Funded Trading Plus Review: Best Prop Firm or Scam?

Funded Trading Plus Review

It is a pleasure to have you in this Funded Trading Plus Review.

Are you a passionate trader and seeking funding to take your trading to a new level?

You’re a few minutes away from learning one of the platforms that offer you funds to kickstart your trading journey.

Yes, you heard me right, Funded Trading Plus is a platform that funds professional traders.

But now, before you can get the funding, there are some sets of evaluations and processes that you’ll undergo before you can qualify to get such funding.

That is why I opted to put together this review to take you through the inside out of the platform to put you ahead of everyone.

So, let’s get rolling…

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Summary Of Funded Trading Plus

Product Name: Funded Trading Plus

Product Type: Traders Funding Platform

Monthly Fees: None

Official Site:

Founders: Simon M, James F, and Michael C

Overall Rating: 7/10

Recommendation: It depends; find out why from my review

10% OFF Coupon Code: Awesome10

Overview Of Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus Review

There are numerous funded trading firms available in the market today.

Among them is Funded Trading Plus, which claims to be the best in the market.

The program is designed to offer you a funded trading account, which they claim is unique and effective in today’s market.

The program funds your trading account in three ways: the Experienced Trader, The Advanced Trader, and the Master Trader.

When you join the Funded Trading Plus firm, you can choose the best trading tier that suits you.

However, choosing your funding program will depend on your level of trade.

For instance, if you’re a beginner fresh from the evaluation test, you’ll begin with the Experienced Trader program.

As you grow your business, you’ll progress to the Advanced Trader program and then the Master Trader program.

Funded Trading Plus Trader Reveals +$200,000 Strategy

“This funded trader is the real deal,” says Simon Massey, CEO, and Managing Director of Funded Trading Plus in this video interview with Jongruck.

Jongruck from Thailand earned $173,597.56 trading the US30 Dow Jones market in just 6 days.

And if she continues trading like this, Simon believes she could become the biggest single earner the funded prop trading industry has ever seen.

Jongruck has been trading for around 10 years and focuses solely on one market.

“This single-minded focus has delivered extraordinary results, and we are delighted she chose to work with FT+.

I’ve watched her trade, and the discipline she applies is truly impressive.”

The Pros Of Funded Trading Plus

  • Offers Instant Funding Account

If after you successfully pass your evaluation, the firm offers you a live and instant funded account.

You are then free to begin trading with the funded account and grow your business on the platform.

The company then takes only 10% of your profits and allows you to use the remaining percentage in scaling your business to achieve your goals.

  • $2.5 million Scaling

Funded Trading Plus Firm allows you to scale your business and target up to $2.5 million.

The higher limit of trade is a strategy the firm puts forward to allow you to achieve the best of your trading target.

The company will fund your account with up to $200,000 before allowing you to use the capital to scale your business to your best level.

  • Extended trading time

The funded Trading Plus firm allows you to trade overnight and on weekends.

You aren’t limited in your time to trade, unlike in the case of other trading firms available in the market.

  • First Customer Service

Funded Trading Plus Review

The Funded Trading Plus firm offers faster customer service aiming at making your experience the best of their services.

You’ll get a quick response whenever you send your request to the company or need assistance from their representatives.

The firm offers a first-customer response to both the members and the new customers seeking to join or know more about the company’s services.

The Cons Of Funded Trading Plus

  • The experienced Trader’s Daily Drawdown is only 3%

The maximum daily loss of an experienced trader program of 3% may be too high for some clients.

The program expects you to complete your first phase before being eligible to receive the payouts.

You’re then expected to target a profit of 10% before you can phase the 3% daily loss and the 6% trailing rules drawdown.

  • The Master Trader has a Drawdown of up to 5%

The drawdown percentage is too high despite the master-funded program allowing you to trade after skipping the evaluation.

This may significantly limit you from perfectly growing your account, especially if the outcome of your business is not meeting your expectations.

You must therefore put more targets to your business aiming at helping you overcome the drawdown percentage and grow your business.

  • Expensive as compared to other trading firms.

Joining the Funded Trading Plus firm is not as easy as in the case of other programs.

First, you’ll have to pass through an evaluation program where you will be expected to show your experience before joining the trading account.

However, enrolling in the evaluation program is more expensive than in the case of other trading firms in the market.

Who Should Sign Up For The Funded Trading Plus?

Funded Trading Plus targets working with people passionate about trading on the available crypto markets.

You should also demonstrate your ability to work under their regulations and follow their rules by adhering to their restrictions.

In addition, you should be able to be profitable when doing business to help you scale your business as expected.

Also, you should be trustworthy and strategic to help you meet their targets in the profits and drawdowns.

Above all, you should be able to pay the fee as required by the program for you to be granted access to the services offered on the platform.

If you meet all these qualities, joining the firm will be problematic for you.

Who Should Not Sign Up For The Funded Trading Plus?

Of course, not everyone who comes across this program will be able to benefit from it.

I say so because trading isn’t a cup of tea for everyone.

If you have never thought of trading in any financial market or have no passion for it, joining the program will definitely not benefit you.

It is, therefore, paramount to do due diligence to identify if you can effectively trade in the market before making a decision.

In addition, if you cannot pay the fee set by the program, you may not be able to access their services.

What Is Funded Trading Plus?

Funded Trading Plus Review

Funded Trading Plus is a London-based company that offers a proprietary trading service.

The platform allows you to trade with their live trading account with a capital of up to $200,000.

Depending on your business goals, you can scale the capital to as high as $2,500,000.

The strategy of the company allows you to start your business with $200,000.

If you pass your evaluation, the company encourages you to start trading with their account.

The program will then increase your profit share to up to 90% and only deduct 10% of your profit as their income.

The company started funding its accounts from $12,500 and increased the funds to a maximum of $200,000.

During the trading process, you’ll have the option of choosing between three different trading programs.

The trading program includes the experienced trader, the advanced trader, and the master trader.

How Does Funded Trading Plus Work?

The proprietary trading firm has its technology integrated with EightCap company as its brokerage company.

Funded Trading Plus Review

The company provides traders with up to three options of trade, including the single evaluation phase, immediate funding, and the two evaluation phases.

The program pays up to 90% of profits and takes the remaining percentage as their share in your business.

The profits are payable once you successfully complete your evaluation test and begin trading with your live-funded account.

You’ll then start trading with a funded capital of $200,000, a strategy to help you maximize your potential earnings.

You’ll possibly scale your business to a maximum amount of $250 million.

How Does The Funded Trading Plus Withdrawal Work?

If your account is generating profits, you are free to withdraw your earnings at any time.

However, keep in mind that you can only make one withdrawal request per week.

When you choose to withdraw, 80 – 90% of the profit will be credited to your account, while the remaining 10 – 20% will be kept by Funded Trading Plus.

It’s important to note that most traders who operate live-funded accounts generally strive to maintain a drawdown buffer of at least 10% in their accounts.

This buffer ensures that they have a financial cushion in place to handle any potential losses and mitigate risk.

By maintaining a drawdown buffer, you can better manage their accounts and make informed decisions regarding when to withdraw their earnings.

The Funding Program Options

Funded Trading Plus Review

After completing your evaluation test, you’ll join the funding trader options in the program.

The options have their live trading accounts funding starting from $12,500 and will increase to a maximum of $200,000.

In the funding program options, you have up to three different trading programs to choose including;

  • Experienced Trader

The Experienced Trader consists of single-phase trading options.

The program doesn’t have any time restrictions because it is still an evaluation option.

After joining the experienced trading option, you’ll receive a profit share of 80%.

The profit share will then rise to a maximum of 90% as you continue advancing in your trade.

  • Advanced Trader

In the advanced trader option, there are two phases of assessment.

The program doesn’t have any time restrictions and offers you a profit share of between 80% to 90%.

You’ll have a profit target of 10% in the first phase and 5% in the second phase of the trader program.

  • Master Trader

This is the last trader option available in the program, which you can advance into when scaling your business.

In the program, there is no evaluation required, as in the case of the other two available options.

This means that you’ll get your trader account funded immediately when you join this program.

The program starts by providing you with a profit share of 70%, which then rises to as high as 90% as you grow your business.

The master trader has a relative drawdown of 5%, which you need to take into consideration when trading.

After completing the other trading program evaluation, you’ll automatically join the Master trader option.

The platform places you on the real server.

Risk exposure management is available in the program that helps you manage risk in the program.

Steps For Joining Funded Trading Plus

Here are the steps for joining Funded Trading Plus;

Step One: Registration Stage

You’ll first begin by registering your details into the program for identification.

After the registration process is successful, you’ll then choose the program and pay its price to allow you to complete your registration.

From there, you’ll choose the experienced trader option.

And then proceed to the assessment stage.

Step Two: The Assessment Stage

This is the second step in the program, which tests if you can be profitable to trade in the available markets.

Your suitability to work with this financial firm will be checked at this stage.

The assessment session is available for both advanced traders and experienced traders.

The profit targets set for the assessment sessions will help the program take note of your performance.

Step Three: Verification Stage

If your performance is positive, you’ll be granted access to the live trading account at this stage.

The verification is based on meeting the profit targets and daily drawdown targets set in the second step.

You’ll be successfully verified if you meet the targets and automatically join the live trading account.

Step Four: Becoming A Master Trader

After you pass the assessment tests in the above steps, you’ll advance to become a master trader.

In this stage, you’ll not require any evaluation and will be fully a live trading account group member.

Funded Trading Plus Coupon/Discount Code

If you’re interested in giving Funded Trading Plus a try, we’d love to offer you a special discount code: Awesome10.

With this code, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your purchase, as well as a couple of other great benefits.

If you reach 10% profit on your live account, Funding Trading Plus will refund 115% of your evaluation fee, and experienced and advanced traders will receive an 85% profit split.

Just a heads up, though, our discount code doesn’t apply to Master account purchases.

What Are the Benefits of Joining the Funded Trading Plus?

Funded Trading Plus Review

Here are the benefits of joining the Funded Trading Plus platform;

  • The firm offers real-live account funds

The Funded Trading Plus account doesn’t have a demo account and only operates on the live account.

The trader profits in the firm are therefore generated from the real market and not in a demo market.

  • The founders are real

The founders of the Funded Trading Plus program are real and have great experience in the funded trading industries.

They claim to have been educating their traders since 2013.

  • You can scale your Business to up to $250 million

According to the program, it is the only firm that allows you to grow your business and target up to $250 million as you trade.

This amount is on top of the cryptocurrency markets such as index, forex, and commodity markets.

  • You will get world-class support

The representatives from the firm and the entire company will offer you world-class support during your trading time.

You will only have to worry about the trading outcome but get enough support from the platform.

The platform will always monitor you to know how you can get help.

  • The programs are designed from research and Surveys

The programs available on the platforms are effectively designed based on surveys and research.

They focus on what traders want and the value required during the trading time to make you earn more profits.

According to the program, winners aren’t paid by losers; rather fund their real accounts with real money to enable them to trade on a real market.

What Is Contained In The Funded Trading Plus Dashboard?

When you visit the Funded Trading Plus dashboard, you’ll get the basics of the firm explained.

The dashboard contains all the firm’s features and tools, enabling you to launch and grow your business.

Here are the available features on the Funded Trading Plus firm dashboard;

  • The evaluation types
  • Profit split
  • Profit target
  • Minimum trading days
  • Maximum Leverage
  • Platforms
  • Relative Drawdown
  • Daily drawdown
  • Account size
  • Refundable fee.

Some of these features may be unique to the trader program you choose on the platform.

However, the dashboard allows you to check how the features are set for every program.

What Is The Cost Of Joining The Funded Trading Plus?

The funded Trading Plus Firm has a price starting from $119 to $999.

The firm only charges an initial cost and doesn’t charge you any monthly or yearly fees.

For this reason, you’ll not face any ongoing service charges once you pay off the initial price tag.

The most affordable Trading program option in the firm is the Experienced trader.

On the other hand, the Master trader is the most expensive option in the program.

Based on your funded capital, the accounts will cost you between $225 to $4500.

Each platform’s trading program option may have its profit target, daily drawdown, and drawdown limit.

For instance, Experienced Trading has a 10% profit target, 6% drawdown, and 3% daily loss in their phase one.

In the live account, the experienced trader will depend on the phase one assessment to allow you to join the real funded account.

In the advanced trader account, the profit targets are set at 10%, drawdown at 10%, and daily drawdown at 5% in phase one.

The program then allows you to advance into phase two with a profit target of 5%, a drawdown of 10%, and a daily drawdown of 5%.

Completing the two phases will allow you to advance into the real funded account, where you can place your trades.

The master trader account immediately takes you to the funded account without passing through any assessment.

The program, therefore, has no profit target and charges a 5% relative drawdown on the starting balance.

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My Assessment of the Funded Trading Plus

Now, after sharing with you all the possible information about Funded Trading Plus, here is what I consider to be my honest assessment of the prop firm;

Profits Split – 10/10

The funded Trading Plus firm has a higher profit split of up to 90%, which is impressive for a trader.

The high-profit split enables you to scale your business easily to achieve your goals.

Scaling Opportunities – 9/10

The scaling opportunities available in the firm are also excellent due to the higher profit split.

By earning a maximum profit, you’ll get motivated towards setting a higher target which helps you scale your business easily.

Profits Targets – 8/10

The Funding Trader Plus Firm provides you with a higher capital amount to trade in your live trading account.

This enables you to set a higher profit target and achieve your maximum potential return.

Affordability – 7/10

The affordability of the Funded Trading program depends on whether you can manage to pay the required fee.

If you can pay the fee and trade in the available market, the firm will be very affordable for you.

Trader Support – 10/10

The program offers excellent trading support to help you achieve your goals.

Their representative team is determined to know where they can help to enable you to work seamlessly on the platform.

Tradable Assets – 8/10

The program has its trade assets promoting trade in the live accounts.

You’ll not have to stress yourself looking for trade assets when trading on their funded live trading account.

Trustworthiness – 8/10

The program has numerous testimonies that show how trustworthy it is.

In addition, the company is licensed and operating under the control of legal authorities that govern the cryptocurrency trade.

My Overall Rating – 7/10

In my honest point of view, I award the Funded Trading Plus Firm a 7/10 rating based on their good performance in the market.

The program is better than most of the trading firms available in the market.

I say so because they have an organized operation and excellent customer support.

What Are People Saying About The Funded Trading Plus

Trust Pilot

Funded Trading Plus Review

In the trust pilot site, the Funded Trading Plus firm attained a rating of up to 4.9/5 at the time I published this review.

There are tons of positive reviews from people who have used the platform.


The program also has a Facebook fan page with numerous likes.

There are a number of traders who are positively recommending the platform as a good choice for trading crypto.


Generally, the program has impressive reviews and comments on other platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter.

Due to that, it is clear and obvious that the program can genuinely help you make money online through funded trading.

FAQs About Funded Trading Plus

Does Funded Trading Plus Firm Accept Funding In Crypto?

Yes, the Funded Trading Plus platform accepts payment via crypto but not all.

The crypto wallets accepted in the platform include Bitcoin, Tether, USD coin, Ethereum, and Binance.

For this reason, if you are using any of the mentioned cryptos, you’ll be free to make your transactions to and from the platform into your wallet.

Is There A Time Limit For Passing The Evaluation Test?

There is no time limit for passing the test.

However, you need to place one trade on your account every 30 days to maintain your account active.

As long as your account is active, the program allows you to spend adequate time on the evaluation to help you gather enough experience.

Does A Funded Account Expire In The Case Of The Funded Trading Plus Firm?

Yes, your funded trading account can expire even though there are conditions that lead to the expiry.

For instance, if the platform doesn’t record any trading activity in your account for a period of thirty days, your funded account will expire.

What Are The Available Markets I Can Trade With Funded Trading Plus Funds?

The funded Trading Plus platform allows you to trade in different crypto markets available today.

These markets include index markets, Forex, commodities, and the other numerous cryptocurrencies available in the market today.

For this reason, you are not limited in the number or specific markets you can trade on when you join the funded Trading Plus Firm.

Can I Withdraw Profits From My Evaluation Account?

No, you can’t withdraw profits from your evaluation account because it is a demo account designed to let you get prepared.

The program doesn’t guarantee any real profits in the evaluation account but allows you to withdraw profits when you join the live trading account.

Therefore, you should aim to finish your evaluation test faster and join the funded trading account to begin enjoying your profits.

Is There A Fee Refund In The Funded Trading Plus Firm?

Yes, the Funded Trading Plus Firm offers a fee refund.

Once you reach a 10% profit on your live trading account at both the advanced and experienced trader levels, the platform refunds your fees.

However, the refund fee is not guaranteed for you in the evaluation account, especially if you are unable to meet the expected profit targets.

Thank you for reading my Funded Trading Plus Review.

Do you have any comments or additions about the review?

Kindly feel free to write to me in the below section.

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