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The Best Online Retail Business (Earn Thousands by Selling Online)

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Welcome to my Best Online Retail Business article.

Since I started online back in 2014, I have been earning money mostly by recommending other people’s products and services.

This way of making money online is known as affiliate marketing and I must say that it’s a business that I really love, and do usually recommend it as my first option for people looking to start a business with little to no money.

I have since written a free guide showing how to get started with affiliate marketing here, so go check it out if this is something that you’re interested in.

However, I have seen that there are also many other opportunities to make additional money online.

One of these opportunities is running an online retail business.

And this is what I want to talk to you about in this post…

I will share with you one of the best online retail business opportunities that I have found, and have been using to generate an additional income.

I will also reveal to you the online retail training that I have been following to get results, so be sure to read this post all the way to the end to learn more.

And by the way, if you like this post and find it helpful, please help me share it with other people that you know who are looking to get started with an Online Retail Business.

The Massive Opportunity Right In Front of Your Eyes

What’s this massive opportunity you may ask?

If you guessed selling on Amazon then you are right on the money!

Right now, Amazon is THE #1 leading income generating online retail platform on planet Earth.

They are worth more than Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney, and Sears combined – and they are expected to grow even more as we move into the future.


But here’s the thing: many people are not aware that over 50% of the products which are sold on Amazon are actually sold by normal people just like me and you!

I had no idea about this previously, but in the middle of 2018, this all changed.

So here’s the story…

Out of the blue, I was contacted by an Amazon FBA seller and online entrepreneur named YoungJoon Sun via a Facebook message.

He shared a video with me showing some eye-opening facts and statistics about retail selling on Amazon that absolutely blew my mind!

You can watch this same video below to see what I mean.

And I’d love to know your thoughts about it in the comment section below, so please drop a comment to let me know what you think…

From that instance, I was intrigued!

I started doing more and more research online so that I could build up my knowledge about this exciting business model.

I knew that if I was going to be successful doing online retail, I would need to be properly educated first.

So, I decided to invest in myself by getting YoungJoon’s 1-on-1 training plus his mentorship.

I have to be honest here (and no disrespect to Youngjoon):

He is a great teacher, however, the only thing I find challenging is that he is not a native English speaker so, at times, I had some difficulties understanding what he was saying.

But I always asked him to clarify whatever I did not fully understand, and the good thing is that he is there to provide support and clarification on Skype or on Facebook Messenger.

It was with his guidance that I was able to start up my Amazon online retail business.

The Best Online Retail Business Training

During this time, I went out to do even more research and discovered that there were a handful of other experts out there teaching the online retail method of selling on Amazon.

And many students were doing extremely well who consistently implemented what they had learned from these courses.

The 3 best professional training which I found through many hours of deep researches are:

Out of all the 3 training, the Online Retail Mastery by Beau Crabill is the one which I enrolled with, and it is the course which has been the most instrumental to the results that I have been seeing as an Amazon seller.

Beau Crabill is a genuine, honest, young business man who started selling online at the young age of 12.

He has all the right attributes that many people of various ages have come to respect and admire (myself included).

Beau from

He is now considered one of the top authority teachers of Online Retail selling that you are ever going to find online – and his course is what I consider to be The Best Online Retail Business Training.

Feel free to read more about his authentic and remarkable story here or watch some of his value-packed videos on his youtube channel here.

It was with his course that I got the confidence to delve deeper into selling name brand items on Amazon which I still do it up to this day of writing this.

The best part about this business is that Amazon handles all the selling, which includes packing, picking, shipping, handling, customer service and every thing else that you can think of.

This is known as Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA for short.

And this is where the HUGE opportunity of earning income online awaits you and anyone else who wants to be profitable selling on Amazon.

How does Online Retail Work On Amazon?

The way how online retail works is that you buy big brand name products in bulk quantities from authorized suppliers, then resell them on

For example, whenever time I buy in bulk from my suppliers, I get the wholesale prices which enables me to mark up the prices of the product on Amazon to make a profit.

All I do is arrange for the products to be shipped over to Amazon’s warehouse and let them handle the selling for me.

This is a method of selling that big brand name retail stores such as Walmart and Best-buy uses to sell their products.

What they do is simply buy low (in huge bulk) from manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers, then sell the same products at a markup price.

That’s how simple this business model is, and one that you can earn a lot of money from.

But still, you do have to know important things such as what questions you should be asking these authorized suppliers, where to find them, how to get a business license, how to set up your Amazon seller central account, how to do product research, plus many other vital steps.

How To Start a Retail Business Online

Now, when it comes to starting an online retail business from home, it’s recommended that you learn from the certified experts who have years of selling experience and are doing it successfully.

I have already listed the top sources above, so I urge you to take a closer look at them, then start with the course that resonates the most with you.

Here they are again for you convenience:

These are hands down the best courses that I see out there that helps people to succeed with an Online Retail business.

However, if you know of any other training out there that deals with online retail, please let me know about it in the comment section below.

I believe that information this valuable should be shared with as many people as possible to improve their financial status.


Having an Online Retail Business is definitely a smart way to go as we move into the future of shopping.

With so many offline brick and mortar businesses shutting down left, right and center, now more than ever is the right time to get started.

I am certainly glad that I made the decision for myself to get involved with this business model because it allows me to earn additional income.

And it is not complicated at all…

By following the best online retail business training, you will be able to reap some fantastic rewards from the effort that you put into your business.

Thank you SO much for taking your time to read this post. I hope that it has been helpful to you and worth your time.

If so, all I ask is that you share it with others.


Please let me know if you have any questions about Online Retail that you need to be clarified.

I have learned so much since I got started, and am here to give back and help out as many people as I possibly can.

I’ll be looking out for your questions!


-Jason Foster, founder, Smart Human Blogger.

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