Awesome Creator Academy Review

Awesome Creator Academy Review – Is Roberto Blake LEGIT?

Hello there; today, I’m here to take you through the Awesome Creator Academy Review.

In my review, I will help you know if you can use this program to create a successful YouTube channel.

If you are looking for a program that can offer you an opportunity to invest online, then continue reading this review.

I’ll take you through the cost of joining the Awesome Creator Academy program.

In addition, I will explain to you who Roberto Blake is and how he can help you venture into your online business.

Apart from the YouTube channel business, we’ll cover social media marketing, the private Facebook group, and branding.

But, before I begin, I would like to inform you that I’m not an affiliate of the Awesome Creator Academy program.

As such, the information I provide in this review is unbiased and truthful.

Let’s get started…

Awesome Creator Academy Review

Name of The Product: Awesome Creator Academy

Type of the Product:  Content Creation and Monetization

Website’s URL:

Founder: Roberto Blake

Product Rating: 3/5

Product Cost: $59 Every month

Recommendation: Not for everyone; find out why from my review

Awesome Creator Academy Review – Overview

Awesome Creator Academy Review

If you’re seeking information about the Awesome Creator Academy program, you may want to open a YouTube channel.

YouTube applications have become one of the top-paying opportunities online.

It has made many celebrities with a large number of followers earn more income on YouTube Application.

However, not only can celebrities benefit from creating a YouTube channel, you too can succeed in creating a channel and eventually grow it to help you earn money online.

It all depends on your skill level and your knowledge of making money with YouTube applications online.

In the Awesome Creator Academy program, Roberto Blake promises to teach you how to create a successful YouTube channel.

Blake himself is a famous YouTube celebrity with more than 570k subscribers.

He has many followers on the application, which indicates that he knows how to create many followers on YouTube.

Therefore, to learn more about Roberto Blake and his program, let’s first define what it means.

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What Is Awesome Creator Academy?

Awesome Creator Academy Review

Awesome Creator Academy is a training program that teaches you how to build a successful YouTube channel.

The program was founded by Roberto Blake, a famous YouTube celebrity with many YouTube followers.

The training program takes more than one hundred hours to complete and focuses more on creating YouTube content.

In addition, the program comes with coaching calls every month, some amazing templates, and resources.

However, you’ll have to include other training facilities, such as a YouTube starter kit, which you’ll purchase separately.

When you join the Awesome Creator Academy program, there are many discounts and offers the program claims to offer you.

In that regard, after joining the Awesome Creator Academy, you should be ready to start a successful business brand online.

It is always difficult to start and maintain a content creation business, especially if you are a full-time creator.

However, after joining Awesome Creator Academy, Roberto Blake promises you full support for your business.

Blake promises never to let you walk alone, especially during the hard times of your business online.

He claims to provide every affiliate of the Awesome Creator Academy with every support they need to meet their success online at hard times.

Now, let me take you through a quick overview of how the program works.

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How Does Awesome Creator Academy Work?

The Awesome Creator Academy works in two ways to deliver training sessions to its affiliates.

First, the program offers live training on live video streaming online.

Awesome Creator Academy Review

In the live-streaming program, there are two sessions that are carried out on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week.

The sessions are hosted by Roberto Blake and his friend Andy Rivera, a co-founder of the program.

During the live streaming, members of the Awesome Creator Academy are allowed to ask questions from their coaches and get answers via live chats.

You can also make a live video call and speak to the coaches to share the issues you have in your business.

You will get a quick response to your issues and get all your questions answered the best way ever.

Some of the questions most members ask include;

  • How to sponsor their post and price brand deals.
  • Ways of converting your viewers on YouTube into subscribers.
  • How you can build your content strategy online.

These and much more questions are always prioritized when answering the questions you have for them.

There is also an exclusive video training program besides live-streaming training sessions.

There are more than 100 hours of video training in the video training session.

Awesome Creator Academy Review

The hours of training are divided among followers;

  • YouTube training is organized for creators, which takes about 20 hours.
  • Business training session organized for young, growing entrepreneurs takes about 20 hours.
  • Analytics Training which takes about 20 hours
  • The workflow and Productivity training takes more than 20 hours.
  • The Content creation strategy for social media training takes about twenty hours.

What Does Awesome Creator Academy Offer?

Awesome Creator Academy Review

Awesome Creator Academy offers diverse training on many aspects online.

They claim to be a community of accountability, care, growth, and support where every entrepreneur can meet their success.

Therefore, when looking at what the program offers, here is what you need to know.

Creator Academy Pro Membership

This is the first offer available in the program for every affiliate, which is a monthly membership program.

You’ll get exclusive membership training and also training on online Business development.

Also, you’ll learn access to private Groups on the social media platforms such as Facebook.

In addition, you’ll also get the weekly live group training online.

This offer is available on a subscription of $59 every month.

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The 90 Minutes Personal Coaching session

This is another most valued offer available in the Awesome Creator Academy program.

In this offer, you’ll enjoy one-on-one coaching with Roberto Blake on how to grow your business online.

He’ll also teach you how to run your brands online on social media and other accounts.

This offer goes for $699, which is paid on a one-time basis and does not recur.

The YouTube Starter Kit Bundle

This offer gives you all the resources you need to create a successful account on YouTube.

For this reason, if you want to learn how to own a successful YouTube channel, this offer will greatly benefit you.

This offer goes for $99, a one-time price payable before you are granted access to the offer.

Who Is Roberto Blake?

Awesome Creator Academy Review

Roberto Blake is the founder of the Awesome Creator Program.

Blake claims to have worked with numerous clients online in helping them achieve their goals.

He also claims to be personally experienced in helping its affiliates manage their time, expand their business and increase their business traffic.

As a coach, Roberto claims to value transparency when it comes to earning commission on the purchase of products available on the website.

With his experience in content creation and being a successful Youtuber, Roberto believes he is the right coach for every young entrepreneur.

He will coach you in every stage of your business to ensure you achieve your goals online and maintain good stability in your business.

What is the Cost of Joining Awesome Creator Academy?

Awesome Creator Academy Review

If you want to join the Awesome Creator Academy program, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription of $59.

You’ll, therefore, have to pay monthly to enable you to successfully run the business.

There are also other offers available in the program that also cost a significant amount of money.

For instance, the Brand Deals of the YouTube starter kit costs $99.

If you want to enroll in the one-on-one coaching program, you’ll have to pay an extra $699.

There is also the formula for Awesome Videos, which also costs $99.

When you want a review of the YouTube Channel you have created, you’ll have to pay $297 for the service, which takes about 30 minutes.

Remember, you’ll have to pay for the top offers in the program to enjoy their services.

If you pay the entry price and fail to purchase the offers, the training sessions may not benefit you.

In addition, the program claims to offer a refund policy valid within thirty days of purchase.

This policy allows you to reclaim your money within the time frame if you find the offer you purchased unsuitable.

However, there is no policy guarantee, especially if your request does not satisfy their refund conditions.

For this reason, the best way to overcome losing your money is by making wise decisions before you start spending on the program.

Is Awesome Creator Academy A Scam?

Awesome Creator Academy Review

In my view, Awesome Creator Academy is technically not a scam.

It is a platform where you can create a successful YouTube channel and earn money online.

It is, therefore, a platform where every aspiring YouTube channel creator can join to make money online through content creation.

When you join this program, Roberto will teach you how to grow your YouTube channel and create your unique brand.

You’ll also learn how to create the products you sell online and hire more freelancers with brand deals.

Roberto also takes you through email marketing, how to build digital info for your products and list building.

However, this program may not help you earn as much money as it sounds, especially when you are a beginner.

But, if you have more than one thousand followers on YouTube, you’ll stand a chance to earn more with the program.

For this reason, Awesome Creator academy may not work best for everybody who wants to join it in making money online.

For instance, if you are a beginner who wants to start a YouTube channel creation business from scratch, it may not be a good choice for you.

You will have to spend a lot of money purchasing their products and earn little in return.

Worse yet, it’ll take you a longer period of time to start earning a significant amount of time.

If you find the Awesome Creator Academy not your choice of opportunity and still want to start a business online, then you might want to consider my favorite way to make money online here:

Awesome Creator Academy Review

What I Like About Awesome Creator Academy

  • It is cheaper to join

Joining Awesome Creator Academy only costs you $59 a month.

This price is fair for people who want to learn the business model from scratch.

Within the first month of training, you’ll know whether the program is suitable for you to continue paying the subscription or leave.

  • Suitable for long-time Business

Awesome Creator Academy offers you a long-time opportunity of making money online.

If you successfully create your YouTube channels, you’ll use them to post good video content and earn more for a longer period of time.

In addition, as time goes on, the YouTube channel grows, which will make you increase your earnings.

  • Roberto Blake is a Good Coach

In his teachings, Roberto Blake seems an expert coach with outstanding experience managing an online business.

He is also a professional content creator who can launch successful YouTube channels online.

Blake is also a successful YouTuber with more than 570k followers online.

Awesome Creator Academy Review

What I Don’t Like About Awesome Creator Academy

  • Not a good choice for Beginners

Awesome Creator Academy works best for people with at least one thousand subscribers and above on their YouTube accounts.

If you are a beginner with less than one thousand subscribers, you may not benefit from this program despite spending on its offers.

It will take time to earn a significant amount of money from the program.

  • Extra Upsells

Other upsells are available in the program, making it more expensive to purchase.

For this reason, if you want to join the program to get full training, you’ll have to pay more money than expected by including the upsells.

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Is There Any Alternative To Awesome Creator Academy?

I can offer you a better alternative to start your business online.

As I have always said, any business opportunity you get online is not a path to success.

You’ll need to do due diligence before deciding to opt for it.

It is not always a good idea to go for a business just because of how it is pitched.

But since I have more than 5 years of experience doing online business, I know what works and doesn’t.

In that regard, I suggest starting an affiliate marketing business.

In this opportunity, you’ll only need to promote products and services through social media or blogging and get compensated for any successful referral you make.

But that does not mean that the business opportunity is easy.

You’ll have to do extra work to get people coming to buy products and services through your link.

So, because of this, I decided to offer you a step-by-step guide that will enable you to get started with affiliate marketing.

Take a few minutes to check it out:

Awesome Creator Academy Review

FAQs About Awesome Creator Academy

Awesome Creator Academy Review

Who is Awesome Creator Academy for?

Awesome Creator Academy claims to be suitable for YouTube content creators to help them launch a successful YouTube channel online.

Young and professional digital entrepreneurs are also a big target of the program, which claims to help them improve their content marketing skills.

Public coaches and speakers who want to help other people how to start making money online.

Does Awesome Creator Academy Offer Bonuses?

No, on the Awesome Creator Academy official website, there is nowhere to mention any bonus in the program.

And after joining the program, there is no guarantee that you’ll get any compensation plan from the program.

How Do I Access the Facebook Group?

Because the program allows you to access their members on the Facebook group, there is the most reliable way to do it.

When you purchase the offer, you’ll get a link in your email confirming your purchase.

You’ll then use the link to move to the Facebook group and accept the terms and conditions of the group before you can be granted to join.

Can I Cancel my Membership Program at Awesome Creator Academy?    

Yes, canceling your membership program after joining the platform is possible.

The program promises to make the canceling process as easy as possible for anyone who wishes to leave it.

However, the company does not offer refunds of any money when the membership program is canceled.

Here is a video shared by Roberto Blake on how one can grow a YouTube channel:

Thank you for reading my Awesome Creator Academy Review.

I’ll appreciate it if I get a comment or question in the section below.

Rest assured, I’ll respond within the shortest time possible.

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