T4T Capital Review

T4T Capital Review – Is This Prop Firm Legit Or A Scam?

Hi, welcome to my T4T Capital Review.

Due to the increased number of proprietary firms online, choosing the best prop firm to trade with takes work.

Every trader deserves to invest in a company that can help them take their trading career to the next level.

This includes helping them achieve their financial freedom online when trading.

So, in this review, I’ll help you put Traders4Traders to the test to find out if you can trust it with your investment and time.

I’ll help you learn the inside out of the program and capture everything you need to know about it, including;

The cost, how it works, and who Brad Gilbert is.

With that in mind, let’s get started…

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Summary of T4T Capital

Product Name: T4T Capital

Product Type: Proprietary Trading Firm

Monthly fees: None

Registration Fee: Starts from $125, depending on your chosen account size.

Official and Correct Site: https://t4tcapitalfm.com/

Program founder: Brad Gilbert

Overall Rating: 7/10

My Recommendation: Not for everyone; kindly read my review to see why

T4T Capital Review – Overview

T4T Capital Review

T4T Capital is a prop firm that offers traders the opportunity to trade in the forex market through their funded capital program.

They also provide traders with the required educational support to succeed in the forex market.

The prop firm has many trading accounts from which traders can choose, ranging from $25,000 to $1,000,000.

In addition, T4T Capital allows you to trade various instruments, including forex, commodities, equities, and cryptocurrencies.

Their profit share ranges from 60% to 80% and allows you to enjoy their scaling plan when you reach a profit target of 20%.

Your account will be scaled to $1,000,000 in the scaling plan.

On the other hand, the prop firm has leverage much lower than the average, as it is set at 1:10.

The prop firm also allows you to use the MetaTrader 4 platform as their main instrument but also accepts MetaTrader 5.

MetaTrader 4 is a widely used trader platform with many great tools and resources, making trading much easier.

Pros Of T4T Capital

  • The prop firm offers an immediate scaling plan to increase your account to a maximum balance of $1,000,000.
  • T4T Capital program offers traders great education, support, and funding.
  • The prop firm enables traders to trade with a balance of up to $1,000,000.
  • There is no time limit set for traders in the assessment stage.
  • Allows you to regain a lost account through their reset program.
  • The program offers the best profit share of up to 80%.

Cons Of T4T Capital

  • The prop firm doesn’t allow weekend trading.
  • The trading leverage in the prop firm is limited.
  • The prop firm charges a higher reset fee to traders.
  • Scaling plan requirements seems unrealistic.
  • Lower trading leverage of 1:10.

Who Should Sign Up with T4T Capital?

The T4T Capital targets to work with traders worldwide that can make profits in the forex market.

The prop firm is looking for qualified traders who can achieve financial freedom when allowed to trade in the forex market.

With their funding program, the program will provide you with capital to trade after passing their funding assessment test.

So, if you are a qualified forex trader and lack the capital to trade in the forex market, you can join the T4T Capital platform.

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What Is T4T Capital?

T4T Capital Review

T4T Capital is a proprietary firm renowned for its diverse pool of trading talent founded by Brad Gilbert.

The prop firm has a multi-asset that enables you to trade Forex, Equities, Metals, Cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

T4T Capital prop firm has offices located in London, United Kingdom, Sydney in Australia, and New York in the United States of America.

However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, the company no longer operates from its offices.

All their staff operates virtually from home around the world, enabling all traders to reach them from any part of the world.

The trading services of the Traders4Traders proprietary firm are located in London, United Kingdom.

The prop firm offers traders full-time trading opportunities in the forex market to help them achieve their financial freedom.

The prop firm tests your trading skills by allowing you to pass their test challenge before providing you with their capital to trade.

When you pass their challenge, you will be given their live funded account to start trading with their capital and earn a profit share.

According to the Traders4Traders prop firm, every trader who has skills in making money from the forex market must be allowed to trade.

Their mission is to ensure transparent funding management in their platform that is made accessible to every trader.

For this reason, they target every trader who joins their platform to get the opportunity to trade with the company capital in the forex market.

According to the program, one of the major causes of failure in the forex market is the need for more capital for many forex traders.

The program makes all their traders trade as full-time professional traders and fulfills their dreams.

How Does T4T Capital Prop Firm Work?

If you want to start trading with the prop firm, you’ll begin by signing up for the platform.

After joining T4T Capital, the program introduces you to their funding assessment challenge.

You’ll begin by choosing your preferred funding challenge package from the available packages.

There are up to six funding challenges in the program that you can trade within the forex market.

They include; $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, and $1,000,000.

Funding Assessment Stage

After you have chosen your preferred account, you’ll begin to trade with your account in the assessment stage.

Their funding assessment is a single-stage assessment that involves trading on a demo account with a single payment.

In the funding assessment stage, you’ll have unlimited time to trade, allowing you to use it as a funded trader competition.

In the funding assessment challenge, there are trading conditions you must meet for you to pass the stage.

Conditions For Passing The Funding Assessment Stage

You must achieve a profit target of 8% and maintain a win rate of at least 45%.

Also, you’re not required to have an extreme risk where your best trade day is less than 40% of your total profits.

You should maintain a maximum loss limit of 5% of your account’s starting balance.

The Funded Account

If you abide by all these requirements, you’ll be awarded a funded account to start trading with the company capital.

Passing their funding assessment stage proves you can trade in the financial market and earn profits as required.

Starting from 60% in the funded account, you’ll enjoy a profit share.

The profit share, however, increases as the level of trade increases and may rise to 80%.

The maximum profit share in the platform is 100% which the prop firm claims to enable you to earn when you become a professional trader.

In addition, the funded account has no profit target set for you, allowing you to trade and get the best profits.

However, to qualify for their scaling plan, you must reach the prop firm’s required profit target.

Features Of The Funding Challenge Multi-Asset Class

The Funding assessment challenge occurs on the company’s demo account and has the following features:

  • Single payment

The assessment stage has a single payment with no other monthly or yearly subscriptions.

  • No time limit

In the funding assessment challenge, no time limit is set for you to pass the stage.

For this reason, there is no pressure for trading, allowing you to set your own time to reach the profit target and get the funded account.

  • Simple Rules and Limits

The assessment stage has simple risk management rules that make it simple for most traders to pass.

There is also maximum protection of your trading capital and profits in the account to help you trade safely and pass the stage.

  • Allows you to use any strategy

You are allowed to use any trading strategy on the platform.

This may include the use of EAs or the use of trading bots to help you pass the stage.

Trading Rules In The T4T Capital

When trading, the platform helps you manage your challenge automatically to reduce the trading risks for your account.

However, if you breach any of the trading rules, you’ll risk your account being closed and stop trading on the platform.

The program doesn’t allow you to reset your account after the breaching; your account will be automatically closed.

Upon closing, you’ll lose both your pending and open trades in your account.

You must adhere keenly to the trading rules to prevent your account from being closed.

Here are the trading rules available in the prop firm:

Maximum Position Risk

The maximum position risk in any account should be at most 2% of the total balance in your account.

On the other hand, the entire open risk in your account at any time should be at most 3% of your account balance.

Before you open any of your accounts, you will have 3% of risk available.

In addition, you will have a maximum loss limit of 3%, with other small limits available in the account.

Single position risk

If you open a position with more than a 2% risk of your account balance, you will close your trade immediately.

The program will notify you of the soft breach, but you can continue to trade, as the soft breach cannot make you lose your account.

Total open risk

If your total open risk exceeds 3%, you will have most of your open positions closed and notified of a soft breach.

Updating available risk

If by chance you have two trades open with a risk total of 3% and have your positions in profits, if they raise a stop loss, you will have an additional 3% risk to trade with.

All Your Trades Must Have A Valid Stop Loss.

When trading in the platform, you must ensure all your trades have a valid stop loss which must be attached to every trade at the entry to the market.

Your account balance will be at risk when your trades have no stop loss.

No Outlier Profit Days

You must maintain your largest profit day below 40%, the limit set for every trade using their trading capital.

The program expects all their traders to have consistent risk management with no hit wonders in their trading history.

For instance, the program does not expect you to trade, whereby you get a lot of profit one day and lose everything the following day.

According to the program, there is no plan to go up if you have no plan to go down.

No Trading Over The Weekend

The program does not allow you to place trades during weekends and automatically closes all the positions on Friday at 700pm.

However, you are free to trade all the remaining times in the week from Monday to Friday.

Unlimited Time

You’ve up to six months in the program to reach your profit target and get to a funded account.

After six months, if you cannot reach the profit target, your account gets disabled.

However, the program allows you to extend the time by another six months, but you will have to pay the extension fee.

The extension fee for the six months is $100, which will give you another chance to try your luck in the next six months.

Account Limits

If your limit is breached below the target in the challenge account, you’ll have your account closed.

However, you can reclaim your account and continue trading by paying the reset fee, which depends on your account size.

After paying the reset fee, your account will be reset to your original balance.

Maximum Trailing Drawdown Level

The maximum drawdown is trailing and becomes static after reaching the account start balance.

The trailing drawdown is calculated by 5% from the highest account balance in your trading account.

It is designed to help protect your profits and your account’s maximum exposure.

T4T Capital Scaling Plan

T4T Capital Review

The T4T Capital program allows you to scale your account balance to $1,000,000 when trading in your live-funded account.

This opportunity will also enable you to join the rank of their professional traders on the platform.

In their scaling plan, the prop firm aims to enable you to achieve financial freedom if you are a professional trader.

However, some conditions make you eligible for the scaling plan, which includes the following;

You must have traded in the platform for more than three months.

Again, you must have made at least 20% profit from your starting balance.

You must also achieve their performance metric, which requires gate a win rate of more than 45% with a best day profit of more than 40%.

When you qualify for the scaling plan, your account will be scaled up as follows.

In Level One, if your initial account size is $100000, your new account size will become $250000 after scaling.

For level two, with an initial balance of $250000, your account will be scaled to $500000 when you reach a profit target of 20%.

In level 3, with an account balance of $500000, you will have the account scaled to $750000.

In the last level, 4, with a balance of $750000, your account will be scaled to $1000000, the maximum scaling limit.

What Is The Broker Used In The T4T Capital?

T4T Capital prop firm uses the 8eightcap broker as their trusted broker in the forex industry.

The prop firm restricts all their traders from accepting and using their trusted broker in the platform.

The 8eightcap is trusted and regulated by legal authorities that govern forex trading in the financial market.

What Are The Trading Instruments Used In T4T Capital?

The tradable instruments accepted in the T4T Capital can be used for funding challenges and live-funded accounts.

The platform accepts trading on both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

In the platform, you can trade the following assets;

  • Forex
  • Equity indices
  • Commodities
  • Metals
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • US shares
  • UK shares
  • EU shares

Who Is The Founder Of T4T Capital?

T4T Capital Review

Brad Gilbert founded THE T4T Capital program.

Gilbert is a professional trader who is also excellent in risk management, with over thirty years of experience in the field.

He identified a significant lack of opportunities for most traders to be a need for more funding programs to enable them to trade effectively.

Because trading in the forex market requires adequate funding, lack of access to funding makes many trades lose the opportunity to trade.

Gilbert uses the platform to offer traders an equal opportunity to trade in the forex market.

When providing funding program to traders, their criteria is regardless of your background, educational level, or race.

Gilbert only needs you to prove your quality to be able to trade for you to join the funded account and get capital to trade with.

Gilbert provides traders with the required support, technology, and capital in the program to start their trading journey.

He targets every trade that can trade with the company capital to achieve financial freedom.

So, after passing your funding assessment challenge, you will get all the necessary support, technology, and capital you need to succeed in your trade.

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What Are The Benefits Of Joining The T4T Capital Prop?

Here are the benefits of joining the prop firm:

  • Rapid scaling plan

When you join the program, you can get their scaling plan and begin trading with their funded account.

The scaling plan can help you grow your account to a maximum balance of $1,000,000.

The scaling plan is rapid and doubles your account balance every time you qualify.

  • Live funded account

The program promises a live funded account once you join their platform to help you trade with real money.

You must only pass their funding assessment stage to enjoy trading with their capital and earn profits.

  • Hire profit share

T4T Capital prop firm has the best profit split, which ranges up to 80%.

The prop firm also promises to make your profit share hit 100% when you become a professional trader.

This enables you to earn more and achieve your financial goals online.

What Is The Cost Of Joining The T4T Capital?

T4T Capital Review

The T4T Capital company is free to join and sign up for their platform.

However, you must purchase one of their funding packages to start trading in their funding assessment stage.

The most popular packages are the first three account sizes which include the following:

  • Level one

Account size with a balance of $250000 will cost you $125.

  • Level two

Account size with a balance of $5000 will cost you $250.

  • Level three

Account size with a balance of $100000 will cost you $500.

The other three levels include the following:

  • Level four

Account size with a balance of $250000 and costs $1250.

  • Level five

Account size with a balance of $500000 and costs $2500.

  • Level six

Account size with a balance of $1000000 and a cost of $5000.

If you purchase one of the popular account levels in the first category, the program allows you to scale your account to higher levels.

You can scale your account to get a balance of up to $1,000,000.

The Reset Fee

The reset fee is the amount you must pay to regain your account after breaching.

According to the program, your account will be closed when a breaching exercise is detected when trading.

In that case, you will lose your account whether there is an open or pending trade.

However, the program allows you to regain your account by paying a reset fee which depends on your account size as follows:

  • A $25,000 account attracts a reset fee of $100.
  • A $50,000 account attracts a reset fee of $200.
  • A $100,000 account attracts a reset fee of $300.
  • A $250,000 account attracts a reset fee of $1000.
  • A $500,000 account attracts a reset fee of $2000.
  • A $1,000,000 account attracts a reset fee of $3000.

The Refund Policy

T4T Capital offers a refund policy if you purchase your funding assessment and fail to do the assessment.

The program allows you to reclaim back your money if you want to quit the program.

However, you cannot claim back your money if you have already started trading on the platform.

In addition, if you have breached your account and the program has automatically closed it, you cannot claim your refund.

On the other hand, the refund fee on the platform is not refundable after paying for your closed account.

Is T4T Capital Prop Firm A Scam?

T4T Capital prop firm is not a scam.

The prop firm targets to allow traders to trade in the forex market by providing them with the required capital.

T4T Capital program is one of the prop firms that gives you capital to trade in the forex market after testing your profitability.

For this reason, you will have to pass through their funding assessment program on the platform.

In their assessment stage, the program tests if you can succeed in trading in the forex market.

The prop firm has a realistic profit target in their assessment target, set at 8%, to allow traders to pass the stage in large numbers.

In addition, no time limit is set for you to pass the assessment stage, allowing you to trade at your speed.

However, some people may still need help finding it despite all these favors and fail to get to the funded account.

One of the major reasons for failing the stage is when you have never traded in the forex market or have no passion for trading.

In addition, if your account is breached and you cannot raise the reset fee to regain your account, you will also have it closed.

My Assessment of the T4T Capital

I based my assessment of this prop firm on the following factors:

Scaling Opportunities – 7/10

Traders4Traders has a rapid scaling plan to help you grow your account size to a maximum balance of $1000000.

You will only have to reach their profit target of 20% for you to be eligible for their scaling plan in your live funded account.

Profits Targets – 7/10

The profit target in the Funding assessment stage is 8% which is realistic for most traders who want to succeed in the forex market.

However, the profit target for the scaling plan, set at 20%, is quite high for many trades, making it unrealistic.

Affordability – 8/10

The program offers traders to trade with their smallest account size of $25000, which only requires you to pay $125.

The cost for purchasing the account size is fair, making the prop firm affordable for most traders.

Trader Supports – 7/10

T4T Capital has the best trader support, which makes it easy for traders to seek assistance from their expert team.

In addition, the prop firm offers extensive educational support to their traders both in the funding assessment and live trading stages.

Educational support is a strategy to ensure every trader gets the opportunity to meet their trading goals on the platform.

Tradable Assets – 6/10

There are a variety of tradable assets you can trade on the platform.

These tradable assets include forex pairs, cryptocurrency, commodities, and equities.

Trustworthiness -6/10

Traders4Traders prop firm is trusted as their services are much more reliable and easier to use.

In addition, the prop firm Keeps your data and personal information safe and secure while trading.

You can trust your private data in the platform while trading and may not risk losing any information or data.

My Overall Rating: 7/10

In my rating, T4T Capital achieves a rating of 7/10 as a top-performing prop firm that offers traders the opportunity to trade in the forex market.

The prop firm, through its funding program, enables traders to have the opportunity to trade and earn as much profit as they can online.

What Are People Saying

Here are what traders and others say about the online T4T Capital:


The prop firm has an average rating of 3.0 on Trustpilot, a sample calculated from five reviews.

T4T Capital Review

FAQs About T4T Capital Prop Firm

What Is The Margin Requirement For A Hedged Position in T4T Capital?

The margin requirement for a hedged position in the T4T Capital prop firm is zero.

For this reason, when you decide to hedge a position in an instrument, whether buying or selling, the same amount in the instrument, no margin is required for the position.

This means that your net position will be zero, and no margin will be needed for the hedged position in the platform.

Can I Trade Outside Trading Hours In The T4T Capital Platform?

Unfortunately, the platform does not allow you to place a trade when the trading hours are closed.

You can only place your trade successfully when the market hours are open, always 24 hours a day, five days a week.

You must be keen on the market hours to ensure all your trades are placed within the required time.

How Can I See All The Available Products On The MT4 Platform?

Seeing all the products Equit offers on your MT4 is quite simple.

Just right-click on the market watch and choose “show all.”

Then, You must scroll through the existing list and see the platform’s offerings.

What Is The Difference Between Balance & Equity In The Platform?

The balance in your account is the total amount of money you currently have in your account without considering any loss or profit.

On the other hand, the equity position is the balance that includes your floating profit or loss of your open position.

The balance may sometimes exclude your floating loss on the open positions in the platform.

Can I Use My Broker When Trading In T4T Capital Prop Firm?

The prop firm doesn’t allow you to use your broker when trading on their live-funded accounts.

Instead, the platform has its liquidity provider, which you will be provided with and restricted to use when trading with their account.

Thank you for checking my T4T Capital Review.

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