Clients On Demand Review

Clients on Demand Review -Worth it or SCAM?

I’m so delighted that you took your time to check out my Clients On Demand Review!

Of course, starting a coaching business is one thing, and maintaining it is another; though it can get lucrative, it needs a lot of attention just like you’d care for your newborn. 

Plus, it would cost you an arm and a leg to make things started. 

The Clients On Demand program will offer you relevant information on how you can start a coaching business.

Also, it shows you the easiest ways of getting potential clients to keep your business going. 

And this noble program is Clients on Demand. 

First things first, congratulations, you’ve taken your precious time to scour the web before you can commit your hard-earned money to a product that seems to offer results. 

In doing so, you’ll be in a position to separate the wheat from the chaff and find The Best Way of Making Money Online!

For the avoidance of doubt, I need to put forth a disclaimer before we can hit the road: I have no association with the Clients on Demand program in any way. 

So, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to say things the way they are, plus, I’m not going to promote or sell any product to you. 

Instead, I’ve put together this article with the intent of showing you what this product is all about…

Summary information of Clients On Demand Review

Name of the Product: Clients on Demand

The Owner/Founder: Russ Ruffino

Type of product: Coaching Course

Website’s URL:

Price: Not disclosed

Suitable for: I’ll mention it in the course of the review

Recommended: No (But I’ll point out the reasons for the answer)


Clients On Demand Review

Clients On Demand program is a coaching product that claims to coach you to become a successful coach.

The program affirms that it will offer you courses not limited to training you to get ideal clients and have them subscribe to your premiums. 

But I must say that the coaching business isn’t a cup of tea for everyone. 

I’ll only leave this job for guys who are talented at assisting people, not to mention the challenges that you’ll have to go through to have it up and running.

That said, let me take you through this detailed review, pinpointing everything you need to know before investing your hard-earned money in this program if that is your intention.

To start with the basics, let me explain what Clients On Demand is…

My Explanation Of Clients On Demand

Clients On Demand is a coaching program that helps you establish your coaching business and allows you to get potential clients who want your services. 

The program coaches you to get over forty clients to work with every month, and in replication, you charge them highly every month, while on the other end, you offer them the solutions for all the problems they experience online. 

In other words, this is a coach for a coaching program. 

The screenshot below shows some of the coaches on the platform:

Clients On Demand

Who Is Behind Clients On Demand?

Russ Rufino is behind the Client On Demand program. This person is a reputable businessman, particularly in the digital marketing domain. 

Like other successful persons on the internet, this founder has also told a story that he tirelessly worked as a bartender before establishing the Now-known Clients On Demand business.  

Check out the below snapshot:

Clients On Demand Review

After he was inspired by the success stories of people online, he began to bring together all the things that he learned and came up with his video and eBook course. 

Surprisingly, the marketer sold his first course at $197, and someone came by to grab it. 

And this is what drove him to begin his coaching venture, retire from his old job, and entirely settle for his online marketing business. 

What Is Inside Clients On Demand

The program’s free coaching offers five things you should do to succeed. 

  • Be Preeminent

Undertake all your business with transparency and integrity, and you should ensure that your clients get the best working experience with you. 

  • Premium Pricing

When you charge premium rates, you can always get credit for your service. However, it is important to present your offers so that it attracts and looks appealing to your ideal clients. 

  • Webinar marketing

Of course, you know how webinar marketing can turn landing pages into incredibly huge converting ones. The one that can fetch emails and send free-of-charge webinar presentations. 

  • Time is your precious resource

Keep in mind that all the results you achieve are the ones paid, no matter the time you spend.

  • Investing in a Mentor

Now, I can point out without blinking that this is an area in which Russ pitches his programs to you. And he does everything possible to ensure you seek his services.

Plus, he also coaches you on making your potential clients come to seek your services instead of you looking for them. 

Russ Ruffino asserts that his program will assist you in coming up with a brand of your own that can attract many ideal clients. And as such, marketing concerns end up being a thing of the past. 

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Let me answer this question once and for all…

Is Coaching Meant For Everyone?

Here, I’m not limiting myself to Clients On Demand, nor am I proposing that coaching is the way to go. 

But a coaching venture overall is not a straightforward business that you can decide to start without having a second thought. 

This kind of business model will make you spend thousands of dollars marketing while spending more time, yet all this happens even before you can get your first client. 

Client on Demand asserts that their services are the only option to get potential clients.

However, with all his coaching, it’s the same service you wish to offer to the ideal clients you’ll get. 

Then, the worse thing, you’re joining a market with huge competition from well-established businesses online in your domain. 

Getting a client at a go can prove to be challenging because others have already generated the clients you’re trying to lure into coming for your services. 

Let me speak to Clients On Demand and who suits and who it doesn’t suit. 

If you want to make money online, I’ll not RECOMMEND Clients On Demand because of some reasons that I will detail in the next section. 

Just read through it, and see whether the business model suits you or not.

Jason Foster

The Ugly Truths About Clients On Demand Unmasked!

This is where I spill the beans, so watch out!


Yeah, it is too good to be a true coaching business. 

With webinars, the coaching business is made to be too simple, and you’re made to think that you’ll make money easily.

Keep in mind that coaching is not everyone’s cup of tea, and you’ll have myriads of competitors who are already established in your place. 

Clients obviously will be few, and if your competitors offer them cheaper services, you’ll have difficulty convincing them to check out what you can offer them. 

Damn Expensive Coaching Course!

I’ll not beat around the bush; the course offered by Clients On Demand is hell expensive. 

You’ll have to part with thousands of dollars if you need to be thought to become a coach.

Moreover, if you opt to be a coach under the tutelage of Clients On Demand, you’ll have to work tirelessly to recoup the money for settling for the course. 

The Business Model Isn’t Ideal for Everyone

I’ve pointed out more than once that online coaching isn’t a business model that can match the needs of everybody. 

I’ll tell you from experience not everyone who ventures into online coaching will succeed. 

Getting prospective clients is a challenge, and the consistency of revenue generated keeps fluctuating. 

You’ll have to spend most of your time networking with different people to convince them they can make money by purchasing your services.  

But you’ll have spent much of your time doing the marketing and networking, which is much more work than you expected. 

I’ll now take you to a section to see if Clients On Demand has anything to smile about. 

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re gifted with coaching skills, you should not hesitate to consider such courses.

Still, I don’t mean that you should invest your money blindly, check out how I’ve been able to generate money online with set out steps. 

For now, I don’t get anything that impresses me with Clients On Demand.

And that doesn’t mean that the program is a SCAM

In other words, this one isn’t an online business model that I recommend anybody to start. 

Unless you have some pocket change that you want to try out with the business model. 

Now comes the controversial question: Is Clients on Demand a Scam or Not?

I’m going to give you an outright answer in the next section. 

Client On-Demand: Is it a Scam or Legit?

As I said, I’m going to stay neutral. Clients On Demand is a legit coaching course that will teach you to become a successful business coach. 

The main goal of the course is to assist you in finding clients.

And those clients will be paying premium rates for the coaching service that you’ll offer them. 

But the business model is not a walk in the park. 

I don’t recommend people start a coaching business if they are looking for ways to get a passive income. 

It demands a lot of work, and you’ll have traversed various mountains and valleys before you can get your first client. 

Getting a client to work with is close to impossible. 

But that should not make you lose hope; if you want to make a decent passive income, you can still go for Affiliate Marketing. 

Pros and Cons

What I like about Clients On Demand

  • The blueprint of Clients on Demand is easy to follow
  • Client on Demand gives its customers full support
  • Its course material is organized

What I didn’t like about Client on Demand

  • The platform fails to give an address that is registered with the company
  • The business model has something to do with MLM
  • The platform’s premium rates are high
  • Its sales call is very misleading 

So, where next?…

Read on to find my best recommendation. 

My Best #1 Recommendation

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If yes, I’m here to offer you that. 

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Clients On Demand Review

FAQs Of Client On-Demand

How Much Does Client On Demand Cost?

There is not price directly mentioned on the website of this program.

You’ll get to know the pricing of this program after you joined it.

However, from the look, this program seems expensive because after you’ve undertaken the training, you’ll be charging your clients between $3,000 and $10,000.

What Is The Rating Of Client On -Demand On Trustpilot?

The training course has a rating of 4.7/5 stars on Trustpilot.

Is Client On-Demand A Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Client On-Demand isn’t a get rich-quick scheme.

The owners of the program has set it clear that this type of a business will demand a lot of you, and if you’re out for a get-rich quick scheme, then this is not your choice.

Who Is Client On-Demand For?

This coaching program is for thought-leaders, consultants, coaches, experts, online business, and service professionals.

Mr. Russ also points out that one mutst be resourceful, decisive, and coachable.

Which Social Media Platform Can I Find Client On Demand?

You can find Client On-Demand on Fabebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

21 thoughts on “Clients on Demand Review -Worth it or SCAM?

  1. I don’t think that everyone can become a coach, I think it takes a certain type of person to succeed at it. I know I wouldn’t be good at it. 

    I do believe that some people would be good at it but, since it is has a high level of competition. So even if you would be good at it, there is a lot of people that are already established that people would go to. 

  2. Yeap! This is another coaching course I am going to steer clear of. I have always wanted to learn how to become a business coach online but when I get a hint there is a tiny sign a program I would like to work with is not honest, the way Clients on Demand are hiding their addresses and offering such high fees, I just run. I think I am just going to keep looking until I find one that I feel completely comfortable with.

  3. Clearly, Clients on Demand have oversimplified the effort it takes to be a successful coach. It surely is not a business for those who are not already predisposed to the qualities that make up a good coach. As you have stated getting clients can be extremely difficult as a new coach and you will have to spend loads to attract. I don’t like the whiff of MLM either which tends to suggest that COD intends more to Ruffino than being truly interested in helping me as a budding coach. Thanks for the review I agree I will pass on this one.

  4. Right of the bat, warning bells rang. There are two kinds of entrepreneurs, One kind who works for money. And the other who creates an asset where money works for them. 

    When I read this program was about training you to become a coach, I felt like you did. This is not for everyone. Especially those who want passive income. 

    The option you recommended, affiliate marketing, is by far the best way to go. 



  5. I’m glad I read this article about Clients on Demand before going any further.  One thing that particularly stood out is that “its sales call is very misleading.”  That’s a huge red flag.

    It’s interesting that these people are so blatantly using clients in the same way that their course surely teaches others to do with their own coaching businesses.  And “don’t look for clients, they’ll look for you.”  Wow.

    Paying a lot of money not knowing if coaching is even a right fit doesn’t sound like a great idea.  I agree with your assessment that affiliate marketing is a far better business model.  It doesn’t require a lot of money upfront, and the odds of success are far better.

  6. I appreciate your candor in your review of Clients on Demand.  It does take some time to get into coaching and growing a business, however, coaching individuals en masse seems to remove the personal touch of coaching to the person or business.

    I have done coaching for a few small business owners and always felt being a coach requires being a great mentor.  Coaches should really taking into consideration what the client’s goals and needs are, and not just have blanket solutions. It is one of the reasons I shy away from programs like Clients on Demand.

    Thank you for your review!

  7. Clients On Demand is a coaching program teaching you how to coach others and to obtain clients who want to be taught. As not everyone wants to coach others; it is not for everyone. 

    You pay a premium cost for the service and they teach you to expect the same from your clients. As this area is highly competitive, it is not as easy as one might think. 

    Thank you for this warning. I have some exceptional skills but I never thought of myself as a coach.

    I really want to get a business going to generate passive income and not take hours of work.

  8. Hello! Great review. 
    I love reading this kind of reviews because the information is very precise and well organized! I don’t think it will be the course for me, after reading the review, it is way too expensive and requires a lot of effort to start getting money out of it. Thank you very much.

  9. Hi, Joseph.  A coaching program that smacks MLM. Whoa!  The biggest takeaway I get from your article is that it does indeed sound oversimplified.  When we think of coaches, we think of people with bonafide credentials who are qualified to coach.  

    The whole thing, to me, is that the way you presented it, it is coaching to be a coach and for that, you have to pay big bucks.  Plus the fact that there is not total transparency in the pricing is cause for alarm.  

    All in all, I agree that this is not a scam, but people need to go into it with their eyes open.  Thanks for a good read.


  10. I’m pretty new to this game and I know that I started trying to do affiliate marketing I was pretty much broke that’s why I started I can see where coaching can be a lucrative business but ill agree it will take some time getting any clients who are ready to part with that kind of money. I know I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

    The article I thought was perfect very informative and to the point, coaching would never be a possibility for me because I’m borderline anti-social its nothing against anybody it’s just something I was dealt when I was born I guess

  11. I don’t believe in taking any online courses.  There is so much information out there, all you have to do is a google search and it’s free.  I learn more, retain more, use it more and feel more confident when I do my own research on the web to find answers. In today’s world I don’t think it is necessary to pay for information. Well of course there are some things we don’t have access to and have to pay for, but research is free.  So I wouldn’t do a course like this.

    1. Everyone learns differently for sure.  Personally, I like taking a structured course as this helped me to keep on track.  But of course, you can find the free info on YT and other online sources.  Thanks for sharing your views all the same.

  12. Hey Jason. Thank you for helping me separate the wheat from the chaff. Your post reviewing Clients on Demand has helped me a lot. I was excited about joining. But you are right that we first need to spend a lot of money and time in order to get our first clients. I wanted something that is more straightforward. 

  13. Superb and thorough article, you cover all the bases and reasons why this is not a great option for someone looking to make money online. 

    Yes, it may be successful but that comes with a hefty price, long hours building your portfolio, and no guarantee of clients in the long run. 

    Now we all know, making money online isn’t an easy straightforward process, instead, it requires a lot of work and dedication to reach your goals, the Wealthy Affiliate platform offers a great foundation to build out your very own business from scratch and I’m with you in recommending that platform.

    Thanks for sharing this informative article.

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