What Is Unique Content?

What Is Unique Content

When starting out learning SEO, you will hear your coach, teacher or whomever, tell you how important unique content is.

But have you asked yourself what is unique content?  Do you really understand what it means?

Well, today I am going to be giving you my version of what unique content is.

Unique content is content that is not found anywhere else on the entire world wide web.  Google bots really love to discover unique content.

When unique content is discovered by Google and other search engines, the content is rewarded by climbing up further in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Unique content is one of the many indicators for Google to rank any website available online.

If you are a blogger or someone who wants to use the internet as a way of financial gain, you should learn to understand this very important factor.

If you have been following my first few posts, you will see that I am setting up this website as a test to show people how this website will rank in the search engines because I am using uniqueness as a way of blogging.

You are here reading about unique content because you want to know more about it.

When you write anything online with an intention to have your website in the #1 position in google, you have to make sure that you are following this necessary & wise advice.

How Can You Be Unique?

Write as if you are talking naturally to a close friend or relative.

This will create a conversational tone in your article.   Your reader will connect with you and you will get more dialogue in this way.

As I write, I am doing it freely – from my mind and it is not researched or rehashed in any way.

I am not concentrating fully on keywords because this will let you write like a robot, therefore; confusing the human reader.

The more I do this, the more I am able to write more words – which is also a benefit and another determining factor for Google to rank sites.

I learned a lot from other webmasters such as Backlinko and Neil Patel  – these guys are geniuses!

I would suggest you also add them to your blogging following.

The more honest and open you are with your audience, the more your unique content will flow from your mind.

The reader will feel impulsed to connect with you and may leave a comment or two, share on social media, etc – which will all increase your overall rankings.

Is This Unique Content?

What do you think of this content?

Do you think you will see it anywhere else online? (unless it’s copied).

You see – I am not here writing necessarily to make money online, but rather to show you what you need to do in order to get page 1 rankings most of the time.

Of course: there are other factors which contribute to your rankings, however, unique content is rated highly and is in a league of its own.

I am always going to be unique as I build out this website and do promise never to copy another webmaster and have the work displayed on my site as my own.

This website is not fancy with graphics like many others, (most of them look the same to me) but it is promised to be as unique as possible with the content contained within it.

I have also made a decision to make sure to write over 1000+ words with every post I write.

This is a personal goal of mine which I have dedicated myself to follow as long as I blog. (If you see me slacking, let me know).

Even when I do not have much to say, I will still add words until the post has reached its goals.

How Can You Write Unique Content?

First, you must clear your mind from all the doubts, fears, and indecision that you have within yourself.

We all have them, but you must learn to master it and have no fear.

Mrs. Rosevelt said that You must do something each day which scares the hell out of you. (I am just paraphrasing)

Apply this to blogging uniquely and you will find yourself doing great things online, regardless of which niche you are currently involved in.

Also, refer to what I said above about in the “How Can You Be Unique?”  section.

Will You Be Unique?

Whatever it is that you do online – do you plan to start being unique in all you do?

It will greatly benefit you no matter what you do online.  It just requires you to be bold, determined and strong-minded.

Do you fear what others might say when you start to be yourself and show your own uniqueness?

Do not worry about what others may think of you.

I remember reading about Marconi – the man who invented the radio, where he was criticized by “friends” when he told them that he had discovered the way to make radio waves signal to travel through the use of wire – this was way before wireless devices were ever created.

His ‘friends” had him examined in a mental facility because they thought that he was crazy/insane.

Now you see evidence today anywhere you see cell phones, radios, tv’s, computer, satellites etc.

These devices were able to be created because Marconi didn’t quit on the first sight of opposition and believed in his uniqueness.


I am coming close to the end of today’s blog post, and I am glad that you stick around to the end to read.

You are going to do well in your business because you have demonstrated that you are able to pay attention to details when you see them presented to you.

If you use this strategy on your blog and you see it working for you, I would like to hear your feedback.

Also, make sure to get familiar with the other over 200 other Google ranking factors which will enable your work to reach more people.

Stay tuned to my website as I write out more useful information for you to get your blogging to unique heights.

I hope you have found some value in my “What Is Unique Content” blog post today.

I had a lot of fun writing it out while I was with my young family:  partner and my 2-month-old baby boy – along with my little daughter.

Anyone can be a smart human blogger – writing up a storm of unique content to their blog audiences.

PS:  I also like feedback.  What do you want to see me writing about more on this blog website?

Your feedback will propel smart human blogger in the search engines and your contributions will be seen.

Thanks again for your time.


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