Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Review – A Scam Or Legit?

alpha capital group review

Hey there, welcome to my Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Review.

Perhaps you are a trader looking for a trading firm to help you make the best trading decisions.

Alpha Capital Group claims to be the best option for you.

After you sign up for the program, you’ll be given a trading account which the program claims to be valued at up to $200,000.

You’ll be able to keep up to 80% of your profit and also scale up your business account to more than $2,000,000.

In this review, I’ll tell you the true picture of Alpha Capital prop Firm.

Of course, making money from trading doesn’t come easy, so it’s a brilliant idea to find information before diving in.

While taking you through this review, I’ll detail how the platform works and how well it can benefit you.

This review about Alpha Capital Group was last updated on Dec 31, 2023, at 10:37 (EST)

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Alpha Capital Group Prop Challenge Review Summary

Name of The Product: Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm

Type of the Product: Trading Platform

Official website:

Founder: George Kohler and Andrew Blaylock

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Free Trial?: YES

Product Cost: Starting from $247

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Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Review – Overview

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Review

Have you ever considered joining a financial team to help you trade in the financial market?

If so, Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm might be your ultimate solution.

The company claims to have a team of successful traders with a funded proprietary trading account online.

If you join the financial market, it claims to fund you with an account of up to $200,000.

However, the company is very interested in people who are TALENTED in trading but lack enough capital.

The program, however, allows you to keep up to 80% of your profits when you scale your business.

You only need to sign up for the program, select one of the challenges, and launch your trading via the funded account.

After joining the Alpha Group Community, you’ll become an Alpha trader and begin your journey toward making a difference in your life.

In the trading journey, you’ll learn some trading objectives in the program, which will be in stages.

Stage one of the journey enables you to make up to 8%, while the second stage enables you to make 4% profit.

After completing the first two stages, you’ll progress to the fully funded stage, which involves joining a live trading account.

According to the program, if you pass the two stages, you’ll better understand how to manage the live trading account.

This enables you to learn the relationship that occurs between the reward and the risk to allow you to trade with more logic over emotions.

Visit the Official Website:

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The Advantages of Forex Prop Trading Include:

Leverage: Traders benefit from using leverage that enables them to take large positions in the market.

Reduced commissions: Prop firms’ trading volumes ensure lower commissions. Therefore, prop traders benefit from low commissions, and in the case of Alpha Capital Group, you pay ZERO commissions.

Surrounded by professionals: The experience of trading alongside successful market professionals gives traders a sense of community. This can help take a trader’s performance to the next level.

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Pros

  • Offers massive amount of capital

The company offers you a capital of up to $200,000.

  • The company has testimonies.

Alpha Capital Group company has numerous positive reviews from traders of different levels online.

In most reviews, the traders describe the company as an honest money trading company in the financial market.

Most of the traders are satisfied and impressed with the services the Alpha Capital Group company offers to their trading community.

  • Provides free access to the Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Dashboard.

The company provides access to the dashboard, which helps determine the account’s performance report for the past thirty days.

The dashboard also provides monthly trading competitions and the trademate panel.

You will also be able to build your trading journal via the dashboard.

  • Offers News Trading

One significant advantage of Alpha prop trading firm is its provision of news trading capabilities.

With access to real-time news feeds and analysis tools, traders can make informed decisions and capitalize on market-moving events, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and potentially enhance their trading strategies.

This feature empowers traders with the information they need to react swiftly and intelligently to breaking news, a valuable asset in today’s dynamic financial markets.

  • The program offers a refund policy.

If you join the program and find it unsuitable, you can reclaim your money before quitting.

However, the policy requires you to submit your refund request within thirty days of paying for the funded account.

When you request the refund service, the Alpha Capital Group team will process your request and send your money via your bank account.

  • Provides a higher percentage of profits to their Traders.

When you start trading with a live-funded account, the company gives you the highest percentage share of your profits.

You will earn up to 80% of the total profit while the company only takes 20%.

The company also allows you to earn 8% and 4% profits in your first two phases of trading in the program before advancing to the funded trading account.

Get Funded With Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Cons

  • The business is subjected to many risks.

Because the business involves trading money, there are a lot of risks you might face while trading.

Such risks involving ethical hacking and scamming make traders incur high losses when trading on the platform.

You must learn how to minimize or overcome the risks to succeed in the business.

  • Not a suitable option for beginners

Even though the company provides up to three payment options to help you get started, it can be a bit expensive for beginners.

Most beginners may also fear losing their money as one of the significant challenges to the business model due to lack of experience.

For this reason, the person who wants to begin the business from scratch may need help to invest in the program before fully understanding it.

What Broker Does Alpha Capital Use?

Alpha Capital Group has a strategic partnership with ACG Markets, which serves as the official broker for the group.

This collaboration allows Alpha Capital Group members to leverage the cutting-edge trading services and expertise provided by ACG Markets.

With a reputation for reliability and innovation, ACG Markets is a well-established broker in the financial industry, making it the ideal choice for Alpha Capital Group’s trading needs.

Together, Alpha Capital Group and ACG Markets form a powerhouse alliance that empowers traders with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the world of finance.

Who Should Sign Up For Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm?

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Review

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm targets people who are passionate about working online.

According to the program, you must be a trader who can demonstrate the ability to overcome risks when trading.

You also need to know how to react to the markets and generate profits that can maintain you in the market for a long time.

The program aims to help you achieve your goals while working online on the platform.

The program will allow you to trade with their funds which will be transferred to your live trading account once your registration is successful.

You’ll then keep 80% of the profits you make for your upkeep, as the program will only take 20% of your profits.

In addition, the program will do everything possible to pass their evaluation test once they notice you have a passion for trading with them.

When you make profits in your trade, the program makes profits too and, therefore, will easily notice your passion when you show great performance in your business.

Who Should Not Sign Up With Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm?

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm may not suit everyone joining it like any other program.

Some people will end up not being comfortable with the program.

For instance, the program requires you to pass their test before being allowed to start trading with their live trading account.

However, passing the test may not be as easy as it sounds.

It requires you to have some background knowledge and skills on how to manage risks and overcome emotions when trading online,

If you’re not a good risk taker and have no passion for online trading, this program may not suit you.

As such, you’ve no guarantee of making money online in this program despite spending your money and time joining it.

What Is Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm?

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm is a money trading program from a London-based company called Alpha Capital Group.

The Alpha Capital Group provides financial support to profitable traders to help them continue trading.

It then allows the trader to keep a certain percentage of profits as their income.

After joining, your account will be funded with money to trade.

The company claims to do everything possible to help profitable traders pass its evaluation.

The trade evaluation in the program enables you to gain more experience trading with the live trading account.

During the trade, when you make profits, the company makes a profit too.

You will then share the profits with the company, where the company takes a portion, and you take the rest of the money.

How Does Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Works?

Alpha Capital Group Company launched the Alpha Capital Prop Firm in 2022.

The program was started as a promotion to encourage people to join the Alpha Capital Group Firm program.

The company allows you to join the Alpha Pro Firm with the company’s money from $50,000 to $200,000.

If you trade and make profits, the company only takes 20% of the profits and allows you to keep the rest.

To start trading with the company, you must begin by registering for the Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm.

You’ll then be required to pay the entry fee before accessing the funded account, where you will get financed with the money to trade.

However, before you are cleared to start trading with the funded account, there are steps you need to go through.

Steps For Joining Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Review

Here are the steps you must pass to join the program:

First off, the program requires you to prove yourself to be able to navigate ways around the financial market.

This means you must be profitable and straightforward to succeed in the program.

Besides the proof, here are other steps you MUST take:

Step One: The Funding Evaluation Stage

In this step, the company checks if you can make money in the first two phases of the trading process.

For instance, in the first phase, you must make at least 8% profits and at least 4% in the second phase.

You can proceed to the live trading accounts when you successfully pass through the two phases.

This shows that you deeply understand the market conditions and some risks associated with the trade.

The company also assumes that you understand trading with logic over emotions as a fundamental condition in the market.

From there, you will move to the next stage.

Step Two: Verification Stage

When you pass the evaluation process, you’ll proceed to the verification process, where the program checks your identity.

During the verification process, the program will require you to provide some personal details, such as your national identity card.

The Alpha Capital Group Compliance team will verify the documents and let you receive your funded account when you pass the step.

The company will send you the account credentials and allow you to launch your trading in the market.

At this stage, the company will enable you to receive up to 80% of the profits into your account from the fully funded account.

Step Three: Becoming An Alpha Capital Group Trader

When you reach this stage, you’ll be part of the company’s funded community.

In the community, the program claims that every member will want to see you succeed.

The company will also want to see you succeed so they can form the business.

You can scale up your account and earn more profits by positively progressing with your trading.

The Alpha Capital Group will help you grow your live-funded account to increase your profits to more figures.

For instance, your account will be boosted by 10% if your profit increases by 10%.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining The Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm?

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Review

Here are the benefits you will get from the company as a member of their trading community.

The company funds your account for trading as early as twenty days of your first two steps toward becoming part of their trading community.

It also offers a fully funded live trading account ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 for every trader.

The money you’ll receive in your trading account depends on the entrée fee you paid when registering for the program.

When you place trades, the company will not charge you any commission, even if the trades are many.

The company allows you to trade through weekdays and hold your trading over the weekends.

When you enter the market, the company lowers your profit target to 8% in your first and 4% in your second phases.

The company offers payouts weekly, where you’ll receive 80% of the profits.

After getting funding in your account, the company allows you to scale your account to $2,000,000 and make more profits.

Finally, the company provides traders with an advanced dashboard enabling them to analyze their account’s trading process.

Who Are The Founders Of Alpha Capital Group?

Alpha Capital Group Founders

Are you interested to learn about who runs the show at Alpha?

Here are the founders behind the Alpha Capital Group:

Andrew Blaylock (Co-Founder)

Andrew Blaylock is a highly experienced Equities professional, holding a chartered MCSI certification and a Level 6 certificate in private investment and management (PCIAM).

With 15 years of experience in the field, he started his career at Hoodless Brennan’s small-cap desk and later advised on equities at Central Markets. As a founding director at Clear Capital, Andrew leads by example, managing the broking floor and ensuring top-notch client service.

He also serves as a director at Alpha Capital Group, overseeing daily operations, proprietary trading, risk management, and advanced trading education.

George Kohler (Co-Founder)

George Kohler is a banking and finance graduate with a unique investment industry journey. With prior roles at a FTSE-listed company, specializing in institutional FX and exchange rate risk management, he gained valuable insights.

Two years of full-time trading across major FX pairs, indices, and gold inspired him to co-found Alpha Capital Group. George is dedicated to empowering traders through education, funding, and technology. He is the one who created an advanced account statistics dashboard to elevate trading performance.

Gerard McConnell

Gerard McConnell’s journey began in wealth management, with nearly five years in Investment Management and Financial Advisory roles. After acquiring his Financial Advisor Accreditation, he shifted to full-time trading, focusing on major FX pairs, indices, and treasuries.

Gerard’s expertise covers advanced technical analysis tools and fundamental market analysis. As the Head of Trading Education at Alpha Capital Group, he manages their funded trader program, offering comprehensive education, one-on-one sessions, and live market trading accountability.

What Is Contained In The Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Dashboard?

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Review

Accessing the Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm dashboard is one of the advantages of joining the Alpha Capital Group.

The dashboard is known for its fast execution, advanced transparency, and some analysis tools fundamental to the business.

Here are the features offered on the dashboard:

  • It has a trademate panel
  • VWAP indicator and sessions zone
  • The indicator of the pivot point
  • The reports of the performance of the account for the last 30 days.
  • Custom-build trading journal
  • The new feeds of live markets
  • Economic calendar
  • Monthly trading competitions

What Is The Cost Of Joining The Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm?

The price for joining the Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm starts from $247 to $697.

The funding amounts for trading accounts range from $50,000 to $2,000,000.

Here are the entry fees with their corresponding funding amount.

The first entry price option: pay $247 for a $50,000 funded account

This program’s first and lowest payment amount enables you to get a $50,000 funded account.

The option is EAs allowed and has a 0% commission.

In this category, you will get 80% profit, with phase one having a profit target of 8% and phase two a profit target of 4%.

The profit targets, therefore, amount to $4000 for phase one and $8000 for phase two.

In this payment category, the maximum loss is 5% which is $5000.

It has trade FX, commodities, and indices, allowing you to hold the trade on weekends.

Second price option: pay $447 for a $100,000 funded account.

When you go by this second option, you’ll receive up to $100,000 fully funded account after paying the price.

This option also has 0% commission and 80% profit and is EAs allowed.

You will also target 8% profit in Phase 1 and 4% in Phase 2, amounting to $8000 and $4000, respectively.

The maximum loss in the category is 10%, about $10000, and a maximum daily loss of $5000.

The third option is to pay $697 for a $200,000 funded account. 

This is the last payment option; you must pay $697 and get a live-funded account with $200,000.

This category has 0% commission and up to 80% profit share.

It also targets an 8% profit target in phase one and a 4% profit target in phase two, amounting to $16,000 and $8,000, respectively.

Visit the Official Alpha Capital Funding Firm

How Is The Maximum Daily Loss Calculated?

The daily loss limit of the business model is calculated based on the starting balance of the trade.

The standard limit is always set at 5% of the starting balance of a successful trading day.

The starting balance of a trading day is the account balance that remains at the close of a day candle on the broker time.

If your account balance reads $100000, and you have an equity of $101000 as your close of daily candle, your daily risk will be 5%.

The daily risk is the risk of the following day which is calculated based on the starting balance of the day.

If the starting balance is $10000, the maximum daily risk will be $5000.

The previous day’s profits will also be added to the daily risk or maximum daily risk.

For instance, if the profits were recorded as $1000, the daily loss limit would be $5000+$100=$6000.

So, if the daily loss limit is $5000, you will be allowed to lose up to $1000 more, bringing the total loss limit to $6000.

It would help if you always learned to understand how to accurately calculate your daily loss limit, also called maximum daily risk.

This will enable you to understand if you cannot account for your losses on the platform’s trading process.

Is Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm A Scam?

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm is not a SCAM.

The London-based company focuses on helping you trade online by providing you with a fully funded trading account.

When you join the program, you’ll be part of the trade community, where you’ll choose the amount to pay.

After starting to trade in the financial market, you can scale your business and earn more profits.

However, reaching the required level to receive their funded live account may be more challenging than it sounds.

It will take time to gain more experience and skills in managing risk and emotions before successfully scaling your business.

For this reason, there is no guarantee that you’ll automatically succeed in trading in the financial market when you join the program.

You must pass the test available in the program to receive the trading accounts.

My Assessment of the Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm

When it comes to the assessment of the Alpha Capital Prop firm, I considered the following seven factors:

Profits Split – 9/10

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm has a profit slit of 80% higher than most other firms.

This means that when you profit from your trading account, the company only takes 20% and transfers the remaining amount to your wallet.

The higher profit split allows you to maximize your profits and motivates you towards scaling your business.

As such, Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm seems to be pretty generous in profit split compared to other programs.

Scaling Opportunities – 8/10

When scaling opportunities, Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm offers the easiest way to scale your business.

The program allows you to double your funded capital when scaling your business.

And you’ll increase your capital by more than half every time you meet the target for your profits.

Profits Targets – 8/10

The Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm is confident in providing you with a higher capital amount for your trading account.

This is due to their surety with their affiliates after passing the simple test when joining the program.

It is, therefore, easy to set targets when trading in the program.

Affordability – 8/10

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm is very affordable and offers multiple payment options.

The options make it easy for many traders to join the platform and start trading.

The program also tries to help you pass their test to start trading on their platform.

This, in other words, is a strategy to help them capture almost all the traders who have a great passion for joining their platform.

Trader Support – 8/10

The program offers the best trader support to maintain its members on the platform.

For instance, when you enroll in the program, the program will offer you the best support to help you succeed in your business.

Tradable Assets – 9/10

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm offers only tradable assets that limit people from enjoying the program when trading in their live accounts.

Trustworthiness – 10/10

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm is trustworthy, as evidenced in the program’s numerous testimonials.

The program ensures your trading records are perfectly edited and certified with great integrity and also recommends one of the best brokers in the forex industry worldwide.

My Overall Rating – 8/10

Because the program is genuine, I give it my overall rating of 8.5/10.

The program has good consistency in its operation and allows you to scale your business.

What Are People Saying About Alpha Capital Group?

Trust Pilot

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Review

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm has an excellent rating on Trustpilot, winning up to 4.7/5 stars.

The rating is from more than 188 reviews commenting on the program as one of the world’s best money trading platforms.


Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Review

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm attracts more than 49,545 likes on Facebook and more than 50,000 followers.

More than 24,441 affiliates on the Facebook page talk about the program as a proprietary trading company that offers the best trading experience.


The Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm generally achieves more likes and ratings on Trust Pilot and social media platforms.

Because of the positive comments and reviews, the program is one of the best platforms you can confidently trade with funded money.

Therefore, if you’re passionate about trading, try out this platform.

FAQs About Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm

How Often Can I Withdraw Profits From Alpha Capital Group?

The Alpha Capital Group company allows you to send your withdrawal request twice a month, on the 14th and 28th of every month.

The company will process your withdrawal request within three days and send your money to your bank wallet.

The company has no minimum withdrawal amount set for traders, meaning you can withdraw any amount you want.

What brokers can I use when trading in the Alpha Capital Group?

The company has its proprietary execution broker (ACG Markets), which every trader in the platform must use.

If you become part of the company’s community, you must use their preferred broker to trade with your account.

The company doesn’t allow you to trade with your private broker in the program.

What trading platform does Alpha Capital Group use?

The company uses a trading platform known as Meta Trader 5.

The Meta Trader 5 is an award-winning platform with higher transparency in providing advanced trading services.

The platform also has special tools necessary for fundamental and technical analysis of the trading process.

What are the time limits for Each evaluation phase?

The business’s first phase takes up to thirty days to complete.

When you move to the second phase, you will have a time limit of up to sixty days to complete.

For each phase, you are required to trade for at least ten days.

Thank you for checking out my Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm.

Feel free to leave a comment in the below section.

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This review about Alpha Capital Group was last updated on Dec 31, 2023, at 10:37 (EST)

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  1. Hi I have joined alpha capital through a face book add, a trader has been assigned to me by the name Peter Jacob, iam talking to this person who seems to be in Toronto. I have invested some money, he is demanding to invest more money in the thousands, I don’t know if this is real or scam. Please help me in this matter.

    1. That sounds suspicious and may be a scam that is impersonating the REAL official Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm.

      You will find the official and correct links for Alpha Capital below:

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