Mobile Site Sniper Review: Can You Actually Earn $537/Day?

Mobile Site Sniper Review

Hello! Welcome to my Mobile Site Sniper Review.

There are a variety of digital business opportunities that you can leverage and start your journey to financial freedom.

However, several challenges are attached to such digital opportunities.

Mobile Site Sniper claims to allow you to earn $537 every day through their alleged secret systems.

But as to, whether such claims are true or not remains the biggest question.

So, is Mobile Site Sniper legit?

And can it liberate you from the state of being broke?

Let’s get into it to know more…

Summary Of The Mobile Site Sniper Review

Name of the Product: Mobile Site Sniper

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: DFY Affiliate Marketing

Founder: “Joel Rubin”

Product Rating: 2/10

Cost of the Product: $47 plus additional upsells

Recommendation: Not Recommended.

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Overview Of Mobile Site Sniper

Mobile Site Sniper Review

Mobile Site Sniper is a digital program that claims to give you access to a remote system that can enable you to make up to $100 each day.

This program offers its services through the ClickBetter platform.

But the legitimacy of this program is in question since it uses overhyped claims and lacks transparency.

Also, Mobile Site Sniper’s lack of transparency is shown by fake owners, and overhyped promises, among others.

These are strong indications that you should be very cautious about this program.

This program contains some training video tutorials that claim to talk about affiliate marketing.

However, you can still get free access to the same content Mobile Site Sniper offers on YouTube or Google.

Other best alternatives offer affiliate marketing programs that are best suited for newbies.

And if you need one of those best affiliate marketing guides, then you can check out this blueprint that I’ve made specifically for you;

Mobile Site Sniper Review

What Is Mobile Site Sniper About?

Mobile Site Sniper Review

Mobile Site Sniper is an alleged money-making system created by Joel Rubin.

Joel claims his system will give you a daily commission of $537 through their DFY affiliate sites.

Also, Joel claims that you can earn as much as $100 to $1,000 daily through his platform.

However, Mobile Site Sniper does not explain how to make this money in detail.

In the Mobile Site Sniper, a woman named Laura claims to be a former student of Joel, earning $1,000 every day from the program.

And because Laura has friendship ties with Joel, I find her testimony quite exciting and staged to catch your attention.

In other words, Joel has hired Laura to market his program through an overhyped script.

Besides, there is a high probability that Joel is a faked identity.

Mobile Site Sniper Review

Mobile Site Sniper claims you can use their magic systems to make online money as a sales funnel.

Who Is The Founder Of Mobile Site Sniper?

The Mobile Site Sniper’s alleged owner is Joel Rubin, who claims to have made millions of income through digital marketing.

Joel’s first student is alleged to be Laura, a citizen of Lansing, Michigan, and she taught her how to start making money online using his approach.

However, Joel is rarely a known figure in the online market, and there is limited information about his online presence.

In fact, as you can see in the image above, “Joel” is a fake identity picked from stock images.

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How Does Mobile Site Sniper Work?

Mobile Site Sniper Review

After joining Mobile Site Sniper, you first get the mindset training to create a belief in you that you’ll earn up to $100 daily.

However, it doesn’t give you any information about what to do.

Here are the steps of joining Mobile Site Sniper;

Register with your name and e-mail.

The first step you are required to take is to create your account using your full name and e-mail.

But, once they get access to your e-mail address, they’ll always use it to promote other scams similar to Mobile Site Sniper.

You’ll only remove promotional e-mails from Mobile Site Sniper by unsubscribing from the e-mail listing.

Watch a video tutorial and pay your one-time registration fee.

Joel will give you access to the video tutorial through this section.

Besides, he will try to convince you that you can quickly profit from the program without necessarily possessing skills.

In addition, he will use fake testimonials, misleading claims, new clips, and fake identities to brainwash you.

When the video tutorial ends, you must pay $47 before accessing Mobile Site Sniper.

How could they ask you to invest in a system you don’t know how works?

Get access to Mobile Site Sales Funnel.

After you’ve paid your $47 subscription fee, you’ll be directed to sales with a few upsells, increasing the amount you’ll spend with the program.

Access to generic training videos

After passing through all the other steps, you’ll finally settle on the members’ area, where you’ll get access to these training video tutorials.

The training videos focus on how to build an affiliate marketing business model.

Although an affiliate marketing business is a legitimate business to go for, this program can’t give you an enabling environment to build your successful affiliate marketing business.

Many red flags associated with this program don’t make it a safe place to build your digital business.

Also, the program doesn’t provide clear information on whether you’ll make the alleged income.

On the contrary, it is designed to make money out of you.

What Is The Cost Of Mobile Site Sniper?

Mobile Site Sniper Review

Mobile Site Sniper claims to offer its services for $47, payable once.

Is There Any Additional Cost In Mobile Site Sniper?

In addition to this one-time fee, there are additional upsells that cost between $297 & $497.

You should understand that your $47 payment doesn’t give you access to all the program’s features.

Allegedly, when you purchase the Mobile Site Sniper’s first upsell, the DFY system, you’ll stand a chance to make $1,000 daily.

To fully utilize the features of this program, you must purchase the 247-dollar upsell.

They claim it’ll give you access to this upsell at a discounted price, so you’ll pay $297.

The 2nd upgrade has been labeled Platinum Upgrade, which will cost you $197 and claims it’ll increase your chance of making money up to ten times.

In this case, they’ll try to convince you that this deal will give you a chance to earn as much as $3,794 from a small fraction of your investment.

Platinum Upgrade features step-by-step training guidelines, access to the mega secret course on social media, full customer support, a private review club, and a 60-day refund policy.

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Is Mobile Site Sniper A Scam?

Yes, this program is a scam.

I don’t recommend this program to you because of all the reasons that I’ve already stated earlier.

The digital industry is rich in various money-making platforms that are viable and legitimate.

This program isn’t a genuine digital product worthy of investing in.

You don’t want to risk your investment in a program that lacks transparency.

Other business models can give you a steady income online.

And one of the best models I will always recommend is the business of affiliate marketing.

Don’t just hook up yourself on any affiliate marketing program; identify a platform that offers genuine affiliate programs.

You can check out this full guide to starting a successful affiliate marketing online;

Mobile Site Sniper Review

What I Like About Mobile Site Sniper

There is nothing worth liking about it.

Therefore, don’t waste your resources trying to test the viability of this program.

What I Don’t Like About Mobile Site Sniper

  • Faked the owner’s identity

One common trick that most scammers have always used is the use of fake identities of the owners.

They use this trick to convince new online users that their products are genuine.

They are also trying to hide their real identities from being flagged by the authorities.

But their lies usually don’t take long before they are uncovered.

  • Overhyped claims

Apart from faked identities, scam creators will always use overhyped claims and claims that suggest they’ve achieved tremendous success in the relevant programs they are promoting.

These owners will display fancy cars, exotic places, and expensive houses.

They use these attractive things because, in most cases, we dream of achieving them.

The same case applies to Mobile Site Sniper; it uses these overhyped claims to influence your decision to join the program.

  • Fake Testimonials

Other evidence supporting the claims that Mobile Site Sniper is a scam is that it uses fake testimonials to win your confidence and trust.

The owner, Joel, could have hired different personalities to give fake testimonies about this program to win your trust.

Most of the images used in these testimonials are extracted from stock photos.

Don’t waste your money on this program because it does not give you any real success.

  • It is a new version of another scam.

Mobile Site Sniper has similar features to another scam called Explode My Payday.

Its registration fee was also $47 to access poor-quality training and had additional upsells.

Joel has used the same structure of Explode My Payday with few adjustments to trap innocent online users who want to make money online.

Is There Any Alternative to Mobile Site Sniper?

Yes, the online industry has many better alternatives to Mobile Site Sniper.

One of the best alternatives I will recommend is Affiliate marketing.

This business model can give you financial freedom if you do everything right.

If you have a place or an area of interest, you can tap that to start making money online in the comfort of your home.

This business idea will perfectly work for people who need to earn passive income even when they’re on the go.

And if you want to make that a reality, then I request that you check out this blueprint;

Mobile Site Sniper Review

FAQs About Mobile Site Sniper

What is the Mobile Site Sniper?

Mobile Site Sniper is a digital program that claims to give you an opportunity of making money through their alleged secret system.

Also, this platform claims to offer its service through ClickBetter, and you can earn up to $100 daily.

Who is the creator of Mobile Site Sniper?

The creator of the Mobile Site Sniper is alleged to be Joel Rubin, who claims to have made millions as a digital marketer.

No information about Joel’s online profile; thus, it makes it difficult to trust this program.

What is the cost of a Mobile Site Sniper?

The cost of joining Mobile Site Sniper is a one-time registration fee of $47.

However, there are other upsells that you’ll have to purchase after joining the program.

Does it offer a refund?

The Mobile Site Sniper claims to have a 2-month refund policy that covers you once you become their member.

This refund policy is just a claim, but there is no guarantee that it will work once you invest your $47 plus other upsell cost.

Here is a video review of Mobile Site Sniper that I did sometime back;

Thank you for taking the time to go through this Mobile Site Sniper review.

I know that you’re trying to make an honest living, and you want to go through a detailed review before deciding on a particular PROGRAM.

That is always an excellent step to being successful online.

Don’t forget to check out my affiliate marketing guide to enable you to start this tested and proven method.

Good luck!

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

8 thoughts on “Mobile Site Sniper Review: Can You Actually Earn $537/Day?

  1. Yep I should have known that it was scam I want my 47 bucks back once I paid the 47 dollars I couldn’t login and I tried every thing I just want a refund.

    1. I most certainly will I was charged at the same day I paid $97 and $47 do the math and we’ll square up

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