Xsignal Review: Is This Crypto MLM Legit Or A Ponzi Scheme?

Xsignal Review

Hello friend and welcome to my Xsignal Review.

Xsignal program promises to provide you with the best opportunity to make money online despite having no products to sell online.

This raises a big question as to how this MLM will end up helping you achieve your financial goals.

In the answer to this question, the program claims to open doors for you in the Cryptocurrency market.

This means, that making money on this platform practically involves investing a certain amount into the cryptocurrency market.

The program will then use your investment to trade in the cryptocurrency market.

But can you trust the Xsignal platform with your money?

Many find these questions daunting primarily because the company lacks transparency regarding its ownership team.

Consequently, verifying their ownership poses a significant challenge, potentially eroding trust among clients, particularly those averse to risk.

Before you make a decision regarding this multilevel marketing program, I urge you to peruse this review.

Within, I offer a comprehensive look into the Xsignal program, essential for informing your judgment.

Whether you aim to become an affiliate and generate passive income or explore their investment program, this review equips you with all the pertinent details.

Let’s get started…

Xsignal Review Summary

Name: Xsignal 

Type: MLM

Website: xsignal.biz/

Founder: Not Disclosed

Overall Rating: 3/10

Cost: Starting from $30 depending on the package you choose.

Recommendation: No, kindly read and find out from my review

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Xsignal Review – Overview

Xsignal Review

Xsignal MLM promises you success in their newly found opportunities of making money online.

Focusing on the use of Web 3.0 as the future of the internet, the Xsignal platform claims to be at the forefront of transforming your internet use.

The program however lacks any real product to sell as in the case of other multilevel marketing platforms online.

You will only have to participate in their investment programs and earn from their commissions online.

If you join as an affiliate, you can participate in their affiliate program where you’ll recruit more people into the platform.

If you want an alternative way of making money, check out this opportunity:

What Is Xsignal?

Xsignal Review

Xsignal was created in 2023 by a team of internet experts.

Their identities are not public, but they claim to offer a chance to earn money online.

They started a special marketing program called Xsignal Global Limited to share the benefits of new Web 3.0 technologies with everyone online.

Xsignal believes Web 3.0 is the future of the internet and says they’re leading the way to make it better.

They want to help users change how they use the internet and keep their data safe, using blockchain technology more and more.

The platform focuses on improving user experience beyond the old Web 2.0.

If you’re looking for more than what’s been said, like how to make money as an affiliate, that information is coming up next in the review.

But first, let’s look at how this marketing program works.

How Does The Xsignal Platform Work?

Xsignal Review

Xsignal is a new multilevel marketing program that offers financial opportunities online without selling any products.

Instead, it operates within the decentralized internet space, focusing on cryptocurrency markets.

The company, which started in 2023, is not widely known due to its private domain registration.

Online reputation details for Xsignal are scarce, but the company asserts it has been involved in the internet sector for a considerable time and offers a reliable way to earn money.

Xsignal claims to utilize blockchain technology to provide services that improve data privacy, ownership, and user control.

This includes offering decentralized applications, blockchain solutions, and smart contract development.

The goal of Xsignal is to help tech industries transition to and benefit from Web 3.0 technologies.

They are dedicated to creating a digital ecosystem where users have more control over their private data, digital identities, and online transactions.

Xsignal aims to foster collaboration and trust across various industries.

However, it’s important to approach such claims with caution and conduct thorough research before investing time or money.

More information about Xsignal’s offerings and operations will be discussed further in this review.

What Is Contained In The Xsignal?

Xsignal Review

On the Xsignal platform, there are no products to sell online, unlike other similar programs you might find.

To earn money with Xsignal, you have two options: join their investment program or become an affiliate.

Your earnings will come in the form of commissions, which depend on your affiliate rank and how much you invest.

The Xsignal Compensation Plan outlines the commission structure based on your rank in the affiliate program.

There are eleven ranks:

  1. IBO: Earned upon completing the signup process.
  2. Bronze: Achieved by recruiting an IBO.
  3. Silver: Obtained by having at least eight Bronze ranks.
  4. Gold: Earned with at least ten Silver ranks or higher.
  5. Platinum: Achieved with at least twelve Gold ranks.
  6. Sapphire: Obtained with at least ten Platinum ranks.
  7. Marquee: Earned with at least eight Sapphire ranks.
  8. Imperial: Achieved with at least six Marquee ranks.
  9. Diamond: Earned with at least two Imperial ranks.
  10. Director: Achieved with at least two Diamond ranks.
  11. President: The highest rank, obtained with at least two Director ranks or more.

What Is The Cost Of Joining The Xsignal?

Joining Xsignal involves selecting from three different packages, each with its own cost and potential for earnings.

The principle is simple: the more you invest, the more you could potentially earn.

Here’s a breakdown of the packages and what they offer:

  • Basic Plan: Costs $30.
  • Standard Plan: Costs $80.
  • Premium Plan: Costs $100.

After signing up, you’re encouraged to invest further to earn commissions.

As an affiliate, you can make money by recruiting others to join.

The commission structure is based on a 2×13 matrix, placing you at the top with two positions beneath you.

Commissions are earned as follows:

  • Diamond Rank: Earn $1 for each recruit.
  • Director Rank: Earn $1.25 for each recruit.
  • President Rank: Earn $1.50 for each recruit.

The Residual Commissions

Xsignal offers residual commissions that are paid monthly and vary according to your affiliate rank.

Here’s the payment structure:

  • Bronze Rank: Earns $5 per cycle, up to $150 monthly.
  • Silver Rank: Earns $10 per cycle, up to $300 monthly.
  • Gold Rank: Earns $15 per cycle, up to $450 monthly.
  • Platinum Rank: Earns $40 per cycle, up to $1,200 monthly.
  • Sapphire Rank: Earns $125 per cycle, up to $3,750 monthly.
  • Marquee Rank: Earns $400 per cycle, up to $12,000 monthly.
  • Imperial Rank: Earns $1,000 per cycle, up to $30,000 monthly.
  • Diamond Rank: Earns $2,500 per cycle, up to $75,000 monthly.
  • Director Rank: Earns $7,600 per cycle, up to $228,000 monthly.
  • President Rank: Earns $30,000 per cycle, up to $900,000 monthly.

Each ‘cycle’ represents a period within the month, and affiliates can earn multiple cycles depending on their activity and rank.

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The Rank Achievement Bonus

Xsignal rewards affiliates with bonuses when they reach new ranks.

Here’s the Rank Achievement Bonus structure:

  • Platinum Rank: $300 bonus + 25 mobile coins.
  • Sapphire Rank: $600 bonus + 50 mobile coins.
  • Marquee Rank: $800 bonus + 100 mobile coins.
  • Imperial Rank: $6,000 bonus + 200 mobile coins.
  • Diamond Rank: $100,000 bonus + 1,000 mobile coins.
  • Director Rank: $60,000 bonus + 2,000 mobile coins.
  • President Rank: $100,000 bonus + 5,000 mobile coins.

These bonuses are a one-time reward for reaching a new level in the affiliate program.

The Xsignal Investment Program

Xsignal offers a commission-based investment program starting with a minimum capital of $50.

Here’s the commission structure for different affiliate ranks:

  • Bronze Rank: 8% commission, up to $200 daily.
  • Silver Rank: 10% commission, up to $300 daily.
  • Gold to Diamond Ranks: 12% commission, up to $500 daily.
  • Director Rank: 15% commission, up to $800 daily.

These percentages represent the potential daily earnings from your investment, capped at a certain amount depending on your rank within the program.

Does Xsignal Offer A Refund Policy?

Xsignal Review

The Xsignal program does not mention any refund policy on its website.

This means that there is no guarantee that you will reclaim your money from the platform if you want to quit it.

This provides you with no option but to clearly understand how the program works before you give it a try for your investment.

If you are not good at taking risks, you may not probably find this program an option for you as it will require you to invest more for you to expect a larger outcome.

Is Xsignal Company A Scam?

Xsignal Review

In my view, the Xsignal program raises suspicions, especially for newcomers to multilevel marketing.

Firstly, the program doesn’t openly disclose its ownership team or the company’s location.

This lack of transparency makes it hard to investigate the owners or find their offices for inquiries.

Additionally, Xsignal doesn’t offer tangible products; instead, it focuses on investing in blockchain and cryptography.

So, if you’re seeking a program that sells products, Xsignal isn’t the right choice.

Moreover, the cryptocurrency market, where Xsignal invests, is known for its risks, making it unreliable for investments, especially if you lack experience.

Therefore, for someone starting from scratch, Xsignal isn’t suitable.

The program demands significant capital with uncertain returns for affiliates, as the commissions are low.

If you’re searching for more reliable ways to earn money online, don’t worry—I have an alternative in mind.

Keep reading to discover my preferred program for you.

What I like About Xsignal

  • Focuses on embracing the 3.0 web technologies.

Xsignal platform embraces the use of the 3.0 web technology platform over the currently used 2.0 today.

According to the program, the 3.0 web technology provides a good internet ecosystem with more diverse security over your data on the internet.

It also comes with improved access to data and information and enhances the use of the internet in the new generation.

  • Targets affiliate from all over the world

Joining the Xsignal program has no boundaries or restrictions irrespective of where you come from or your ethnic group.

You only need to be where there is internet access and comfortable with the English language to join the platform.

Furthermore, the program gives equal opportunity to everyone who joins their programs online.

What I Don’t Like Xsignal

  • Too expensive

The Xsignal program requires you to invest more for you to earn more from their program which makes it too expensive.

For instance, the list amount you can stake in their investment program is $50 which will produce a less significant commission.

For you to earn a realistic amount, your investment capital must be very high which may go up to $500.

  • Not an option for beginners

The Xsignal program only works out for affiliates who can raise the required membership fee and investment capital.

If you want to join the program and make money from scratch with limited capital, you will possibly not succeed in it.

It may fail to work for you or spend more time building your downline to start earning which may not be applicable.

  • The commissions are too low

The affiliate commissions together with the investment commissions paid in the Xsignal platform are less significant.

This makes it difficult to use them in building a passive income online especially if you want to use the program as your main source of income.

It will force you to spend more time which sometimes can be years to build your downline and improve your rank to make the payment significant.

  • Does not have real products to sell

The Xsignal program has no any product to sell online which makes it not an option for affiliates looking for products to promote.

At Xsignal platform, you only have one option of joining their investment program which is their main opportunity to make money.

  • Does not provide ownership information

It is always difficult to build trust in a multilevel marketing program if it lacks information about their ownership team.

For instance, the missing information makes it difficult to reach owners or learn more about their background information.

Jason Foster

Is There Any Alternative To Xsignal?

Yes, I have an alternative for you if you wish to make money online.

But before I can get straight to it, I need to let you know that making money online is normally dependent on your effort and consistency.

This is particularly for those who are starting out and don’t have a way of making money online.

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing?

It is a business model that allows you to earn money in the form of commission when you market a product successfully.

The business has been there for a while but its full potential hasn’t been exploited fully.

If you want to get started, you need to first familiarize yourself with its basics.

And with over 6 years of experience doing this business, I know what works and what doesn’t.

I went ahead and prepared a step-by-step guide that will enable you to get started.

If you want to make a difference, feel free to watch it out here:

FAQs About The Xsignal

Who Can Join Xsignal?

Despite the program targeting everyone who want to make money online to try their opportunities, it may not work out for everyone.

The program is an option for affiliates who can take risks and can invest in their trading program and get a commission.

If you lack experience on how to trade in the cryptocurrency market, you will not easily understand how the program works.

Which Payments Are Accepted By The Xsignal?

The Xsignal platform accepts payments in US dollars for all affiliates who want to join their investment programs.

However, you can also make your payment in bitcoins which will be later changed to US dollars with the platform.

If you are not comfortable with these two payment methods, you must first consult their support team before introducing any method of your choice.

Can I Make Money In The Xsignal Without Joining Their Investment?

It is possible to make money on the platform without joining the investment program.

In this case, you will have to join their affiliate program where you will earn commissions on the number of recruits in the platform.

However, this method pays less and may be less significant especially if you want to use it to build a passive income.

How Much Can I Make With Xsignal?

The amount you can make on the Xsignal platform varies depending on the capital you invest in the program.

The program requires you to invest more and be more active in their services for you to increase your rank and earn more money.

However, it is difficult to quote the exact amount you can earn from the platform based on how it works online.

Thank you for reading my Xsignal Review.

If you have any additional information about this program, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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