Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review

Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review: Does This Work?

Hi, welcome to my Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review.

Angels And Entrepreneurs Network is a digital platform that claims to show you the best startups to invest in at a low price. 

This platform allows you to invest in the most profitable startups and make huge Returns on your investment.

But before I introduce the Angels And Entrepreneurs Network to you, I want to inform you that I don’t have any affiliate relationship with this platform. 

And as such, you can expect to get helpful information that will enable you to make a wise decision going forward.

Having said that, let’s dive in…

Overview – Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review

Name of the Product: Angel And Entrepreneurs Network

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product:  Angel Investments

Founder: Neil Patel

Product Rating: 6/10

Cost of the Product: $39 Per year.

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Summary Of Angels And Entrepreneurs Network

Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review

As the name suggests, Angels And Entrepreneurs Network is a digital platform that gives you access to the latest and highly profitable business startup opportunities.

Neil Patel and his team go through multiple online startup ideas and identify two viable ideas monthly.

And after settling on the best business ideas, they will validate and add them to their Network.

One brighter side of this platform is that they recommend affordable startups that are easy to start.

And for you to become a member, this platform has a variety of options for you to choose from.

Furthermore, every option you choose comes with various bonuses and additional features.

But I must say that all the startups recommended by this platform don’t guarantee success.

And if you’re not careful enough, the same startups could cost you your investment.

But that should not worry you because I have a better idea here.

If you’re thinking of starting an online business online, then this business model is your best bet:

Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review

What Is Angels And Entrepreneurs Network?

Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review

Angels And Entrepreneurs Network is a platform that gives you access to various startup opportunities, allowing you to invest and acquire some of their assets during their launch.

Ideally, you will acquire the assets at a lower price because they will not have attracted any value.

Keep in mind that this platform is only designed for people with a similar interest in the platform.

Again, this platform works with various business owners and will ensure you get access to all the information you might need.

Furthermore, this platform allows you to keep track of all your investments.

Also, it doesn’t limit the number of investments you should have.

And as a member of this Network, you’ll also get access to occasional live interviews with various startup owners where you can ask different questions about the startup.

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What Makes Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Unique?

Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review

One striking feature of this program is that it goes through various business startups and recommends the best two viable business startups for you.

It is an ideal platform for beginners and those who want to invest more in the online industry. 

Furthermore, this platform will help you reduce the risk of losing your money by offering you the best alternative businesses you can invest in.

Who Is Neil Patel?

Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review

The brain behind the formation of this platform is an entrepreneur called Neil Patel.

Allegedly, he has great success as a digital marketer.

Also, Neil is the owner of Ubersuggest, a Search Engine Optimization tool I use. 

Besides, Patel has a website called and a YouTube channel familiar to most online users.

And most of his content revolves around online marketing, specifically search engine optimization.

Patel launched the Angels And Entrepreneurs Network in early 2019.

Also, he provides business owners with various needs they require to launch their businesses.

According to the information I came across online, Neil Patel is worth over 200 million dollars and is famously known by most Angel Investors.

Inside Angels And Entrepreneurs Network

Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review

As mentioned, this platform is a pool of various startup business opportunities.

Here are the features of the platform: 

Angel Investor Bootcamp

Through this section, Neil Patel will explain to you everything you need to achieve success.

Angel Investor Cheat Sheet

This section will teach you about all the requirements that all startups must fulfill to qualify for an investment opportunity.

Deal Flow Notebook 

Deal Flow Notebook is a virtual notebook that helps you record your thoughts during various interview hot sessions. 

Free Copy Of Hustle

After successfully registering as a member, Neil will give you access to his best-selling book, Hustle.

In addition, you’ll also get 15 more tools you can use in your investment.

 Virtual Boardroom

Once you join, you will get access to a fully equipped virtual boardroom.

This will prepare you for a perfect startup opportunity that meets your needs.

Monthly Packages

Every member of Angels And Entrepreneurs Network is entitled to 2 packages every month, and the contents of every package are detailed information related to the latest startup featured on their website.

Some of the information in these packages are revenue projections and business plans, among other vital information.

Angel Investor Action Plan

Through this section, Neil reveals the strategies and plans he usually applies when selecting successful startups. 

Deep Dive Voice 

In this in-depth video, Neil explains how to assess the risk of investing in a deal and avoid huge risks.

Hot-Seat Session

In this section, you’ll participate in various interview sessions involving different owners of certain startup businesses.  

Hot Seat Session Briefing

It follows the hot-seat session and gives you a summary of the features of the interview. 

Step-By-Step Investing Instruction

This guide guides you on how to proceed with the investment process.

Investor Update

You will be receiving regular updates related to the business you’ve chosen. 

Deal Flow Tracker

It gives you a regular update after evaluating your business startup.

In addition, you’ll be getting access to various updates on the major activities in the business startups you have invested in.

Recurring Reports

These regular reports will update you on different things related to this business model.

Access To Private Forums

It is a private forum created for members, giving members access to free discussion sessions.

You’ll get to learn about various topics and participate in various activities.

 World Network Opportunities

This opportunity allows you to discuss different deals with other team members.

Angel Investors Masterclass 

Neil shares various experiences, failures, strategies, and expertise he gets from successful billionaires. 

Founder’s Corner

Here, members discuss various topics and access more support and help wherever possible.

Annual Retreats 

This program is organized by Neil Patel to bring members from different parts together to share their various experiences, success, and networks.

 How Much Do Angels And Entrepreneurs Cost?

Here are the three members packages offered by this program:

Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review

Gold Package

This package will cost you $39 per year, giving you access to the program’s features.

Diamond Package

This membership package will cost you $79 for two years.

In addition to monthly packages, you’ll get access to 2 additional extra deals.

Platinum Package

This membership package costs $129 and covers you for two years.

Aside from that, this package gives you access to all the features of the first and second packages plus two other bonuses.

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Is Angels And Entrepreneurs Network A Scam?

No, this platform is not a SCAM.

The owner, Neil Patel, has a registered good reputation in the online industry.

This platform has also received validation from famous self-made millionaires.

This case clearly indicates that the platform is not a scam.

For you to benefit from this website, you can either be interested in identifying profitable investment opportunities or want to venture into online industries but are not sure what to start with.

On the contrary, you don’t have to join this program if you are not interested in such.

Investing in it is an alternative way of becoming part of the Network.

An investor can acquire various types of assets from $50 and above.

But what if I tell you that you can still go for a different business model to make a difference?

Yes, here is an ideal business model that I use to make money online:

Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review

What I Like About Angels And Entrepreneurs Network

  • It Is A Credible Platform

A reputable business entrepreneur created this program which gives the program more credibility.

  • Affordable

The cost of accessing this platform is relatively affordable and does not strain your budget.

It has flexible packages that can suit your needs.

  • It Is Packed with Value

You’ll get value from this platform for your money because it has resources and tools which can help you with or without experience. 

What I Don’t Like About Angels And Entrepreneurs Network

  • Does Not Guarantee Success

This platform might be good, but it does not guarantee success.

Neil Patel claims to give you two business startups that are likely to give you profit but does not guarantee that you’ll make profits.

  • Not much feedback from users

The platform has not received much user feedback because it is still a new Network, and there is no way to gauge this program’s effectiveness.

Is There Any Alternative to the Angels Entrepreneurs Network?

Of course, this platform can provide good recommendations about the best startups.

But you can still go for other alternatives if you find that this business model doesn’t work for you.

If you’re a beginner and want to start an online business, you can consider starting an affiliate marketing business.

I always recommend this business model for beginners because it is easy to start, and you’ll learn while earning.

And the other interesting thing about this business model is that you don’t have to risk all your investment.

But I know you might be interested in venturing into such a program, but you don’t know the best place to start.

You should not be worried because I’ve got you covered.

With experience in this field, I have created a blueprint that will set you on the road to real results.

Check it out by clicking the button below:

Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review

FAQs About Angels And Entrepreneurs Network         

Who Is Angels And Entrepreneurs Network For?

This program can be ideal for both beginners and experienced digital entrepreneurs.

You can also use it to invest in other profitable online startups.

Does Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Offer a Refund?

Allegedly, there is a money-back guarantee designed to last for 60 days.

Neil claims that your refund will be processed once you apply.

Alternatively, you can ask for a refund after 60 days if you end up not using the platform.

Are there any risks involved in the Angels And Entrepreneurs Network?

In most cases, 75% of startups do not survive for long.

Angel Investing helps you reduce the risk by providing you with the best investment options that can give you profit.

However, you should remember that there is no guarantee that you will succeed in this venture.

Feel free to also check out this video review about Angels And Entrepreneurs Network:

Thank you for checking out my Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review.

I’ll be glad to get your feedback in the below section.

16 thoughts on “Angels And Entrepreneurs Network Review: Does This Work?

  1. Neil Patel is a household name in the world of digital marketing that even former US president Obama and the UN recognized his success. It’s no wonder then that many people trust him to show them how to succeed just like him. I supposed that anyone who wants to become a successful online marketer would want to be on Patel’s network.

    $39 a year for the Gold Membership at Angels and Entrepreneurs is reasonable. It’s already cheaper than most platforms that are offering the same benefits. But I really wished there’s a free start up membership category where one can check out everything before deciding if this is suitable for them.

    By the way, you said that Angels and Entrepreneurs is a legit and credible paltform. However, it does not guarantee that one will make money upon joining. Are there online training platforms for aspiring online marketers that guarantee success? I would be very much interested to get on board.

    1. To be honest, I don’t really see any platform that guarantees anyone’s success at all.  However, I have seen platforms that almost guarantee your success provided that you put in the work. Here is one opportunity that I have personally found to be pretty solid and powerful!

  2. Jason, I really appreciate the time and research you put into this program. Your in-depth review has really helped answer a lot of questions I had about the Angels and Entrepreneurs network. Your candor and honesty are really refreshing, most people are just trying to sell me on a product so they can make a buck. A question that did come to mind is, have you yourself tried this program? Because I really enjoy your writing style and optimistic attitude I’m off to read your post about how you make a full-time living on the internet.

    1. Hey there, It’s good to know you found this review helpful! Haven’t tried the program personally, but did research that is geared to help you and others make a smart decision. 

      I’m sure you will get real value when you go through my post on how I earn online. Thanks for passing by. 

  3. This doesn’t look bad as an alternative but I still find other programs much easier for beginners who just start out their online venture. This one seems to be a bit more difficult to start if you never have worked on the online space although I may be mistaken. This is the feeling it gave me. Personally I still haven’t found a better platform than WA. And I have seen a lot of them.

    1. Yeah, WA is pretty good too.  I did a review of the platform a while back.  You can check it out here and share the info with others. Thanks for reading.

  4. Does Angels And Entrepreneurs Network show a person the best startups in order to know where to invest to make great profit? At the very least they seem to suggest opportunities that will not cost a ton of money and their charge is not over whelming either. For any newbies at marketing, it is important to minimize the risk while maximizing the income potential, so if this program does that although it does not guarantee results ; this would be a great asset. So it might be of great value, however, you have mentioned that you know a much better way and I will definitely be taking a look at your recommendation.

    1. Angels and Entrepreneurs are showing people some pretty good startups to invest in and Neil Patel is a guy that is trusted. I think this can work for you and others as long as this suits your interest. Still, my top recommendation is affiliate marketing as it’s simpler and can be much more profitable in the long term.

      Thanks for sharing your views. 

  5. Neil Patel is a well known figure in internet marketing circles so I always take notice when he releases a product. ANGELS AND ENTREPRENEURS is certainly something different from the norm and may be a great idea for those who want to invest in startups, however I think it could be quite risky! even with Neil’s advice on what to look for. 
    I was surprised to see how affordable the platform was to join and if one had some spare cash to invest it could be potentially quite profitable.

    1. Neil is certainly one of the top legit entrepreneurs out there who adds a lot of value to me and tons of other marketers.  It’s good to see that you recognize his expertise. The price is good for sure, but the program and business model might not be the best option for everyone.

  6. Hey Jason, great thorough review!  It has become increasingly difficult to vet online gurus and to truly know who you can trust with your money and time.  I’ve seen Neil Patel here and there but have never checked out his program.  I am loving Wealthy Affiliate so far, but you never know when you might want to supplement your training with education from others.  Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nice review about Angels and Entrepreneurs Network. I do know Neil Patel of the YouTube videos he creates. I think I’ll have a look into this platform. But like you said, this platform might be good but does not guarantee success. Therefore it is still a gamble if it works or not. 

    1. At the end of the day, starting a business can be considered a gamble and therefore, a risk.  Still, Neil Patel is a guy that I trust.  He has a positive reputation to uphold.

  8. Jason, I am practically speechless after reading this post!

    You covered everything and I am really impressed.

    You come across as very sincere about helping people to have a successful online business.

    Thank you for the whole story behind Angels and Entrepreneurs because I would not know this about them without your research and personal knowledge.

    I am a WA Premium member and I am happy to see your review of our affiliate company.

    This was great and very thorough. Bravo!


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