BJK University Review – Untold Truth About This FBA Course

BJK University Review

I welcome you to my BJK University Review.

BJK University’s popularity is growing by the day, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to Find out the Truth about this course. 

Rest assured, you’ll get a satisfactory answer in this review. 

It is always important to research a product you may wish to invest in, lest you end up losing your hard-earned money.

I usually tell my readers to find out information regarding a product rather than depending on word of mouth. 

At the end of this review, you’ll have to know whether BJK University FBA course is ideal for you or not. 

Before I can start reviewing this program, I need to point out to you that I’m not in any way affiliated with BJK University, nor am I trying to sell it to you.

I’ll offer you my honest review; you’ll be in a better position to make a wise decision without being coerced to move in a particular direction. 

I hope that you’ll enjoy reading every section of the review.

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That said, let’s embark on this review.

Summary of BJK University

Name of the Product: BJK University

Type of the Product: Amazon FBA Course

Founder: Bashar J Katou

Cost: Total Cost $9,000

Do I Recommend it? No

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BJK University Review

Bashar J Katou developed BJK University as an Amazon FBA course.

I’ll be open with you, this is a highly-priced course, and unfortunately, the training course offered doesn’t justify the enormous price tag. 

From the onset, it seems the course is here to make a profit out of your hard-earned money, but hold on, I’m yet to break down everything regarding the program.

Imagine the course will require you to invest above $3,000, and that is not the end; the founder will not advise you to join the program unless you have an extra $6,000 that you’ll need to spend. 

For a business with a low success rate, risking your entire investment will be equivalent to digging your own grave. 

Also, the program only offers a three-day refund policy.

Of course, no sane person will be willing to enter into a business venture that will not guarantee success. 

What if I offer you a genuine and reliable way of making money online?

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BJK University Review

Who is Behind BJK University?

 BJK University Review

Bashar J. Katou is the personality behind the BJK University program.

The guy commands a significant online presence.

When I wrote this review, his personal Instagram profile commands more than one million followers, while the BJK university Instagram profile commands many followers. 

If that is not enough, the company’s YouTube account boasts tremendous support, with tens of thousands of active subscribers. 

BJK University Review

Aside from all this social media presence, there is no other information regarding Bashar J. Katou.

Seemingly, this guy’s homeland was in Iraq, but after the war broke out back in the 2000’s he relocated.

Previously, he ran a restaurant that burned down and gave it a try to Amazon FBA after that. 

But I can’t substantiate the claim of Katou of his success. 

BJK University Explained

BJK University Review

BJK University is pitched as a free training course. 

But in essence, this is usually not the case.

At first, you’ll be offered a free webinar; then, you’re offered the main offer later.

You’ll not be offered training in the free training; what you’re only provided is an overall explanation regarding Bashar’s experience on the Amazon FBA program.

His technique is to bring as many products as possible, then scale up later.

This is very understandable for most people.

When you’re done watching their video, you’ll be requested to participate in a simple survey to check your eligibility for the upgraded training.

In the survey, you’ll get questions to know your financial status and see if you can pay for the premium course. 

The founder advises that you set aside about $6,000 and a separate training cost of $3,000.

In that regard, you’ll need to have about $9,000 to hit the road with this program which is expensive for any training video. 

If you’re looking for a genuine and proven way of making money online, then you’re not late to follow this simple step-by-step process.

Plus, the method will not need to pay a huge upfront fee.

Jason Foster

Can you make money with Amazon FBA?

Though you can make money with this business technique, it is not a cup of tea for everyone.

Other people can make a considerable income doing this business, and it’s doable in the comfort of your home. 

But let’s face the bull by the horn; this is one of the most challenging and expensive techniques to make money online, for starters. 

And the reason for this is that you’ll need to buy physical items and store them.

This will cost you thousands of dollars.

Worse yet, Bashar even doesn’t allow you to join his program not unless you have at least $6,000, and I’ll tell you what, you’ll need even much more than that.

From where I stand, I think you need to have about $25,000, yet success isn’t guaranteed.

Further, Amazon will charge you for doing business with their platform.

They’ll usually charge you 15% of your entire sales for shipping and warehouse fees.

They eat into your profit.

But why should you have to incur such huge fees?

I’ve offered you a better way of doing business online without incurring such huge costs.

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What is inside BJK University?

Unfortunately, BJK University doesn’t put up its content anywhere in the online space, which implies that you’ll only get access to its content once you buy the whole thing.

Good of them.

But after I didn’t do my underground research from third-party review websites, I managed to access this course. 

Let me break it down for you.

The Training Program

Here is a screenshot of the 3-minute video that you need to watch before you can continue:

BJK University Review

The training offered will handle the basics of this course and will deal with topics like getting great products and event sourcing. 

Besides, the course will also demonstrate how you can spend limited time looking for a product while taking much of your time putting up your brand and the products you’ve selected. 

Towards the tail end of the program is when you are trained on making things run independently without the business needing your intervention. 

As such, you’ll now be in a position to run more than one website and generate a lot of money every month.

Better still, BJK University will share with you the secret formula Bashar has been using to earn 7-figures through Amazon FBA. 

Bashar’s secret formula

Bashar depends on A/B testing; that is the secret formula Bashar uses. 

He points out that if you run different products, you’ll stand a chance to know the one that offers you a lot of profit.

After which, you can narrow down to the products that offer you great profit, allowing you to become stable and scale your business with ease. 

The cost of the program

As I mentioned earlier, BJK University is costly.

At first, you’ll think that the program is free because Bashar pitches it with free training, but in the end, he’ll implore you to set aside a huge budget of about $9,000.

You’ll need to pay heftily for the training program ($3,000) and another $6,000 that will cater to the cost of the digital items that are attached to the training. 

If you don’t pay for the products, you’ll not have access to the program, and thus you’ll need to part with $9,000.

As it stands, this should be the most expensive training course I’ve ever reviewed.

Most courses that I’ve earlier reviewed, like the Clients On Demand Coaching Course, will cost not more than $5,000. 

Also, it offers you a three-day refund policy with the condition that you’ll not complete $30 percent of the training program. 

Is this training course recommended for anyone?

I’ll be short and clear.

I don’t recommend this program to anyone because its intention is clear.

You may end up making little to no profit at all.

Remember that you need to pay hugely to get started, which means succeeding in this program is impossible. 

There is no need to pay a lot of money for a program that you’re unsure of its success rate. 

Is BJK University a Scam?

BJK University is not a Scam.

The entire sales process seems a bit sketchy, but online businesses use the normal trick to lure customers.

The issue here is that you’re not given the value for your money.

The success rate of Amazon FBA is low.

And thus, paying highly for it defeat its purpose. 

Expect a single person to succeed out of 100 participants.

The joining cost of this program is way beyond that of opening a brick and motor store. 

Unless you’re okay with parting with $15,000, enjoying any profit with this course is a nightmare. 

Complaints of BJK University

While researching information about this course, I came across several complaints from different customers.

The biggest and loudest complaint is that this course isn’t worth the $3,000 price.

You pay for this price, but you’ll only offer training videos and some materials that are available for free on social media platforms like YouTube. 

When you charge thousands of dollars, you get some special training which is not the case. 

And several customers felt they were duped.

I hold the position that the complaints raised by customers are true.

Amazon FBA is not a new business idea and has existed now. 

And due to that, there are many free training courses out there.

Therefore, there is no need to pay as much as $3,000 for training sourced elsewhere. 

Another issue is to do with its refund policy. 

You’ve three days to have your money back. 

And the refund only is possible given that you don’t go beyond the 30 percent of the course. 

As such, if you clear 31% of the course on day 1, it will mean that you’ll not be eligible to get a refund. 

Most genuine courses will offer you a 30-day refund no matter how deep you get with the course. 

From there, let’s now find out what I liked and don’t like about the BJK University course.

What I like about BJK University

  •  There is nothing good about this course.

What I don’t like about BJK University

  • The course is pretty expensive: There is no need to pay $3,000 for a program that you can get elsewhere for free.
  • You’ll get different places that offer the same service at little to no charge at all.
  • The bad refund policy makes this program a no for me: The three-day refund policy is not a wise idea, and the further 30% policy is still bad for this course.
  • The program has faced huge customer complaints: This shows that the video training isn’t worth it. 

Paying such a huge price with no guarantee of success is not good. 

So, can you get an alternative to start earning money online? 

Well, I have offered you my recommendation here.

My #1 Recommendation

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BJK University Review

FAQs About BJK University

Who Is Bashar J. Katou?

Bashar J. Katou is the entrepreneurial mastermind behind BJK University.

Is Amazon FBA A Viable Income Source?

Indeed, Amazon FBA can serve as a rewarding method to create a valuable, income-generating asset. However, it’s essential to understand that success in this field, like any other business, necessitates dedication and hard work.

Is Amazon FBA Still Profitable In 2023?

Yes, Amazon FBA will continue to be a profitable venture in 2023.

Should I Invest In An Amazon FBA Course?

Considering an Amazon FBA course is akin to making an investment in your business education. To make an informed decision, it’s advisable to thoroughly assess the course content, reviews, and reputation of the course provider to ensure that the cost aligns with the value you expect to receive.

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