Vodyssey Review

Vodyssey Review: Scam Real Estate Course or Legit?

Hello, welcome to my Vodyssey Review.

In this review, I will take you through Vodyssey Program in detail.

Is Vodyssey a scam?

That is the major question that I will delve into in this review.

In the end, you will be able to make an appropriate decision about this program.

However, before I continue, I would like to inform you that;

I have no affiliation with the Vodyssey and the information I provide is very helpful and unbiased.

I’ll provide you with clear and truthful information about the Vodyssey program based on research.

For this reason, reading this review will be of great benefit to you especially if you are planning to join real estate investment.

Let’s begin with the summary.

Summary Of Vodyssey Review

Name of the Product: Vodeyssey

Website’s URL: https://vodyssey.com/

Type of the Product: Real Estate investment training course

Founder: Shawn Moore

Product Rating: 2/5

Cost: $4800

Recommendation: No

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Vodyssey Review – OverviewVodyssey Review

Perhaps you are looking for an online program that can earn you more money online.

If so, then you are in the right place, Vodyssey program promises to be of great help to you.

Vodyssey Program is a real estate investing course that offers training on flipping, buy and hold, and wholesale investing.

Shawn Moore created the Vodyssey Program which he claims to be the best training course for any real estate investor.

He also claims that the course can help people who want to join real estate investment for the first time.

According to Shawn, the Vodyssey program is a vacation home program that can enable you to set up a fulfilling lifestyle in business.

When you enroll in the Vodyssey course, Shawn will teach you how you can gain financial independence through real estate investment.

However, before you can make a full decision on joining the program, it is important to first understand the course perfectly.

In this case, you will have to think about the course in terms of the following;

  • Whether you can manage to raise the required price of joining the course.
  • If the program can make you earn money online according to your expectations.
  • If you can also afford the capital and labor needed to run the real estate investing programs.

Considering all these thoughts, you can decide whether to join this course or look for an alternative program.

If you find that this business model isn’t working for you, and you’re looking for the best business to do online as a beginner, then you can check out this other alternative:

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Vodyssey Review

What Is Vodyssey Course All About?

Vodyssey Review

Vodyssey Course focuses on providing you with skills and knowledge on how to start and run a real estate investment.

When you join the Vodyssey course, you learn about the three major real estate investment types: flipping, buy and hold, and wholesaling.

This enables students who want to concentrate on a vacation home to acquire skills that can help them build their careers in business.

According to Shawn, the Vodyssey course is what every real estate investor needs to improve their skills.

With these skills, Shawn states that you will have great chances of becoming successful in your real estate business.

He claims that this course can help you fulfill your lifestyle dreams when investing in online businesses.

However, the program’s website only provides you with what the Vodyssey course is all about.

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What Is Vodyssey?

Vodyssey Review

Vodyssey is a real estate training course that teaches you how to start a real estate trade to earn more money online out of business.

Shawn, in his teachings, claims that the Vodyssey course is what you need to acquire skills on how to make money in real estate investment.

The Vodyssey, which was earlier known as Lifestyle Asset University, offers you an opportunity to trade in your vocational homes.

He also claims that Vodyssey provides a risk-free real estate investment opportunity for everyone who wants to join the online business.

This program helps you build your real estate business successfully and earn a passive income.

It also provides you with the skills how to run the business and expand it to generate more income.

However, you should note that Vodyssey is a coaching program that requires you to follow the instructions and guidelines provided in the course.

According to Shawn, this course will greatly benefit you if you learn all the course content and apply the skills in your business.

Shawn claims that his main goal in designing the Vodyssey program is to assist you in having financial independence in a vacation home.

Who Is Shawn Moore?

Vodyssey Review

Shawn Moore is the creator of the Vodyssey Program and still owns it to date.

Before creating the program, Shawn was a salesman in a high-end resort property store.

He states that the business used to provide him with a stable income before it eventually collapsed.

His boss, who was the owner of the business, faced some security issues, which made him face high charges.

The charges led to the business’s collapse and made Shawn lose his source of income.

And after losing the job, Shawn broke and could not pay his mortgage for six months.

This made him lose his home and became bankrupt because he could no longer raise money to pay his debts.

He ends up selling all his assets, including cars, to survive.

However, Shawn did not lose hope in life, he kept on struggling to look for other opportunities of making money.

One day he came across a real estate conference just as an ad on a social media platform when he was checking on his phone.

He decided to visit the conference to see what it was all about.

From there, he learned about vacation rentals and other short-term rentals.

Shawn later decided to join vacation homes and invited a coach to help him learn more about vacation rentals.

He then focused on the business as the only option to help him regain his financial independence.

How Much Does Vodyssey Cost?

The price of joining the Vodyssey program is currently placed at $4800.

However, for better understanding, Shawn does not specify what the price captures.

Going by what the course entails, the price might include a coaching fee and certain digital tools used in teaching.

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Is Vodyssey A Scam?

Vodyssey Review

In my opinion, Vodyssey is not technically a scam.

However, just like other real estate investing training courses, you need to think deeply before joining the program.

This program can truly help you make money when you apply the skills and knowledge in your real estate investment.

However, making money from the program may not be as much easier as Shawn Moore suggests.

Plus, there is no guarantee that the program will give you the success you desire in the real estate business.

Like other real estate investment programs, the business’s profit margin is always very small.

And not to mention the huge fee that you’re required to pay.

But if you don’t have such a huge budget to invest in such a program and you still wish to settle for an online business as a beginner, you can check out how things have worked for me:

Vodyssey Review

What I Like About the Vodyssey

  • Shawn Moore teaches about interesting lifestyle assets

Shawn focuses more on lifestyle assets which makes the course interesting to learn.

  • The course provides useful investment properties

Shawn provides his students with useful investment properties essential to running a real estate investment.

  • There is a promise of passive income.

Shawn claims that the program provides you with a passive income that can enable you to gain financial independence.

What I Don’t Like About Vodyssey

  • The program is expensive

Joining Vodyssey may be too much expensive for people who are small income earners.

The upfront cost of the Vodyssey program is also high.

Hence making the program unsuitable for most entrepreneurs who want to join the program with a small amount of capital.

  • It is not a good business model of choice

Shawn Moore does not provide more details about the course, including course modules and other course tools.

This makes it difficult for people seeking information on what the course module covers before joining the course.

Is There Any Alternative To Vodyssey?

There are tons of alternatives that you can settle for at this age.

But not all options will match your needs.

However, if you’re a beginner looking for a place to start your online business, I suggest you consider affiliate marketing.

This is where I started, and I’ll always consider it a great place for beginners to discover their potential.

I say so because aside from being a business model that enables you to learn, grow and earn, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

But you need to get information that will enable you to get started.

For that reason, I decided to simplify your work by putting down a straightforward guide just for you.

Check it out:

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Vodyssey Review

FAQs About Vodyssey

 Is Vodyssey worth investing in?

In my opinion, you can invest in the Vodyssey program.

However, investing in the course may not be easy for everyone, especially those with less investment capital.

Who is the Vodyssey program for?

Vodyssey targets individuals who want to start real estate investments but lack knowledge of starting a business.

Can I earn money with Vodyssey?

There is no guarantee on the amount of money you can earn from the program.

Does Vodyssey offer a refund policy?

The Vodyssey program does not offer a refund policy despite being expensive to join.

When you enroll in the course, there is no guarantee that your money will be refunded if you drop the course.

Here is a video by Shawn Moore explaining his journey into vocational rental investing:

Thank you for reading this review.

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