Connect N Cash Review – Can LinkedIn Groups Earn You Money?

Connect N Cash Review

Hello! welcome to my Connect N Cash Review.

Investing in a profitable business has always been every investor’s dream.

In fact, many platforms claim to help you achieve this dream, but most of them will disappoint you.

This is because they’ll fail to fulfill their part of the bargain.

Today, I will take you through the Connect N Cash program.

Could it be part of the disappointing programs?

Connect N Cash is an online coaching program that trains you on how to leverage a LinkedIn loophole to earn passive income.

In other words, you’ll be using LinkedIn groups to connect referral agencies with their prospects.

In this review, you’ll understand the program deeper and decide whether it is worth your investment.

Before continuing, understand that I don’t have any business relationship with Connect N Cash.

So, I will explain everything to you the way it should be.

If you’re here and you’re looking for an Alternative To Earn Money Online, then check this page, because I’ll offer you a great alternative later.

Let’s get into it…

Summary Of Connect N Cash Review

Name Of The Product: Connect N Cash

Type Of Product: Online Coaching Program

Founder: Luther Landro

Website’s URL:

Product Rating: 6/10

Subscription Fee: $17

Recommendation: Not for Beginners.

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Overview Of Connect N Cash Review?

Connect N Cash Review

Connect N Cash is an online coaching program new in the market.

Also, it was launched in March 2022.

And you can earn a passive commission of up to $5000 from this program.

Aside from that, you’ll be making money from this program by connecting referral agencies with their clients through LinkedIn groups.

Also, you’ll receive your commissions without selling any goods or services.

After creating LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn will promote and fill them with leads from local businesses.

After that, your next part to play will be to forward those leads to high-paying marketing agencies.

In so doing, you’ll receive a good commission.

Additionally, the most interesting thing about these LinkedIn groups is their monthly growth.

For your information, your monthly income will increase even if you stop creating new ones.

It is so because, as you create more groups, you will be increasing your connection which will translate to more earnings.

This is an entirely new method that has always been concealed and known to many.

Further, you’ll be working with new lead sources and hand-picked agencies.

In this coaching program, you’ll systematically learn everything.

And it also employs the use of copy and paste material.

So, can you compose and send an e-mail?

If yes, then you can do this online business in the comfort of your home because it does not require any form of experience.

Connect N Cash provides you with all the necessary tools you’ll need along the way.

And to earn passive income, you need to leverage this LinkedIn loophole.

For those who want to start earning money online from the word go, you can check out this guide:

Connect N Cash Review

Who Created Connect N Cash?

Connect N Cash Review

Connect N Cash was created by an entrepreneur called Luther Landro.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is also a marketing consultant with over a decade of experience.

Also, Luther is a superstar vendor and has launched almost 100 products.

And some of these products are;

  • The Effortless Realtor Consulting System
  • Facebook Video Raider
  • Passive Consulting Profits
  • Effortless Roofing Consulting
  • Effortless Dental Consulting

How He Made $300k As A Rookie Consultant

Over a decade ago, his monthly income was $50k.

Also, he has been busy establishing connections between insider referral platforms and local businesses.

And from every connection he makes; he earns huge commissions.

Again, he built Connect n Cash from scratch until it was worth more than seven figures.

Better still, he alone enjoyed the outcome and also helped others achieve their financial goals.

You’ll benefit a lot from the experience and the coaching skills he will teach you through Connect N Cash.

What Is Connect N Cash About?

Connect N Cash Review

Connect N Cash is a coaching program designed to enable you to earn passive income.

And to earn a good commission, you’ll need to use LinkedIn groups to connect referral agencies with prospective clients.

Besides, you don’t have to sell any product or service before earning a commission.

Additionally, most users who have enrolled in Connect N Cash claim to have earned their commissions within the first week of joining the platform.

Furthermore, ‘’LinkedIn groups’ hack’’ will be sending you several leads from local businesses weekly.

What’s more, this business model is pandemic-proof and has a high rate of referrals.

What Is The Cost Of Connect N Cash?

Connect N Cash Review

First of all, Connect N Cash program gives you the ability to make a six-figure income by spending thirty minutes every day.

And to join Connect N Cash, you’ll pay a joining fee of $17.

This amount is very affordable compared to the $5,000 that Luther’s students pay for one-on-one coaching.

Others will pay $497 per month to access the Connect N cash coaching program once fully launched.

After doing some deep digging, I discovered that Luther is charging $17 to promote the program to the public to get more testimonials.

Connect N Cash platform claims to be 100% free of any risk. Is it true? And is it worth investing in?

Is There A Refund Policy In Connect N Cash?

Connect N Cash Review

When you join Connect N Cash coaching program, you’ll get a 60-day refund policy.

If you end up not seeing the results as promised, you can reach out to the founder, Luther, to process your refund.

Additionally, you can still retain the program after getting your refund plus all the bonuses accrued.

As such, this will serve as compensation for the time you lost.

And if these claims are true, you won’t lose anything when you join.

Are There Any Other Charges in Connect N Cash?

Yes, other additional upgrades are optional.

And you may or may not consider these additional upgrades.

These include;

  • Connect N Cash Unlimited Versions at $37.
  • Connect N Cash Unlimited Promo at $37.
  • Copy, Connect, Close Funnel at $197.
  • Copy, Connect, Close Funnel Promo at $197.
  • Connect N Cash Done for You Version at $297.
  • Connect N Cash + LinkedIn Automator at $26.95.
  • Landro Inner Circle Gold Membership (1st Month at $27 and monthly $97).
  • Connect N Cash will also give you access to the following features;
  • On-demand Coaching Program @ $497 per month
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization Checklist @ $97
  • Agency Referral Program @ 97
  • LinkedIn Group Creation Checklist @ $97

How Much Can I Earn From Connect N Cash?

If you do what Connect N Cash trains you to do, you’ll have a high chance of making good money from it, and if you fail to use its strategy, then no profit is guaranteed.

For instance, you can earn a commission of $500 to $5,000 from a client per month.

So, depending on your efforts to attract clients, your monthly commissions could be between $50,000 and $ 1,000,000

And when you become a member, Luther will give you access to his master list of leads referral agencies.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this list and start sending several leads to these referral agencies.

And when leads get sold, you’ll be earning a commission from each sale made.

How Do I Earn From Connect N Cash?

Connect N Cash enables you to earn your income in three simple steps.

Within a very short period, you will start enjoying your first commission.

The steps involved are;

Connect N Cash Review


This is the first step where you create attractive LinkedIn groups.

Also, you’ll use these LinkedIn groups to draw the attention of all profitable business leads.


At this stage, you will send your business leads to the “agency referral programs” using an automated system.


Here, you’ll be compensated with a good and recurring commission from every referral.

And this is the process you will be repeating to make a recurring income.

Therefore, Connect N Cash gives you total control of your money.

What Is New in Connect N Cash Training Program?

When you enroll in to Connect N Cash training program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Run your free leads referral business within 30 minutes daily.
  • Create attractive LinkedIn groups to win high-paying agencies.
  • Set up a crucial group.
  • Automate the Connect N Cash Process.

The easiest way to work with Connect N Cash is by automating every process.

Moreover, you could still be working and earning from the platform while still handling your day job.

But, don’t go for this program if you have no confidence in it.

Keep maintaining the growth of your group.

Keep in mind that if you have a growing group, your income will increase every month without creating new groups.

Is Connect N Cash a scam?

Connect N Cash is a legit coaching course.

And it was launched in March 2022.

Therefore, it is still new in the market.

Luther Landro created this program to help you leverage LinkedIn groups to create a connection between referral agencies and their prospective clients.

As such, you’ll be earning commissions from the sale of products or services made through your connection.

And the good thing about Connect N Cash is that you’ll get access to high-paying referral agencies.

From the projection given by Luther Landro about your potential earnings, I won’t recommend it to you because this business model is still new.

And since it is new, no one can predict how long it will survive in the market.

I recommend that you invest in online businesses with proven success history.

At least, you will have confidence in these established and running businesses.

And if you are willing to risk wasting both your time and money, then you can try this business model.

Otherwise, there are other ideal opportunities for you to create passive income.

Check my secret below to borrow a leaf:

Jason Foster

What I Like About Connect N Cash

  • Easy-to-learn

Connect N Cash Program will teach you to create and set up local business groups.

  • It has a 60-day refund policy

Connect N Cash guarantees you results.

Also, if you are not satisfied within your first sixty days of joining, you’ll get a refund.

  • Gives you access to high-paying referral agencies

These agencies are willing to pay as much as $5,000 in commission for every lead you send.

  • Equips you with Skills to attract business leads

Inside Connect N Cash platform, you will learn several skills and tactics for pulling business leads to your LinkedIn groups.

  • Gives you full control of your money

You’ll control the amount you earn from Connect N Cash.

What I Don’t Like About Connect N Cash

  • Connect N Cash is still new in the market

Even though this business model is very promising, you understand that it is new in the market.

We’ve seen only a projection of what your earnings will be.

  • LinkedIn ads are expensive

You won’t buy LinkedIn ads because they are costly and not profitable.

  • You won’t be using mass messaging

You’ll get banned if you try using mass messaging on LinkedIn to promote your products or services.

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Is There Any Alternative To Connect N Cash?

Are you still with me?

I want to assure you that you’re on the right path toward wealth creation.

Exercising due diligence before investing your money in any business is a safe way to go.

Remember that, after I have taken you through Connect N Cash review, the decision of whether to join or not will still be upon for you to make.

At least by now, you’re fully aware of what you are getting into.

If Connect N Cash is not a good fit for you, Affiliate Marketing is the best alternative venture that I recommend.

Affiliate marketing has given me the financial freedom I always dreamt of.

I like affiliate marketing because it is not only profitable but also very affordable.

Affiliate marketing is not very demanding like other businesses.

You’ll be involved in promoting other businesses products and services.

To make huge profits, ensure that you partner with high-paying companies.

I created a guide to show you the way.

==> Here is what affiliate marketing looks like.

Connect N Cash Review

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