BnB Riches Review – Is Noelle Randall A SCAM?

BnB Riches Review

Hello, welcome to my BnB Riches Review.

Can you build a steady income stream in the real estate industry?

Can this real estate business liberate you from being broke?

Today, I’ll review BnB Riches, a real estate training course Noelle Randall offers.

Could this be a legitimate course or another coated scam?

Don’t worry; you’ll get to know everything.

I’ve committed my resources to offer you the true picture of BnB Riches.

If you need financial freedom, you can check out this Genuine Way of Making Money Online without any hype.

By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of this platform and know whether it is worth investing in.

Also, know that I don’t have any business relationship with BnB Riches.

Therefore, every piece of information I give you is exactly how it should be.

Understand all the factors to be considered before joining the platform.

Let’s get into it

Summary Of BnB Riches Review

Name of the Product: BnB Riches

Type of the Product: Real Estate Investment Course

Founder: Noelle Randall

Website’s URL:

Product Rating: 7/10

Subscription Fee: $997 or 4 installments of $397.

Is It Recommended: Yes & No (Reasons Explained Below)

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Overview of BnB Riches Review

BnB Riches Review

BnB Riches is a platform that teaches you a Legitimate Business Model.

And you’ll learn from Noelle Randal the strategy to use and list a house on Airbnb.

In fact, your property will fetch a better price compared to what you spend.

Additionally, Noelle claims to help you build a profitable business in a faster way.

Further, she’ll guide you until you understand what it takes to be a successful Real Estate Entrepreneur.

Also, you’ll build your real estate business with integrity while helping others.

What’s more, BnB Riches is a business model that you can start and succeed with or without any experience.

Since the market is very competitive, the only way to maximize profit in this business model is to manage multiple properties.

I must warn you that it will not be a walk in the park.

I say so because it comes with some challenges.

These include the property and the cost of finding your prospective tenants.

Also, this business model will expose you to the possible risk of losing your investment.

As such, it would be best if you were prepared for this because BnB Riches does not guarantee success.

However, before committing your hard-earned money, you need to conceptualize everything in bounds and leaps.

On the flip side, if you want to make genuine money online, you can also check out my guide on starting an affiliate business below:

BnB Riches Review

Who is the founder of BnB Riches?

BnB Riches Review

The brain behind BnB Riches is called Noelle Randal.

She is an author, mentor, real estate investor, and motivational speaker.

And before her success, she had come across tough experiences.

Moreover, she became broke and bankrupt while working out in her parents’ basement.

And her bad credit rating could not be useful to her.

As such, those experiences pushed her further to look for ways of bettering her life and that of her kids.

First, she began flipping houses without knowing what she was doing.

I’ve done a review on Land Profit Generator which is a land-flipping training course you can also check out.

Notably, it took her a long time before decoding the secret and using it to liberate herself and become a successful entrepreneur.

Further, she has created an additional income stream in her YouTube channel, with more than 568,000 subscribers.

And you will get access to free training resources from her channel.

Apart from marketing her BnB Riches training course, she’ll be earning passively from this channel without any sweat.

What Is BnB Riches About?

BnB Riches training center features four modules that provide a step-by-step guide to your business.

And these steps have been outlined systematically and are easy for you to understand.

Additionally, this training is designed to allow easy implementation.

Moreover, you’ll easily learn about it, take action and follow your way to success.

In other words, the objective of the BnB Riche course is to enable you to have an operational rental business.

Also, you’ll get access to strategies, leads, and systems to get you operational.

The results will impress you, provided that you follow the exact steps offered in the video.

What Do I Get From BnB Riches’ Modules?

Every module has been designed to offer you a progressive approach that suits your needs.

It offers you action steps that you can apply and implement without making any guesses.

Here is what you will get;

Module 1. Starting A 6-Figure Business Fast

In this module, you are going to;

  • Learn how to lay a strong foundation for your business. You will use this module’s powerful structure and framework to build that foundation.
  • Identify an ideal opportunity for you to invest in. You’ll understand what you stand to achieve when you complete this program.
  • Learn to apply Noelle’s formula of living a life free of rent. This formula will allow you to enjoy your vacations without spending your money on rent.
  • How to set up and run your Airbnb business. You can learn to generate leads for your business.
  • Learn and master the art of helping people while making profits.
  • Learn to maintain focus on your success and overcome procrastination, fear, and doubts.

By the end of this module, you will be prepared to acquire and run an income-generating venture for you.

Module 2. Getting Profitable Properties at No Cost

This module will teach you how to;

  • Identify and master your target market
  • Source property that can fetch high profits
  • Discuss with property owners and win their trust to let you use their properties. You will also learn the benefits of short-term rentals compared to long-term.
  • Apply the simple thumb rule when considering if a property will fetch profit on Airbnb. This is the secret applied by Noelle.
  • Use the available time to manage your business efficiently.
  • Enhance results in your business up to ten times.
  • Operate your business legally with the property owner’s consent and use “lease contract addendums.”

Module 3. Prepare It and List It

In this third module, you’ll cover all the important rules you must follow before listing your property.

And these important rules must be met before renting out your property. You will learn how to;

  • Furnish and prepare properties for your prospective tenants.
  • Create systems for easy management of your business.
  • Create an outstanding listing of your business.
  • Leverage short-term rentals.
  • Use the home-sharing economy to your advantage.

Module 4. Manage and Grow Your Business

This module mainly focuses on proper management and implementation of strategies that facilitate your business’ growth.

This module will teach you how to;

  • Present a winning proposal to your prospective product owners.
  • Schedule time and use it productively.
  • Filter and analyze your leads.
  • Get the first listing.
  • Attract consistent bookings.
  • Expand and develop a portfolio with more properties.
  • Price properties to maximize profits while ensuring a high rate of occupation.
  • Convert bad leads into money.

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What Is The Cost of BnB Riches?

The cost of joining BnB riches is $997.

And you can make a one-time payment of this amount or make four monthly installments of $397.

Therefore, if you opt to use the second payment method, you are going to incur an extra cost of $585.

And it is apparent that the cost of enrolling in this program is therefore expensive.

As such, it will not be a perfect opportunity, especially for a starter.

Although I don’t recommend BnB Riches, the good thing about it is that you will understand how the platform works before joining.

Apart from the cost of registration, you’ll need to arm yourself with additional cash for running your business.

Also, it would be best if you have not less than $10,000 for operations.

In addition to that, you’ll use this extra cost for furnishing, depositing, and making bookings.

This will put you in a better position to maintain the performance of your business.

Will I get A Refund If I’m Not Satisfied with BnB Riches?

BnB Riches Review

When you accept to provide all your billing details to BnB Riches, you agree to become the platform’s client.

Therefore, there will be no refund on the digital resources you download from the platform.

And once you get assigned, there will be nothing left for retrieval.

This means the downloadable products of BnB Riches do not qualify for any cancellation, store credit, or refund.

How Will I Get Money To Buy Properties?

Buying a house is not your only chance of succeeding in this industry.

You can make income from the properties owned by other individuals.

Also, you will learn how to take advantage of rental arbitrage.

Is BnB Riches A scam?

BnB Riches is a legit program.

It’s a training program designed by an experienced author and investor.

And with the program, you’ll learn simple and applicable methods of starting and running your business.

In that regard, you should be prepared to spend a huge amount of money.

And having about $3,000 will be enough to jump-start your business.

Sometimes, you end up waiting a long time before you get lucky to rent out a property.

As such, it means that there is a likelihood of getting disappointed if you fail to realize your profits.

Further, BnB Riches is a business mode with a lot of risks.

Instead of bothering you with the program, you can opt for other businesses that are not costly.

Here is how I’ve been able to generate my income online:

Jason Foster

What I Like About BnB Riches

  • An Experienced Investor built bnB Riches

Noelle’s experiences have enabled her to achieve success in this business.

She has shared the secrets she used in business to make a constant income stream.

  • The Model Is Legit

Establishing this business might take time and money to stabilize.

Once it is up and fully operational, it’ll be the best source for you to generate income.

What I Don’t Like About BnB Riches

  • Very Expensive

The registration cost is not the only expensive part of this BnB Riches program.

And the operational cost is equally too high for one to start doing business with the platform.

  • No Refund Policy

BnB Riches does not offer any refund if you are not satisfied with their services.

  • Requires Marketing Skills

If you have marketing skills, you will be able to secure good deals with clients.

However, it will be a challenge if you are new in the marketing field.

  • Not an ideal Opportunity for starters

If you are getting started with this kind of investment opportunity, you should avoid it because it involves many risks that might end up breaking your heart.

There are other best and most affordable alternatives for you to invest in.

Is There Any Alternative To BnB Riches?

BnB Riches will work well for you if you’re prepared to spend a lot of money.

In fact, you can start by leveraging rental arbitrage.

But, this could still be an expensive and risky way of starting your new business.

Yet, the market offers you several alternatives suitable for you as a starter.

And one of these alternatives is affiliate marketing.

For your information, this type of marketing is much better than BnB Riches because it delivers what you expect.

Further, affiliate marketing gives you the freedom to promote various products for different businesses and earn a good commission.

Better yet, it is a very easy and highly profitable venture to go for.

Sincerely speaking, affiliate marketing has given me the financial freedom I’ve lived to enjoy.

As such, I’m able to earn good money even though my involvement in my affiliate marketing business is limited.

If you’re ready to start affiliate marketing, follow the guide below:

BnB Riches Review

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