Think Money, Not Pretty!

Jason here again from Smart Human Blogger.

I remember listening to someone on an audio tape who preached “Think Money, Not Pretty“.

When I remember who it was I will do my best to credit him.

What this person meant was to not think of how pretty a website was, but how you can actually make money from it.

Some people who enter online comes with the intention of making money right away.

Those people fail miserably and we all know that that is the truth.

In my previous article,  I spoke a little bit about writing naturally where I pointed out that once you focus on natural writing and passions the money will come as a by-product (or something like that).

Learning how to use the internet to make money is a wonderful thing but some people overcomplicate this.

There are many unethical liars online who sell you dreams and will not really come upfront and tell you the simple truth.

It is not difficult, that is the first thing about it.

It does not require you to lose a lot of money.

It requires you to have a website for one.  It requires you to have content on the website (preferably unique, quality, content).

It requires you to have a lot of patience.  You will not start making real money till after the 2 years mark.

No one tells you this truth, but I am here to let the truth be known.

So let’s get back on track…

When you have an online business, the first thing that you want to concentrate on is not the design of the website.

A website design is somewhat nice, however, a nice looking website doesn’t just automatically earn a profit for the website’s owner.

The content is the way for people to see your website.

There are many websites online where the website owner makes thousands of dollars per day.

Most of these websites are mostly black text on a white background!

There is a scarcity of images on these websites – yet they manage to make the money unnoticed.

That is what being a smart human blogger is all about.

These bloggers all have something in common; they are connecting with the website visitor by communicating via words.

It is my passion to connect with people and share my opinions, knowledge, and thoughts.

I will not be afraid to communicate back even if it a negative comment being given.

No fear is here as I am learning how to combat all fears.

Important things that you should consider is that you have another human being on the other side of the screen looking at what you have written.

If you are able to connect with that person in some way, they will connect back with you.

There are many different types of people on this earth and some of them share something in common with you.

They all have desires, fears, and many other things.

You can be the one to help them out in your niche and earn a great living doing so.

I want to teach you that you do not have to have fancy graphics on your website to profit.

One of the most effective methods of making money anywhere online is through text links and email capture.

It is great when you have something to sell to your readers.

The best thing to sell is your own product as this will enable you to earn 100% of the profits.

The second best thing to do is to sell other people’s products through affiliate marketing.

Anything I share with you can be implemented and used to earn online.

Many top bloggers online use affiliate marketing to make the most of their earnings.

We all need money to do things in life and that is why it is important to earn.

I want to keep the focus of this website on unique content as an example for you to write your articles.

You should understand this as a smart human blogger.

Currently, I have other sites that focus on making money, but I want this Smart Human Blogger website to stand out as being different.

Do understand my point.

I know that many people will criticize the look of the Smart Human Blogger website, but who cares what they think.

I am not here to enter a most “beautiful looking website” competition with any other webmaster or blogger.

The whole idea is blogging – not modeling.

Focus on your niche and offer the blogging experience that your users are seeking.

Give the value like no other blogs out there and you will see great benefits for years to come.

Your website will be the envy of your competition and they will wish to themselves that they were doing it like you.

Be in a league of your own and type out your thoughts with passion.

Make writing easily by connecting with your audience more and more.

How do you connect with your audience more and more?

Give them high-quality information so that they will become your forever fan.

They will hail you as their personal hero for years upon years to come.

Bear in mind though that not every single person who reads your website will love what you put out.

Face the facts: there are haters out there whose job seem like to criticize everything around them.

Do not “focus on the locusts” around you.  Just have your goals and desires in mind and keep moving – no time to stop or gaze.

Your website is your domain to do whatever it is that you want to do.  It is your duty to stick with it and keep moving.

I am coming close to the 1000+ word mark as this is always the least I should write.

It does take discipline to achieve anything great in life so set your goals and never give up.

Think Money, Not Pretty does make sense to me.

That is what you must do in order to really make it big online.  Google is one of the biggest examples of this.

I mean check out how simple their website is and yet it is the #1 website worldwide 🙂

Think Money Not Pretty

In my next post I will share something interesting again, so look out for it.

Thanks for reading.


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