Bionix Review: Is This MLM Program Legit Or A Scam?

Bionix Review

Hello and welcome to my Bionix Review.

Bionix is an MLM offering various services that move around health and fitness in society.

The company claims to be made up of a team of experts in the medical field including doctors, nurses, and also medical supply personnel.

It is therefore a medical device company that focuses on providing quality and original products in the health market.

The company claims to be the best in producing medical devices that best suit those who are willing to help others.

However, can you trust Bionix Company following these claims?

Well, before you can make your decision on the company, take your time to read and capture everything you need to know from this program.

In this review, I provide you with a detailed explanation of all that is entailed in the Bionix company you must know.

This includes its meaning, how it works, the pricing and if it is worth your investment or just another scam you should avoid.

If by reading this review you find the program not good for you, I have another alternative option for you.

Taking that in mind, let us get started…

Bionix Review Summary

Name: Bionix

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Program


Founder: Andrew Milligan and James J Huttner

Overall Rating: 40/100

Cost: Not disclosed

Recommendation: Not for everyone, kindly read and find out from my review

Bionix Review – Overview

Bionix MLM program promises to improve the health care of its clients with its quality products.

The company being based in the US claims to have been made by a team of professional experts that are experienced in providing good personal care.

Their main aim is to provide the best care that improves the life of every patient who needs their services.

The company claims to have its sales team scattered in almost all parts of the country with at least one in every state.

This helps in making easy for their customers to easily get access to their products and services.

Bionix targets to partner with medical professionals, distributors, and consumers.

For this reason, the company claims to be a great option for people who have knowledge in the medical field.

On the other hand, the company claims to have been made by professional medical specialists who are aimed at helping you get satisfying care.

According to the company, its cofounders have an outstanding experience in providing the best health care everyone deserves.

To become part of their team, you only need to create a customer account and specify the type for them to know how to handle you.

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What Is Bionix?

Bionix Review

Bionix is a US-based company that provides products useful in the health sector to improve life and provide personal care.

The company claims to have a track record of providing the best health care services since 1984 with their expert team promising to offer the best patient satisfaction services.

In their vision, the company promises to empower talented and inspired people by providing them with products that improve their health care.

As a quality-driven company, Bionix aims to provide the service-oriented support that patients deserve.

Their main focus is developing a more useful and simple medical device which are aimed at helping people who are destined to help others.

The company expert team claims to be the doctors, nurses, and medical specialists who you need to have to get the best care.

The company is led by many professional team members in the medical sector who are destined to help you get the best service.

How Does Bionix Work?

Bionix Review

Bionix company specializes in selling medical devices to their clients from different parts of the country.

The program states that for powerful things to happen, you must find someone who has a vision that aligns with your own.

Therefore, the company claims to have been built on the inventions of different medical experts to improve medical care.

The company therefore targets all specialists in every care-setting solution provided you are destined to help others.

The company products are designed to provide the standard health care your patients deserve to enrich their lives.

They are categorized into different groups to meet the needs of different ages from newborns, to adolescents, and adult life.

To promote its products, Bionix strives to provide excellent customer support.

This provides you with the freedom to contact the company and make inquiries about any product or service and how to effectively use their products.

In addition, if you have any comments or questions or want to give a suggestion on the company products, you can always reach their customer support team.

On the other hand, the company also provides you with the best sales support irrespective of your location.

The platform has different market segments based on sales representatives that are situated in every state across the country.

The company also allows you to make a partner inquiry to form an efficient working team and ensure quality health care.

Therefore, the Bionix company serves products and solutions across the continuum of care as follows;

  • Improved clinical outcomes.
  • The improved patient procedures and safety.
  • Increased family satisfaction scores.
  • Improved patient care.
  • Reduce the variation and provide standardization

Based on these factors, here are the services offered by the Bionix company.

Acute Care

The company claims to have a deep understanding of what value means and how it can help in improving the health of a person.

It also understands the procedure efficiency and financial stability, especially for those who need acute medical care.

Primary Care

The company promises to provide the best primary care that improves the patient’s life.

Their main aim is to enhance the satisfaction of the patient.

Long Term Care

You can also get long-term care from the company to help you get the safety and comfort that can help you improve your quality of life.

This helps in providing the effective care you need as a patient.

Argent Care

There is also agent care which is aimed at providing time-efficient solutions.

At Bionix company, you’ll get products that help in providing time-efficient solutions.

The products are designed to connect to the new standards that best satisfy your patient.


 The company is also ready to serve those who are ready and able to serve them.

OTC Care

Due to the progressiveness of the informed patients of today, the company is destined to provide support that helps in exploring solutions.

Their products are specialized to produce reliable medical results which are also effective for use in home settings.

Patient Safety

The company provides different tools that help in providing safe healthcare solutions.

Audience Targeted by the Bionix Company

Bionix Company targets pedestrians, family practitioners, nurse practitioners, general practitioners, and physician assistants.

Internist, director of facilities, LTC director of nursing, biomedical engineer, technician, director of risk management, and nurse manager.

Others include a physicist, chief therapist, lead therapist, oncologist, labor and delivery, ear nose, and throat.

Director of nursing, radiation therapist, and dosimetrist.

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What Is Contained In Bionix?

Bionix Review

Bionix Company contains different products and services designed to help in the health market.

The products are in the following categories;

  • Ear and nasal care
  • Enteral care
  • Infant care
  • Injection care
  • Injection relief
  • OTC care
  • Patient safety compliance
  • Radiation therapy
  • Wound care

What Is The Cost Of Joining Bionix?

Unfortunately, Bionix doesn’t disclose the prices of joining the platform for all the categories of their customers.

On the other hand, the company fails to provide prices for their products which makes it difficult to quote online.

According to the company, you must consult their support team for you to make an inquiry about the product you want to purchase.

The company serves different categories of people including consumers, medical professionals, contractors, and distributors.

For this reason, the company requires you to specify the category you belong to before you can seek their help or make an inquiry.

So in my view, the company seems to be having no charges for affiliates joining their platform.

However, if you want their services, you will have to pay for them which requires you to ask their support team for the price.

This strategy always doesn’t work best for most people as it makes it difficult to compare their prices and those of their competitors.

If you are looking forward to joining the platform, you will have to first make an inquiry about their product prices before you join the platform.

Who Is The Founder Of the Bionix?

Bionix Review

Bionix was founded in 2019 by a team of professional experts in the medical field aimed at providing excellent personal care.

The first member is Andrew J Milligan who is a co-founder of the company and also serves as the chief executive officer.

James J Huttner is also a co-founder of the company and currently serves as the chief medical officer and treasurer of the company.

Other members include Chris Becker who is the MBA president and Jean Baptiste LeBoutillier who is the chief financial officer.

Many other teams of experts are members of the company together with partners and sales representatives.

The company claims to be made up of a team of experts who are preserved through a line of unique individuals.

Is Bionix A Scam?

In my opinion, the Bionix platform is not a scam, the company offers retail products to its clients.

In addition, the company forms partnerships with different medical practitioners who can help them promote effective health care.

The company offers different products and services in the many categories of health care within the country.

This makes it target almost all of the health sector to ensure every affiliate in the same field gets an opportunity within their company.

By purchasing the Bionix products, the company assures you the best result in improving your health care and life.

However, as an affiliate, your work will be to partner with the company in selling the products across the country.

The company has many representatives of their sales in every state of the country making it easy for you to reach them out for their products and services.

But what puts more concern about the program is that it works well with affiliates who have knowledge in the medical field.

For instance, if you are an affiliate within their audience, it will work well to promote their products by purchasing them and using them on your patients.

Alternatively, you can become a sales representative of the company at your respective locations.

However, if you have no knowledge of the medical field, it will be challenging to partner with the company in selling their product.

On the other hand, the Bionix company is based in the US which makes it suitable for only affiliates within the country.

If you are outside the country, getting access to the products might cost you a high amount in terms of transportation making it almost impossible.

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What I Like About Bionix

  • Offers real products online

Bionix program offers different products that are useful in the medical sector to improve the health care and lives of patients.

This makes it a great opportunity for affiliates in the medical sector to sell their products and earn commissions.

Apart from products, you can also get many services from the company related to health that are also aimed at improving your life.

  • Their products are easily available

The Bionix Company makes their products easy to get as they have their sales representatives scattered all over the country.

According to the company, there is at least one sales representative in every state of the country making it easy for their customers to access the products.

The program also has a partnership program aimed at advertising and selling its products.

  • The company offers good customer support.

Bionix company expert team is available to help you with any support you need as their respected customer.

According to the company, serving their customers well is their first priority to ensure there is satisfaction for their patients.

The expert team claims to focus on providing you with the best customer feedback you deserve from them.

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What I Don’t Like About Bionix

  • It is US-based and may not be applicable in outside countries

Being located in the United States, the Bionix products and sales best suit patients, medical specialists, and affiliates within the country.

If you are outside the country, accessing the products may become a challenge due to the transportation cost.

In addition, it will be difficult to receive other services offered by the company due to your location.

  • Focus only on the health sector

The Bionix products only target people in the health sector as they aim to improve the health care of patients.

For this reason, you must be a trained medical specialist, or patient or have knowledge in the medical field for you to enjoy their services.

If you are not an affiliate in the medical field, you will not benefit from joining the platform in their partnership program.

Is There Any Alternative To Bionix?

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FAQs About The Bionix

Does The Bionix Program Have A Compensation Plan?

Unfortunately, the Bionix program does not mention any compensation plan in their platform for their affiliates.

For this reason, you will have to make an inquiry with their support team to learn more about their compensation plan, if there is one.

This will also be only applicable to affiliates within the United States who can easily access the company products.

How Much Can I Earn With The Bionix Program Affiliate Program?

Knowing how much you can earn with the program is much complicated due to many reasons.

First, the company does not disclose any information about their pricing making it difficult to predict your earnings from the platform.

In addition, if you join as a distributor, the amount you will earn is a commission from your sales which might be less significant.

Are There Money Back Services In The Bionix?

Despite the company claiming to provide the best customer support service, it fails to mention any refund policy.

This means that after purchasing their products, getting a refund may not be guaranteed by the company.

The best way out is to be able to take risks and study their products keenly to ensure you purchase what perfectly suits you.

Can I Become A Bionix Distributor From Outside the US?

Even though the Bionix Company welcomes affiliates from different parts of the world, it is almost impossible for those outside the country.

Distributing the products outside the country may require high shipping costs which makes it not applicable.

In addition, the longer distance may deny you the opportunity to receive more support services from the company.

Thank you for reading my Bionix Review.

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below if you have any additional information.

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