Freedom Builder BootCamp Review

Freedom Builder BootCamp Review – Is Greg Mercer LEGIT?

Hello there, welcome to my Freedom Builder Bootcamp Review.

As a young entrepreneur, you might be interested in joining the Amazon FBA business to help you make money online from the Amazon platform.

If so, perhaps while rummaging through the internet, you came across the Freedom Builder BootCamp and want to learn more about it.

In this review, I’ll take you through the inside out of the program to help you know if it can help you become an Amazon seller or a scam to avoid.

I’ll also take you through the cost of joining the program.

In addition, I’ll take you through who Greg Mercer is in the program.

From the look of the website, the program uses video content to cover the course content.

However, most people find it hard to invest in a video course as they need a surety of what they will get.

For instance, it might not be easy to judge if the video content will be right for you or any other person who might join the program.

For this reason, I have made work easier for you by covering everything you should know about the program.

And by reading this review, you’ll stand a chance of making a well-informed decision about the program.

Remember, I’m not affiliated with the program, and I aim to provide you with unbiased information all the way.

With that in mind, let’s get straight into it…

Freedom Builder BootCamp Review Summary

Name of The Product: Freedom Builder Bootcamp

Type of the Product: Amazon FBA program

Website’s URL:

Founder: Greg Mercer

Product Rating: 50/100

Product Cost: $999

Recommendation: Not for everyone; find out why from my review

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Freedom Builder Bootcamp Review – Overview

Freedom Builder BootCamp Review

Many people working online are interested in joining Amazon FBA to make money on the e-commerce platform.

However, the Amazon FBA has associated risks that make some people fail to achieve their dreams.

To increase your chances of becoming successful in the business as an Amazon FBA person, you must first go through good training.

Freedom Builder Bootcamp program is one of the programs that offer training on the Amazon FBA business.

The program claims to help you achieve your best level online by training you on the key concepts of the business model.

According to the program, you can build your business and scale it effectively after getting the proper training.

Because many other programs also offer training on the same business model, you might not easily judge the program by looking at it.

You must conduct good research to gather more information about it which will help you know if it can help you succeed.

If you want another alternative option to make money online, feel free to check out this option:

Freedom Builder BootCamp Review

What Is Freedom Builder Bootcamp?

Freedom Builder BootCamp Review

Freedom Builder Bootcamp is a full course that offers training on Amazon’s FBA business model.

It is one of the comprehensive courses online that covers the Amazon FBA contents to help you build your business and scale it online.

So, if you are eyeing to become an Amazon FBA business expert, the program could be one of the options you might be looking for.

The course teaches all the levels of Amazon sellers as a strategy to help both the expert sellers and the beginners in this business model.

The program contains more than thirty hours of video content, giving you the full concept of the Amazon FBA business.

Also, the program offers a live training session and PDF content covering the entire concepts of the business model.

So, if you want o become an Amazon seller, the program claims to offer you the best of their training that will amaze you.

Let’s see who is behind this training and see if he can truly offer you the best training as the program claims.

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Who Is The Founder Of Freedom Builder Bootcamp?

Freedom Builder BootCamp Review

Greg Mercer is the founder and owner of the program.

Before joining Amazon FBA, Greg worked as a civil engineer and was a co-operate civil engineer.

During his career as Civil Engineer, he lived in the Pensacola area in Florida.

After a while, Greg shifted to online work as an alternative income source.

Greg considered identifying in-demand products he could start selling on the Amazon platform.

In 2013, Greg scaled up his first job on the Amazon platform and later built a chrome extension.

The chrome extension helped him display the product information from the Amazon platform.

Greg developed the first version of the chrome extension in 2015, known as the Jungle Scout chrome extension.

Greg also opened a YouTube channel to complement the extension he created.

As time goes, Greg developed the Jungle Scout to become a fully established program offering training and tools for people interested in Amazon FBA.

Besides the e-commerce business, Greg is interested in big data and travel.

He also claims to be a speaker and an educator to anyone aspiring to venture into a business online.

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How Does Freedom Builder Bootcamp Program Work?

Freedom Builder BootCamp Review

You’ll learn the following concepts when you join the Free Builder Bootcamp program.

A step-by-step foolproof formula is suitable for building and scaling your physical products in a business.

The steps only focus on the largest e-commerce retail platform in the world, Amazon.

You’ll also learn how to discover and deal with mistakes that many people make when selling on Amazon.

In addition, you’ll learn how to automate the aspects you have in your business.

For this reason, the program targets people ready to launch and scale a business on the Amazon platform.

Freedom Builder Bootcamp Breakdown

Freedom Builder Bootcamp course consists of up to ten modules.

All the course modules teach you how to become a great seller on the Amazon platform.

So, here is a breakdown of what each and every module covers in detail;

Module One: Building Your Business Online

This section introduces you to the course to help you learn how to get started with your business online.

Greg teaches you what Amazon FBA and Big Amazon are in this module.

He also highlights the various business opportunities available on the platform, such as drop shipping and the wholes selling.

Greg also introduces the technical terms from the Amazon trading platform and notes them.

He also introduces the Jungle Scout Chrome extension to students in this section.

Greg explains how the tool can solve different tasks with other available tools.

Module Two: Product Research

Greg teaches you how to choose the most profitable products online in this section.

Greg’s teaching outlines what it takes to make a product successful, especially when you have numerous competitors online.

He also highlights the type of products that are good to sell and mentions the products that could be more practical for beginners to sell.

For instance, the program doesn’t support selling electronics and glass for beginners due to their low sales rate online.

Greg also teaches you the variety of product selections using tools such as keyword scout.

The keyword scout helps you know whether the products you have identified are good or bad.

Greg also introduces you to the different tools available in the jungle scout and its database.

Module Three: Sourcing & Selection Of Products

In this module, you’ll learn how to identify profitable products and find sources for the niches on the Amazon platform.

In the teaching, Greg explains how to hold the product supply from your nearby competitors.

The program teaches you to source products from other retail platforms, such as the Indian market and Alibaba.

You will also learn to form partnerships with suppliers from other cultures and backgrounds.

He specifically teaches about forming bonds with suppliers with people that can aid you with a more profitable business.

Module Four: Branding, Packaging, & The Amazon Brand

In this section, you’ll learn how to brand, label, and pack your products.

Greg explains this section by stating his case as an example by showing you what he used to do for his products.

He also mentions brand name selection and choosing the most appropriate product labels in branding and labeling.

Greg concludes this section by teaching you how to do the packing to meet the requirements of the Amazon platform.

In the packaging process, he mentions things like the sizing of the products, which will determine the fee you will pay.

Module Five: Shipping

Greg takes you through every aspect of the shipping process in this section, including the sea and air shipping types.

Greg also teaches you about the meaning of the Amazon fulfillment center, the fees it charges, and the entire storage process.

He concludes the module by teaching you some techniques to reduce the shipping and storage cost of your products.

Module Six: Building Listings

In this module, you’ll learn about creating Amazon listings which will determine how your products will look on the Amazon platform.

During the listing creation lesson, Greg teaches how to hack the A9 algorithm of the amazon program to help your products be in a better position.

He highlights up to seven effective plans for productive listings that offer you the best click-through rates.

Greg concludes this module by tackling the importance of making your products have a clear and catchy image on the platform.

He concludes the module by explaining how clear and catchy images affect click-through rates, percentages, and conversion rates.

Module Seven: Launching Your Products Online & Review

Greg takes you through the different steps to launch your products in this section.

You will learn the different criteria for launching your products to help you promote sales.

Using the Jungle Scout, you will also learn how to promote the product.

During the product promotion, Greg focuses on the email campaigns of the Jungle Scout and other promotion features.

Module Eight: Pay-Per-Click Advertising

As an Amazon seller, you need more than keyword ranking and organic traffic to let you make sales to your desired levels adequately.

For this reason, Greg uses a whole module to teach about Pay per click advertising to help you boost your sales.

In this section, you will learn how to create a pay-per-click advertising campaign and launch it on the Amazon platform.

This is, therefore, a strategy to boost your product advertising and increase sales.

Module Nine: Business Scaling 

After launching your business online, you will have to scale it further to make it more stable.

By scaling your business, you can make more sales when it reaches out to as many buyers as possible.

Greg’s teaching outlines what you should make your daily management like when running your business.

You will also learn to avoid a violation and manage your Amazon account health effectively.

He concludes the module by teaching you how to automate the entire process of daily management.

In the automation process, Greg talks about developing a team to help you sell your amazon business in the coming days.

When you come up with a team, making sales will be much easier to help you improve your income online.

Module Ten: The Advanced Sellers Strategies

This is the last module of the course that teaches you about making advertisements outside the e-commerce platform.

This section will teach you how to create sales funnels to increase lead generation.

The sales funnels also help you manage your lead conversions online and help you move your business to other markets of amazon online.

The Lead magnet procedure is one of the approaches many Amazon sellers trust more as a reliable strategy to make advertisements online.

Greg finishes the course by touching on the most common business migration involving searching for customers in other markets.

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What Is The Cost Of Joining Freedom Builder Bootcamp?

The Freedom Builder Bootcamp program claims to offer a free training course on Amazon FBA.

However, you must pay for the Jungle Scout Freedom Builder Bootcamp to enroll in the training session.

The program will cost you a one-time fee of $999 to purchase and enjoy the training session.

Generally, courses offering training on Amazon FBA opportunities are always expensive to join.

However, when you decide to join the Freedom Builder Bootcamp, the program offers you up to a fourteen-day money-back guarantee.

For this reason, if you decide to back off the course after joining, you might reclaim your money before the period expires.

Is Freedom Builder Bootcamp A Scam?

So, is it a scam?

Well, Freedom Builder Bootcamp is not a SCAM.

The Freedom Builder Bootcamp Jungle Scout focuses on helping you launch and scale your business on the Amazon platform.

However, the Amazon FBA business model has always been considered the toughest business opportunity online.

This makes it one of the business models that require proper training before joining for you to have a higher chance of success.

For this reason, the business model may not be for everyone despite not being a scam.

You’ll have to put in more effort and spend more time and money to stand a chance of succeeding in the program.

You’ll greatly benefit from the platform when the business model works out for you, as Amazon is always very rewarding.

Therefore, succeeding in the program is a game of lack and has no guarantee.

But if you’re looking for an alternative to make money online, feel free to check out this:

Freedom Builder BootCamp Review

What I Like About Freedom Builder Bootcamp

  • Greg Mercer is a good teacher

Greg is a great expert in the Amazon FBA business model from his teaching.

He uses his experience in the business to break down his skills into more reasonable and easier-to-understand points.

You will therefore stand a higher chance of understanding every course concept during the training session with Greg.

  • The Program offers intensive customer support.

You’ll not have to worry if you have questions during the training sessions.

You can easily ask your questions, Greg, and let him answer them faster within no time.

Greg also provides all other support from the program on private social media platforms such as Facebook.

  • The course is well integrated.

The course does not only teach you the Amazon FBA business model but also includes other tools necessary for running the business.

For instance, the course covers the jungle Scout tools you will need to search for your products online.

This increases the speed and efficiency of searching for products online.

What I Don’t Like About Freedom Builder Bootcamp

  • It does not offer any Installment option

Even though the program is expensive, it doesn’t offer you any other payment option.

Providing the other payment options with installments enables low-income earners who can afford to pay the money at once to enjoy the service.

This makes the program not a good option for beginners and young entrepreneurs who want to venture into the business with low capital.

  • You must have the Jungle Scout Extension to work with the course.

When you want to enroll in the course, you must purchase the jungle scout extension.

The extension is compulsory for the program to increase your chances of success.

If you are unable to purchase the extension, the program might not be of benefit to you.

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Is There Any Alternative To Freedom Builder BootCamp?

Yes, you can opt for Affiliate Marketing as an alternative option to make money online.

This is a business that I’ve been involved in for more than 5 years, and I know the inside out of it.

Affiliate marketing has existed for a while, but its full potential hasn’t been exploited.

If you have an area of interest and want to monetize it, then affiliate marketing is a good place to start as a beginner.

But starting this business from scratch can sometimes be challenging.

In that regard, I took the initiative to prepare a step-by-step guide that will take you in the right direction.

Check it out:

Freedom Builder BootCamp Review

FAQs About Freedom Builder BootCamp

Does Freedom Builder Bootcamp Offer Bonus?

Yes, the program offers two packages of bonuses.

The first package contains free monthly coaching tutorials and sessions, including live sessions and many others.

The second bonus package contains jungle Scout for twelve months’ worth $999, with two seats included.

Who Is Freedom Builder Bootcamp For?

Freedom Builder Bootcamp is best suitable for entrepreneurs aspiring to start an Amazon FBA and has the necessary capital.

If you are a beginner with no capital to purchase the extensions, joining the program will not help you.

You will have to search for another cost-effective program online and join to start making money.

How Does The Refund Policy For The Freedom Builder Bootcamp Work?

The program offers a refund policy of up to 14 days for the first bonus package available in the program.

However, if you advance to the second package, the refund policy period is reduced to only seven days.

For this reason, you should first consider the program and whether it may help or mislead you before moving to package two.

Can I Still Start The Business In 2023?

According to Greg, you can join the program and start the business as an Amazon seller any time you want.

However, you need to pass through proper training before you launch your business to increase your chances of success.

So, if you find the course interesting and want to join amazon FBA, the time is yours to learn the course and venture online.

Here is a video review of Freedom Builder BootCamp:

Thank you for reading my Freedom Builder Bootcamp Review.

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