BAM University Review – Is Joshua Osborne’s Course A Scam?

BAM University Review

Hello friends, today I’ll take you through BAM University Review.

So, if you want to know if the BAM University program is a scam or legit, this review has got you covered.

I will also take you through the inside out of the program to help you answer the frequently asked question such as;

What is the price of joining the BAM University program?

How does the program work?

How can you make money out of it?

Furthermore, I will also explain to you who Joshua T Osborne is in the program and his role.

And by reading this review, you’ll master all the important information that may help you.

This will help you have enough reasons to join or leave the BAM University Program, especially if you are looking for a serious opportunity to earn BIG online.

But before I start my review, I would like to inform you that I’m not in any way associated with BAM University.

I aim to present you with an unbiased and honest review to help you make a wise decision.

With that short note in mind, let’s move to the program…

BAM University Review Summary

Name of The Product: BAM University

Type of the Product: Digital Real Estate Program

Product Website:

Founder: Joshua T Osborne

Product Rating: 2/5

Product Cost: Between $5000 to $7000, depending on your experience and skills.

Recommendation: It depends; find out why from my review

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BAM University Review – Overview

BAM University Review

The increase in internet use has resulted in many programs offering opportunities to make money online.

This has made people look for such opportunities online to help them improve their income and live their dream life.

Some people take online work as a side hustle, while others like myself make their full career depending on the money they make online.

However, not all the available opportunities found online are legit or can make everyone successful in making money.

Some programs are scams, while others mislead their affiliates after collecting money from them, making them untrustworthy.

For this reason, it is always important to research a program before deciding to join it and start investing your money.

For instance, BAM University may not be that different from any other program offering opportunities to make money online.

The training course teaches you how to make money online through lead generation into a local business.

When you join the program, you’ll learn business models, specifically the lead generation business available in the digital real estate program.

For this reason, by joining this program, you’ll expect to learn how to generate leads for your business and start your business agency.

Its nature may make it different from other digital real estate programs, whether it’s a scam or legit.

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BAM University Review

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What Is BAM University?

BAM University is one of the currently trending courses that claim to offer you the skills and knowledge you need to run your online business.

The program, also known as Bad Ass Marketers University, is looking forward to helping you create your digital real estate business.

It revolves around digital real estate, teaching lead generation as the primary method of making money.

You’ll learn to generate leads and make money from your small business online.

This opportunity is achieved by running the business on a two-page SEO site.

Because many people are joining the lead generation opportunities to make money online, there will be increased competition for customers.

You’ll have to learn and acquire more business skills to profit significantly.

In addition, the program also teaches you how to start a digital marketing agency, grow it, and make significant money.

In the learning process, you’ll be provided with different prebuilt templates to help you in email marketing.

The templates are also crucial in setting up LinkedIn connections and social media marketing.

Let’s now look at who is behind the course.

Who Is Joshua T Osborne?

BAM University Review

Joshua T Osborne is the owner of this program.

In his background, Joshua has gone through different troubles that made him a frequent jail attendant.

The in and out of jail habit made him serve solitary confinement for up to two years.

However, he never lost hope in his dreams despite facing the numerous prosecution challenges in his life.

Joshua succeeded in getting a mentor in jail who changed his life by giving him a new outlook.

After his jail term, Joshua was released and launched his moving company in Colorado.

The company rapidly grew to become the biggest moving company found in Colorado.

Joshua continued looking for other opportunities of making money online despite owning the moving company.

While searching, Joshua landed in the digital real estate business model.

From there, Joshua began moving around digital real estate, where he created this program.

Apart from the program, he also created other websites, which he claims to be more than 100 today.

What Is BAM University All About?

When you enroll in the Bad Ass Marketers program, you’ll expect to learn about all concepts related to lead generation business;

They include;

  • Website design and development entails developing your own website platform where you run your business online.
  • On-Page and off-page Search engine Optimization, where you will acquire skills to rank your product page on SEO.
  • You’ll also learn how to create Google Ads and Facebook Ads online.

Joshua teaches the Sales process from his own experience to make it as easy as possible for his customers.

How Does BAM University Program Work?

BAM University works by offering you skills on different aspects of business opportunities online.

These are detailed explanations of the business concepts you’ll learn from the BAM University course.

Mindset Development

BAM University Review

Joshua also teaches about having a proper mindset when starting and running your business online.

He states that having the correct attitude when launching your organization will be a great consideration in fulfilling your dreams.

A correct attitude will determine your success rate in your online business.

For this reason, Joshua stresses teaching about thinking correctly to ensure you succeed in your organization.

Web Design and Development

BAM University Review

In this aspect, Joshua will teach you the essential basics of designing and developing a website.

You’ll learn how to create your own website using the WordPress platform online or any other Content Management System (CMS).

Creating your website is important for running your Google and Facebook Ads online.

It’ll also enable you to choose the best place to store and market your Ads online.

It also reduces the damage to user experience during the marketing process.

When you acquire skills in the basic website design process, you’ll be able to build a site structure.

This will help you quickly navigate both Google and the website users online.

Search Engine Optimization

BAM University Review

Learning search engine optimization is essential to understand the Google ranking of websites and web pages.

For instance, when your website is not appearing on the first page of a Google search, it may not be visible to potential clients.

The website will not be easily seen or visited by viewers visiting the first few sites on the first Google page.

This will limit the number of people who will view your Ads and products online, making it difficult for you to increase your sales.

However, when you acquire skills in SEO, you’ll stand a chance to create professional web pages that attract higher ranks on google.

This will be very important in generating leads because it’ll attract many viewers online.

Joshua promises to teach both on-page and off-page SEO

He claims that SEO is the most critical aspect that will help you in the lead generation business.

Google Maps Pack

BAM University Review

In this section, you’ll learn the many aspects of google maps, including listing creation and the type of information to put in your listing.

The Google Maps concept is essential in running a local business, especially in identifying the location of your local business place.

Google Maps use the knowledge of GPS location to identify your place of business to be seen by everyone online.

And if a person makes a local search of your business location, it’ll be seen ranked on a Google Map page.

Google Ads

BAM University Review

Joshua also teaches about Google Ads as another important concept of a successful online business.

Creating successful Google Ads may not be as easy as you think because it includes spending significant money.

It also requires many skills to create a professional Google Ad that can attract large traffic on Google.

However, when you join this course, Joshua promises to make your Google Ads creation much easier.

He promises to teach you the best and easiest way to create Google Ads and manage them to reach many people.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a critical concept in lead generation because many marketers use them to generate leads online.

It’s the most preferred method to generate leads because they’re cost-effective means of targeting leads for your local business.

However, you require good skills to create successful Facebook Ads, which may be a challenge for many investors.

Joshua promises to offer the best teaching on Facebook Ads creation and to use them in your lead generation.

Access To The Facebook Group

When you enroll in this program, you’ll be granted access to the official Facebook page of the program.

On their Facebook page, you can review and share your thoughts with your fellow program affiliates.

You are also allowed to ask questions concerning the program and get answers immediately from the management.

Joshua Osborne also makes frequent live streaming on the program page to help with the inquiries made by program members.

This makes it easier for members to interact with Joshua when they want more clarification on the teachings.

The Sales Strategies

You’ll also learn the new sales strategies that will help you retain customers.

Joshua talks about the strategies and some essential techniques that can improve your service sales on lead generation.

Start and grow your Business Agency.

Joshua also promises to teach you the best way to launch successful lead generation and how you can grow your business.

He claims that a good business agency should grow to seven figures to become entirely successful.

This is also the BAM University Course’s last concept, as Joshua illustrated.

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What Is The Cost Of Joining The BAM University?

Joshua has not provided clear information about the cost of joining the program on the BAM University website.

However, from the online information I found, the course cost is around $5000.

Despite the course averaging $5000, it’s still on the higher side for most young investors who want to join the program.

Most investors claim that starting your lead generation business with the same amount of money at home is possible.

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How Can You Make Money Out Of BAM University?

You’ll have to launch your own business agency to make money from this program.

However, making significant money requires you to grow your agency to a larger business platform.

This will require you to put in more investment capital and much of your time and have a higher level of skills required in the business.

For instance, after learning all the necessary skills from the program, you’ll have to invest more in your agency to make it grow faster.

For this reason, this course will work best for affiliates with basic knowledge of the entire lead generation and for those who have access to capital.

However, beginners who may not be able to raise capital and lack basic business knowledge may not benefit much.

Is BAM University A Scam?

So, is BAM University a scam?

This matters most for everyone who wants to make money from this program.

In my opinion, BAM University is technically not a scam.

You can make money from this program even though it may not be as easy as the owner, Joshua T Osborne puts it.

You’ll have to put more effort and time into making significant money from the program.

Joshua seems legit as he claims to offer you the best of his knowledge on lead generation.

However, I may not recommend this course to a young investor who wants to start a lead generation business from scratch.

Despite the course not being a scam, it’s not worth its prices compared to other courses offering the same training.

Some affiliates claim that the course’s content and duration may also not be worth the price of the course.

In that regard, if you want to consider another alternative way to make money, then feel free to check my #1 online money maker here:

BAM University Review

What I Like About BAM University

  • Allows Access To Facebook Group Page

The program grants its members access to its official Facebook group page, where members interact with each other.

In the group age, members can interact with each other and ask the management questions concerning the program’s services.

  • Joshua offers live streaming to members.

Joshua allows members to interact with him through the live-streaming program on the Facebook group page.

In the program, the members can easily ask a question and get assisted by him directly concerning their business.

What I Don’t Like About BAM University

  • The program is too expensivedddddd

The course seems to be overpriced, which makes it not a suitable option for young investors.

In addition, it does not clearly indicate its price on the official website page, making it difficult to know the actual price.

This forces its affiliates to search for the price elsewhere to know the truth about joining the program.

  • Joshua teaches Black Hat Methods.

In training on SEO, Joshua discusses some black hat methods in his teaching.

For instance, he encourages members to use the PBN, a private blog network that is not recommended by Google.

 Is There An Alternative To BAM University?

Yes, I have a good opportunity if you are looking for another alternative way to make money online.

Affiliate marketing offers the best opportunity to make money online, attracting many worldwide investors.

It is easy and cheaper to start and doesn’t require high capital.

It’s an opportunity for newbies and professionals who want to make money online. 

But before starting this business, you need to learn some basics to stand a better chance of becoming successful.

And since there is so much information available on the internet, I’d instead encourage you to check out this step-by-step guide that I have prepared for you:

BAM University Review

FAQs About BAM University

Who Is BAM University Course For?

The course is for any investor with basic knowledge of real generation and who wants to launch a business online.

For this reason, if you’ve enough capital and want to start a lead generation business online, this course will benefit you more.

Does BAM University Course Offer A Money-Back Service?

There is no information on the money-back service on the program’s official website page.

For this reason, if you join this course and you find it not satisfying, there is no guarantee that you may get your money back.

Despite the price being high, you must make a wise decision on the course to avoid losing your money.

Does BAM University Course Offer A Bonus?

No bonus service is mentioned on the program website for its members.

Therefore, when joining this program, you will not expect to get any bonus unless introduced by the program today.

Can I Start A Lead Generation Business As A Side Hustle?

Yes, you can launch and run the lead generation business agency as a side hustle.

However, this may not limit you from transforming the business into a full career.

Below is also a video review of the BAM University Program that you might want to watch:

Final Thought

Thank you for passing by to check my  BAM University Review.

I hope it has been helpful and you can make a wise decision based on all the information I have provided for you.

Remember that if you’re looking for a better alternative to make money, consider affiliate marketing.

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  1. This review on BAM University was very helpful. What you did was proved a clean review not being bias or bashing the BAM University, what you presented gave listeners the information to make their own option on where to proceed with joining BAM University. Thank you.

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