.

I am writing with a passion and I am not going to let anyone on the face of this earth stop me from expressing myself through words.

I see that you are still here and I wonder to myself, why are you still reading?

What exactly else are you curious to learn?

I can teach a lot, but I do believe that the more you ask questions, the more answers you will be given.

That is why the internet was created in the first place.  It is a communication medium and may be the most intelligent that we have seen so far.

I like writing on the internet about all kinds of things.  I do know SEO a bit and I do love to learn about different things all over the world.

Learning is the key to finding happiness – I believe and I am willing to teach humble students.

The “writer’s block” myth

Stop thinking about “writer’s block” – it ‘s all in the mind.

I want to continue writing without worries and I want you to do that as well.

Talk to the people like a smart human blogger and not like a google bot.

We are all smarter than that.  Aren’t we?

For those of you who are looking at this post and criticizing, I say this “It is better to focus on your own business”

Not to offend anyone here, but I am just telling like it is (Gary Neville I think?) 🙂

I am having fun and you should too.  Why go around like a serious scoundrel (that’s a unique word).  – I haven’t used it in a while.

All I know is there is something magical about blogging, even when you write stupid things it does have a way of showing up online for other people to follow the stupidity.

Same with great reading blogs, they show up too, especially the ones who are doing it passionately and naturally.

You can do very well in your online niche.

Follow the people who are already in your niche and examine carefully what they are doing, but do not copy exactly.

You will get banned from the search engines if you are doing it that way – find a unique strategy within yourself because you can.

Be a smart human blogger for once in your life and make it happen.  No time for procrastination nor the thought of giving up.

Move and do your thing,  ask me for help when you need it.

Words of wisdom today:
When you close your mouth you will not get fed.

Speak about what you want in life.

Thank you for reading my point on this smart human blogger – SEO TIPS.  Let’s see if the google bots are smart enough to figure this thing out.

This is a bit different and that is how I want it to be.

Next article will be something helpful, so I think you should stay tuned to see what I have written.

Also, what I am writing is all from what I have learned over the years, so I did not pre-planned this – it just happened.

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