Story Sales Machine Review – Is Bill Mueller A Scam?

Story Sales Machine Review

Hello, welcome to my Story Sales Machine Review.

In this review, I aim to make you understand the inside out of Story Sales Machine Program.

This will involve helping you answer commonly asked questions about the Story Sales Machine program, such as;

The cost of joining the program and whether you can make money.

I will also tell you whether this program is legit or a scam.

In addition, you will come to know who Bill Mueller is and his contribution to the existence of the Story Sales Machine program.

However, before I take you through the program, I would like to let you know that I don’t have any affiliation with the Story Sales Machine program.

Therefore, this review aims to provide unbiased information about the Story Sales Machine program.

I will take you and provide you with helpful information about the course.

This way, it will be easier for you to decide whether the Story Sales Machine program is worth investing in.

If not for you, I will also provide you with another alternative program you can join to help you make money online.

Considering the simple note, let’s begin discussing the Story Sales Machine program.

Summary Of Story Sales Machine Review

Name of the Product: Story Sale Machine

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: Email Marketing Course

Founder: Bill Mueller

Product Rating: 2/5

Cost: $37

Recommendation: Please read for my review

Story Sales Machine Review – Overview

Story Sales Machine Review

Perhaps you are looking for an online venture or a side hustle that can help you make more money online.

If so, then the Story Sales Machine program claims to offer you the best opportunity for your email marketing.

The course teaches you how to use email marketing skills to make more money in your online business.

For this reason, if you are running an online business without knowledge of email marketing, this course might be the solution.

In the Story Sales Machine course, Bill Mueller claims that joining the course will significantly benefit an eCommerce trader.

He claims the course teaches how to use email campaigns to grow your online business and generate more income.

However, sometimes emails get neglected, especially when there is not enough time for the reader to view them.

This makes the newsletters and email sequences created fail to be read by many email users despite receiving them on their devices.

But why does Bill Mueller insist that Email Marking is the best opportunity to grow your business to make money online?

To understand why he says so, please continue reading the review.

However, if you’re looking for another business opportunity that can enable you to get started as a beginner, then here is an opportunity you might be looking for:

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Story Sales Machine Review

What Is Story Sales Machine?

Story Sales Machine Review

Story Sales Machine is a digital online course that teaches about email marketing.

The course was created by an online investor named Bill Mueller.

In the Story Sales Machine course, Mueller teaches you how to use email marketing skills to earn money online.

He claims that this course is of great advantage for any person who wants to grow an online business through email marketing.

In the course, Mueller describes how to write an email sequence that can easily attract a large number of readers.

He also analyses different email formats and provides examples of email templates useful in email creation.

According to Bill Mueller, you can generate a story idea in an eight-step process.

You can then use them to create emails that can attract many readers online during your email campaigns.

Email campaigns provide a better way of marketing your products to attract many potential buyers online.

You can increase sales via email marketing and expand your business to generate more income.

Mueller is confident that the Story Sales Machine program is the best opportunity for any online business.

He claims that the program guarantees online investors make money by using email marketing to promote their business.

Even though this program only needs an investment of $37, he claims you can get a lot for the small amount.

But, can you believe him in this statement?

To get the answer to this question in detail on whether it is true or false, let’s first see who Bill Mueller really is.

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Who Is Bill Mueller?

Story Sales Machine Review

Bill Muller is the founder of the Story Sales Machine program.

He claims to have significantly helped many individuals improve their income by investing in online businesses.

Mueller has a unique approach to making money online based on email marketing.

He states that he has guided different clients in using email marketing skills to increase their income since 2005.

For this reason, Bill Mueller claims to have an outstanding experience in email marketing.

According to Bill, email marketing is the best opportunity for anyone running an online business to make extra money online.

Email marketing involves using emails to advertise your products and reach more potential buyers.

However, not all emails reach the eye of every reader despite being received in their phone email inbox.

So, how does Bill Mueller’s email writing technique make the emails reach as many customers as possible?

This is what everyone learning the Story Sales Machine course will be interested to understand before deciding on the program.

But Bill claims that the best way to make your customers respond to the strategies you are using in your market is via email campaign.

How is this possible?

According to Bill Mueller, most people always love telling stories.

He used this reasoning to come up with the Story Sales Machine course.

He states that the course uses the storytelling nature of people and teaches you how to put it more productively.

As such, you will use storytelling to create emails that can easily attract more readers and increase your sales.

Therefore, joining the Story Sales Machine course greatly benefits you if you love storytelling.

Bill Mueller will teach you how to use your storytelling power in email marketing and make money.

What Is The Story Sales Machine Course All About?

Story Sales Machine Review

After knowing who Bill Mueller is, it’s time to understand his program Story Sales machine.

The Story Sales Machine course is a program that provides you with many aspects required in email marketing.

Let’s look at what you get from the Story Sales Machine Program.

  • Story Sales Machine Training

This is the main component of the program that teaches you about storytelling and how you can apply it in email marketing.

  • Ten Email Welcome Sequence

This offer provides examples of creating your email sequence for the business.

The examples also provide ways of engaging your readers to love your emails.

  • Up to 212 Emails and subject lines

The program also provides numerous subject lines and email examples that are best suitable for use as templates.

Above all, the Story Sales Machine Program also offers you five different bonuses.

These bonuses include;

  • A 28-day Email solutionStory Sales Machine Review

This bonus involves a strategy that helps revive dead lists of emails.

A four-part relaunch will help you revive your neglected or ignored emails.

It is a beneficial bonus, especially for people who receive many emails, some of them repetitive.

  • Best performing emails from Bill Mueller, a list of his best emailsStory Sales Machine Review

These emails can assist you in creating your own attractive emails that can engage more readers.

  • The 141 Idea Story Starter PackThe 141 Idea Story Starter Pack This is a bonus that assists in creating story ideas. You can use this bonus to help develop your story ideas for email marking business.

This is a bonus that assists in creating story ideas.

You can use this bonus to help develop your story ideas for email marking business.

  • Why Stories work Seminar

Story Sales Machine Review

In this bonus, you will receive an audio seminar prepared by Robert Gilbert, a member of the Bill Mueller team.

  • A 30-minute StrategyStory Sales Machine Review

This bonus allows you to interact with Bill Mueller for about 30 minutes.

You can also use this bonus to talk to his team members when seeking help.

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How Much Does The Story Sales Machine Program Cost?

Story Sales Machine Review

The Story Sales Machine Training program only costs $37.

Despite being offered a lower price, the program still offers a refund policy to its students.

For this reason, if you are not satisfied with what Bill Mueller teaches in the course, you can claim up to 365 days refund policy.

However, most of the topics Bill Mueller teaches in the program may not satisfy you if you want to succeed in eCommerce because the information is generic and can be found on free platforms such as YouTube.

For this reason, if you want in-depth training in email marketing, this course will not be a better option.

The course may also have an upsell program after joining it, which may be expensive for some people.

For instance, Bill Mueller promotes his expensive products to earn more income in the program.

In this way, he tries to attract more clients to like his products which may not be affordable to some entrepreneurs with less income.

Is Story Sales Machine A Scam?

Now, this is a question that everyone would like to know.

I think Bill Mueller’s Story Sales Machine program is not a scam.

However, this program seems will not satisfy everyone.

And since you’ll be subjected to many upsells, you might benefit the owner rather than yourself.

Again, I see that almost all the strategies offered by Bill are generic, and you can find them for free on places like YouTube.

If you’re a beginner looking for a straightforward way of making money online, you might want to try a different alternative.

With close to 7 years of experience working online, I have learned the best strategies that one can use to grow a business online over time.

In fact, I can list strategies that can’t work and those that give exemplary results.

Today, I’ll take you through my journey and an easy way to join the online world to start making money:

Story Sales Machine Review

Can You Earn Money Online With Email Marketing?

Of course, making money with this course is not guaranteed, but if you follow the strategies well, you can.

Email marketing is always considered the best method to earn more money online because it helps in product advertisement.

It also helps expand your online sales, especially if your email campaigns reach many users.

For this reason, the email marketing technique is not for everyone because it targets people with many readers online.

Who Is the Story Sales Machine Course For?

After learning about the course, let’s see the people who can benefit from this program.

The Story Sales Machine program best suits people who are interested in writing emails based on storytelling.

You will find it easy to make different story-based emails that can help you in marketing campaigns for your online business.

The program also works best for you if you have many email readers.

This way, your emails may reach out to many readers who will eventually start liking your business.

In return, you will be able to attract more potential buyers from your readers, enabling you to grow your business online.

However, if you don’t have many email readers, it will take your time to benefit from the program.

You will first have to search for more viewers to enable you to have more readers.

Keeping the information in mind, the following products and people can also benefit from the Story Sales Machine program.

Story Sales Machine Review

  • Digital products
  • Experts in Online business
  • Consultants and Coaches
  • Product Launches
  • Sales Funnel
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Welcome Sequences
  • Physical Products
  • Copywriters
  • Influencers

What I Like About Story Sales Machine

  • The program offers a refund policy

The refund policy offered by the Story Sales Machine program is fantastic and will surprise you.

When you join the course and feel it is less worthwhile, you can claim up to a 365-day refund policy.

Story Sales Machine Review

This tells you more about Bill Mueller regarding confidence in the course.

What I don’t like about Story Sales Machine

  • Not a good option for deep training

If you want further training in email marketing, the Story Sales Machine course is not a good option.

Because the program is cheaper to join, it will not provide you with more profound training on email marketing as required.

  • Only provides one email training aspect.

Bill Mueller does not provide training on other aspects of email marketing, such as email traffics and much more.

He only teaches about only storytelling as the only email marketing aspect.

  • Upsells of products

Bill Mueller seems to teach about the Story Sales Machine course to attract more clients to participate in the more expensive services he offers.

Is There An Alternative To Story Sales Machine?

Yes, there is a better alternative to this course.

I’m sure that you’ve been reading through this review to determine whether it can offer you an excellent opportunity to make money.

Also, chances are that you’re new to online business and want to be careful when making your final decision.

As I stated earlier, this course provided by Bill is not a SCAM, but it’s NOT a great place for beginners to start making money online.

After considering all factors, I think affiliate marketing is an excellent place for beginners to start their journey.

And I’m not giving you this business opportunity in vain.

This is an area I also started with; with consistency and patience, I have seen myself grow.

And you know what, you don’t have to spend all your hard-earned money.

In fact, if you want to learn about this online opportunity, then here is a step-by-step guide that I’ve prepared for you:

Story Sales Machine Review

FAQs About Story Sales Machine

What tool do I require to start Email Marketing?

The most important tool you need to start email Marketing is the autoresponder.

This tool will help you send emails automatically to your readers.

In addition, it will also create good email sequences when sending emails.

What type of business works best with Email Marketing?

Many businesses use email marketing.

They include electronic commerce, affiliate marketing, lead generation, etc.

Is Story Sale Machine really worth $37?

In my opinion, the program is worth its cost of $37.

The training provided by the program may not be efficient for you if you want to succeed in eCommerce.

Also, watch this short video review of Story Sales Machine:

Thank you for reading this review.

I’ll be glad to get your feedback about the review in the section below.

14 thoughts on “Story Sales Machine Review – Is Bill Mueller A Scam?

  1. Thank you for your review on Story Sales Machine!

    One of the most effective marketing strategies that guarantees great customer retention at the lowest cost is email marketing.

    Email marketing has received a lot of attention while I’ve been looking for a side gig. So I’m delighted I came across your Story Sales Machine review.

    I’ve tried way too many different systems in the past, and I really don’t want to spend any more money on gimmicks with no real value. I therefore value the thoroughness with which you have explained this program.

    However, despite the reasonable price, I don’t think this would be a good fit for me because I don’t yet have a suitable readership.

    1. You can improve your readership by creating targeted content on the platform of your choice.   I good strategy is using SEO and affiliate marketing to get a ranking in Google that will lead to sales. Refer to this post for more info.

  2. I am a newbie in affiliate marketing and I am thinking of doing email marketing to help me grow my income. Right now, the main source of my sales is my affiliate links but they are not enough to sustain my business.

    I believe email marketing can help me but I am not sure exactly how to do it. Thank you for posting a review of Story Sales Machine by Bill Mueller as it is one of the courses I am looking to enroll in. 

    Using a story to advertise and sell your products sounds like a great concept, and the course seems affordable too. I mean, not many email marketing experts offer their courses for as low as $37 with a 365-days refund policy. But I wonder if the autoresponder is included with the $37 fee.

    If SSM does not provide deep training for email marketing, do you recommend enrolling in this course to get basic knowledge and then going for another course that offers more complete training? 

    1. To my knowledge, an email autoresponder is not included in the training. By the way, a great one to start with as a beginner is Aweber.  Definitely check them out as they are newbie friendly and affordable. As it relates to the course itself, it’s good, but if you can find a platform that offers more complete training then that would be ideal. I have already shared that in my free guide here so check that out as well.  Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I have been looking for a side hustle for some time now and I’ve heard a lot about email marketing. So I’m glad to have found your review on Story Sales Machine. I’ve tried too many systems in the past and really don’t want to waste any more money on things that are hype without substance. So, I appreciate how you’ve spelled out all the details about this program. But even though the price is not bad, I think this would not be right for me as I don’t have a suitable readership yet. Guess I’ll keep on searching. But thanks for sharing this insightful review.

    1. Some idea that I can share with you that will increase your readership is to post on your website using good SEO strategies.  You want to target low-competition keywords so that you can dominate the SERPs. I am reading a pretty good guide on this at the moment and it will drastically help you out. [Read it here]

      And of course, Tiktok and Youtube are also great to get viral traffic. Let me know if you need help with those strategies.  I have lots of knowledge on how to improve on those platforms. 

  4. Thank you for being honest with your reviews. Email marketing is one of the most proven marketing methods that ensure high retention of customers at the lowest cost possible. But Like you rightly said, one needs to learn. I appreciate the way you itemized the take-out from the story sales machine. But much more, I love when you spelled out that a lot of this information is out there for free and not worth paying for.
    I have taken a deep dive to see your recommendation and read about your experience with Amazon FBa and selling on eBay. I will bookmark your page and keep up with your articles.

    1. Great to see that you are finding value here.   Thanks for checking out the reviews. I have gained a wealth of knowledge over the years and am happy to share – and I hope you get even more value 🙂

  5. Thank you for this review over Story Sales Machine.  I think that, with its low price, it might be worth trying for some people.  I agree it’s not for everyone though, but for those who think it might be for them, there isn’t much to lose from trying it out, plus you will get your money back if it doesn’t work.  However, this may not be the way to go for me!

    1. Thanks for sharing your views.  There are other alternatives out there if the story sales machine doesn’t fit your business goals. I’ve provided a solid business model here so check it out!

  6. The Story Deals Machine is a nice program that shows email showcasing and gives you some email layouts.
    It’s most certainly not the most ideal email promoting preparation out there yet it is reasonable.
    If you as of now have a business and need to add email showcasing this can work for you. However, if you’re trying to make money online, I personally believe that are better courses out there:)

    Thanks for your review!

  7. Thank you for your Story Sales Machine review. I find this platform ticks several boxes. But I am still unsure about joining the platform. As you have mentioned in your post, this does not seem to be for everybody.

    I appreciate you got the scam question out of the way. Whatever I determine, I have peace that Story Sales Machine is not a scam.

    1. You’re welcome, Abel. It pays to do your own due diligence whenever time you are looking to invest in any programs. Thanks for taking a read and all the best. 

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