AgencyBox Review

AgencyBox Review – Legit Or A Scam? Truth Revealed!

Hi there, welcome to my AgencyBox Review.

Can AgencyBox make you build a recurring income stream online, or is it just a scam you should avoid?

According to AgencyBox, joining the platform will help you connect your agencies with new clients online and expand your business.

However, you must justify the claims if they are legit before you can try the program for your investment and time.

In this review, I’ll take you through what you need to know about the offers and services provided by the AgencyBox platform.

These include the cost you’ll pay for their services, how the program works, and how it can help you grow your business.

My main aim in this review is to provide you honest and unbiased information about the AgencyBox platform.

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The AgencyBox Review Summary

Name of the Product: AgencyBox

Type of the Product: Marketing and Advertising program

Product Website:

Founder: Dylan Vanas

Product Rating: 60/100

Product Cost: Starting from $997 a year, depending on your chosen pricing plan.

Recommendation: Yes, but only for some.

AgencyBox Review Overview

AgencyBox Review

AgencyBox is a marketing and advertising platform looking forward to partnering with agencies and business owners worldwide.

According to the platform, partnering with them will help you grow your business to the desired level and achieve your business goals.

In addition, the platform offers clients many services, including social media management, Facebook, and Google advertising.

Other services offered in the program include logo and graphic design, podcast features, press services, SEO services, social media verification, and social growth.

And when you partner with AgencyBox, the platform promises to help you get connected with your clients online.

However, when you join the program, you must choose a pricing plan that suits you to work according to your needs.

The program offers up to three pricing plan options, payable annually or monthly.

The program also allows you to contact them for inquiries so that their expert team may know how to help you.

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AgencyBox Review

What Is AgencyBox?

AgencyBox is a platform that allows agencies to connect to clients and offer a variety of services to clients online with hands-free fulfillment.

The leverage of the AgencyBox vault of adequate marketing collateral enables them to have massive

close deals with agencies.

Small group agency owners developed the program with a highly perfected business complex model.

Small group agencies had the aim of helping people create franchise-like businesses and also helping them scale up the already owned agencies.

The company has attracted clients from more than eighty different countries worldwide through its partnership program.

Their headquarters is in Henderson, NV, USA.

AgencyBox Company accepts everyone who wants to partner with them to produce outstanding results from clients and partners.

According to the program, joining their partnership program will enable you to grow your business with income from recurring clients.

The AgencyBox platform promises to help you handle your client’s results as you get a check into your bank account every month.

They aim to help you grow your business and get excellent results.

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How Does AgencyBox Work?

When you join AgencyBox and become their partner, you’ll be introduced to their dashboard, which contains the following sections:

Average Result Timeline

AgencyBox Review

When you’re a new agency, you’ll be looking forward to landing your few clients and start expanding their services.

You’ll use the timeline below to work with the program:

  • Week One

Start partnering with the program to get logged into the system.

  • Week Two & Three

Close clients and onboard them onto your platform.

  • Week Four & Five

Leverage the program tools to help you grow and acquire more clients.

  • Week Six

Close more clients and close your business.

Your Agency

AgencyBox Review

Under your agency section, you’ll get the complete outline of AgencyBox and the opportunities you’ll get from the program.

In addition, you’ll also be able to set up your website and a memorable logo for your website.

Furthermore, the program offers you a list of the most recommended tools and software they use in their agencies.

You’ll then need to use your business’s tools to help you scale it to your preferred value.

Learning Center

AgencyBox Review

The program offers all available educational resources aimed at making you learn about their services, make close deals, and get clients.

The available educational services include; whiteboard videos that outline the product offerings and courses on how to get clients.

They also offer sales training resources and new client acquisition methods.

Order Management Portal

AgencyBox Review

Under the order management portal section, you’ll get the following:

  • Fulfilment Center

In this section, you’ll learn about the fulfillment center’s backend, enabling you to see all the products you can offer your clients.

You’ll also be able to view the prices, place client orders, and learn about the services in detail.

In addition, you’ll find detailed information about the services, download resources, and update billing details for recurring orders.

  • Help Center

In this section, the program allows you to contact them for support by sending a ticket.

You’ll also view and manage your support tickets in this section to help you search for WiKi for answers to your questions.

Their wiki service will also provide the most frequently asked questions in the AgencyBox.

Success Resources

AgencyBox Review

In this section, there are two categories including:

Resources And Tools

More than fifty resources are available in this category which the partners of the AgencyBox can use to get clients.

The resources also enable the partners to learn more about their business.

Resources and Tools

The program encourages users and their partners to engage with them on their Facebook page.

On the page, you can ask questions, network with other agency members, brainstorm more ideas, and communicate with their expert team.

What Services Are Offered In The AgencyBox?

The AgencyBox platform offers numerous services targeting clients from around the world.

Their services are both customizable and scalable and include the following:

  • Social Media Management

AgencyBox Review

In social media management, AgencyBox provides white-label solutions.

This includes creating and managing your content on almost all the social media platforms today.

If you are a website owner, AgencyBox claims to be the best in building tailored content for your web pages.

According to the program, you will only have to give them a chance to wait and relax as you watch them do their best work.

  • Facebook & Google Advertising

AgencyBox Review

The agencyBox team also runs highly paid advertisements on Google and Facebook, including more advanced ad targeting on Facebook.

They also offer lead generation with their lead generation system, which can help you get hot leads online.

All their packages in advertising are set up and paid as a one-time fee with no set-up fee.

The package contains set-up fees, ad spend, and the maintenance fee.

  • Logo & Graphic Design

AgencyBox Review

You’re included if you search for someone to design a logo or graphics for your website or company.

AgencyBox claims to have a highly professional team of designers that’ll help you in creating the following:

  • Brand identities
  • Website or company logos
  • Custom images
  • Infographics
  • Digital media.

AgencyBox is there to help companies looking for expert designers to help them create highly professional logos at a fair price.

The program claims to have a logo design team with an outstanding experience.

  • Podcast Features

AgencyBox Review

The program also features a vast network of agents and top podcasts in their podcast tour services.

So, when you join the program, you’ll get guaranteed features when looking for a top podcast for your client or yourself.

The program claims to offer you top-rated podcasts, targeting Apple’s first 100 highly-rated podcasts.

Their podcast services suit you when you plan to sell a book, share messages worldwide, or gain notoriety.

The program also claims to help you get published in various media outlets, enabling you to get podcasts and appear in TV shows and news.

Their exposure will help you have speaking opportunities when delivering press services.

  • SEO Services

AgencyBox Review AgencyBox Review

AgencyBox has a world-class SEO that they claim to be highly effective in helping you get results quickly.

The program claims to help you rank your website highly on all the available search engines.

Their techniques efficiently handle page speed optimization, on-page assistance, blog posting, social page development, and backlink creation.

  • Social Growth

AgencyBox Review

The program claims to offer high-quality social growth, especially for their real followers on social media platforms such as Instagram pages.

In their social growth services, you will gain more social proof online and also get the establishment’s credibility.

  • Social Media Verification (Blue Check) Services

AgencyBox Review

Verification on social media platforms involves ensuring you get the blue check to help you differentiate your genuine account from scammers.

For instance, most celebrities have their accounts duplicated by scammers making it challenging to differentiate between fake and real accounts.

The problem is always more evident in the Facebook platform, where the verification makes it easy to identify the real account.

When you contact the AgencyBox team, the program claims to be the best choice in helping you verify your account on social media platforms.

This service is available both for individual pages and company pages.

  • Website Development

AgencyBox Review

Currently, a more significant percentage of businesses are run online, increasing the demand for websites.

If you want to own a website for your business, the AgencyBox team claims to help you build one that will effectively help you run your business.

The platform encourages you to remember the banners, photo galleries, and social media streams in the website creation process.

The program claims to have an expert team to help you create a mobile-friendly tuning website to help you keep in touch with your customers.

In addition, the expert team ensures the newly created website is perfectly optimized to help you succeed on Google.

In addition, the program offers the following services:

  • Google My Business Verification
  • Facebook and Google Advertising
  • E-commerce and Brand Awareness Ads
  • Google Lead Gen Services
  • Social Media Page Recovery
  • Social Media Engagement Services
  • YouTube Growth
  • TikTok Growth
  • Corporate Design

Who Is AgencyBox Owner?

AgencyBox Review

Dylan Vanas is the CEO and Co-founder of the AgencyBox.

Dylan is a marketing consulting agency owner from Henderson, US, and has made AgencyBox the fastest way to create a marketing agency.

It only took Dylan ninety days to build the multi-dollar agency to become the best marketing and advertising platform.

Currently, the AgencyBox Company is trusted by more than 3,000 agencies online as the most successful insourcing solution for agencies.

And when you join AgencyBox, you’ll stand a chance to build and manage your clients effectively.

The digital platform is more compressive and easier to use, targeting all agencies wanting to build stable online marketing and advertising.

The platform includes all the features many agencies seek to enable them to grow their business to their desired level.

What Is AgencyBox Pricing?

AgencyBox pricing is the total amount you’ll pay to enjoy the services AgencyBox offers.

The pricing in the program depends on the plans you choose and the duration you want to enjoy their services.

Up to three pricing plans are available for agencies in the platform: Base Software, Premium Software, and Premium Software and Coaching.

You can choose the pricing plan you want to work with and then decide on the duration you wish to pay for your plan, which can be annually or monthly.

Let’s look at each of the pricing plans available:

Base Software

The base software packaging plan will cost you $997 yearly or $97 monthly.

The base software is the cheapest package with many services you might be looking for, which include:

  • White label Reseller Access
  • White label Resource rights
  • Lead Generator & Deal Analyzer
  • Client Management CRM
  • Agency Community
  • Email support

Premium Software

The base premium software packaging plan will cost you $4997 yearly or $497 monthly.

In the premium software plan, you will enjoy the following services:

  • White-label Reseller Access (premium services)
  • White label Resource Rights
  • Standard and Premium services
  • Lead Generator and Deal Analyzer
  • Client Management CRM
  • Premium support
  • Agency Community

Premium Software & Coaching

Premium Software and coaching are the last package in the program with no price tag indicated.

This means that you may have to contact the company support team to share your needs for them to set prices.

However, the premium software & coaching pricing plan costs much more than the other plans.

Here are the available services in this pricing plan:

  • White Label Reseller Access (Premium services)
  • White label Resources Rights
  • Standard and Premium services
  • Lead Generator and deal analyzer
  • Client Management CRM
  • Resource Center Access
  • Agency Accelerator Course
  • Agency Community
  • Mastermind Community
  • Dedicated Support
  • One-on-one onboarding call
  • Daily coaching calls
  • Dedicated Success manager

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Is AgencyBox Legit?

AgencyBox is a legitimate platform that focuses on helping agencies meet new clients.

Also, the company allows agencies to meet new clients and other top services.

And as such, it makes them a leading insourcing platform online.

In addition, the platform is trusted by more than 3,000 other agencies.

The company claims to be the best choice for any agency that wants to advertise.

The AgencyBox claims that everyone who partners with them will be able to grow their business.

However, the platform only targets agencies and business owners who want to market and advertise.

This means that joining the platform will benefit you only if you own a business or an agency.

If you own an agency, you can grow your business online to achieve your financial goals.

AgencyBox Review

What I Like About AgencyBox

  • Dylan Vanas is an experienced marketing strategist.

When you partner with the AgencyBox, Dylan promises to share with you his experience in marketing and advertising skills.

He also offers marketing consulting services.

In addition, Dylan promises to share with all partners the latest techniques for connecting to clients to build a recurring income.

  • The program offers a bunch of services.

A variety of services are offered in the AgencyBox platform that most clients seek.

The most in-need services, SEO services, Web development, and logo & graphic design are essential for your business.

For instance, the expert team for the platform can develop an attractive and customer-friendly website for your business.

  • Trusted by many other agencies

The AgencyBox platform is trusted by more than 3000 agencies online, making it one of the best and top-performing agencies.

According to the various testimonies, the AgencyBox program is the number one insourcing solution for the agencies.

The program is loved for its techniques of finding new clients and outsourcing the available clients online.

  • Has numerous testimonies

AgencyBox has numerous testimonies on its official website.

Most testimonies rate the AgencyBox as the best platform.

In addition, the company has several followers online on its social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

What I Don’t Like About AgencyBox

  • Too expensive

The pricing plans available in the program cost at least $97 per month to purchase.

Many low-income business owners may find the pricing plan too expensive to afford in a month.

In addition, the pricing plan may sometimes be more expensive than the sum of profits you make in a month, making it less applicable.

  • Not a suitable option for beginners

AgencyBox is targeting to partner with agencies or people already owning a business and wanting to grow their business online.

For this reason, beginners who want to start a business from scratch will not benefit from partnering with the program.

If you are looking for a way or program to help you start a business online, there are better choices than AgencyBox.

  • Does not indicate the price tag for the premium software and coaching pricing plan.

The agencyBox program only indicates the price of the Base software and the premium software pricing plans.

However, the premium software and coaching plan have a price tag not mentioned on the official website.

This means that you will have to contact the support team to inquire about the price for the pricing plan, which might be individual.

Is There Any Alternative To AgencyBox?

Affiliate marketing is a business model that can suit you best as an alternative.

The business is easy, and you can start from scratch without paying a fortune.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing involves the promotion of products and services and then getting paid as a commission when you make a successful sale.

This business model has existed for a while, but its full potential hasn’t been exploited.

Sites like Amazon are the best place to start, and you can promote as many products as possible.

I like this business because even as a beginner, you can start making a trace toward your financial freedom.

Needless to say, this business enables you to earn a passive income.

But before starting this business, you must source relevant information about it to learn some basics.

To make your work easier, I went out of my way to tailor a guide that will take you from A-Z.

Check it out:

AgencyBox Review

FAQs About The AgencyBox

Does AgencyBox Offer A Money-Back Service?

The company must mention the refund policy on its official website.

The program doesn’t discuss any refundable fee on its pricing page for all three pricing plans available.

For this reason, there is no guarantee that you may claim your money back after paying for the program services.

Who Is The AgencyBox For?

AgencyBox is best suitable for agencies who want to offer new services to their clients to enable them to grow their businesses.

All the three thousand plus trustees of the program are agencies who partner with them to increase their services online and get more clients.

Therefore, if you do not own any agency, you might not benefit much from joining the AgencyBox platform.

Does AgencyBox Have A Compensation Plan?

As per offers and services mentioned on the AgencyBox platform, there are no compensation plan services mentioned for users.

This means the program does not guarantee any bonus for their partners after paying for their plans but only offers them their available services.

Does AgencyBox Offer Good Customer Support?

AgencyBox says you’ll get 24/7 reliable support when you partner with them to grow your business.

In addition, the program promises to make all its services available to its partners whenever needed.

You’ll only have to contact their expert team through their official contacts in their webpage dashboard.

Here is a video of Dylan Vanas explaining how AgencyBox was created:

Thank you for reading my AgencyBox Review.

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