Classified Submission Review

Classified Submission Review – It Is A Scam Or Legit?

Hello there, welcome to my Classified Submission Review.

In this review, I’ll let you know if the program can help you create effective website traffics online or if it is a SCAM you should stay away from.

If you are a young entrepreneur who wants to promote your business online to gain higher traffic, this review might help.

The Classified Submission CLAIMS to be the best choice to run your advertisements online through an ad posting.

If you’re a small business owner, service provider, contractor, lawyer, restaurant owner, or dentist, you should consider checking out this review.

Thousands of buyers usually end up buying goods and services through the ads posted on the websites.

Before I get started, I wish to inform you that all the information I’ll offer will be honest and unbiased.

Now, let’s get started…

Classified Submission Review Summary

Name of The Product: Classified Submission

Type of the Product: Ad Posting program

Website’s URL:

Product Rating: 2/5

Cost: From $39.95 per month

Recommendation: Not for everyone; find out why from my review

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Classified Submission Review Overview

Classified Submission Review

If you own a small business online, you might have thought of how you can promote your business and earn more income.

For instance, you might be a service provider, a lawyer, a contractor, a dentist, or an owner of a restaurant.

All these types of businesses need to be exposed to a more significant number of potential customers to get more customers.

Here is where the Classified Submission program comes into play.

It claims to be the best solution in helping you promote your business online.

The program also claims to provide you with quality advertising at a low cost that favors your pocket.

According to the program, young entrepreneurs ideally need support to sell their products and services effectively online.

The Classified Ad posting inside the program claims to help you reach out to thousands of potential buyers.

However, every site has unique criteria that may make posting ads frustrating.

In addition, it may make the entire process consume a lot of time and become tedious, especially when you want to resubmit the ad in the correct category.

But if you want even a better way of making money online, I encourage you to check out this genuine opportunity:

Classified Submission Review

What Is Classified Submission?

Classified Submission is a program that helps you send the classified ads of your small business to thousands of other websites.

The program sends the ads to popular sites with potential buyers and customers online.

The program offers the services every month for the clients and sends the ads to;

  • More than one thousand classified advertisement sites.
  • Over five hundred blogs online
  • Permanent links posted on more than 150 social media platforms or websites.

From there, you can see that the claims made by the program aim at making your website achieve higher traffic online.

The program also claims to help YouTube channels and affiliate offers by advertising their services to other sites.

In addition, you can use the website as the only option regarding the services offered.

You might also use the program to advertise other things, such as YouTube videos in your channel, to increase the number of followers.

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How Does Classified Submission Work?

If you want to acquire the program’s services, you must first sign up for the program.

After completing your sign-up process, you’ll then pay for the subscription fee of your choice in the program.

After completing your registration, there are step-by-step instructions you’ll have to go through before you can access the services.

The company will then send an email confirmation when you complete the sign-up process.

The email carries the login details you’ll be using to access the site, together with a tracking link that you’ll use for your ads.

For this reason, you’ll have to wait for the confirmation email, which will help you verify your account.

From there, you can now access the company website and enjoy their offers.

Breakdown Of The Classified Submission Services

After completing the registration process, you’ll be allowed to enjoy the services available in the program depending on your subscription.

The Classified ad is an option in the platform that is highlighted in bold and upgraded for you to see easily.

This makes it easy to see when choosing your preferred category that will expose your ad to all websites.

The classified ad also allows you to upload three pictures to your ad.

You’re also free to make a photo of your choice to upload to your ad.

The program also allows you to advertise your YouTube channel online to expose your business.

In such a case, you’ll have to embed a video from your YouTube channel into the ad and post it online.

Advertising the videos from the channel will increase links and traffic to your YouTube channel.

After thirty days, the classified ads will rotate off, which stops the traffic, allowing you to make changes to your ad.

The program automatically continues resubmitting the ads every month throughout the year to ensure you get the best traffic.

Why Do You Need Classified Ad Marketing In Your Business?

Classified Submission Review

  • Classified Ad marketing is fast.

They are usually published daily, providing immediate exposure to your potential customers in large numbers.

  • Some people rely on Classified ads to purchase something.

Some people buy things when they see them advertised online.

If your ad lands on the webpage where such people can view them, they will buy the item through the ad.

  • Classified ad Marketing has a more excellent value.

The classified ad marketing claims to save you from buying links online at about $2, which is too expensive for multiple connections.

The program will help you submit the links and the keywords you chose, which are best for the type of ad you are dealing with online.

  • Classified ad marketing is great for SEO

The classified ad marketing service claims to help you achieve high traffic online.

Traffic is one of the key factors that Google considers when ranking websites.

Using the service will help you tell Google about your improved traffic and make your website gain a higher rank.

  • Best choice for Local Business

When running a local business online, you should create your ad, including the keyword and the title.

This will help expose the business’s keyword and title to thousands of viewers online.

  • It helps you get more traffic to the videos on your YouTube channel

Classified ad marketing allows you to share your video URL with thousands of viewers online when you post it on an ad.

This will make you increase traffic on your videos on YouTube and get more viewers online.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Classified Submission?

Classified Submission Review

When making payments for the program, there are three options.

So, here are the three available options;

  • Monthly subscription of $39.95 
  • Quarterly(three months each) payment option of $77 
  • The last payment option is the $197, a one-time payment made yearly.

All these payments are available once you sign up for the program.

You’ll therefore choose your preferred payment option and make your payment to get access to the offers available in the program.

The program promises to offer you the following services after making your payment;

It posts your ads to more than 1000 classified ad pages monthly.

Resubmitting your ads daily to ensure your ads remain at the top of the category you choose.

For instance, the program will ensure it automatically resubmits your ads on the autopilot site.

The program bolds, upgrades, and highlights your ads into the top category for them to be easily seen by potential customers.

Also, the program ensures the ads are included in more than thirty credit viewers, with others receiving more than one thousand views.

Moreover, the text ad will be featured in the high-traffic sites in a rotation on the main or home page.

The landing page of your website will also be displayed in the ad sites in rotation on their home page.

The landing page of your website will also be displayed in rotation on the free software from the company, which can be downloaded and used daily.

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Is The Classified Submission Program A Scam?

The Classified Submission program is not a SCAM.

The program can help you advertise your products or services online to a thousand websites to reach your potential websites.

Therefore, the program claims to help you promote your business online by exposing it to potential customers.

If you choose to work with the program, it will help you gain higher traffic online by exposing it to more than two thousand web pages.

The program also exposes the ad content to more than five hundred private blogs of high quality.

The program claims to post more than one thousand ads to platforms every month.

However, only some of the people who join the program will successfully get their products and services promoted.

If you are a beginner who wants to join the business from scratch, you might need high-demand products or services to promote.

In addition, you might not be able to pay the fee required to enable the program to submit your ads online.

For this reason, the program is still not an option for everyone who wants to advertise online.

The program is more suitable for entrepreneurs who already have a business online and want to promote it to increase sales.

Such entrepreneurs will be able to afford the price and also meet the demands of the higher number of potential customers the program exposes them to.

In addition, they will find it easy to manage the higher traffics effectively and expand their Business.

Therefore, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, there are other cost-effective programs you might join online to help you make money.

Have a look at my best recommendation:

Classified Submission Review

What Are The Advantages of Choosing The Yearly Subscription?

Before you decide on the payment option type, the program highlights some advantages of the yearly payment option.

These advantages are geared towards allowing you to choose the option over other available payments in the program.

Here are the benefits of the yearly payment options;

  • It makes the program submit your ads to its network throughout the year.
  • It allows you to change ads monthly and promote other programs on the website.
  • You will get your first bonus for a high-quality and clickable custom image ad that you can use with the promotions you have.
  • The program also claims that you will save about $282 as compared to when you go by the monthly price.
  • You will also get the third bonus of the ad highlighting, upgrading, and bolding when in rotation in the top category on the website’s landing page.
  • You will also get free advertising for the whole year if you refer at least two people to the program.
  • The price is payable as one time for services in the entire year with no recurring fee.
  • You will get up to three ad rotation slots compared to the other payment options that only provide you with one option.
  • The payment option will also allow you to upload up to three images into your ad, not just one, as in the case of the monthly members.

Does the Program offer any Sales Guarantee?

Classified Submission Review

The program claims to offer a guarantee in all the services they offer in the program, such as submitting your ad massively.

If the program fails to submit your ads massively to more than one thousand advertising pages, the program promises a money-back service.

The program will offer you a guaranteed money-back service lasting up to thirty days or one month.

On the other hand, the program only promises that some of the campaigns they will do to promote your products will succeed.

Some campaigns may need to sign up or generate sales as expected.

In addition, some people may get the sales and the sign-ups but need to make a virtual offer for the services and the products.

For this reason, the program outlines that no advertising service will ever be 100% successful.

What I Like About Classified Submission

  • It is inexpensive

The program offers its services at a fair price with multiple payment options on its platform.

This makes it easy for the affiliate to choose their preferred payment option depending on their budget.

  • The submission of the ads is made automatically.

The program submits the ads automatically, minimizing the time taken to post.

As such, it exposes the ad to traffic websites more adequately than the manual submission.

With the program, you can expose your ads to potential viewers according to your expectation.

  • It is easy to use

Once you complete your campaign in the ad creation, the program picks up from there and offers you a tracking link carrying the campaign details.

The program also has beneficial customer service to assist you in creating your ads effectively.

All these services are geared towards making the program as easy to use as possible.

What I Don’t Like About Classified Submission

  • Not a good option for beginners

The program works best for entrepreneurs who are already running their businesses online.

However, if you are a beginner, then the monthly price of the program may be too high for you.

You might also need more high-in-demand products and services that require large-scale advertisement.

  • You can only submit one ad in a month.

According to the program, one account can only submit one ad monthly.

For this reason, if you have multiple ads you want the program to submit, it might not be easy to advertise them at once.

You will have to wait a month to change the ad and let the new ones get submitted.

Is There Any Other Alternative To Classified Submission?

Of course, if this program doesn’t offer you what you need, you can still opt for a different alternative.

Even though there are many options on the internet, I’ve always encouraged beginners to find their way to affiliate marketing.

But why affiliate marketing?

Well, affiliate marketing is a business that is straightforward and allows you to earn passive income.

However, before you can get there, you need to find a company that sells products and services that are legit and demanding.

It is that simple, for any successful sale that you make in the business, you get compensated in the form of a commission.

With over five years of experience doing this online business, I’ve learned the tricks to stay on track while reaping more from affiliate marketing.

If you can spare a few minutes of your time, check out this blueprint that I put together for you to get started as well:

Classified Submission Review

FAQs About Classified Submission

How Many Ads Can I Submit?

If you have one account with the Classified Submission program, the program will submit one ad monthly.

And, if you want to change your ad, you are free to do so at the end of the month by simply sending your new ad.

By alternating the ads, you send per month; you’ll be able to advertise multiple programs.

Can I Change My Ad At Any Time?

Because the program performs different promotions, they only advertise one monthly ad.

Changing your ad anytime might not help you, but rather change it every month when the other one expires.

How Do I Cancel My Ad?

You can cancel your ad anytime, even after it has been posted online.

You will send your email with the name you used to send the ad.

The program will automatically cancel the entire ad immediately and send you a confirmation email of the ad removal.

How Big Can My Ad Be?

The size of the ad varies depending on the content you want the ad to cover.

However, the highest content accepted in the program is up to 400 characters with a fifty-character title.

Can I See My Ads Live On Actual Sites?

Yes, viewing your ads live on the sites they are submitted to is possible.

The program will send you an email with login details where you can log in to see the ads.

The ads are in the confirmation emails, which will provide feedback for the sites to which the ad was submitted.  

Feel free to check out this video shared on Classified Submission Website:

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