Commission Plan X Review

Commission Plan X Review: Another Get-Rich-Quick Scheme?

Hello! Welcome to my Commission Plan X Review.

The Commission Plan X is a digital business opportunity that claims to give you a money-making opportunity.

But are these claims valid?

And can you make sustainable revenue from this opportunity?

But before I take you through it, let me remind you that I’m not an affiliate of Commission Plan X.

In light of that, I’ll be transparent in this review.

Let’s start.

Summary Of Commission Plan X Review

Name of the Product: Commission Plan X

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product:  DFY Affiliate Marketing Course

Founder: “Dylan”

Product Rating: 3/10

Cost of the Product: “$47” plus additional Upsells

Recommendation: Not Recommended.

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Overview of Commission Plan X

Commission Plan X Review

Commission Plan X is a DFY system designed to make money online through affiliate marketing.

It claims that you’re going to make money promoting ClickBank products.

Most of the content of this course talks about how other digital millionaires earn their income quickly.

The system allows you to manipulate & generate traffic to websites that pay commissions with a click.

However, Commission Plan X uses overhyped claims, making it a get-rich-quick scheme.

Through this program, Dylan claims that you’ll make millions online.

One downside of this program is that most success testimonies are fake, which puts its legitimacy in question.

In fact, Dylan wants to lure you into his program by all means, and after joining the program, there are additional upsells that you will be exposed to make sure he gets more money from you.

Even though ClickBank promises affiliate marketing training, it doesn’t give quality training; its activity lacks some vital elements of affiliate marketing.

The Commission Plan X operates with the claim of teaching you various methods you can apply to make money online.

However, the method in question doesn’t work as Dylan puts them; instead, he only wants to make money from you.

But if you’re a beginner and you want to make money online, then I have a genuine way you can leverage to make a difference;

Commission Plan X Review

What Is Commission Plan X about?

Commission Plan X is an online program that claims to train you about affiliate marketing.

It claims it’ll teach you how to create and manage marketing campaigns.

You will also learn how to funnel traffic to various websites that will pay you commissions.

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to choose the products to sell; your role will only be to generate leads.

However, Commission Plan X does not give you complete affiliate marketing training.

Their training lacks the fundamental aspects of digital marketing, like strategies to use when generating traffic.

The representatives of Commission Plan X use social media to market ClickBank products.

And one fact about Commission Plan X is that it uses the same marketing strategies used by other online companies.

Some of these marketing strategies are; the use of overhyped claims, incomplete training, fake testimonials, and upsells.

When you land on their home page, you’ll get a video presentation through which they’ll tell you to grab your slot from the few remaining opportunities.

Understand that this strategy will influence you to make a quicker decision, thinking you’ll miss the opportunity.

They also use this trick to excite the program’s popularity.

In addition to these, the video will also claim that those who have already registered are making massive earnings.

Furthermore, they state this business opportunity will only take 20 minutes every day.

Generally, Commission Plan X uses various strategies to entice you to make you subscribe to this platform.

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How Does Commission Plan X Work?

When joining this program, you’ll have access to their video tutorial that probes you to book a spot by providing your name and email address.

Commission Plan X Review

It is alleged that the reserved spot will give you access to a system capable of making $477 every day once the set-up is complete.

Your next step is to go through an orientation video.

What follows is to pay for your discounted registration fee of $47.

The system gives you a variety of training videos that will lead you to their alleged money-making scheme.

Your final step will be to activate your system and start making money.

Who Is The Founder Of Commission Plan X?

It is alleged that the owner of Commission Plan X is called Dylan Gardener.

However, Dylan might not be the valid owner of this platform.

He might have been hired to claim the ownership because he is trying to hide his identity.

If truly Commission Plan X is a genuine money-making opportunity, Dylan Gardener would have the confidence to show his real identity.

By finding more information about its creators, you can gauge the legitimacy of any digital program claiming to give you a money-making opportunity.

The owner’s profile will help you understand if they are trustworthy or not.

But in this case, not much information is provided about Dylan Gardener, making it difficult to trust this program.

As a way of trying to win your trust, Dylan tries to hire people to stage fake testimonials.

However, as much as he tries, it is easy to detect the signs of a scam, for most of the testimonies in Commission Plan X are made by people hired by people who have appeared in other scamming programs.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Commission Plan X?

It is alleged that the initial cost of this program is $67, but when purchasing, you’ll buy it at a discounted price of $47.

Remember, it is an affiliate program of the ClickBank marketplace that promotes other get-quick-rich schemes.

There will be additional expensive upsell that you will be introduced you.

Does It Offer A Refund Policy?

Commission Plan X Review

Allegedly, Commission Plan X gives you a 2-month trial period.

If you want to apply for a refund, you’ll have to contact the ClickBank Customer support officer; they’ll act on your request immediately and process your refund request.

But if you’re reading this post and you need a genuine method to start making money online, then I want to give you an excellent way that I’m currently using;

Commission Plan X Review

Is Commission Plan X A Scam?

Even though Commission Plan X talks about affiliate marketing, it doesn’t give you complete affiliate training.

Well, though this program isn’t an outright scam, it does have several elements that make it unworthy of your trust.

And such factors point to Commission Plan X as a SCAM.

The owner of this program uses overhyped claims, expensive upsells, and fake testimonials.

And these are red flags you should worry about if you have prospects with this program.

In most cases, scammers want to invest their time and money to win your confidence.

And once you fall for their tricks, they’re sure to make a kill out of your hard-earned money.

Commission Plan X is not a trustworthy business opportunity.

Despite committing to offer you affiliate marketing training, it doesn’t give you comprehensive content about it.

Instead, it provides shallow and superficial training that can’t offer any solution to making money online.

Dylan’s program lacks essential details about traffic generation and other affiliate marketing strategies.

Apart from this alleged training, Commission Plan X claims it will give you access to a secret method through which you can earn commission by redirecting traffic to various websites with affiliate programs.

In a nutshell, Commission Plan X is an affiliate program, but it lacks transparency making it difficult to trust.

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What I Like About Commission Plan X.

Even though Commission Plan X does introduce you to affiliate marketing, it doesn’t give you comprehensive training.

It uses overhyped claims and testimonials to lure unsuspecting aspiring entrepreneurs.

Generally, there is nothing much to like about Commission Plan X.

What I don’t like About Commission Plan X

  • It lacks transparency

One thing that I don’t like about Commission Plan X is its lack of transparency.

Dylan claims he will give you access to a remote system you can use to build an income-generating side hustle.

  • It has overhyped claims.

This is the most shouting red flag that suggests Commission Plan X is not a trustworthy platform to invest your money in.

Among its claims of Dylan is that you can earn as much as $1.5 million using this alleged secret system.

Most scammers would always excite the expected earnings you can make from their programs to lure you into these programs.

  • It has a fake ClickBank account.

Through the Commission Plan X’s sales funnel, Dylan will display a live ClickBank account and claims it belongs to you and is ready to activate it for you.

You’ll be surprised not to find anything after accessing the member’s dashboard.

On the contrary, you’ll get a guideline for signing up for a ClickBank account.

  • Artificially created scarcity

The Commission Plan X creates a faked scarcity to trigger you to act faster and snatch the opportunity of making massive commissions.

This marketing trick will also create an impression that their program is the most sought-after until it becomes very scarce.

  • Fake Testimonials

People are paid by the owner of Commission Plan X to read the script.

Some of these hired identities offer their services on freelance websites like Fiverr.

  • It is an affiliate program of ClickBetter.

Commission Plan X is an affiliate program of ClickBetter to promote various scams and get-rich-quick schemes.

This platform will also use your contacts to bother you with various scams daily.

  • It has hidden Upsells.

Apart from the registration cost, you will still have to incur additional expenses to purchase other upsells.

Is There Any Alternative To Commission Plan X?

The digital industry is rich with a variety of business opportunities that you can invest in and build your financial empire.

Even though Commission Plan X claims to give you an affiliate marketing opportunity, it doesn’t equip you with sufficient skills to build your digital business.

Of course, I recommend affiliate marketing as an ideal business, but you should first learn how it works before starting the business.

In particular, if you’re a beginner and need a good business opportunity to start your online prospects, you must consider affiliate marketing.

And to help you stay on the right path while you venture into this business model, I’ve tailored a step-by-step guide just for you.

You can take a few minutes to check out what I’ve for you in-store;

Commission Plan X Review

FAQs about Commission Plan X.

Who Is The Owner of Commission Plan X?

The brain behind Commission Plan X is alleged to be Dylan Gardener.

However, he doesn’t reveal any of his social media profiles.

This will probe the question of whether he is the real identity.

What Is Commission Plan X?

Commission Plan X is a digital system that claims to allow you to make money online.

He claims that you can make hundreds of dollars every day.

You’ll be working with ClickBank to promote its products.

A significant percentage of Commission Plan X is related to how most internet entrepreneurs make money.

He further claims that you can manipulate the system and direct traffic to websites that will pay you for this commission.

Can I make real money as Dylan claims?

Honestly, this platform does not give you any sustainable earning opportunities.

Dylan is using overhyped claims to lure you into the program.

Is Commission Plan X a scam?

No, it is not an outright scam but has several factors that point it toward being a scam.

Also, the affiliate marketing model is a viable business opportunity to earn you good money.

However, it is not the same as Commission Plan X.

It does not give you the natural feeling of affiliate marketing.

Here is a video review that I did earlier about Commission Plan X;

Also, feel free to watch this;

Thank you for reading this review.

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In success!

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