Amazon FBA Heroes Review: Is Derrick Struggle’s Course SCAM?

Amazon FBA Heroes Review

Hello, welcome to my Amazon FBA Heroes Review.

As an Amazon FBA business participant, you might have heard about Derrick Struggle.

However, knowing him alone may not be that much satisfying; what everyone will be interested most in hearing is whether he is a scam or legit.

Keep reading my review to learn more about Derrick Struggle and the Amazon FBA Heroes to know if it is a scam or a legit way to make money online.

Derrick Struggle is one of the most successful businessmen on the amazon platform.

According to him, every businessman registered on the amazon platform can become a profitable seller on the website.

With this strong belief, Derrick Struggle, a very young businessman, teaches other businessmen on the platform how to become successful, profitable sellers.

His Amazon FBA Heroes course has up to 17 modules that comprise numerous videos and worksheets.

When you read my review, you will get unbiased and honest information on whether it is a scam or a legit course.

My review will also help you answer questions on Amazon FBA Heroes by providing a deep understanding of the course and if it is worth taking.

Let’s dive in…

Summary Of Amazon FBA Heroes Review

Product Name: Amazon FBA Heroes

Product Type: Amazon FBA Course

Website’s URL:

Product founder: Derrick Struggle

Price of the product: Two payments method of $597 every month or One type of payment of $997

Product Rating: 3/5

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Amazon FBA Heroes Overview

Amazon FBA Heroes Review

Amazon FBA Heroes is a training course that educates online entrepreneurs on how they can start an eCommerce store and launch products sold on the amazon retail platform.

The course provides more than four hours of video coverage that helps you learn the course from scratch.

In my opinion, this course is generally good and legit.

However, I may not say that it is a great course because there are some other courses you may enroll in without even paying such a huge cost.

I recommend that you read my review until the end to capture all the information about Amazon FBA Heroes before you can decide on choosing it as your eCommerce training course.

However, I have you covered if you are up to this business model.

Check out this better alternative to get started with business online:

Amazon FBA Heroes Review

What Is Amazon FBA Heroes About?

Amazon FBA Heroes Review

Amazon FBA Heroes is a course that trains you to launch a business in the Amazon retail platform using amazon fulfillment and is more or less to BJK University Review.

In this course, you will learn how to merge different amazon products in the drop shipping business.

Amazon FBA Heroes course also helps you conduct research on products, navigate Amazon and help you improve your entrepreneurship career.

In the amazon FBA training course, you will be provided with a video training session spanning over four hours.

The video session takes you through everything concerning the Amazon FBA business and is suitable for both beginners and professional entrepreneurs.

This course was founded by Derrick struggle, a successful young businessman with a great experience in entrepreneurship with the Amazon retail platform.

He has unique strategies for teaching the Amazon FBA Heroes course, making him different from other authors.

Who Established the Amazon FBA Heroes Course?

Amazon FBA Heroes Review

Amazon FBA Heroes was established by Derrick Struggle, who doubles up as the program owner.

As I mentioned earlier, Derrick’s struggle is a successful young entrepreneur based selling products online through the amazon platform marketplace.

Apart from launching the Amazon FBA Heroes course, Derrick also created a YouTube account where he posted many videos that promote the amazon FBA training course.

However, he is not currently active on his YouTube channel because he posted his last video two years ago.

In all the videos Derrick posted on his channel, he tries to create some sense in the business to make it look simpler to beginners who have an interest in learning the course.

Amazon FBA Heroes Review

How Do Amazon FBA Heroes Operate?

Amazon FBA Heroes Review

The Amazon FBA Heroes course has up to 17 modules to be covered.

In every module of the course, you will learn different aspects you can apply to start your Amazon business.

In my review, I will take you through every module so you to learn and understand what Derrick covers in every module of the course.

Module one: Introduction

This course’s first module welcomes you to the Amazon FBA Heroes training course.

In this module, Derrick explains the meaning of the Amazon FBA Heroes course, what it is all about the course, and what you expect at the end of your training.

Module Two: Creating A Foundation

In module two, you will learn how to create your foundation. In this case, Derrick teaches you how to get into the right mindset for starting a business.

For this reason, you learn how to free yourself from past fears about the business and stick to the Amazon FBA business to become a great entrepreneur.

You will find this module very useful, especially when you want to start a business from scratch, as it will motivate you and encourage you on the benefits of joining the business.

Module Three: Marketing, Dropshipping, And Branding

In module three of the course, you will be introduced to three main aspects of Amazon FBA Heroes: branding, Shopify Dropshipping, and marketing.

Lawrence Lee, who is the founder of the viral Visionaries, teaches you how you can brand and market your Amazon FBA business.

In addition, Lawrence will teach you how you can run ads on your social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, and how to create your Shopify store.

Module Four: How The Amazon FBA Business Works

In this module, Derrick Struggle introduces you to the functions of the Amazon FBA Business.

You will learn why the business is powerful and how you can build your corporate structure in the business.

Furthermore, this module also provides information about storage, fees, navigation, and taxes.

For this reason, you will be able to capture what the Amazon FBA business is all about when you complete this module.

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Module Five: Creating Your Seller Account

After learning about all the information concerning the Amazon FBA business, Derick now teaches you how to create your amazon seller account in this module.

At the end of this module, you can set up your account on the Amazon business platform and link it with your email Address.

In this module, Derrick provides two videos four minutes long, each of them displaying how you can create your account on the platform.

Module Six: How To Register As An International Seller On The Amazon Platform

In this module, Derrick Struggle teaches you how you can sell on Amazon as a seller from outside the USA.

For instance, when you go through this module, you will learn how to sell on amazon from different parts of the world, not only in the USA, despite the amazon platform being based in the USA.

In the module, Derrick teaches you how to register your account as an international seller.

With up to two videos four minutes long, you will find this module very useful, especially when you are not from the USA.

Module Seven: How To Make Your Amazon Brand Powerful

In this module, you will learn how to make your amazon brand more powerful.

According to Derick, this involves creating custom packaging for your products, adding your profile photo, and ensuring that your branding is trademarked perfectly.

However, when it comes to trademarking or packaging your products, Derrick recommends that you need not be more specific.

In most cases, these two aspects seem to have general information; hence, some people find it unnecessary to include trademarking in their products.

Module Eight: Finding The Right Product

In module eight, Derrick Struggle teaches you how to conduct product research and develop the right products.

Derrick recommends many research techniques and strategies in this module, including; product research tools, specific niche, and broad.

He also teaches about seasonality and how you can avoid patents as a way of product research.

Furthermore, you will also learn how to calculate profit margins for your business and identify winning products.

Modules Nine And Ten: How To Find The Market For Your Winning Products And Suppliers

Module nine is very short and teaches you how to conduct market research for the products you identified effectively.

In module ten, you will learn how to find product suppliers, such as the Alibaba site.

Derrick will also teach you how to send messages to suppliers and master shipping rates from different suppliers.

In addition, you will also learn how to get your order quantity at its lowest minimum level.

Also, you’ll learn how you can make your order of the products on the platform, and get the products inspected.

He concludes the module by explaining how you can set up custom packaging of your products.

Module Eleven And Twelve: Setting Up Your Product Listing On The Amazon Platform

In this module, Derrick teaches how you can craft and list your products on the amazon site.

Aside from that, you’ll also learn how you can do your keyword research online with some important insight into your product listing.

In module twelve, Derick teaches about photography of winning products.

He also outlines some of the strategies you can participate in at home to help increase your products’ quality.

Module Thirteen And Fourteen: How To Start, Rank, And Attract More Reviews On Amazon And Create Your Amazon Portfolio

In this Module, you will learn how you can launch your products and how your products can gain high ranks on the amazon platform.

Derick also teaches how to make your products attract more reviews on the amazon platform to increase their rating.

When it comes to module fourteen, Derrick teaches you how you can create your amazon portfolio.

In this module, Derrick presents a video that displays everything you need to understand before you can display your scale.

Module Fifteen And Sixteen: How To Dominate Your Social Media Apps With The Products

Derrick introduces Danny Perez, his high school friend, to explain this module.

Perez teaches how to post your product ads on Pinterest and Instagram

He also highlights how you can dominate the platforms by engaging or posting on the site often.

In module sixteen, he teaches about click funnels and how to post Facebook ads.

He concludes the module by explaining how to use click-funnel sites when you post ads for your products.

Module Seventeen: Amazon FBA Heroes Bonuses

This is the last module of the Amazon FBA Heroes course.

In this module, Derrick teaches you about some bonuses you will get when you enter the Amazon FBA business.

You will also learn how to protect yourself from hijackers, add thank you cards to your account, and get ungated.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Amazon FBA Heroes?

Amazon FBA Heroes Review

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To join Amazon FBA Heroes, there are two payment options available.

One of the payment options is to pay a one-time amount of $997.

You can also choose a two-time payment option at $597 each when you want to purchase your Amazon FBA Heroes.

These amounts may be quite expensive for young entrepreneurs, making them less affordable.

However, some customers prefer searching for the course contents from other platforms as the contents offered are the same on all the sites.

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Is Amazon FBA Heroes Legit?

Amazon FBA Heroes Review

From my point of view, the Amazon FBA Heroes course is legit.

But since the course is priced highly, purchasing it may significantly impact your expectations.

In other words, this course is NOT a magic bullet that will make you rich overnight.

In that regard, if you’re a beginner and want to start making money online, be sure to consider all factors before deciding whether to go for this course.

Something else to inform you; such courses can be found for free on different platforms such as YouTube, free eBooks, and blogs.

Overall, Derrick Struggle, as the Amazon FBA Heroes course owner, doesn’t seem to be a scam according to how he explains the course and his contribution to the program.

Since I have more than 5-year experience working online, at least from the challenges I’ve experienced, I can help you maneuver your way as well.

In that case, if you’re just getting started with making money online, then here is a better way to start your business without spending a fortune:

Amazon FBA Heroes Review

What I like about Amazon FBA Heroes

  • The Amazon business is legit FBA Heroes

In my view, the Amazon FBA course is a legit training course offering education to your entrepreneurs on how they can sell their products on the amazon platform.

  • Amazon FBA Heroes course is easy to follow and understand

The Amazon FBA Heroes modules are straightforward to learn. Therefore, you will not strain to learn the course.

  • Amazon FBA Heroes course provides excellent information on product selection.

When you learn the Amazon FBA Heroes course, you will be able to learn many techniques and strategies for identifying winning products from suppliers.

What I don’t like about Amazon FBA Heroes

  • Amazon FBA Heroes business is expensive to launch and maintain

This may make it not affordable to some young entrepreneurs still looking forward to growing their business skills.

  • Amazon FBA Heroes course has some its modules with less content

When you go through the course, you will realize that some of the modules of this course have less or no content and are rather a repetition of the already displayed information.

  • Danny Perez is not a perfect teacher

Derrick introduces Danny Perez, his high school friend, to explain some course modules.

However, Perez may not be a good teacher for guests or beginners.

Is There Any Alternative To Amazon FBA Heroes?

I don’t discredit Derrick Struggle’s course, but from where I stand, if you’re a beginner, this is NOT a place to begin your online journey.

Though NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, I’ll always recommend beginners to go for affiliate marketing.

This business model is easy to start, and you can learn while earning.

Keep in mind that you should put in the required effort to be able to see positive results.

So, if you want to get started with affiliate marketing, then here is a blueprint to set you on the road:

Amazon FBA Heroes Review

FAQ About Amazon FBA Heroes

Is Derrick Struggle A scam?

No, I don’t think Derrick Struggle, the founder of the Amazon FBA Heroes course, is a scam, according to my review.

He features most course information online on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Are Amazon FBA Heroes Worth Taking?

According to my review, Amazon FBA Heroes is not worth going by its price.

The business may be much more expensive for some entrepreneurs to join, making it less affordable.

Who is Derrick Struggle?

Derrick Struggle is a successful young entrepreneur who is the founder and owner of the Amazon FBA business.

Apart from establishing the amazon FBA Heroes course, Derrick also has a YouTube channel where he has posted all the contents of the amazon FBA course.

Thank you for reading this REVIEW.

12 thoughts on “Amazon FBA Heroes Review: Is Derrick Struggle’s Course SCAM?

  1. This is actually my first time coming across Derrick Struggle ‘s course. There are several programs that offer similar service most of which are free. Considering the fact one has to pay a huge money to get access to the course is kind of discouraging. However from the course outlines I think it is worth trying if you have the money to spend.

  2. Excellent review, Jason; thank you for sharing a complete breakdown of the fba heroes course and a clear explanation of each module is exactly what I needed. I am looking for something like this and glad I found this review. I agree with you about this course’s price; it’s a bit expensive to start. Thank you for this post.

    Have a great day



  3. I agree with you that starting an affiliate marketing business is far more affordable than starting an Amazon FBA business even if you don’t take the cost of the course into account. 

    Sitting with all that stock is risky and you need to know how to market and do market research properly before attempting to run an FBA business. This course I feel, is also quite pricey for a beginner just starting out. 

    1. Exactly. I believe that starting a business doesn’t have to be complicated or cost too much to get it into profits. 

  4. Hi, Jason, thank you for the review of Mr. Derrick’s course. The course looks to be quite good especially if one really wants to open up an online store and sell via Amazon. Enriching it with other instructors, should not only improve it but would also make it more appealing since it would not be a one-man’s show. That said it is surprising that Derrick chooses a friend who, as you explain, in not a good teacher!! I do agree with you that the price of the course is prohibitive!! A beginner should not start by spending such, yet it does not guarantee success thereafter. Once again thank you for this review.

    1. There are more cost-effective business options out there for sure. Glad you found this valuable and thank you for reading. 

  5. What an insightful read about the FBA hero’s course I didn’t really know much about them until now! It’s too bad the course was as heavily priced as it is. I felt like buying it until I read your article. What’s another way I can make money online without the fba? Are there any options that aren’t as heavily priced and offer the same or better tools and experiences?

    1. Thanks for reading, Nicholas.  I did provide an alternative for those with a smaller budget within the articles. You can click on the button links provided. 

  6. A course with seventeen modules indicates thoroughness and in-depth training, although only sometimes the case. Also, having someone like Struggle create an activity, you will expect to see a touch of professionalism. However, you mentioned that his friend Danny could be a better teacher. My worries lie in the cost. What is the assurance of making the bulk back quickly? I will also go check out your affiliate marketing recommendation.  It sounds reasonably priced with good tools and in-depth training. 

    1. Hey there.  There is never a real assurance that you will make back your funds quickly, however, gradually, it can happen!  And this is something that you can expect when it comes to running a business.  I recommend affiliate marketing because it’s simple to get started with and you don’t need a huge budget.  Thanks for taking the time to read and leave your comment. 

  7. In my opinion, Derrick Struggle, the creator of the Amazon FBA Heroes course, is not a scammer.

    I have heard of him before from some friends.

    He posts the majority of his course materials online on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
    My review states that Amazon FBA Heroes is not worth the price.

    For some entrepreneurs, starting the business may be substantially more expensive, making it less feasible.

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