TradingFunds Review: Is it a Scam or Legit Prop Firm?

TradingFunds Review

Hello, it’s my pleasure to have you read my TradingFunds Review.

In this review, I’ll break down everything about this prop firm.

For instance, the TradingFunds platform claims to have the best trading environment with excellent customer support for its traders.

The prop firm also sets straightforward rules with a friendly user interface that makes it easy to use and manage your trades in the market.

This also enables beginners to find it easy to start building their trading career in the platform from scratch.

In addition, the platform claims to provide you with the technology, capital, and support you need to succeed in the forex market.

These services draw the attention of many traders into joining this platform and trying their luck to succeed in the forex market.

However, it is worth learning more to know if you can truly achieve success in the platform following these claims.

So, if these claims also attract you and you want to learn more about the platform, I have you covered.

I focus on providing you with a detailed explanation of the truth behind the TradingFunds company to help you master the platform before making your decisions.

And by reading this review, you’ll have reasons to give the platform a try or quit.

Let’s begin…

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Summary of TradingFunds Review

Product Name: Trading Funds

Launched Date: June 2023

Product Type: Proprietary Firm

Evaluation Fee: Starting from $199, which depends on your account size.

Official Site:

Overall Rating: 7/10

Founder: Not disclosed

Media Contact: Carlos Rodriguez, Digital Marketing

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


My Recommendation: Not for everyone; kindly read my review to see why

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TradingFunds ReviewOverview

TradingFunds Review

TradingFunds Prop Firm is one platform that enables traders to realize their potential in the forex market.

The prop firm provides traders the capital to trade in the forex market and achieve their financial goals.

Even though Trading Funds is still new in the forex trading industry, it allows you to trade many instruments.

This includes forex pairs and cryptocurrencies, among others.

The prop firm has all their accounts for traders on the eight Cap, their trusted broker.

The platform promises all their traders a rapid scaling plan to increase their account balance to a maximum value of $2,000,000.

For highly skilled traders, the program provides you with a rapid scaling plan to help you quickly achieve your financial goals.

The platform targets beginners looking for opportunities to trade in the forex market.

They also target to work with experienced traders who want to grow their trading and maximize their profits.

The program has straightforward trading rules, many funding options, and good customer support.

In their funding option, you will get account sizes ranging from $25,000 to $200,000, giving you more options to choose from based on your capital.

Apart from providing traders with capital, the platform offers you the technology and support you need to succeed in the forex market.

The prop firm sets this strategy to ensure all their traders get the opportunity to succeed in the forex market.

The prop firm has gained an excellent reputation online through many major media outlets, including Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Digital Journal, AP News, and Business Insider.

They promise to provide a transparent and supportive trading environment with great integrity to make traders get the best out of their trade.

Pros Of TradingFunds 

  • Realistic trading rules
  • No trading day limits set
  • Effortless payouts
  • Offers a rapid scaling plan
  • Offers a refund policy on sign-up fee
  • No daily drawdown

Cons Of TradingFunds 

  • It does not offer free trials
  • Not a suitable option for beginners
  • Offers a few account options in the platform.

Who Should Sign Up with TradingFunds?

Trading Funds target to partner with traders who have the ability to manage risk faced in the forex market.

You must also be able to demonstrate your trading skills for you to be accepted into the platform.

In addition, you must have the trading skills required by the platform to maintain positive and consistent trading.

This requirement will also ensure you are profitable in most of your trades.

Who Should Not Sign Up with TradingFunds?

You should only join TradingFunds if you have skills in trading in the forex market.

In addition, if you are not a good risk-taker, joining this platform will not help you either.

For instance, you’ll only qualify for their funded account if you have the qualities needed in the platform.

What Is TradingFunds?

TradingFunds Review

TradingFunds is a prop firm that allows traders to trade in the forex market using the company’s capital.

Apart from capital, TradingFunds also offers traders the infrastructure and technology they need to trade in the financial markets.

This is a strategy the prop firm uses to ensure all their traders achieve their financial goals while trading with the company’s capital.

The platform also offers traders competitive payouts, enabling you to receive earnings from their funded account bi-weekly.

TradingFunds support team promises traders the best support to ensure they get the best out of their trade.

Through their live chat support, the platform enables traders to interact with their highly professional customer care team.

The support team is highly skilled and able to answer any questions you may feel asked concerning their offers and services.

They, therefore, welcome all traders to present challenges and get helped accordingly via their chat feature.

The platform also offers you a streamlined one-step evaluation process and enables you to get to a funded account immediately after passing the evaluation.

When you get to the funded account, you will be eligible for funding of up to two million dollars in the platform, depending on your performance.

The Trading fund platform claims to provide traders with various resources, tools, and support they need to succeed in the forex market.

The platform claims to nature fairness, transparency, and integrity as its main priority in all its operations.

In their view, this provides a supportive and collaborative environment for trading in the forex market.

To learn more, let’s see how the prop firm works.

How Does TradingFunds Prop Firm Work?

Trading Funds allow aspiring traders to trade in the forex market using their capital.

The prop firm claims to have strong values in its foundation, which include innovation, excellence, and integrity.

When you join the platform, you only have to go through their one-step evaluation process to get a funded account.

After meeting the platform’s objectives, you’ll be awarded a funded account instantly to enable you to trade with their capital.

Steps For Joining TradingFunds

TradingFunds Review

Here are the steps for joining the TradingFund:

Step One: Set Up Your Trading Account.

When you sign up for the Trading Funds platform, you will get access to the trading accounts.

From there, you will access the trading dashboard, where you will gain advantages from their products and services.

These features make you feel more comfortable being a trader on the platform.

Step Two: Choose Your Trading Account

Here, you’ll have to choose your preferred trading account.

You can choose up to four account sizes in the platform, including $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, and $200,000.

However, the account size you choose depends on the amount you have in your pocket, as each has a unique pricing plan.

Please continue reading to see their prices in the pricing section in this review.

Step Three: Start Trading

Upon receiving your payment, you will get access to your chosen account, where you will begin trading in the evaluation stage.

This will begin your journey towards getting your funded account and trade with natural capital.

Evaluation Process

Here is where you will start your journey of trading in the forex market with the Trading Fund’s prop firm.

To pass your evaluation easily, you must demonstrate your trading skills and maximize your risk management.

This will enable you to meet the profit targets set in the platform that is used to detect your eligibility for the funded account.

Therefore, the prop firm uses the evaluation stage to prove your ability to trade in the forex market and manage trading risks.

During the evaluation process, you will be trading on a demo account, where you will be placing your trades using virtual money.

You will also trade on specific rules and objectives, which include:

  • Achieving a profit target of 10% in your entire trade.
  • No minimum trading days are set at this stage.
  • Respect a maximum drawdown of 6%.
  • No daily drawdown is set at this stage.
  • No maximum trading days are set for you at this stage

From this stage, you will get a funded account by meeting the requirements and objectives set by the platform.

The prop firm allows you to trade on a live account and allows you to take advantage of their scaling plan.

The prop firm encourages traders to not get short of capital when trading with their capital.

Funded Account

You’ll instantly get your funded account and start trading with real capital.

After you start trading with the live account, the platform offers you a profit share of up to 90%.

You can then cash out your profit share every two weeks as you continue trading with the prop firm.

Also, you have the opportunity to maximize your trading performance and qualify for their scaling plan.

For you to qualify for the scaling plan, you need to maintain a profit target of 10% in your funded account.

This will enable you to grow your account size to a maximum balance of $2,000,000.

The funded account has no daily drawdown, allowing you to trade without any limitation.

No minimum and maximum trading days are set in the platform, allowing trade without any pressure.

As such, FundingTraders allows you to trade on your way with your styles and get the best out of your trade.

Who Is The Founder/Owner Of TradingFunds?

Although I couldn’t discover explicit details about the owner/founder of this prop firm, I did encounter two contacts that may be pertinent to this question.

The first individual is P. Hall, a partner associated with TradingFunds.

According to Hall, TradingFunds is a platform dedicated to revolutionizing the proprietary trading market by providing a straightforward and transparent trading platform.

I found this information from an article published by TF Solutions LLC FZ.

The second contact is Carlos Rodriguez, a member of the firm specializing in digital marketing.

Regrettably, apart from these leads, I was unable to uncover any further information that could help identify the owner of the prop firm.

What Are The Trading Rules Used In TradingFunds?

TradingFunds has fewer trading rules than in the case of many other prop firms.

The trading rules available on the platforms are simple and realistic.

Trading Period

The prop firm doesn’t set any trading period for traders on its platform.

This enables you to trade at your period and aim at achieving your success.

Minimum Trading Days

There are no minimum trading days set for you on the platform.

However, if your funded accounts remain inactive for over thirty days, they will be automatically terminated.

For this reason, you must place at least one trade in thirty days to maintain your account.

The Trading Leverage

Trading Funds platform allows you to trade with a leverage of up to 1:100 in their evaluation stage.

This trading leverage is available for all the account sizes in the platform.

The Profit Target

The Funding Traders platform sets its profit target at 10% in the evaluation stage.

In the profit target, you are required to reach 10% for you to qualify for the funded account.

The founded account has no profit target, allowing you to trade at your targets.

If you want to qualify for the scaling plan, you must reach a profit target of 10% in your funded account.

Maximum Drawdown Of 6%

The Maximum drawdown in the platform is set at 6%, which you must respect to maintain a consistent trade.

In addition, the drawdown percentage is for both evaluation and the funded account and must be respected in your entire trading period with the platform.

Maximum Daily Drawdown

There is no maximum daily drawdown set for both evaluation and funded accounts.

Profit Share 90%

The platform offers traders a profit share of up to 90% to help them maximize their earnings.

However, you’ll only enjoy this profit share when you reach the funded account and start trading with the account.

Bi-Weekly Payouts

The FundingTraders offers traders the opportunity to request their withdrawal bi-weekly.

They make their withdrawal more competitive and as quick as possible to enable a trader to cash out their profit share easily.

News Trading

The prop firm allows you to trade news and new events in the market.

However, you must take responsibility for the implications of news trading, including swap, vitality, and slippage.

Weekend trading

You are free to trade or hold your trades over the weekends.

What Is TradingFund’s Trusted Broker?

TradingFunds uses Eight Cap as their trusted broker, with all the funded accounts from their traders held by Eight Cap.

Eight Cap is a trusted broker regulated by the ASIC and is most used by many platforms in trading in the forex market.

For this reason, the prop firm does not handle any client’s funds or operate as a broker when trading with them.

This means they have no reason to be regulated by the legal authorities or any other organization in the field.

What trading instruments are allowed in TradingFunds?

Trading Funds offer a variety of instruments to trade in the forex market.

The most common instruments provided in the platform include the following;

  • Forex pairs
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Indices

What Is Contained In The TradingFunds Dashboard?

The dashboard platform is used for experienced traders, which provides all you need to know about it.

The platform is designed to help you efficiently help you manage all your trades in the platform efficiently.

This includes easily monitoring your account balance, withdrawing your earnings, and tracking your trading performance in the market.

The dashboard also provides you with real-time market data and analysis, providing you with what you need to make decisions.

The dashboard’s design is also user-friendly, enabling you to access it when managing your trades efficiently.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining TradingFunds?

  • Does Not Set Daily Drawdown To Traders

When trading in the market, the platform does not set any daily drawdown limit for traders.

This strategy enables you to trade comfortably without worrying much about your account facing a daily drawdown.

  • The Prop Firm Provides A Rapid Scaling Plan.

If you are highly profitable in your trade in the platform, you mainly qualify for the TradingFunds scaling plan.

To qualify for the rapid scaling plan, the prop firm requires you to hit a set profit target in your funded account and maintain positive profitability.

This will see you scale your account balance to a maximum funding amount of $2,000,000.

  • Enjoy Easy Payouts

The TradingFunds platforms offer easy and streamlined payouts with numerous payment methods available.

If you’ve earned profits in your trading account, you can easily withdraw them without any delays bi-weekly.

For this reason, you’ll not have to wait any longer to receive your profits from the platform if your profits on your pocket.

  • Offers a money-back service on your signup fee.

After succeeding in the evaluation process and getting your funded account, you’ll stand a chance to get your sign-up fee refunded.

You must only maintain consistency in your account and respect the trading rules.

On doing so, you’ll receive your sign-up fee on your second payout on the platform.

  • No trading days limit is set in the platform.

When trading with TradingFunds, you’ll not worry about any time pressure on the platform.

You will only focus on hitting the profit target and respect other available rules to proceed to the next level.

This makes you trade steadily and more efficiently to maximize your profit targets, especially if you want to qualify for their scaling plan.

What Is The Cost Of Joining The TradingFunds?

TradingFunds Review

TradingFunds doesn’t charge you when joining their platform.

After completing your sign-up process, you must pay a one-time payment for your chosen account size.

The pricing plan varies depending on the account size you choose, as shown below:

  • $25,000 account costs $199.
  • $50,000 account costs $349.
  • $100,000 account costs $649.
  • $200,000 account cost $1199.

The prop firm promises to refund your fee when you pay and begin trading up to a funded account.

You will get your registration fee refunded when you make your second withdrawal from the prop firm.

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Is TradingFunds A Scam?

TradingFunds Review

TradingFunds is not a scam; you can use the company’s capital to succeed in the forex market.

The prop firm also provides you with excellent profit share, which enables you to grow your account to your preferred level.

However, you must be a profitable trader with proper risk management to succeed in this platform.

For instance, the prop firm uses the evaluation process to test your performance and skills in trading in the forex market.

It also looks at your ability to manage trading risks faced in the market.

You must reach the 10% profit target while surprising other rules to pass the evaluation test and get a funded account.

The prop firm will assume you need to be more talented in trading and risk having your account terminated.

My Assessment Of The TradingFunds

Profits Split – 9/10

Trading Funds offers the best profit share, which ranges up to 90% of your total profits from your trades on the platform.

This excellent profit share motivates traders to trade more, maximize their earnings, and grow their accounts.

It is one of the prop firms with the best profit shares in the forex market compared to other platforms.

Scaling Opportunities – 7/10

The prop firm offers a rapid scaling opportunity to increase your account to a maximum balance of $2,000,000.

This scaling plan allows highly profitable traders to aim higher and get the best out of their trade in the forex market.

Profits Targets – 7/10

The profit targets set in the Trading Funds platform are more realistic and enable traders easily pass the evaluation stage.

In addition, the 10% profit target set for the scaling plan also enables more traders to qualify for the plan.

All these profit targets are made more realistic to enable more traders to qualify for their services and achieve their financial goals.

Affordability – 4/10

TradingFunds prop firm is less affordable than other prop firms available in the market.

The prop firm has more extensive account size options that require you to pay much more money to own.

In addition, the prices of the account may be quite high for beginners looking for opportunities to start trading from scratch.

Trader Supports – 8/10

TradingFunds offers good trader support through their live chat feature, where you can ask questions or make any inquiries.

The prop firm also allows traders to contact them through email and request support from their expert team.

The good trader support in the prop firm makes it attract excellent ratings on trust pilot and has rapid growth despite being new in the market.

Tradable Assets – 7/10

The prop firm enables you to trade many assets in the market.

However, the most common assets include forex, indices, and cryptocurrency.

All these tradable assets are most common for most traders in the forex market, making it more efficient.

Trustworthiness – 6/10

The prop firm has a positive reputation from its loyal customers online, making it one of the top-performing platforms in the forex market.

My Overall Rating – 7/10

Compared to other prop firms in the forex market, TradingFunds attracts an overall rating of 7/10 based on its excellent performance.

The prop firm has a positive reputation in the market, with their services being reliable to their customers.

What Are People Saying


Trading Funds Platform has an excellent rating on TrustPilot with 4.3/5 stars.

The reviews are from seven users of the platform, as presented below.

TradingFunds Review


Trading Funds is an upcoming prop firm with an excellent online reputation.

Despite the platform being new in the market, it has proven highly performing with excellent ratings.

This shows its excellent customer service and offers, which maintain their traders and attract more people to join the platform.

FAQs About TradingFunds

How Can I Become A Trader With TradingFunds?

To become a trader in TradingFunds, you must first make your application and pass the evaluation stage.

To pass the evaluation stage easily, you must demonstrate your trading skills and maximize your risk management abilities.

This will enable you to access trading capital in the funded account and start trading with real money in the forex market.

What Is The Maximum Capital I Can Trade At The TradingFunds?

The maximum amount of trading capital you can use in the platform varies depending on your profitability and how you manage your risks.

The platform offers multiple funding levels grouped into different stages determined by your career.

These funding levels range from $25,000 to $2,000,000, allowing you to maximize your profits to your best value.

How Often Can I Make Withdrawal Requests At TradingFunds?

The TradingFunds allows you to make your withdrawal request bi-weekly, which means you can receive your profit share every two weeks.

However, the amount of money you’ll withdraw from the platform depends on your performance on trade and risk management.

The platform offers competitive payouts to allow traders to feel free to receive their earnings from their trading accounts.

Is TradingFunds Available In The US?

The prop firm welcomes traders from all corners of the world, enabling traders to use the platform anywhere they are.

The traders are located in different countries, including the US, with multiple languages supported in their trade.

The prop firm only encourages their traders to view their trading policies before they can apply to trade with them.

Can I Hold My Trades Over The Weekends In TradingFunds?

TradingFunds don’t set any restrictions on traders on their trading durations, allowing you to trade as you want.

For this reason, you’re permitted to hold your trades over the weekend if you wish to do so, and you can also continue trading on the weekend.

Can I Merge My Trading Accounts In TradingFunds?

The prop firm doesn’t permit traders to combine their accounts when trading in with their capital.

If you have multiple accounts, you must trade in each account independently to maintain all of them.

Also, watch this video review of TradingFunds:

Thank you for reading my TradingFunds Review.

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